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The Shining Stars on India’s Firmament
by Dr. Subhash Kapila Bookmark and Share

There is an overpowering sense of anger, despondency and depressive pessissism as one is forced to be in the position of a hapless spectator to the all pervading political corruption that has engulfed the Indian Republic due to acts of omission or commission at the highest political levels of leadership and governance. Yet all is not lost because the Indian Republic is still moving and progressing despite high level political corruption. India will still continue to shine because despite the sordidness of India’s political firmament, the Indian Republic is fortunate to have many shining stars on India’s national firmament. These exist in the form of the Higher Judiciary, the Indian Armed Forces, and India’s Central Police Forces, to name a few besides some sections of a vigilant media. Admittedly in these fraternities too there may be some corrupt aberrations infected by the all pervasive political corruption, but overall these organizations are shining contrasts to India’s polity.

India’s Higher Judiciary and those in the High Courts of States all over India, by and large, have prevented India’s political leaders from a wholesale trampling of constitutional niceties and the major provisions of the Indian Constitution. In the prevailing context, where the Prime Minister is shifty in calling into account those involved in unprecedented corruption, the Higher Judiciary has boldly stepped in with high-level corruption cases to be probed and results shown by the CBI under Supreme Court monitored investigations to offset interference, go-slow and scuttling by the political masters. It gives hope to all right thinking Indians that there is still hope of redemption for the Indian Republic from the clutches of its unscrupulous political leadership.

India’s political leadership is expected to set exemplary standards of honesty, integrity and probity to match the sterling qualities of patriotism, selfless service and dedication to the ideals of the Indian Republic, day in and day out, as displayed over the last sixty three years by the Indian Armed Forces. They have over the years unflinchingly sacrificed their lives to protect the Indian Republic.

The Indian Armed Forces though not in the position to rein-in political corruption like the Higher Judiciary have on a different and higher plane epitomized the highest virtues that any Republic can strive for. In marked contrast to the nobility of the Indian Armed Forces, India is witness to the ignoble deeds of its political leaders and politicians living off India’s riches and many skimming it for personal enrichment without any sense of shame.

India’s Central Police Forces have even a more daunting task in that forces like the CRPF have to face on the streets of India the full public anger and fury generated by India’s political misgovernance and corruption. When these forces at great emotional stress restore law and order and especially in the Kashmir Valley, these gains are frittered away in no time as Indian political leaders have regular propensity to revert back to political games without regard to national security interests or the tremendous effort and cost of the Central Police Forces to maintain internal security against those bent upon subverting India. Nobody has ever thought as to what must be passing through the minds of these policemen as to whether it is worth it to give off their best to battle odds when the political leaders revert to their opportunistic manipulations.

Lastly, we must not forget some sections of the media who rather than acting as the handmaidens of those in power, stick their necks out to highlight through the power of their electronic visual media the corruption and shenanigans of the ruling establishment and also cases of social injustice.

So breaking through the dark clouds of despair, I feel heartened that there are still shining stars on India’s firmament who continue to provide comparatively to the sordidness that prevails in the Indian political establishment, shining rays of hope that in the end result, all that is good in India will prevail and the muck of the Indian political establishment will be swept into the gutter by the anger of the citizens of the Indian Republic. 

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Article Comment tathastu !
Dinesh Kumar Bohre
Article Comment The Indian political establishment ( without any reservations at all ) can at best be described as a bunch of unruly monkeys whose only objective is to satiate their hunger for wealth. They are in it, for it.

Gone are the days of lively debates. Stalwarts like Minoo Masani, Piloo Modi etc. are gone and what the Indian masses have elected are apologies !

What one witnesses in Parliament as well as other legislative bodies in different states I have summed up in the following verse -

Monkeys monkeys everywhere
Jumping here and there
Screaming, shouting, scampering
To the Speaker's chair.

Having watched the proceedings telecast by Doordarsh and the various news channels for us and the world to see, is best summed up in the following hindi poem -

Ek Bandar circus se bhaga
Shehar main gumrah ho gaya
Bhookha pyasa din bhar bhatka
Ek imarat pe chadh ke so gaya

Neend khuli, dehka jo usne
Dekh ke hairan ho gaya
Khoob bawandar mach raha tha
Mano insaan bandar ho gaya

Kood rahe thae idhr udhr
Leke joota chappal haath
Maanvon ke is jashn main
Kood para bandar bhi saath

Dhoti, kurte khich rahe thae
Phat rahe thae saree, blouse
Doordarshan bhi prasaran
Kar raha that Haal-e-house

Khub maza bandar ko aaya
Masti main vo kho gaya
Aur kood kood ke vo chillaya
Lo main bhi Saansad ho gaya !

Kya farak hai inmain mujhmain
Hum ik dooje ke saaye hain
Main circus ke pinjre se bhaga
Ye jailon se aaye hain

Par kitne lobhi hain circus wale
Har show pe ticket lagate hain
Aur in saansadon ki neki dekho
Free main show dikhate hain !

.......................(c) 2007 Ravinder Malhotra
Ravinder Malhotra
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