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The Strong Weaker Sex
by Devavratan Kaundinya Bookmark and Share
Recently, I happened to watch a talk show on ‘Female Foeticide’ by actor Aamir Khan on the television. The real life cases expressed by some of the victims who have opposed it were, indeed, heart rending. But, at the same time, I fail to understand the ‘Real Psyche’ of this blessed land called ‘Bharat’ or ‘India’. I am sure no other part of the world will have so much of contradictions as this country and its people exhibit. 

Every Indian citizen is now fully aware of the fact that this country is proxy ruled by a woman. That woman is also not of Indian origin except for the fact that she had married the son of a former powerful Prime Minister of India who was also a woman. The first citizen of India is a woman. The Speaker of the Lok Sabha of this biggest democratic country is another woman. A megalomaniac woman of the underprivileged was ruling the largest state Uttar Pradesh till a few months before. Now, the most unruly state of this country West Bengal is headed by another positively arrogant female. Tamil Nadu is presently under the leadership of a woman Chief Minister at whose feet all the tough looking (self respecting!) male ministers fall without shame. 

Most of the Indian households are controlled by women is an unwritten dictum. Mothers-in-law are more dreadful than Fathers-in-law for both men and women. Our history tells that many queens like Jhansi Rani have proved to be brave and commanding. We have many female Members of Parliament and Assemblies. There are Central and State ministers who belong to weaker sex. Women have entered all fields of research, politics, engineering, business, sports and science. Even the lady doctors shown in the talk show who performed and earning huge sums of money without qualms are lady gynecologists. The scientist who had been responsible for the recent racket launch is a woman. We have many valiant lady police officers in the Police department too. 

Women are preferred for certain jobs like receptionist, hostess, software profession and teacher. Our epics tell that even Lord Shiva was completely enticed by the ‘charms’ of disguised 'woman' Mohini and unable to identify that was Vishnu. Our country has named the gods of valor, wealth and knowledge as Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. 

Yet, the country still practice female foeticide because they have strange reasons like dowry and carrying family lineage. 

If one looks at the way the scams are done in India, even in that women enjoy equal or more share. The Prez of India and Speaker have gone on several foreign jaunts spending 205 crores from government exchequers. A Tamil Nadu MP was imprisoned for her major role in a massive scam of lakhs of crores of rupees. 

The people still believe that women are powerless and should be given special reservation. Even the most liberated country of the world, United States of America, is yet to have a woman governor for their fifty states or as president of the nation. 

Our land is a strange country. We always prefer to speak one thing and do the other. We never feel ashamed of our double speak. We have developed immunity to hypocrisy. We wallow in deceit. All these female foeticide are not because of men; but it is because of women of this country. Many may consider that I am biased. But, the fact remains that in Indian women rule the men, home, the country and the society directly or indirectly. 

If they still prefer and pretend to be victims, let them be. 
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Article Comment i'm completely agree with dr gopal singh that only women are not responsible for female feticide .
its our education system which is responsible for this , as you saw in the program also , the educated doctor , she belongs to educated family , had a great earning still she faced the same problem. if educated people are facing or doing this then i think we could or have to accept that the rural people (who are uneducated) they have right to do this . govt. needs to take some serious steps to toward this malfunctioning .
if this (female feticide) will be continue then that day is not to far when whole india will become the place of rajasthan where only men are present but not a singal female.
thumbs up for punjab govt. to make navashahar (place in punjab) 50:50 .
gaurav sharma
Article Comment "Our land is a strange country. We always prefer to speak one thing and do the other. We never feel ashamed of our double speak. We have developed immunity to hypocrisy".

"We wallow in deceit. All these female foeticide are not because of men; but it is because of women of this country".

Your article is very interesting. You cite excellent examples to make your point. I agree with the first part quoted from your article above. It can be said that by and large we Indians have developed immunity to hypocrisy. Rampant corruption in our Government and society is a manifestation of that value system.

However, I do not agree with the second part of the quote listed above from your article. As good as your examples are for women in this country, they do not represent the norm in our country. Spend some time in the villages and take a look at what is going on there. Majority of our population still lives in the villages. Women there are not empowered at all. They are mostly uneducated and treated as second class citizens. There is disproportionately high incident of suicide cases among the women mostly driven by their exploitation and lack of hope for any escape. Female feticide is actively pushed by men based upon distorted social value systems. Women are at times willing participants since they are mostly uneducated.

To push all (even the majority) of the blame for this national tragedy on women is a mistake
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