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In Conversation: Indian Poet T.V Reddy
by Santanu Halder Bookmark and Share

Like a gifted sculptor he chisels his poems with the deftness of a master craftsman.
Prof. Nissim Ezekiel, Bombay, (About the Author)

Among the recent Indian English poets, T.V Reddy occupies a significant place. His poems unveil the inner essence of life. Dr. T. Vasudeva Reddy, born in Dec. 1943 in a village near Tirupati in India , did M.A in English in 1966; he got his Ph. D for his thesis on the novels of Jane Austen. He worked as Lecturer, Reader and U.G.C National Fellow & Visiting Professor, and retired as Principal of Govt. Degree College in Dec. 2001. He received the Awards of International Eminent Poet in 1987, Hon. D. Litt. from the WAAC, San Francisco in 1988, Best Teacher Award at the College & University level from the Govt. of A.P. in 1990, Best Poetry award for his third poetry book The Fleeting Bubbles from Michael Madhusudan Dutt Academy, Calcutta in 1994 and the prestigious U.G.C Award of National Fellowship in 1998. His biography figures in the American Biographical Institute (N. Carolina, U.S.A), International Biographical Institute (Cambridge), Reference India & Asia ( New Delhi ) and Sahitya Akademi ( New Delhi ). He is a renowned poet, critic & novelist of international repute. His poems appeared in French journals in Paris. M.Phil and Ph.D. theses have been produced on his works. Recently he received the international Award of “Excellence in World Poetry” in 2009.

His Works:

1. When Grief Rains (New Delhi, Samakaleen Pubs., 1982)
2. The Broken Rhythms (Madras, Poets Press, 1987)
3. The Fleeting Bubbles (Madras, Poets Press, 1989)
4. Melting Melodies (Madras, Poets Press, 1994)
5. Pensive Memories (Madras, Poets Press, 2005)
6. Gliding Ripples ( U.S.A. , Baltimore , Pub. America, 2008)
7. Echoes (N.Delhi, Authors Press, 2012)

1. The Vultures (Calcutta, Golden Books, 1983)
2. Minor Gods ( New York , 2008)

1. Jane Austen: The Dialectics of Self-Actualization in her Novels (New Delhi, Sterling, 1987)
2. Jane Austen: The Matrix of Matrimony (Jaipur, Bohra Pubs., 1987)

Advanced Grammar & Composition in English (Hyderabad, Commonwealth Pubs., 1996)

Reviews on his poetry: 50
Critical articles published on his poetry: 30
Research on his poetry: M.Phils. & Ph.Ds.

The Conversation

SH: Hello sir, how do you define poetry in your own words.
T.V Reddy: It is very difficult to define poetry. It is easier to say what is not a poem than to say what is a real poem. Actually now a days real poems are very rearly produced.Most of the so called poems are nothing but verses. So if we try to define poetry, that means we are reducing the scope of poetry itself.

According to me poetry is an expression of imagination and when it is conveyed with some rhyme and musical quality, it will have a lasting effect. Without that musical quality or melody, poetry will not appeal. Moreover, a poetry should be written in such a way that it should disturb our minds, it should unsettle whatever is there in our minds and unless poetry is a thought provoking one, we cannot say that it is a poem. Mere description can never be a poem at all. There are some certain old and worn out ideas in our minds. By reading a poem, those ideas should be unsettled, they should be disturbed. If the lines do not appeal to our hearts, it is not a poem.

SH: Would you share your view with us why you write poetry?
T.V Reddy: Writing poetry is purely creative and it gives me so much pleasure and happiness. It gives me immense delight which cannot be described or expressed in words. And that is why, in order to forget the exhaustion and tiresomeness of the professional life I spend my time in my creative writing.

SH: Nature is always present in your poems. Are you influenced by the English Romantic poets?
T.V Reddy: Yes, I was so much influenced by the British Romantic poets. Right from the good olden days, even when I was a student, I was fond of Romantic Poetry - the poetry of Wordsworth, Shelley and Keats. Naturally it had made a deep impression on me. Moreover, I was born and brought up in a village - the village which was surrounded on all sides by the beauty of Nature. So the influence of my surroundings was there deeply on me. That is why, I was very much impressed and began drawing so much of pleasure in describing the objects of Nature which I saw.

SH: Sir, what do you think, Art is for Art’s Sake or Art is for Morality’s Sake?
T.V Reddy: Art for Art’s Sake and Art for Morality’s Sake - though these two schools appear to be two different ends, but at one stage they merge together. They get united. Even though a poet writes for himself, or for his own pleasure, but he happens to be a member of the society. Therefore, in whatever he writes, he will be communicating with something and that will be the message to the society.

SH: Among the English poets whom do you like most ?
T.V Reddy: I like the Romantic poets,especially the poems of Keats. His odes are very beautiful. Among them Ode to a Nightingale, Ode to Autumn, Ode to a Grecian Urn - are three jewels. His poems reveal deeper feelings and emotions and moreover even as a young man, he succeeded in articulating his feelings in unforgettable worlds.

SH: Sir, you have written so many beautiful poems. Do you have any special one to mention?
T.V Reddy: There are poems such as Lake at Night, Thousand Pillars, Swamiji, Indian Bride. These are very good poems of mine.

SH: You have written an English Grammar book, we know. Tell a bit about the book.
T.V Reddy: Yes Yes, the book was prescribed for the UG students of A.P and it was there for six years.

SH: Professional works and creative writing-how do you manage two sides?
T.V Reddy: During the daytime, my entire professional work would be over and during the nighttime, I would be totally free. I would be awake till the midnight hour and I would be just writing and writing.

SH: You are a novelist. Tell a bit about your novels?
T.V Reddy: I have written so far two novels. Both the novels are about the rural life and I feel that no English novelist has completely devoted on the presentation of the rural life and that gap I wanted to fill. In my own modest way, I think,I have filled the gap. The common people are my subject. Exploitation of the poor farmers by the landlords and also the depravity and degeneration among the poor people are the main themes of my novels.

SH: What is your message to the Young Poets?
T.V Reddy: The young poets are showing so much talent. I am really proud of them.They cannot be overlooked or ignored at all. The first thing they need is proper encouragement. There are so many promising poets in our country. If they are given proper encouragement and atmosphere, naturally they will shine.

SH: Do you have any message to the people of the society.
T.V Reddy: We are all children of Nature. We should never neglect Nature. At the same time,we should keep our society clean and free from corruptions.
Thank you so much sir.

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Article Comment Fine Sir.
Article Comment Good interview. Well done, Shantanu!
Dr.Madhumita Ghosh
Article Comment Welcome...

I'll try my best. At least for you & sir Reddy @ Dada
Anirban Bain
Article Comment First of all i must say that Indian poetry will touch its zenith in the upcomin' days.though i don't have proper idea about poetry but u guys are awesome.make it happen guys...
One of ur stdnts sontu...
Sontu adhikary
Article Comment It is really enriching to go through the interview of one of the noted poets of our country.Sir T,V Reddy has in his characteristic way drawn a fine line between verses and this era of haste and juggling with words we should keep this in mind.We are thankful to you sir to help us to see the thing in a new light....with a touch of subtlety you have made our partly blurred vision clear.
Bibi Basu
Article Comment Thats a thunderously great job.. an outstanding job that Santanu has done. I myself am not personally acquainted with him. But his poems have a profundity which Santanu has revealed in the interview. I hope Santanu will bring more such poets to talk their self on Kudos to Santanu for the interview
Dr.Ratan Bhattacharjee
Article Comment thanks dear Anirban....carry on...
Santanu Halder
Article Comment thank you a ton JS Sir...Your encouraging words always inspire me Sir
Santanu Halder
Article Comment T.V Reddy is a poet of note.I write a preface in one of his poetry books.I carry happy memory of reading these poems.
Santanu has done a timely job.Congrats!

Jaydeep Sarangi
Article Comment Firstly, I would like to say "Thank You" to my respectable teacher Mr. Halder. Your conversation with Sir. T. V. Reddy 'll help me,,, & already encouraged me a lot. I have 4-5 Bengali poems. So far I thought the are poems, but after reading this interview they (my poems) become 'so called poems'... Now I have to write something new to creat a real poems , have to write down a real image,,, which'll disturbe our mind. Specially the Defination of poetry & the message to the young poets really help me a lot.

After that, I'm also from a village named Belta, about 6-7 km from famous Bengali-writer Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay's (Chander Pahar, Pather Panchali, Aparajito etc.etc) residence about 11-12 km from Dinabandhu Mitra's residence (one of his famous works is "Nildarpon"), & my village is also full of beauty. So, I think, if I'll try, I can write at least one real poem, & which 'll not "so called poem".,, & if I'll do so, I would like to dedicate that poem to both of you My teacher Mr. S. Halder & Sir T. V. Reddy...

at last, I would like to pray for pardon,,,

yours faithfully
Anirban Bain
student of English
B.A. 2nd year(WBSUB)
Anirban Bain
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