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Advani is Neither BJP’s Patriarch
Nor its Tallest Leader
by Dr. Subhash Kapila Bookmark and Share

The current perception reveals that L K Advani is neither the BJP’s patriarch nor its tallest leader. Advani has forfeited those honorifics by his petulant opposition to Gujarat Chief Minister Modi’s nomination as BJPs Prime Ministerial candidate. Advani’s personal ambitions for 2014 are outweighing the widespread BJP cadre support and the mood of the nation that wants a decisive leader like Narendra Modi to be India’s next Prime Minister. The BJP is losing valuable time and political capital by delaying the announcement on Modi in a bid to mollify Advani and bring him on board.

The harsh political reality is that Advani does not seem to be in a mood to relent as that would lead to his political eclipse. After BJPs defeat in the 2009 General Elections in which Advani was projected as the Prime Minister, I had written in this Column that the BJPs senior most leaders should gracefully retire from BJPs active politicking and form part of an Advisory Council and act as political mentors.

Advani refuses to recognize that the BJP gave him a chance to make a bid for India’s Prime Ministership and he failed to enthuse the Indian public to vote him and the BJP into power.

In marked contrast Narendra Modi has caught the imagination of the people of India who all want that India should be led by a bold and decisive Prime Minister and Modi in their opinion is adequately suited for that role.

Then why is Advani and his close associates like Sushma Swaraj or even MM Joshi are opposing Modi being named as BJPs candidate for Prime Minister? Advani’s argument is that this should await the Assembly Elections results later this year. What is the connection?

State Assembly election results are in no case a referendum on Modi’s candidature as Prime Minister. Nor can a third time win by Advani’s favorite Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan equate him statistically with Narendra Modi. Chauhan has not fired the imagination of the people of India as BJPs next Prime Minister in 2014.

The Advani era should be considered as closed and the BJP without any further delay should announce Narendra Modi ass BJPs choice of Prime Minister. Advani’s proxy war against Modi earlier through JD(U) and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and now through within the BJP should be ruthlessly stamped out.
Today, Advani by his dubious politicking against Narendra Modi has not only politically diminished his own political stature but also that of the BJP where political opponents are labeling the BJP as a divided party.

The BJP needs to call Advani’s political bluff. Let Advani resign from the BJP or walk out of the party with his close associates to form another political party.

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Article Comment Your article on Advani is surely well timed advice for BJP.

Ever since the Goa session, I have had this hunch that Advani may ultimately announce his departure from BJP once Loksabha elections are finally announced.

He may have been comforted by parties like JD U, Biju Janata Dal, Chandrababu Naidu and SP - perhaps even CPM and CPI to be projected as the PM of choice for the third front. Although Jaylalitha may stay with BJP, DMK could still go with him. I will not be surprised if Sharad Pawar jumps the fence along with Uddhav in Maharashtra leaving Modi to have an alliance with Raj Thakare.

The recent poll surveys with questionable outputs are indeed showing an increase in seats for the third front - so he may be having his plans ready for the eventuality. On the face of it, he may depart along with big names - today BJP is infested with all sorts of table leaders who understand well that in Modi's BJP they shall have no place and so could prefer being with Advani. Thus this can give the media a chance to project that BJP has lost its strength to fight the elections.

All part of propaganda politics. Bad enough indeed. This cannot though impact Modi's fortunes.
Swati Torsekar
Article Comment "The BJP needs to call Advani’s political bluff. Let Advani resign from the BJP or walk out of the party with his close associates to form another political party. - See more at:"

This last para when it happens will be for greater good of this nation and the party.Since independence we have been saddled by wishy washy confused idiots passing off as national leaders.Only the crooked leaders in this country have shown back bone to relentlessly swindle the country and brazen out their crooked ddeeds.they know their only opposition is jelley beaned ballless whimps passing off as BJP leadership.This country needs a change with clear thinking and demonstratively acting leadership with zero tolerance to corruption and crony capitalism.Modi's test when he becomes PM is how he brings to book UPA leadership as well as corrupt indian industrialists starting with ambani.If he strikes a deal with ambani or upa, he too should be dumped in the dust bin.My advice to anyone.Don't blindly follow leaders, judge them by what they do.Be demanding.History teaches me that when people like Modi comes to power, they too strike deals to perpetuate their power.Be wary because Modi's reign is certain.I wish him well but I am not his paav pakdo blind bhaktha.I do hope he truly changes the destiny of our great country towards balanced growth, spirituality,intolerance to corruption/crony capitalism,rule of law,unity in diversity with hindutva as the display card,uniform civil code, abrogation of article 370,fantastic skill based education to give hope and prosperity to the poor and marginalised people etc etc.
Article Comment Dr. Kapila, I agree with you word by word. BJP will do well by looking after
voters than trying to pacify Advani. His dreams are lost so will be he if continues to oppose RSS. BJP should and must go now after the voters who
will give it a WIN.
pranlal sheth
Article Comment Well argued.
BS Murthy
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