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Who Ate My Soulmate?
by Neha Girotra Bookmark and Share

You met,
fell in love
and then …
… life happened!

Ever wondered what ever became of the fairy tale your life used to be when first started going out with your spouse? Do you still ponder over the transformation of your prince or princess into a lesser mortal? Did your soul mate turn into a stalemate? Has the spark of your steaming romance burned out? If all these questions ring a bell , and If you want to rekindle the fire in your relationship or sustain it, we have some tips. Read on and enhance your love life before it’s too late.

Enhance your Love Life  

  • Make time for each other. It is vitally important to set aside specific times to be together – to talk, play, make love. Intimacy cannot be maintained without time together.
  • Sit by yourself and pen down the reasons that attracted you to your spouse when you were courting. What did you find appealing? What did you find sexy? Just write down the things about him or her that made you feel good and made you want to be with this person for the rest of your life. Share this with your loved one .We all just love hearing this stuff over and over again. 
  • Be spontaneous with your partner it is a way to help your relationship flourish. This can enrich and strengthen your intimate moments and really pep up your sex life...try something that you have been wanting to do forever but felt too inhibited to do.
  • Talk, listen and laugh together become best friends. You will soon start creating a bond of intimacy. Be sincere open and honest. Communicate about love, sex and the relationship.
  • Add a spark in your relationship by renewal ceremonies, romantic escapes.
  • Overcome boredom and insecurity in the bedroom and supercharge your sex-life together, by trying outrageous things. So what if you feel stupid or shy, overcome your insecurities and shed your inhibitions with your clothes. 
  • Send Love Notes, Post them everywhere, let your spouse know how they make you feel. Tell them how gorgeous, handsome, beautiful, sexy they are.
  • Compliment each other lovingly in public and in privacy, show affection for each other.
  • Work through common stresses that can afflict romance, including financial conflict, pregnancy, and childrearing.
  • Show them how much your really care by being responsive, caring and loving whole heartedly. Do the little things that say I love you and care for you.
  • Respect each other whole heartedly, partners who treat each other with kind and respect know that it is essential for having a deep connections and loving relationship.. 
  • Pamper your loved one .regularly. Get them something you know they will like and enjoy. 
  • Don't let negative or annoying comments bother you, discuss the negativity when you are both calm. Postpone your anger: Speak when you're angry, and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret. 
  • Take responsibility for your own growth, appearance and health.

Tips for HIM to spice up the romance:

  • Send her flowers even if there’s no occasion, just to let her no you love her and she’s special.
  • Write her mushy love letters, noting impresses women more than a sensitive guy.
  • Cook her surprise meal. Create a romantic atmosphere, and keep the meal light. A glass of wine or two can help lower your inhibitions and give you just the right frame of mind. Strawberries with chocolate sauce make a perfect dessert. Light, Delicious, Sensuous and visually stimulating. You might want to move the final course into the bedroom.
  • Remember occasions, her birthday, when you first met, when you first kissed her. These things might be silly to you but mean the world to her.
  • Listen to the things she ooohhhs and aaaahhs about. A necklace she saw in an advertisement, or a dress at some store, and secretly buy it for her.
  • Compliment her when she’s looking nice. Tell her she’s sexy and really turns you on. Nothing turns on a woman more than to know that her man finds her attractive.
  • Always, always smell good, it’ll keep her hovering around you like bees around honey.
  • Be nice to her friends and family, if they love you s he’ll love you even more.

Tips for HER to spice up the romance

  • Be loving and caring but not needy. Give him his space and he I turn will give you his attention.
  • Arrange a surprise romantic weekend or holiday away from the daily humdrum routine. The new environment will bring freshness to your romance.
  • Plan a romantic evening for him. Call him home from office early. Put on his favorite lingerie, dim the lights and light those aroma candles. He’ll be so pleasantly surprised; he’ll be yours for life.
  • Make him feel important. Feed his ego and let him know your proud of his achievements If he feels good about himself he’ll be more responsive towards you.
  • Don’t nag him all the time, he’s not deaf. If you’ve told him once he’s heard you. Reminding him again and again will only irritate him and make him procrastinate even more.
  • Surprise him with front row seats of his favorite game even if it’s not your most favorite way of spending your time.  
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Article Comment Fantastic advice. I could have added a couple of more but most of what you have written requires Financial Security first. Wish there were things that could to everyone without the inclusion of dong.
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