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Planetary Education
by Santanu Kumar Patro Bookmark and Share

Awakening of Consciousness worldwide
is the key for intercultural integration, prosperity and wealth


Our research on NOW confirms that evolution of life is a part of Global dynamics. This means that evolution of life on the planet Earth is the part of the universal process going on in the entire universe. In the entire universe, matter has a tendency to develop in intelligent and conscious organisms because consciousness is the fundamental n-dimensional space in which material universe exists. In every human being regardless nationality, religion or race there is the same observer watching the mind. This observer is the common base of every human being and we think the teaching of Overall watchfulness will grow a new generation of highly intelligent and conscious people, worldwide. It should be worthy to note that the observer is the function of consciousness which has the origin in n-dimensional Hilbert space.

Key words: cosmology, religion, consciousness, observer, education, dynamics, advanced relativity etc.


Idea that universe started with Big Bang requires existence of “Creator”. Modern cosmology has proven that in the universe time is only the mathematical parameter of motion in space where is always NOW[1]. In this NOW universe is continuously rejuvenating and is a non-created system in a constant dynamic equilibrium. Universal changes are running always NOW from the macro to the micro scale: the universe, in society in our personal life, on the level of atoms and subatomic particles. Duration enters existence when is measured by the observer. Without the measurement there is no duration [2].

Consciousness which is the origin of the observer is always and only NOW, linear time “past, present and future” only exists in the human mind [3]. We are educating our children and building our life and our society on the basis of linear temporal experience of time, which is missing the central point of life, the sacredness of NOW. The Western science has killed the human spirit and reduced human being in the bio-machine which has appeared on this planet by the coincidence (random mutations and fight for life as the main elements of human evolution). And Eastern world, particularly Indian science has the more strong thought on linearity of time, which is the focus of this paper. This reductionist thinking has pushed human being far below their real nature and caused the existent cultural and social worldwide crisis.

Purpose and goals

We will do practical experiential research on the subject of consciousness i.e. NOW. The purpose of this research is that you experience your real nature which is real nature of every human being. Your real nature is subjective and cannot be approached and studied as an object (as an elementary particle or massive body). Real nature of human being is outside of the realm of today science. We will bring it back in the science and make it its central point. Your real nature you can now only when you experience it. You cannot think about it. Consciousness exists beyond scientific analysis. We will explore consciousness experientially in methods.


Human being is composed out of three fundamental elements which are coexistent and we cannot approach them separately: body, mind and consciousness [3]. There is a difference between mind and consciousness based on their functions: mind is creating thoughts, consciousness is observing (watching, witnessing) them. Now you observe the thought you have in this present moment in your mind. The thought is created be the mind and you as the consciousness have ability to observe the thought. In every human being the same consciousness functions as the observer. This is the key of Planetary Education which we will discuss in this article. Observing the mind is human higher cognitive ability which we cannot measure with an instrument; we can experience it directly by observing the ways our mind functions.

The mind is functioning accordingly to the data received in the process of education. On this planet we have education based on different religions and cultures. A result is that for example Christians have difficulties to understand Muslims, and vice versa. The minds in different cultures are too different to establish a common ground of communication. That’s why on this globe, wars, and violence are continually erupting.

Result of research in Washington is confirming that practising mindfulness – meditation diminishes violence [4]. When a larger group of people is practicing the meditation which means awakening of consciousness, the effect is that peace is spread via higher Hilbert spaces on entire population which is in the vicinity of the meditation group. When we start teaching meditation worldwide in schools this so called “maharishi effect” will work on entire planet.


Education of the human race is still based on geocentric principle. We are approaching human society as a phenomena happening on the planet Earth. We do not take in consideration that Earth is the planet in solar system and that solar system is the subsystem of Milky way galaxy and that this galaxy is the subsystem of the universe. We have to develop new perspective where human society will be seen as the cosmic phenomena. We are primary living in the universe and secondary in America, Europe or Africa. We have to teach that fact worldwide in education. This will give children larger identification which is not excluding other religions, cultures and races.

In today education we are building to narrow identification based exclusively on national and religious basis. Results are continuous tensions and conflicts between different nations and religions. The physical conflicts in the farm of violence and wars have the origin on the psychological level of the human mind which is not and will never become the common ground of peace and harmony. Consciousness is the only common ground on which we can build peace and prosperity. Conscious person is still belongs to his nation and culture but at the same time he has developed “cosmic dimension” which is the platform for communication with individuals which belongs to other nationalities or religions. This cosmic dimension excludes possibility for formations of psychological tensions which are origin of physical violence.

Thinking that we are the only civilization in this vast universe is an intellectual primitivism which keeps us imprisoned in the national, religious, cultural and racial identifications. We are not only Slovenians, Christians, Muslims, Jews, white, black, we are much more. Evolution of life on the planet Earth is a part of universal ongoing process in entire universe [1]. We are primary living in the Universe, we are universal beings; that we live on the planet Earth is of secondary importance. In the process of education, these scientific facts are not taken into account. We have to introduce these scientific facts in worldwide education. It is important that children all over the planet learn that the whole universe is alive and we on the planet Earth are one planetary civilization.

In India, huge amount of financial resources is spend in last decades for cultural integration with no visible results. We cannot solve the existing crisis in the frame of the view which has produced this crisis, namely, narrow education which builds people so rooted in their “culture” that are blind to see that also humans which belong to other “culture” are intrinsically humans too. Huge amount of scientific research was done on the subject of cultural integration with no significant results. This has happened because existing scientific paradigm is reaching only the tip of the iceberg which we call “life”. Life and human being is much more that today reductionist science can grasp. Without enlargement of the existent scientific paradigm we will not develop “tools” to handle the coming challenges.

Western science has defeated itself with the reductionist methodology which acknowledges as existent only what is measurable. Physics of 20th century has done some progress in recognition that observer influences the outcome of an experiment and makes existent in physical world the superposition that was observed. Our research group has done more in this direction, namely, that the act of the observation and measurement from the side of the observer creates duration [2]. This discovery is crucial for deeper understanding how consciousness interacts via human being. It has remained overlooked. Today science has lost real spirit of scientific research, which is love for truth. Most of the research in today science has financial support only if there is a possibility to make some profit out of its results. The apple does not grow to make a profit; it grows to give food to human being.

The scientific methodology of 19th century science has followed this procedure:

  • observation of a given phenomena
  • building of scientific model of studied phenomena
  • verification of the model with the experiment.

In 20th and 21th century this methodology has lost the first step and starts with second step:

  • building of scientific model of some hypothetical reality
  • verification of the model with the experiment.

For instance, recently, CERN has discovered Higgs boson which should be a proof for existence of Higgs field without direct observation of the Higgs field. Life time of Higgs boson is 10E-22 seconds and life time of the proton is milliard of years. How Higgs boson is giving mass to the proton has remained secret. Higgs boson does not interact with gluons which give energy for 99% of proton mass. How the Higgs boson, without interacting with gluons, gives mass to the proton, nobody can give clear answer.[5]. Today scientific methodology tends to find what is predicted in order to continue receiving founds. Science without epistemology based on bijective function of set theory [6] is blind in one eye, imprisoned in the speculative mind which has lost the contact with physical world. Theoretical physics is solving the puzzles in the Standard Model with “renormalization” which is fooling you that all is right. Quantum vacuum research based on bijective epistemology which sees space as the super-fluid is solving many of these puzzles [7].

Conscious observer which has origin in consciousness is the unused element of science. Conscious server is fully aware how scientific mind functions and can follow appropriate methodology.

In the process of building scientific model no additional elements produced by the mind (which do not have origin in elementary perception) can be added. Such a methodology is giving us a model where every element of the model will describe exactly one element in the real world. Model of the world is related to the real world with bijective function of set theory [6]. Such a model opens possibility to take right actions in order to obtain desired effects. Results of researches on the subject of European cultural integration did not give desired effects because the existent scientific model of human society is missing the bijective correspondence with real human society. In order to improve this situation we have to take in account that in every human being regardless nationality, religion or race there is the same observer watching the mind. This observer is the common base of every human being and teaching watchfulness at school worldwide will grow a new generation of highly intelligent and conscious people. The observer is the function of consciousness which has the origin in n-dimensional Hilbert space [3]

Peace and prosperity on the planet we can only reach from inside towards outside. The chaos we have at the moment on the planet is the result of inner psychological chaos. Planetary education will grow not only intellectual but also psychological and spiritual highly developed and responsible individuals, grounded in consciousness, which will build the world of peace and prosperity.

Meditation is the individual research method on the origin of the observer is scientific method where experience is the result. We cannot measure consciousness which is the origin of the observer, we can experience it. And experience has the same scientific validity as the measurement. 20th century science has excluded all what cannot be measured as nonexistent. This reductionist view is keeping human being undeveloped and imprisoned in its own mind. Human mind means logic and memorizing of information. But this is not true intelligence. True intelligence is how to use mind for the wealth of human race. Today we are implying millions of scientists in research of how kill other human being. This is not progress, this is regression.

The formula of human health and wealth is following:

body + mind + consciousness = health + wealth.

Body and mind without consciousness means illness on the individual level [8] and on the level of entire human society. External view on our civilization is following: psychopathic society which destroys nature and continuously creates wars. We have solution for this diagnosis: we can cure entire human population with introducing awakening of the consciousness worldwide in educational system.


Today science is living in the illusion that scientific picture of the world is “objective”. The truth is that scientific picture of the world is only “rational” and reductionist because observer is seen as the object. Observer is subjective and is the living basis for development of bijective scientific methodology with which we develop models of highly adequacy with real world. Such a model gives possibility to take proper action in order to diminish entropy of today society. The main danger of human civilization is constant production of psychological tensions which are build on the basis of too narrow identification which children gain in the process of education. The solution is introduction of elements in the worldwide education which will enlarge human identification and allow him psychological and spiritual flowering. Humans are immensely rich from inside. The poverty on this planet is the result of continuous and systematic repression of hidden human potential which is consciousness. Without systematic development of consciousness the time is running out. We have to employ all institutional resources that will integrate awakening of consciousness in worldwide education.


[1] Sorli, et all. 2016 a. Cosmology of Einstein’s NOW. American Journal of Modern Physics. Special Issue: Insufficiency of Big Bang Cosmology. Vol. 5, No. 4-1, 2016, pp. 1-5. doi: 10.11648/j.ajmp.s.2016050401.11
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[8] Rubia K. The neurobiology of meditation and its clinical effectiveness in psychiatric disorders. Biological Psychology 2009; 82(1):1–11.

This work is jointly contributed by Dr. Srecko Sorli Amrit, Physicist, Foundations of Physics Research ,Razazije, Tolmin, Slovenija, & Santanu Kumar Patro,Department of Mathematics, Berhampur University, Odisha, India

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