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Misadventures of The Brat and His Scat
by Gaurang Bhatt, MD Bookmark and Share

The sordid early history of our fearful leader is replete with privilege trumping ability and performance. Despite being severely intellectually challenged, his family and alumni connections got him into Yale and Harvard Business School. A probably apocryphal story about Abraham Lincoln describes his irritation towards some fellow pushing him to give an important job to a proven incompetent. The sycophantic advocate informed Lincoln that he knew of no other person who had dipped so deep in the fount of knowledge. The much harried Lincoln than quipped, "Nor come out drier". After his educational debacle, the incumbent president managed to escape the Vietnam War draft by securing a place in the state air national guard and went AWOL, even in his safe duties. Then he followed in the well worn path of his father and plunged into the oil business. His companies repeatedly failed and in one of them he indulged in insider trading for which he was investigated but exonerated by an investigator with ties to his father, the then president of the United States.

He parlayed his father's connections to get an inappropriate large share of a baseball franchise. The citizens of a Texas city were duped into paying for a stadium just as the New York Yankees have done recently. This generated an obscene profit when the Texas team was sold and his partners gave him an even greater share of the profits, to make him an independently wealthy multi-millionaire. He had reformed his desolate ways and become a born again Christian and landed a directorship at a private equity firm from which he was politely fired for his habit of non-performance. His newly acquired riches and public proclamation of being a reformed sinner, awakened his political ambitions and modern day Talleyrands rallied around him to be his instruments to wage a successful dirty campaign to propel him to the governorship of Texas.

His performance as governor was nothing to write home about but his chastened new avatar and his wife's prior warnings kept him from repeating his usual dereliction of duty. On the national scene, his father lost his re-election bid to Clinton due to a sinking economy and his criticism of Israeli policy of West bank Settlements.

Clinton's White Water and Monica Lewinsky scandals led to his impeachment and hate propaganda of Gingrich and Tom Delay set up a scene like the aftermath of the British Civil War with beheading of Charles the first and the misrule Of Cromwell.

Bush Jr., even more incompetent than Charles the second, was then anointed by the Republican party to battle for the presidency with Al Gore who had no idea who he was or what he stood for. The Democratic party under Clinton had become a clone of the Republicans by abandoning labor and the common man by shifting to center right from center left and continuing the de-industrializing and military policies of the Republican presidents Reagan and Bush Sr. In spite of the situational advantages, Bush Jr. could not have won without Gore's stupidity and the totally unjust interference of a partisan Supreme Court and Bush Jr.'s coterie of dirty tricksters. The dirty tricks were repeated for his second term reelection against an equally wooden and wisgy washy Kerry who followed Gore's fatal shift to the right.

Immediately after his ascent to the presidency, the brat dropped his humble and amiable persona to accomplish his agenda of crony capitalism, emasculating regulatory agencies and rewarding his campaign contributors in the oil patch, military contractors and Wall Street. The objectives were tax cuts skewed towards the rich, hamstringing regulatory and oversight agencies by reducing their budgets and appointing industry insiders and lobbyists as foxes to guard the chicken coop and dismantling the social safety net put in place by FDR after the depression. The economy was already in a downturn of the business cycle and the budget surpluses of the second Clinton term due to a rising stock market and increased capital gains tax revenues unlikely to continue. Bush Jr., with the help of his accomplice the unprincipled, partisan and glory seeking Alan Greenscam extrapolated imaginary future surpluses to prod the Congress with a Republican majority in both houses, to enact a series of tax cuts to further propel the nation on the path of fiscal irresponsibility.

He ignored the dire warnings of his predecessor about Al Qaeda terrorism and surrounded himself with ignorant incompetents like Jughead Witchcraft, Bunkumleeza Lice, Call Him Bowel, Don Rumfart and fanatic and oily characters like Darth Cheney. They wanted to decrease the funding to fight terrorism and were obsessed with containing China and Russia by achieving full spectrum military dominance. 9-11 caught them all by surprise and Bush and Cheney both hid in abject fear, with the former looking frightened, clueless and unable to say anything, when informed about the two plane attacks. The brat incapable of coherent speech compensates by activating the wrong end as depicted in the cartoon.

The Neocon cabal with dual allegiance, sold the dumb president and his oily vice that beating up on the villain Saddam with contrived lies about WMDS, collusion with Al Qaeda and genocide (in which America collaborated) could be used as excuses to capture Afghanistan as an access to Central Asian energy resources, Iraq's oil, intimidate Iran and Syria and get military bases in Russia and China's backyard. It would also enrich military contractors contributing to the Republican party. Both these wars turned into disasters due to their team's combined incompetence and planning and fear of committing more US troops, which could lead to increased casualties and domestic unrest. Thus resulted the second strike on America from his only functioning part.

In the interim period Junior's incontinence continued in dribs and drabs. His appointment of incompetents like O'Neill and Snow as Treasury Secretaries, Harvey Pitt and Chris Cox as SEC Chairmen, Powell at the FCC, Brown to run FEMA with complete botching of the response to Katrina, the torture at Guantanamo, Bagram and Abu Ghraib, the renditions to Egypt, Syria, kidnapping in Italy, illegal wiretapping of the American public, denying the legal rights of American citizens, nixing Habeas Corpus, subverting the Constitution, classifying everything as secret, stonewalling the Freedom of Information Act, outing CIA secret agents for political profit, voting irregularities by machine malfunction, taking voters off the rolls illegally and manipulating voting booth timings to gain advantage, using phony journalists and rehearsed and prearranged questions and answers at press conferences prove the lack of honesty, integrity and decency. Bush tried to gut Social Security by privatizing it to generate huge management fees for his cronies on Wall Street, but strong opposition by the public and the generally spineless Democrats put paid to that nefarious scheme.

The last straw is the newest multi-trillion dollar bailout scheme to make whole the same shameless crooks who made loans exceeding the value of the house to foolish and greedy buyers without any documentation of their ability to repay. These Wall Street shysters securitized those loans got the equally conniving, crooked and greedy rating agencies to stamp them AAA and then sold them to gullible investors like banks, insurance companies, pension funds and individuals. The investment bank executives booked huge profits and disbursed them as mega bonuses to their traders and executives, who vanished with their golden parachutes to live happily ever after. Some of these banks couldn't get rid of these toxic securities before the music stopped and house prices started falling. The bailout plan will use taxpayer money to buy this junk from the very financial institutions that started this scam and profited handsomely from it. It will not stop house prices from falling, nor do anything for those home buyers whose mortgage liability is greater than the current market value of the home or those who cannot meet the rising mortgage payment when the teaser rates that lured them, reset at a higher level.

To ensure that this socialization of losses at public expense while they keep their earlier ill gotten gains, Wall Street prepared for this farce and scam by installing Hank Paulson as the Treasury Secretary in 2006 at the first sign of falling home prices and is trotting out their veteran Trojan horse, Robert Rubin with Obama. McCain who accuses Obama of having received campaign contributions from the executives of Fannie and Freddie, does not tell us that he received ten times more dollars than Obama from the same companies' executives. He also doesn't tell us that almost all his campaign's top managers are lobbyists. It is like the shameless Condemnable Rice saying to Russia that in the twenty-first century civilized nations don't invade other nations militarily, while being completely oblivious of the US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan in the same era. We are dealing with a bunch of shameless indecent crooks as candidates for both parties. 

They (Republicans and Democrats) are currently indulging in demagoguery by saying that this is the time to be bipartisan and take action to bailout with trillions. McCain has tried the same thing with the Iraq War. He says this is not the time to say that the Iraq war was a mistake. We are already in it and we have to decide what to do now to win. The correct answer is that if the war is a mistake, let us stop it and withdraw. They are trying to get us to agree to the bailout and once it is done we will continue paying for generations with the same argument will be used that it may have been wrong to bail out the crooks, but now that it is done, we have to decide how to pay for it (even by starving). Obama was against the war, but after winning the primary he has become wishy washy just like Nancy Pelosi after regaining the House and Senate said impeachment is off the table. They are using the limited time before presidential and congressional elections to fool the public just as a magician does on stage by diverting public attention while pulling a rabbit out of his hat. Both parties depend on Wall Street money and will sell us, our families and even our future progeny into debt and penury for generations for their immediate gain. Let us prove Lincoln right by stopping this scam, otherwise we will have to alter his statement that you can fool some Americans all the time, all Americans at some time but not all Americans at all times. This last catharsis that the brat is indulging in is the worst and for generations. Let us stop it now and in the coming elections vote wisely and definitely not for those running, who voted for the Iraq war or the bailout, maybe defeat all incumbents.

More by :  Gaurang Bhatt, MD
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