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Humor adds spice to life. We welcome humorous articles, satire and jokes from people to make the life of our world a bit more livelier, happier and full of laughs.

  Steal, Nobody Around by Krishnamoorty Dasu    

  Doctor's Guinea Pig by Suresh Kalathil    

  The Great Learning but Exasperated Generation by Varun Dhyani    

  Udta Punjab: Soti Dilli by Ramendra Kumar    

  She Knows Everything by Ravi Pipal    

  LTC: Lage Raho by Ravi Pipal    

  A Toast to Women! by Payal Kapur    

  Real Action for the Price of Reel Action by Dr. Deepak Pawar    

  Modi Fantasy-Time Ahead by Varun Dhyani    

  A Messiah's Jail Diary by Dr. Jaipal Singh    

  Howling at the Moon by Aneeta Chakrabarty    

  Vote for India by Subhajit Ghosh    

  Wizard, Genie & Broom by Dr. Jaipal Singh    

  I'm Complaining, Complaining, Complaining by Promod Puri    

  Elephantine Teeth by Dr. Jaipal Singh    

  Batetavadas Anyone! by Mahadev Desai    

  Weight in Airports and Schools by Seshu Chamarty    

  Brain Drain by Ravi Pipal    

  IBL - 2013 by Ramendra Kumar    

  Excerpts from A Cricketer's Records by Ananya S Guha    

  Finding a Substitute by Ananya S Guha    

  DPL by Ananya S Guha    

  The Futuristic Hospital by Seshu Chamarty    

  Work From Home (WFH) by Seshu Chamarty    

  Post World War III by Seshu Chamarty    

  ILP For IPL by Ananya S Guha    

  Breaking News! by Ananya S Guha    

  The Cup that Does Not Cheer! by Ananya S Guha    

  Top Secret Medicine by Seshu Chamarty    

  Indo Pak Conflict by Ananya S Guha    

 A Hungry Husband by P. G. R. Nair   

 A Letter in 2040 by Ananya S Guha   

 A little more love (of the other kind!!!) by Pradip Basu   

 A Master of Queries by A. J. Rao   

 A Messiah's Jail Diary by Dr. Jaipal Singh   

 A Minister's Lament by Kannan Kasturi   

 A Rambler in the Loo by Dipankar Dasgupta   

 A Toast to Women! by Payal Kapur   

 A Tryst with Tsunami by Ramendra Kumar   

 Aa Bail Mujhe Mar by Devi Nangrani   

 Achut Remarks by Rajesh Talwar   

 All for the Roads by Prakash Pathre   

 Amitabh Blogs by Rajesh Talwar   

 An Open Letter to Airborne Minister by Ravi Pipal   

 Ardhanareesvara -- A Mobile Fantasy by Dipankar Dasgupta   

 Art Movies by Tyr Anon   

 Ash Refues Fairness Cream Ad by Rajesh Talwar   

 Attending Beijing Olympics by Rajesh Talwar   

 Auctioning Princess Diana's Wedding Cake by Rajesh Talwar   

 Auld Lang Syne' by Yogesh Pathak   

 Baggage Bonanzas No More by Rajesh Talwar   

 Balacing at the Top by Gopinath Rao   

 Bald is Beautiful by Ravi Pipal   

 Bangladesh Goes DST by Rajesh Talwar   

 Banking Blues by A. J. Rao   

 Barber of the Nation by Ratnakar Sadasyula   

 Batetavadas Anyone! by Mahadev Desai   

 Because Even a Mosquito Can Make You An Eunuch! by Dr. Deepak Pawar   

 Begunkodor: The Haunt is Over by Rajesh Talwar   

 Bharat's Rattle by Maj. Gen. Shekhar Sen   

 Bible Story by Mohan Dadlani   

 Bilawal Bhutto: The Oxford Elections by Rajesh Talwar   

 Brahma Federal System: Conversation of Four Heads by Indrajit Bandyopadhyay   

 Brain Drain by Ravi Pipal   

 Breaking News! by Ananya S Guha   

 Bullet Proof Suits by Rajesh Talwar   

 Bulls in my China Shop by Moushumi Chakrabarty   

 Buy-a-Kiss Party by Julia Dutta   

 CAG! by Ananya S Guha   

 Calling Wife Ugly is an Offence by Rajesh Talwar   

 Can Dad be Brought under Lokpal? by Prasad Srikanti   

 Chandini Chowk and Green Rickshaws by Rajesh Talwar   

 Cheating Girls Aquitted; Emotional Justice by Rajesh Talwar   

 China Quake & Jail Terms by Rajesh Talwar   

 Chinese Dairy Products be Banned by Rajesh Talwar   

 Comme si de rien n`etait The Album of Carla by Rajesh Talwar   

 Communication Gap by Mini Arora   

 Condoms Too Large for Indian Men by Rajesh Talwar   

 Congress Budhiya by Rajesh Talwar   

 Couple's Kiss Upsets Society by Rajesh Talwar   

 Cricket chat with God! by Prasad Srikanti   

 Cricket: The Mantra of Success by Ramendra Kumar   

 Criminals & Great Names by Rajesh Talwar   

 Cubicle - Vastu Shastra by Akanksha Prabhat Kumar   

 Dad's Feet by Priya Suryanarayanan   

 Death of A Politician by Aneeta Chakrabarty   

 Dharna- The Symbolic Protest by Ananya S Guha   

 Diagolue by Ananya S Guha   

 Doctor's Guinea Pig by Suresh Kalathil   

 Dog Dancing Japanese Style by Rajesh Talwar   

 Dog School by Tyr Anon   

 Downloading Condom, Condom by Rajesh Talwar   

 DPL by Ananya S Guha   

 Driving in India A Hilarious Account by Coen Jukens   

 Drooling Dreams of My Wife by P. G. R. Nair   

 Egg-xactly by Vivek Kaul   

 Elephantine Teeth by Dr. Jaipal Singh   

 Enteric Terrorism by V. K. Joshi (Bijji)   

 Eunuchs Too... by Ravi Pipal   

 Excerpts from A Cricketer's Records by Ananya S Guha   

 Family Feud: Chop the Ear of Husband by Rajesh Talwar   

 Fat Free Fantasy by Perrin Abbas   

 Fate of a Surrogate Child by Rajesh Talwar   

 Finding a Substitute by Ananya S Guha   

 Fine Art - Chamchalogy by Ravi Pipal   

 Folding Cars for Tight Spaces by Rajesh Talwar   

 For a Gender Free Language by Shankar Gopalkrishnan   

 Foreign Returned by Ravi Pipal   

 Forgive and Forget by Ramendra Kumar   

 Fourth Alternative... by Ananya S Guha   

 France Offers English Classes Free by Rajesh Talwar   

 Gender Discrimination Goes Amuck by Rajesh Talwar   

 Get Fit! by Priya Subramanyan   

 Give the Cow a Name, Get More Milk by Rajesh Talwar   

 Gori Bride Please… by Ravi Pipal   

 Government Games by Ratnakar Sadasyula   

 Ha! by Dipankar Dasgupta   

 Hammering the Last Screw on the Balance Sheet by Gopinath Rao   

 Hear, Hear! by Vivek Kaul   

 Hell's Bureaucracy by A. J. Rao   

 Herbal Chicken by Ravi Pipal   

 Hey Forty : Are We Getting there? by S. P. Singh   

 Hi, I'm a Change Agent by Ravi Pipal   

 Hindu-Muslim Laagey Raho by Ramendra Kumar   

 His Holiness Shri Shri Kalmadi - An Open Letter by Ravi Pipal   

 Hollywood Projected Black US President by Rajesh Talwar   

 How To Be A CrorePati by Ratnakar Sadasyula   

 How to Deal with Analytical Physiologist Disorder by Michael Levy   

 Howling at the Moon by Aneeta Chakrabarty   

 Hrithik Roshan to enact Jesus Christ by Rajesh Talwar   

 Humor in Disguise by Devi Nangrani   

 Hung Parliament. by Ananya S Guha   

 I am Jinxed by Tyr Anon   

 I'm Complaining, Complaining, Complaining by Promod Puri   

 I, Ghost by Dipankar Dasgupta   

 IBL - 2013 by Ramendra Kumar   

 ILP For IPL by Ananya S Guha   

 India - The Land Of Festivals by Ravi Pipal   

 India Elections Impress Lord Archer by Rajesh Talwar   

 India Still Shining? - 2014 by Kalyani Menon Sen   

 Indian Airlines: Airhostesses Fight by Rajesh Talwar   

 Indian Cricketer by Ananya S Guha   

 Indo Pak Conflict by Ananya S Guha   

 Inquiry@alqaeda.pak - A Fan mail by Nikhil Sharda   

 Interrogating Shah Rukh at Newark by Rajesh Talwar   

 IPL or BPL? by Ananya S Guha   

 Iranian Minister with a Fake Degree by Rajesh Talwar   

 Its Payback Time by Gopinath Rao   

 Jail Di Galli Vich No Entry by Usha Kakkar   

 Kaun Baneygaa Cretin by V. Ravi Kumar   

 Keep Distance ... I'm Preparing for IAS by Ravi Pipal   

 Kids say the Darned Things by P. G. R. Nair   

 Kolkata Night Riders Win April 20, 2008 by Rajesh Talwar   

 Last Warning... No More Opportunity by Ravi Pipal   

 Leadership Role Model by Prof. Dr. B. K. Chatterjee   

 Lets Play Resignation- Resignation by Ravi Pipal   

 Life for Rent by Deep Banerjee   

 Life Process Outsourcing by Vikram Karve   

 Lighter side of Life Phone a friend's family- A new life line! by Prasad Srikanti   

 Lighter Side of Life Will Sachin Make the History Soon? by Prasad Srikanti   

 Liquor in IPL Matches April 29, 2008 by Rajesh Talwar   

 Living with Proverbs by P. G. R. Nair   

 Look East by Ananya S Guha   

 Looking for an Issue by Ravi Pipal   

 Love to Love You Voter by Ravi Pipal   

 LTC: Lage Raho by Ravi Pipal   

 Maldives is Drowning by Rajesh Talwar   

 Management of Fundas by Ravi Pipal   

 Marketing through Bus Conductors by Rajesh Talwar   

 Marry a Nepalese Widow - Get Cash by Rajesh Talwar   

 Mayawati Exploiting Public Funds by Rajesh Talwar   

 Men without Moustaches! by Rajesh Talwar   

 Midlife Blues by P. G. R. Nair   

 Miss Patparganj by Ravi Pipal   

 Miss Star and Misses by Julia Dutta   

 Missing by Subhajit Ghosh   

 Missing Children in Delhi by Rajesh Talwar   

 Mistaken Identity by S. P. Singh   

 Mobing You, Mobing Me, Aha! by Robert L. Sungte   

 Model Soap by Ravi Pipal   

 Modi Fantasy-Time Ahead by Varun Dhyani   

 Mughal Descendant's Penury Gets an Errand Job by Rajesh Talwar   

 Mumbai Airport Trolleys by Lata Jagtiani   

 My Dates with Dentists by P. G. R. Nair   

 My Secretry Diary by Ananya S Guha   

 My Son: The Illusionist! by Sabah Saeed   

 My Travails with Underground Agents….! by Padmaja Iyengar - Paddy   

 My Tryst With Fame by Ramendra Kumar   

 My Wife, Vyasdeva and Other Creatures by Dipankar Dasgupta   

 Narada Comes to Earth Again! by Subra Narayan   

 Never Call Anybody Donkey! by Varun Dhyani   

 New Year Resolutions of the Family for 2012 by Prasad Srikanti   

 No Bikini on Capri Beach by Rajesh Talwar   

 Not For Me by A. J. Rao   

 NRI Minister's First Village Visit by Ravi Pipal   

 Obama, Campaign, Grandma by Rajesh Talwar   

 Obama: The Front-runner by Rajesh Talwar   

 Of Dentists and Tooth Fairies by Nimisha Mittal   

 Of Five-Lined Poems by Vivek Kaul   

 Of Scams and Scamsters by Ramendra Kumar   

 Of Scams and Scums . . . by Ananya S Guha   

 Office Entertainment by A. J. Rao   

 Olympic Torch Extinguished Paris - April 7, 2008 by Rajesh Talwar   

 On Becoming Extinct by Ramendra Kumar   

 On Fasting: Some Tips by Ananya S Guha   

 Pakistan has All Female Music Band by Rajesh Talwar   

 Paradise Regained: A Hairy Tale by Dipankar Dasgupta   

 Pass Me Some Bribe Please by Ravi Pipal   

 Paying Bill after 13 Years by Rajesh Talwar   

 Penalizing Minister for Smoking by Rajesh Talwar   

 Plough Naked to Invoke the Rain Gods by Rajesh Talwar   

 Poor Son Turns Rich by Nikhlesh Mathur   

 Post World War III by Seshu Chamarty   

 Practical Joke by Devi Nangrani   

 Praying for a Cause by Kannan Kasturi   

 President's Rule by Ananya S Guha   

 Probing Benazir's Death by Rajesh Talwar   

 Procecuted for Stealing a Banana by Rajesh Talwar   

 Prostitutes Learn Karate by Rajesh Talwar   

 Proud to be An Indian by Ananya S Guha   

 Rahul Gandhi on Metro by Rajesh Talwar   

 Real Action for the Price of Reel Action by Dr. Deepak Pawar   

 Reminiscences of Surpanakha by Maj. Gen. Shekhar Sen   

 Returns, Returns, Returns by A. J. Rao   

 Rushdie Breaks Record by Rajesh Talwar   

 Satelite by Anna University by Rajesh Talwar   

 Scientific Measurements by Mohan Dadlani   

 Sehr Anokhi - The Liberal Leftist by Sarah Khan   

 She Knows Everything by Ravi Pipal   

 Shoeing Bush by Rajesh Talwar   

 Shradh* of a Townie Politician by Ravi Pipal   

 Sihora Tribal Seat - Different by Rajesh Talwar   

 Sisterly Love by Nimisha Mittal   

 Slip in Manhole and Die by Rajesh Talwar   

 Slumdog is the Millionaire by Rajesh Talwar   

 Smog and New Delhi by Rajesh Talwar   

 Steal, Nobody Around by Krishnamoorty Dasu   

 Swine Flu and Pork Producers by Rajesh Talwar   

 Taj Mahal in Bangladesh by Rajesh Talwar   

 Take a Number by Niraj Chandra   

 Tamil Nadu, Here I Come! by Usha Kakkar   

 Tangling with Tyson by Pesi Padshah   

 Taxing Taxes by Tyr Anon   

 The Born Loser by Dipankar Dasgupta   

 The Civil Lies by Vivek Kaul   

 The Cup that Does Not Cheer! by Ananya S Guha   

 The Dilemma of A Lost Forlorn Slave by Jivtesh Singh   

 The Enemy of the British Empire by Rajesh Talwar   

 The Futuristic Hospital by Seshu Chamarty   

 The Gods Must By Crazy by Aurpon Bhattacharya   

 The Great Indian Political Circus - 1 by Ramendra Kumar   

 The Great Indian Political Circus - 2 by Ramendra Kumar   

 The Great Indian Political Circus - 3 by Ramendra Kumar   

 The Great Indian Political Circus - 4 by Ramendra Kumar   

 The Great Indian Political Circus - 5 by Ramendra Kumar   

 The Great Indian Political Circus - 6 by Ramendra Kumar   

 The Great Indian Tamasha by Ramendra Kumar   

 The Great Learning but Exasperated Generation by Varun Dhyani   

 The Greatest Sing-Along by Rajesh Talwar   

 The New IAS by Ramendra Kumar   

 The Omnipotent Desk Officer by A. J. Rao   

 The Remix Revolution by Ramendra Kumar   

 The Resume by Wendy Surber   

 The Story Of Lean PGR by P. G. R. Nair   

 The Tihar Club by Ravi Pipal   

 The Travails of E-Mantriji by Subra Narayan   

 The United States of India by Subra Narayan   

 The Value of Gandhi's Spectacles by Rajesh Talwar   

 The Wild Wit Of Oscar Wilde by P. G. R. Nair   

 The Window of Bill Gates by Rajesh Talwar   

 The Year Gone By by Perrin Abbas   

 Things That Bug Me by Tyr Anon   

 Thou Shall Not Play for Medal by Ravi Pipal   

 Throwing Shoes on the Powerful! by Rajesh Talwar   

 Time-Pass by A. J. Rao   

 Tit for Tat by P. G. R. Nair   

 Titanic Ventures by Ramendra Kumar   

 To Puff or not to Puff, That is the Question by Dipankar Dasgupta   

 Toilet Five Star by Ravi Pipal   

 Top Secret Medicine by Seshu Chamarty   

 Udta Punjab: Soti Dilli by Ramendra Kumar   

 UN Prayer by Dr. Pradip Bhattacharya   

 Understanding Nuclear Deal Issue by Varun Dhyani   

 Vengeance Unexpected by Aurpon Bhattacharya   

 Voluntary Power Cut at Raj Bhawan by Rajesh Talwar   

 Vote for India by Subhajit Ghosh   

 Wardrobe Malfunction - of Splits, Slips and More by Usha Kakkar   

 Washing Machines Vs Contraceptive Pills by Rajesh Talwar   

 We are Living in a Dangerous World! by G. Venkatesh   

 We, The Dentally Retarded by Vivek Kaul   

 Weight in Airports and Schools by Seshu Chamarty   

 Welcome to Canada by Niraj Chandra   

 What is So Real about 'Reality' Shows? by Ananya S Guha   

 When MF Husain is Not Good Enough by Mini Arora   

 Who Dares Wins by Ratnakar Sadasyula   

 Who is the Bara Babu? by Dr. Pradip Bhattacharya   

 Why do people have kids? by Hippie Gal   

 Why London? by Ananya S Guha   

 Wining at the G8 Summit by Rajesh Talwar   

 Wizard, Genie & Broom by Dr. Jaipal Singh   

 Woman Speaker of India by Rajesh Talwar   

 Woollen Coffins and Caskets by Rajesh Talwar   

 Work From Home (WFH) by Seshu Chamarty   

 Workout by Tyr Anon   

 Yes Prime Minister... by Ananya S Guha   

 You are a Buffalo by Ravi Pipal   

 You Must Know How to Swim ... You're a Life Coach! by Perrin Abbas   

 Zardari, Palin and Fatwa by Rajesh Talwar   


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