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  Is Justice Humane? by Shibsankar Bagchi    

  Righteousness is Divine ... by Tinu Yadav    

  Who Am I? by Dr. Shirisha Dabiru    

  Can Justice Reach India’s Toiling Masses? by Dr. Uddipan Mukherjee    

  How Long, Oh Goddess of Justice! by Dr. Kumarendra Mallick    

  Justice Delayed: Justice Denied by Bharat B. Trivedi    

  Strength of a Woman by Yogita Tripathi    

  Gizzards by Afanwi Stella    

  Justice for All by Mukesh Williams    

  The Lady of Justice by Supriya Bhandari    

  Justice Delivered by Janaki Janar    

  In A World of Big Lies... by N. S. Murty    

  Lost is Our Humanity by Rupradha Mookerjee    

  Reform or Perish by Rajinder Puri    

  Mother Justice by Prof. Siva Prasad Peddi    

  Is the Statue of Lady Justice Relevant in India Today? by Ganesh Joshi    

  Blind to Hypocrisy by Jayaprakash Raghavan Pillai    

  Shall We? (Tyburn) by Ramesh Anand    

  The Social Base by Prof. Siva Prasad Peddi    

  The President's Pardon by Jayaprakash Raghavan Pillai    

  Just Justice by Dr. Madhavi Godavarthy    

  Whatsoever (Limerick) by Ramesh Anand    

  Self-realization through Internal Justice by Prof. Siva Prasad Peddi    

  Encounter by Shernaz Wadia    

  She Laughs at It! (Senryu) by Ramesh Anand    

  Animal Farm Again by T. A. Ramesh    

  Act! Oh, Goddess of Justice! by G. Venkatesh    

  Miss Justice, a Villanelle by Steve Talbert    

  Reforming India’s Judiciary by Rajinder Puri    

  Look Inside by Bijal Dwivedi Mehta    

 A Beautiful Evening by Smitha Abraham   

 A Different Realm by Maria Reed-Shore   

 A Few Miracles by Dr. Neria H. Hebbar   

 A Frozen Memory by Hippie Gal   

 A Golden Tomorrow by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 A Headless Existence by Meenakshi Madhur   

 A Heady Cocktail by Meenakshi Madhur   

 A Kite's Fantasy by Uma Parthasarathy   

 A Moment Away from Life by Jaideep Mujumdar   

 A Moment Withheld by Mahesh Jambunathan   

 A Mother's Joy by Michael Levy   

 A Mute Audience by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 A Passion of Love by Seema Banerjee   

 A Picture of Tranquility by Swagata Bhattacharya   

 A Simple Wish by Anton Piskac   

 A Sketch in the Ravines of Time by Mahesh Jambunathan   

 A Son ... by Rina Basu    

 A Tale of Two Images by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 A Timeless Tale by Mahesh Jambunathan   

 A Weighty Reflection by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 A Whisper in the Ear by Hillol Ray   

 Abundance by Brian Fisher   

 Abuse by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 Act! Oh, Goddess of Justice! by G. Venkatesh   

 Advocacy by Dr. Raj Vatsya   

 Affair of Nature by Dr. Neria H. Hebbar   

 After Glow by Cynthia Proctor   

 Again by Patrick Durnil   

 Against All Odds by Shernaz Wadia   

 Age of the Sage by Dr. Neria H. Hebbar   

 Agony and Ecstasy by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 Agony of a Lonely Son by Jyothi Lakshmi   

 Amma by Bhaskar Kolluri   

 An Unbearable Sight by Meenakshi Madhur   

 Animal Farm Again by T. A. Ramesh   

 Annexation by Hillol Ray   

 Any Good News? by Shyamala Sathiaseelan   

 Arid Boundaries by MaryAnn Harrison   

 Arise Vanity Arise by Mahesh Jambunathan   

 Art by Anand Gahlot   

 As We Age by J. Ajithkumar   

 Baby Talk by Rajeshwari Hemmadi   

 Back in Your Life by Sarita S   

 Basant is Here! by Rajender Krishan   

 Beast of Burden by Subhajit Ghosh   

 Beauty & Majesty by Seema Banerjee   

 Beauty in the Eyes Of the Beholder by Hillol Ray   

 Before The Bench by Kamal Wadhwa   

 Behind The Painting by Bijal Dwivedi Mehta   

 Black Man's White Body by J. Ajithkumar   

 Blank Canvas by Amit Gupta   

 Blind Justice Symbolism by Rajha Rajesuwari Subhramanium   

 Blind to Hypocrisy by Jayaprakash Raghavan Pillai   

 Bliss by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 Bliss in Solitude by Dr. Vidur Jyoti   

 Blown Into Shapes by Pili Pubul   

 Bondage by Vasudev Raghavan   

 Boy! by N. S. Murty   

 Breath of Life by Roberta Lee Wilcox   

 Broken Hearted by Beth Hancock   

 Brush Vs Canvas by Seema Banerjee   

 Buds, Blooms and Book of Life by Dr. Vidur Jyoti   

 Burn and Glow by Meenakshi Madhur   

 Burning Problem by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 By The Sea by Dr. Uma Asopa   

 Call of the Wild by Smitha Abraham   

 Can Justice Reach India’s Toiling Masses? by Dr. Uddipan Mukherjee   

 Canvas of Solutions by Robert M. Hensel   

 Cell Phone Mania by Nayan S. Mijar   

 Chakra-View by Maalok    

 Changing Trade by Larus Argentatus   

 Childhood Innocence by Arya Bhushan   

 Chrysalis by Sivasundari Bose   

 Colored Vision by U. M.    

 Colors Divulged by Kanchan Mahesh   

 Come by Dr. A. Harindranath   

 Come on Hug, Honey! by T. A. Ramesh   

 Confusion by Rakesh Tyagi   

 Conqueror by Christine M. McCabe   

 Contagious Love by Seema Banerjee   

 Contemplations on a “World Gone Awry” by Aunt Janini   

 Contented Life by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 Coomaraswamy’s Last Stand by Kamal Wadhwa   

 Creating a Masterpiece by Meenakshi Madhur   

 De-Evolution by Querida J   

 Dear Writer... by Ramendra Kumar   

 Deep From My Heart by Sarita S   

 Deliquescence by Kanchan Mahesh   

 Depression by Dorothy Doyle Mienko   

 Dew Drop by Rohini Ranjan   

 Did The Angel Visit You? by Shipra Raman   

 Dignity by Hillol Ray   

 Dilemma One and Only by Hillol Ray   

 Disease of the Spirit by Hillol Ray   

 Diversity of Life Negating Darwin's Theory by Bhaskar Kolluri   

 Don't Laugh on Other's Life by Vivek Saxena   

 Each Day is a Lifeline by Shane Taylor    

 Early Trust by Hillol Ray   

 Earth Is by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 Earth Shake by Seema Banerjee   

 Earth's Cry by Nayan S. Mijar   

 Elected Silence: Talk to Me! by Seema Banerjee   

 Elixir of Life by Sivasundari Bose   

 Emancipation by Frank Sheehan   

 Empty Nest by Subhajit Ghosh   

 Encounter by Shernaz Wadia   

 Endless Hope Hopeless End by Hillol Ray   

 Enigma of Grace by Dr. Neria H. Hebbar   

 Eritis Sicut Deus by Querida J   

 Eternal Flames by Krista Nicole Hubschman   

 Eternal Love by Meena Kandasamy   

 Eternal Oasis by Mahesh Jambunathan   

 Eternity's Moments by Sudipta Chatterjee   

 Eternity's Shore by Dr. Madan G. Gandhi   

 Evolution or Regression by Uma Parthasarathy   

 Eyes of the Child by Cynthia Proctor   

 Face To Face by Hillol Ray   

 Face Value by Hillol Ray   

 Faith of a Match by Nicholas LaMattina   

 Fate by Bhagwat K. Shah   

 Fire of Life by Rajender Krishan   

 First Encounter by Dr. C.S. Shah   

 Flying Colors by B.V. RamanaRao   

 For What Purpose by Roberta Lee Wilcox   

 Forgotten Sorrow by Thomas Eng   

 From Me to You by Ramendra Kumar   

 From Woman To Lioness by MaryAnn Harrison   

 From Womb To Tomb by Hillol Ray   

 Give Humanity A Chance by Rupradha Mookerjee   

 Gizzards by Afanwi Stella   

 Gloaming Effect by B.V. RamanaRao   

 Glue Without A Clue by Hillol Ray   

 Goddess Mortal by Jason Gillam   

 Green 'n' Brown by Mallik Bulusu   

 Guru by Anu Chopra   

 Hands Holding Me by Joseph Allen Hardy   

 Happiness by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 Harvest by Subhajit Ghosh   

 Hats Off by Maalok    

 He Stole Her by Priya S   

 Heads Cogitate Reflect by Jayati Gupta   

 Heart of the Oasis by Joseph Allen Hardy   

 Held in Purity by Joseph Allen Hardy   

 Her Smile by Saurabh Kumar   

 Heritage by Hecletia    

 Hollywood Calling by Subhajit Ghosh   

 Homo Sapiens by Ajey Rao   

 How I wish I had my childhood back! by N. S. Murty   

 How Long, Oh Goddess of Justice! by Dr. Kumarendra Mallick   

 I Feel Ashamed by Manish Hatwalne   

 I Heard One Day ... by Saptarshi Das   

 Immortal Lovers by Trupti Derashri   

 In A World of Big Lies... by N. S. Murty   

 In Defense of A Committed Judiciary by Kamal Wadhwa   

 In Spring Did I Write by Ratnakar Sadasyula   

 In The Dark by Dr. Amit Batla   

 In(Justice) by Ramesh Anand   

 Indelible Ink by Hillol Ray   

 India by Dr. Soumya Panigrahi   

 Indian Civilization by Shamoli Sarkar   

 Inevitable Death by Joseph Allen Hardy   

 Inner Lights by Judy N. Morningstar   

 Into The Arms of Mother Nature by Kanchan Mahesh   

 Is Justice Blind? by Nikhil Sharda   

 Is Justice Humane? by Shibsankar Bagchi   

 Is the Statue of Lady Justice Relevant in India Today? by Ganesh Joshi   

 It's as Green as the Grass Can Grow by Frank Sheehan   

 Jimmy and the Yellow Skull by Dr. A. Harindranath   

 Joy Meets Its Maker by Sugandha Indulkar   

 Julius Caesar by Kumud Biswas   

 Just Another Day by Danielle    

 Just Justice by Dr. Madhavi Godavarthy   

 Just Magic by Ramendra Kumar   

 Just the Two of Us by Ajey Rao   

 Justice Delayed: Justice Denied by Bharat B. Trivedi   

 Justice Delivered by Janaki Janar   

 Justice for All by Mukesh Williams   

 Justice in Adversarial System by Dr. Raj Vatsya   

 Justitia Versus Justice by Ramesh Anand   

 Kaal Chakra by B.K. Swaminathan   

 Karishma in Benegal's Rainiya by Chitra Parayath   

 Knowledge : The Role of an Initiator by Mahesh Sharma   

 Lady Justice by Ramesh Anand   

 Lady Justice’s a Pretty Nice Girl by Dipankar Dasgupta   

 Last Hope by Shveta Kabra   

 Lean on Me by Bijal Dwivedi Mehta   

 Less is Less by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 Let the World See As It Is by Seema Banerjee   

 Let's Run Together by Miryam Nahar   

 Liberated by MaryAnn Harrison   

 Life Holding Life by Shubhra Krishan   

 Life Moves On by Rajender Krishan   

 Lifescape by Parameswaran KV   

 Little Bird by Prashant Bhushan   

 Look Inside by Bijal Dwivedi Mehta   

 Lost and Alone by Beth Hancock   

 Lost is Our Humanity by Rupradha Mookerjee   

 Love by Dr. Soumya Panigrahi   

 Love by Shanon    

 Love's Fire by Hecletia    

 Lovers by Pili Pubul   

 Low on Green by Cynthia Proctor   

 Low Tide by Dr. Padmashree C. G. Rida   

 Marlboro & Motorola come to Bharatvarsha by U. M.    

 Maya by Rajender Krishan   

 Message in a Bottle by Maria K Kaeble   

 Mind's Window by Seema Banerjee   

 Miss Justice, a Villanelle by Steve Talbert   

 Missing Link by Hillol Ray   

 Missing You by Kerry Lowe    

 Mission by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 Mission by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 Moment of Truce by Hillol Ray   

 Mommy and Me by Raja Bhattacharya   

 Mother by Anisa Chaudhary   

 Mother and Sea by Ajey Rao   

 Mother Calling by Rajeshwari Hemmadi   

 Mother Earth by Meenakshi Madhur   

 Mother Embrace Child by Jayati Gupta   

 Mother Justice by Prof. Siva Prasad Peddi   

 Mother to her Child by Gaurang Bhatt, MD   

 Mother – An Object of Reverence by Naira Yaqoob   

 Musings of the Mind by Bijal Dwivedi Mehta   

 Musings on a rare Friday evening by Radhika Ramaswamy   

 My Baby, My Child by Maria K Kaeble   

 My Burning Desire by B.K. Swaminathan   

 My Child by Dr. Sirisha Dabiru   

 My Flesh and Blood by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 My Gandhi left for the Blue by Anisa Chaudhary   

 My Grandpa by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 My Hand, My Feet, My Heart by Helena Fernz   

 My Inspiration by Ramendra Kumar   

 My Sonny Boy by Ramendra Kumar   

 Nature and Life by B.K. Swaminathan   

 Nature has a Lot to Give by Ambika Bhatt   

 Nature Unfolding by Maria Reed-Shore   

 Nature Unfolding by Maria Reed-Shore   

 Nature's Dance by Robert M. Hensel   

 Nectar of Immortality by Subrata Mukherjee   

 Neti, Neti by Ajey Rao   

 New World Order by Suniti Chandra Mishra   

 Nirvana by Ramendra Kumar   

 No More by Shail Agrawal   

 Nokia by Gaurav Shinh   

 Now and Then by Dr. Amitabh Mitra   

 Nurturing Naiveté by Anton Piskac   

 Ode To A Grandchild by Mallik Bulusu   

 Oh My Beautiful Lady by Seema Banerjee   

 On A Rainy Day by Subhajit Ghosh   

 On Her Blindness by G Swaminathan   

 On The Brink by Sivasundari Bose   

 On Wings of Spring by Uma Parthasarathy   

 Onset of Spring by Kanchan Mahesh   

 Order by Dr. Raj Vatsya   

 Our Love Burned Me by Frank Sheehan   

 Our Project of Love by Muralidharan R. Nair   

 Passing Life in Stride by Ahmed Tanhaa   

 Passion Does Not Wither by Vaish    

 Pause by Anton Piskac   

 Pearls of Wisdom by Subhajit Ghosh   

 Perfumescapes by MaryAnn Harrison   

 Perspectives by Manjula Waldron   

 Picture Perfect by Ahmed Tanhaa   

 Point and Click by Maalok    

 Poor Man by GV Reddy   

 Poverty by Esmond Jones   

 Prayer by Bhagwat K. Shah   

 Prithvi by Susan Giles   

 Problem at Hand by Dr. Neria H. Hebbar   

 Puppy Love by Ajey Rao   

 Quirk of Fate by Mahesh Jambunathan   

 Rain and Me by Smitha Abraham   

 Rains by Tyr Anon   

 Rains of Realization by Bijal Dwivedi Mehta   

 Razed by Subhajit Ghosh   

 Recycling and Creativity by Akanksha Prabhat Kumar   

 Rediscovering The Lifeline by Priya S   

 Reform or Perish by Rajinder Puri   

 Reforming India’s Judiciary by Rajinder Puri   

 Rejoice! by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 Remembering Father by Nicholas LaMattina   

 Rest by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 Resurrection by Uma Parthasarathy   

 Retention by Dr. A. Harindranath   

 Rhyming With Nature by P. G. R. Nair   

 Righteousness is Divine ... by Tinu Yadav   

 Ripped Existence by Manisha Bansal   

 Risk Factor by B.V. RamanaRao   

 Roles Reversed by Dr. Uma Asopa   

 Romance and Commitment by Vidya Vardarajan   

 Romance and Commitment by Vidya Vardarajan   

 Romantic Interlude by Maria Reed-Shore   

 Safe by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 Salute by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 Sanctuary by Maria K Kaeble   

 Satisfying Silence by Hillol Ray   

 Sculpted Mix by Jamini Sharma   

 Sea of Love by Bibhudatta Dash   

 Seasons of Emotions by Meenakshi Madhur   

 Second Thoughts by Hillol Ray   

 Self-realization through Internal Justice by Prof. Siva Prasad Peddi   

 Shall We? (Tyburn) by Ramesh Anand   

 Shame by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 She Laughs at It! (Senryu) by Ramesh Anand   

 She – The Indian Woman by Priya S   

 Ship of the Desert by Janaki Janar   

 Shore of Silence by Meenakshi Madhur   

 Sign of Supremacy by Raayan S. Sivashankar   

 Signs and Reckoning by MaryAnn Harrison   

 Silent Expression! by Bollimuntha Venkata Ramana Rao   

 Simian Thinker by Dr. Neria H. Hebbar   

 Simple Dreams by Joseph Allen Hardy   

 Simple Questions by Seema Banerjee   

 Singing in the Rain by Subhajit Ghosh   

 SMS To God by Rajeshwari Hemmadi   

 So Babuji by Ashish Nangia   

 Solomon's Lead by MaryAnn Harrison   

 Someone by Naira Yaqoob   

 Soul by Pili Pubul   

 Soul's Canvas by Seema Banerjee   

 Spirits Rebellious by Uma Parthasarathy   

 Spring by Ramendra Kumar   

 Spring Delight by Pili Pubul   

 Spring Do Not Tarry by Maria Reed-Shore   

 Spring in a Man's Heart by Mahesh Jambunathan   

 Spring Time by Subhajit Ghosh   

 Spring's Spree by Ahmed Tanhaa   

 Staring at Her by Seema Banerjee   

 Staying Together by Dr. C.S. Shah   

 Still Together by Smitha Abraham   

 Stranger by Anneli Allikas   

 Strength of a Woman by Yogita Tripathi   

 Stubborn Genius by Larus Argentatus   

 Stuff of Beauty by Jamini Sharma   

 Suffering by Ankita Kumar   

 Sunset Memories by Tyr Anon   

 Survival Technique by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 Thanksgiving by B.K. Swaminathan   

 That Singular Moment by Dr. Vidur Jyoti   

 That's All I Ask by Anil Israel   

 The Age of Innocence by Janaki Janar   

 The Arrival by Sudipta Chatterjee   

 The Bee by Durlabh Singh   

 The Bidi and the Beads by Manish Kumar   

 The Body is Clothe by Rati Saxena   

 The Boy, The Girl, and the Definition of Love by R. J. Nicolet   

 The Canvas by Shveta Kabra   

 The Child by Ajey Rao   

 The Child Within by Charlene Howard   

 The Curtain Rises by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 The Cycle of Life by Dr. C.S. Shah   

 The Dark Beauty in Chains by Ajey Rao   

 The Diary of a Relic by Smitha Abraham   

 The Embrace of the Sea Goddess by Michael Levy   

 The Essence of Man by Paritosh Uttam   

 The Eternal Flame by Ahmed Tanhaa   

 The Fire Inside by Joseph Allen Hardy   

 The Flower of My Heart by Dr. K.S. Rawat   

 The Gemini Twins by Maalok    

 The Gift by Uma Parthasarathy   

 The Gift of Bliss by Joy A. Burki-Watson   

 The Golden Man by Seema Banerjee   

 The Grace of a Woman by Sonya Fuertes   

 The Kiss of Love by Uma Parthasarathy   

 The Lady Justice's Lament by Ramesh Anand   

 The Lady Lily by Hecletia    

 The Lady of Justice by Supriya Bhandari   

 The Last Photograph by Subrata Mukherjee   

 The Light by Cynthia Proctor   

 The Limerick of the Old Approach by Larus Argentatus   

 The Little Genius by Uma Parthasarathy   

 The Lover by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 The Master Stroke by Rajender Krishan   

 The Mendacious Mendicant by Dr. Neria H. Hebbar   

 The Messiah by Subhajit Ghosh   

 The Moment of Silence by Seema Banerjee   

 The Obsolete by Meenakshi Madhur   

 The Origins Of Justice by Gaurang Bhatt, MD   

 The Other Side of Reality by Priya S   

 The Painter Woman by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 The Picture by Maria Reed-Shore   

 The Postlude by Kumud Biswas   

 The President's Pardon by Jayaprakash Raghavan Pillai   

 The Public Prosecutor by Kamal Wadhwa   

 The Rainbow by Anu Chopra   

 The Runner by Hecletia    

 The Saga of Life by Priya S   

 The Sea is Calling by Smita Agrawal    

 The Seen & The Unseen by Dr. Vidur Jyoti   

 The Social Base by Prof. Siva Prasad Peddi   

 The Stare by Nicholas LaMattina   

 The Sum-Total Man by Kushal Chaudhri   

 The Super Child by Upadrasta Vijaylakshmi Prakasam   

 The Theft by Saptarshi Das   

 The Twilight Hours by Shernaz Wadia   

 The Valentine Note by Smitha Abraham   

 The Wait by MaryAnn Harrison   

 The Wheel of Life by Anonymous    

 The Wheel of Time by Bijal Dwivedi Mehta   

 The Wheel of Time by Shveta Kabra   

 The World is Reborn by Subrata Mukherjee   

 The Y2K Bug by Satish Nair   

 These Eyes by Helena Fernz   

 Time by Dr. Soumya Panigrahi   

 Time Alone by Sean Vincent   

 Timeless Growth by Sonali Khusal   

 To Be or Not To Be by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 To Do or Not To Do by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 To Strangers! by Seema Banerjee   

 Touch by Helena Fernz   

 Trans-Meta by Mallik Bulusu   

 Transformation by Rajender Krishan   

 True Colors by Seema Banerjee   

 Tsunami by Francis Masat   

 Two Images by Seema Banerjee   

 Two is One by Chandra Shekhar Das   

 Unconditional Love by Dr. Christine Redman Waldyer   

 Universal Justice (NONET) by Ramesh Anand   

 Unsung Lyrics by Shridhar Iyer   

 Untitled by Maneesha j   

 Untitled by Smitha Abraham   

 Untitled by Dr. C.S. Shah   

 Veiled Elegance by Dr. Neria H. Hebbar   

 Vision by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 Vrindaban by Hillol Ray   

 Wanted A Fresh New Pair Of Eyes by Meenakshi Madhur   

 Water Polo by Seema Banerjee   

 Weeping by Sushma Raman   

 Weird Commotion by Rajender Krishan   

 What Do You Perceive? by Maria Reed-Shore   

 What Do You See by Maria Reed-Shore   

 What is Life About by Shobha Ramesh   

 Whatsoever (Limerick) by Ramesh Anand   

 Wheel by Ambika Bhatt   

 Wheel of Fortune by Hillol Ray   

 Wheel of Time by Meenakshi Madhur   

 Wheel: Symbol of Progress by Dr. C.S. Shah   

 Where All Duality Ends by Sugandha Indulkar   

 Whispers From the Past by Bijal Dwivedi Mehta   

 Who Am I? by Dr. Shirisha Dabiru   

 Who Am I? by Seema Banerjee   

 Why? by Pavalamani Pragasam   

 Winds of Change by Shobha Ramesh   

 With Open Arms I Welcome The Future by Sugandha Indulkar   

 Woman with A Painting Brush by Ajey Rao   

 Women Empowering by Hillol Ray   

 Yes I Heard by Ambika Bhatt   

 You Are Not Alone... by S. Raghotham   

 You Are The Purpose of My Life by Meera Chowdhry   

 You Wait by Jaideep Mujumdar   

 You, I'll Greet by Ila Pravin   

 You, Me and The Wheel of Time by Suniti Chandra Mishra   

 Your Adult Culture by Dr. Neria H. Hebbar   

 Your Eyes by Pili Pubul   

 Your Open Wide Arms by Rajender Krishan   

 Youth & Reminiscence by Joseph Allen Hardy   


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