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U Atreya Sarma
Hyderabad, India

Atreya Sarma is a literary dilettante trying his hand at poetry, views, reviews, articles, editing and translation. His squiggles have appeared in print in Mother India, Himmat, Bharatiya Pragna, Hyderabad Circle News (of SBI), Deccan Chronicle, Cyberhood, Metverse Muse, Triveni, Business Vision, The Hans India (English daily)A Posy of Poesy (2009), Poets Paradise (2010), Celebrating Creativity (2010), Jayanti (a Telugu & English bilingual quarterly), Andhra Bhoomi (Telugu daily), Nelavanka-Nemaleeka (Telugu literary monthly); and on websites like indiavarta.com, museindia.com, Poemhunter.com, Social Cause.org, Sulekha.com, http://www.episteme.net.in, and Literaturestudioreview.in. 

Atreya Sarma was earlier the editor of Bharatiya Pragna (an English monthly), Social Cause (an ejournal), and Cyberhood (a neighbourhood weekly) – all from Hyderabad. A few prizes / pats that he received now and then tempted him to hang about in the penning arena.

With PG Dip in Mass Communications & Telugu Translation Techniques, he translates from/to English/Telugu. He holds an MA in English Literature having earlier done JAIIB (a banking diploma), BA (English Litt, Sanskrit Litt, History), and BSc (BZC).

He composed in English the profiles of 132 modern Telugu Stalwarts for the bilingual book Marapuraani Maanikyaalu (2010) (with wordy & pictorial sketches in Telugu by BNIM, a noted writer & artist). He has translated into English under the title Salt of the Earth - select short stories in Telugu by noted writer Dr Mallemala Venugopala Reddy (June 2013). He has also edited eight books: Celebraring Creativity: HLF 2010 (An anthology of poems/short stories by 76 writers); Souvenir: HLF 2010Lung Care and Long Life by Dr Shyam Sundar Raj (2012); Memoirs & Musings of an IAS Officer by KV Natarajan (Menaka Prakashan, Pune, June 23, 2013); Turquoise Tulips (A collection of short stories) by Dr Ashok Patwari (Authors Press, 2015); Prolegomena and Transformative Articles on Literary Translation by Dr VVB Rama Rao (Authors Press, 2015); Femininity: Poetic Endeavours by Dr VVB Rama Rao (Authors Press, 2016); and Gian Singh Shatir (in the pipeline).

As a panelist, he translated 6 out of 36 chapters of the Telugu mega novel Veyi Padagalu (by Jnan Pith awardee Viswanatha Satyanarayana) into English under the title Thousand Hoods (ceremonially released on Oct 18, 2015 with launch copies, and the final formal publication is awaited). Besides, he has translated quite a few individual poems, short stories and articles from Teligu into English.

Atreya Sarma's first collection of English poems, Sunny Rain-n-Snow, came out in May 2016.

Associated since 2009 with Muse India, a literary ejournal (set up in 2005), he is since November 2016 its Chief Editor, in addition to being its Editor (Fiction, Reviews, News & Events, Telugu Literature). As a Contributing Editor (Telugu Literature) of Muse India, he has brought out four Special Features on Telugu Literature so far. He is also an Official Critic with Metverse Muse, an international metrical poetry journal. As a lover of poetry, he has been since 2013 featuring Indian English poets from across the country in the Sunday section of The Hans India English daily. 

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