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Action of Salavan Ghrita in Malavashtmbha
by Dr. Mayur Kumar Patel Bookmark and Share

In this era of modernization and civilization the society is conscious enough about “what to eat” the awareness about food items ,their quality, quantity and nutritional value etc is increasing gradually, then also the popularity of fast food is greater due to lifestyle, sedentary works, stressful environment etc. One phase of life is happy with reduced physical activity and other face is showing many life style related disorders and health problems. Among them constipation is most common health related problem.

The word constipation has several meanings and the way it is used in many differs not only between patients but also between different culture and regions. In Swedish population study ,it was found that a need of to take laxative was most common concept of constipation(57% respondents).In the same study, women(45%) were twisely as likely as men (21%) to regard infrequent bowel movements, whereas equal proportions of men and women regarding hard stool(43%), straining during defecation (23%) as representing constipation. Depending on various factors diagnostics defecation, demographic factors and group sampling constipation surveys shows prevalence of between 1% and more than 20% in western populations. In studies of elderly population , up to 20% of community dwelling individual and 50% 0f institutionalized elderly persons reported symptoms Among five people one is having constipation in the world.

Functional constipation is generally defined as disorder characterized by persists difficult or seemingly in complete and/or infrequent bowel movements (once every 3-4 days or less) in the absence of alarm symptoms or secondary causes. Different medical definations and variations in reported symptoms make it difficult to provide reliable epidemiological data.

In ayurvedic classic, purish kathinyata and krichchha mala pravritti , suppression of urges causes mandagni and produce ama in the body and it plays key role to produce gulma, udavarta, hridrog, pratishyay, arsh, fissure in ano, intestinal problems, etc many complicative disorders. In old age vata is more powerful so purish kathinyata is more seen in this time of life span in samhita this symptoms come under many disease and for this no specific chapter given by acharyas. For this there are various treatment like snehan ,swedan,virechan,vatanuloman,falvarti,basti and many shaman yogas are also describe in charak samhita but in grahani dosha chikitsa adhayaya explained as below.

If person is passing stool with difficulty and hard stool then he should take ghee and lavan in between meal.

In day to day life patients are taking some virechan medicine without consultation of doctor, it may create harmful effect to the health because most of the churna available in the market is ruksha gunatmak(sonamukhi) and stimulants. They increase constipation day by day.This lavan and ghee is anuloman yog .In modern science treatment is limited to dietary fiber, laxative, rectal stimulant but it is not satisfactory and often associated with many adverse effect.

Probable Mode of Action of Salavan Ghrita

The mode of action of salavan ghrita can be interpreted as follows. Ghrita is best among all sneha , vat-pitta shamak, kaphvardhak, soumya, mrudu, snehan, madhura, udavartanashak, anahnashak, and vatanulomak. Sauwarchala lavan has properties shukshma, laghu, ushna, amuloman, vibandhagna is vata shamak and vatanulomak as well.

The samprapti of Purish kathinya and Purish krichchhata take place in two ways i.e. Purishvah sroto dusti due to Apan vaigunya and Annavah sroto dusti due to mandagni, it produces disturbance in Saman vayu and Apan vayu so, Pachan karma of Agni and Dharan karma of Apan vayu get disturbed and hold Purish more time in the pakwasaya, so it becomes more Kathin and produce Krichchhata during mala pravritti.

Ghee is having properties of drava, sukshma, sar, snighdha, pichchhila, and Jala mahabhoot pradhan ,balya, bruhan ,rasayan and Sauwarchala lavan is having Tej mahabhoot pradhanata .Jala and tej mahabhoot make parthiv ruksh mala in to small pieces and provide snehan to the pakwasaya. Because snighdha and ushna chikitasa is the main line of treatment of vat Dosha. The combination of lavan and ghrita act as Malabhedak, Ushna, Vatanuloman. Thus, Salavan ghrita is effective in Purish kathinyata and Krichchha purish pravritti.

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