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Draupadi is a common practice for all writers.
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Why Draupadi is a common practice for all writers , I want to say why all kind of  professionals why they want to write about Draupadi where they don't belief  in Supreme power of God.
I don't deny that everybody has a legal right to Speak and Write in our democratic country ,except this Sensitive Topic like Religion .I mention those people who don't understand what actual religion is .The explanation of religion should be done by Sage centric people  who understand inner meaning  of our Hindu religion .
Recently I observed that lots of articles in internet represent our religion immorally. Even I notice that some writers have good writing quality though practically they do not believe in spirituality or supreme power of God ,in spite of  these  people like  to show off their Artistic quality  ,Writing quality, educational  skills  and talent to earn scholarship and fame. As a consequence, they sort out all those characters which are famous in epic. And, they put their personal point of view on those specific character like Draupadi . As a  consequence, this epical character like Draupadi is getting destroyed and our new generation is affected badly,  especially those who never studied Mahabharata. We know our new generation is very eager to learn our culture, religion and epical characters, though  some time they are wrongly informed.
The Epic Mahabharata is enormously necessary for our new generation. only The original  Ancient(by sage Vyasa) text and also take the ancient version language . But, manipulation of original text by those writers who never believe in spirituality or supreme power of God, Cause  who does not believe  in God they never understand the Epical Character their view ..
·        I observed some bad topic  about Drauapdi while doing quick search in Google . For example: Drauapdi  and Karna Relation .
·        Drauapdi's Rape.
·        Lord Krishna and Draupadi  relation .
·        Drapuadi  and her sexual  desire .
·        Draupadi and Vasuki Sexual relationship.
Though all those above  topics are not  discussed in the Epic Mahabharata using this manner .
Actual Mahabharata written in Sanskrit which represents through a holy text, which is accepted by high caste Hindus. For our advantage we translate it in our own languages. I really can't understand why we discuss about Tribal  Mahabharata...
Above all those searching topic which I mentioned already ,the language is not suitable   for the Draupadi  who  Hindu epical  centric character .
I don't blame all writers but their writing should be in positive manner and easily understandable by common people .
Mahabharata describe our culture, sociology, psychology ,physiology on the base of the supreme  power of God and the  Spirituality believe . Without  base (believe of spirituality), we can't  describe only the Mahabharata as a History. Epic always give us a positive  teaching ,isn't it?
Why  we add some new exciting story  for  entertainment. As per example:
Few years ago "Telugu writer, Rajya Sabha MP Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad's fiction dared explore the physical aspect of Draupadi's intimacy with her husbands.The novel was chosen for a Sahitya Akademi award. Not surprisingly this has led to outrage and protests calling for the book to be banned.The RSS newspaper, Organiser, said that the author had taken undue licence with Draupadi's character and was guilty of "semi porn and derision"."
Why there is  creation of discussion board for Draupadi. Sage Vyasa's description of Draupadi should be the ultimate. Why these writers are trying to make themselves more important than Sage Vyasa.
Draupadi is not an imaginary character. Draupadi was exist in Mahabharata age, even still exist today, even she will exist at the end of the world and Hinduism . For that reason,  we can't  imagine and mix-up our own test and  angle .
In the 21st century all ready our Indian  culture and society  is going through a hard time where we see our society consists of lot of rapes, divorces, parental disrespect, Braking of Affairs etc.
People lost their patience, morality, self respect, sympathy, actual love, politeness, selfishness. To recover these qualities, we need a support of our religious belief. We have to establish the morality to regenerate those. By our epic Mahabharata.
At last I wish to say Mahabharata should  be understood  through Gita Summary.
I request that always take our religious  as Positive view. If anybody want to write about Draupadi please describe her character as a Goddess; not stand her at witness box in court. cause we are not equal to her.
The people belonging to other religion (apart from Hinduism) do not make foolish controversy about their religion. Then, why we Hindus do so...May you please explain..... If this controversy is going on, Hinduism will be destroyed within near future.
I am not a  professional writer but I am just say something as an Indian ..
I am apologized if I hurt anybody , any society, any profession, any culture , any religion or belief  in any point..........

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