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The Enigma of Love
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Love... The feeling continues to amaze me as much as it continues to bliss my life with... About a decade back, while growing up, for most of us all love meant  was to feel your heart beats going up on seeing someone. But when I look down at the years gone by I realize how innocent and naive those thoughts were.  From the moment I started understanding what actually Love can be all about, I saw Love in a very wide spectrum, in a very big framework. It was never confined to any one person or any one relation. I know I may differ with those for whom Love is all about a pair of hearts made for each other. I don't deny their claims, as couple of times in my life I have experienced that myself. I know it just feels wonderful to know that fact that someone out their belongs only to you. But, I guess this is one of the many beautiful aspects of love.

Numerous innocent yet beautiful moments in our lives go unnoticed by.. These are moments which certainly make you happy, but they tend to happen in such a quick manner that you never realize these can be different colors of love in your life.

Ever fed a stray puppy? Love that puppy expresses by his eyes and by wagging its tail. Beautiful, Isn't it... Can that be defined in any relation? I guess not. But  the joy your heart experiences at that moment which automatically translates into a smile on your face is something that can only be categorized under love.

Someone whom you expected the least, but always wanted to be there, turns up at your birthday party just to wish you... The eyes just lighten up at presence of that person. The joy flows in every corner of your heart.

An old friend, not spoken with for ages, calls up at 2 in the night just to ask, 'How are You'.. You are perplexed at the beautiful essence of that moment.

Help an unknown elderly cross the road or with shopping bags or as simple as how to use mobile or an ATM...Just the words, "Thank you Son" and you feel really blessed.

A small gift that you gave years ago, is still kept safely in your friend's cupboard like a treasured collective. You drool over the Concern and care shown over to that small piece.

Someone whom you always considered as arrogant or rude or unfriendly helps you out in an examination or pulls you out from a tricky situation. You keep wondering, "why he did so" and at the same time establish a stronger bond.

You perform badly in a situation in which you could have excelled. You are devastated in your own world. Still a pat on your back  from your manager saying well tried freshens you up. You are more determined to prove his confidence right.

You are missing home and your parents unexpectedly give you a visit. You wan't that moment to last forever.

In a social gathering someone mentions you as his inspiration. You are suddenly grittier to set better examples.

These may be totally different situations in the context, but the only thing common in them is the joy that your heart experiences, The Innate Smile that turns up at your face and the feeling of being loved that keeps reviving your life.

If you observe life closely, it gives you several opportunities to feel bonded with the whole world. Let the life flow with its own pace, just make sure you take out time to understand the beauty and importance of these moments in your life, recognize the magnitude of people connected to you. Don' t see love as an one dimensional feeling, instead source it as base of all other feelings. Like the color white contains wavelength of all other colors, love in itself is capable to make all other feelings revolve around it.

As I am about to close this, couple of lines struck my mind,

"Mile the sab hamei ajnabi ki tarah,
Poora safar humne Unhe apna samajh ke kaat lia"

Life is Indeed more beautiful than you think, people are better than you assume them to be, Love is more magical than you have ever experienced. Give Love a Chance, and see you life turning into a beautiful journey than you ever thought.. :) 

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Comment Very elegantly captured the love that surrounds us all and just goes unnoticed. Great work. :)

Manika Chugh
02/28/2013 04:35 AM

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