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Jibankrishna or Diamond in Dreams - Chapter 5
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Process of transformation into Universal man through different sheaths of the human body as achieved by Jibankrishna (Diamond)

Chhandogya Upanishad(8.12.3) says:

“And thus this blessed one rising upward from within his physical sheath is transformed into the Supreme light and he by appearing in his very identical living form as a man made of God’s light within the bodies of numberless people evinces his attainment of the Supreme light.”
Diamond explained on the basis of his revelation:
The form appearing within myriads of people is called Atma, Abhayam and Brahma. This is the eternal truth….
Rising upward from within the physical sheath of the blessed one or Samprasada.”
To rise upward and to get oneself transformed into the Supreme light means to pass through five sheaths or Koshas and seven planes.
Five Koshas:-

1) Annamaya Kosha is the gross physical body.
2) Pranamaya Kosha is the sheath where the vital force accumulates and is seen.
3) Monomaya Kosha is at the heart.
4) Vijnamaya Kosha starts from the throat and comprises the seventh plane where God is shown by the man who comes down from the Brahmapura.
5) Anandamaya Kosha is the sheath where the Samprasada changes into bliss alone.
Furthermore,there are seven planes in the five Koshas.
They are:-
1) Annamaya Kosha has got no plane.
2) Pranamaya Kosha has got three planes.
They are:-
a) Organ of generation;
b) Organ of evacuation;
c) The navel (abdominal region)
Experience-- Bluish gurgling water with moonbeams dancing therein is seen in the right of the abdomen. The human body is the earth element and water another element, has separated from it.

3) Heart is the fourth plane called Monomaya Kosha and here light is seen.

Experience-- Radiant light or fire is seen.
Fire-- another element. In the Vedic term the whole course of manifestation and transformation is called Agni-Vidya.

4) Vijnanamaya Kosha has got three planes- fifth, sixth and seventh.

Experience of the fifth plane-
a) Ardhanariswara-- half man and half woman.
b) The sky is seen. The sky seen within the same as the sky seen in the outside.
Experience of the sixth plane-

a) Two circles (of light) come out. One from each eye settles to become one in the middle of the eyebrows, which is the Jnananetra or the eye of knowledge.
b) The mysterious Maya in the form of an exquisitely beautiful woman of a light blue complexion and dressed in pansy blue dancing in a slow rhythmical  measure, with the tip of the thumb resting in the middle of the eyebrow and eyes looking down, her person exuding heavenly bliss all round.
c) Radiance of a rising sun behind a thin silken curtain. So we find one sun in the sky outside and another sun in the cerebrum inside. The Universe and the human body both tally here.
Experience of the seventh plane is God as shown by God-the-Preceptor who descends in human form from Brahmapura (that is the cerebrum). At this stage  special knowledge dawns on the seer- he comes to know that he is God. Here we find that the seer becomes identical with God and the Universe.

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