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Sitting in the train, am enjoying the laughter & play of two little girls, sitting few meters away. Its just a delight. I don't know them, they will probably get off a few stations later with their Dad. This moment is probably the highlight of my day, Its a beautiful... part of the Manifestation.
Walking past the famous Sydney Hyde Park, to & fro work, I find few people loitering around - asking for few coins at times. Occasionally I feel they are wasting their time. Gradually am realising,  this is another ...part of the Manifestation.
It has been my effort to pick up groceries on a regular basis. Once I have picked up the items needed, there is hardly any interest in what the shops have to offer. this is another ...part of the Manifestation.
There is distinct space & longing within for friendly contact, dialogue and association. Its certainly very reassuring, comforting, uplifting and fulfilling to spend time with friends & relations. I do value this  ...part of the Manifestation.
Long back, I read a fine sentence in the book Man the Unknown: plurality of Manifestation is due to methodological necessity"!
Some 13 years back, I was glad to see a small tender tree survive the turmoil of our house construction work. It was a pleasure to see the yellow flowers blossom in August. Over the years, am finding the same comfort from those yellow flowers all over the place. After all they are ... part of the Manifestation.  

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