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Perrin Abbas
Dubai,United Arab Emirates

I'm an ordinary girl who's a bit on the different side. I'm a reflective shy person who occasionally has uncontrollable bursts of enthusiasm. A duck on the pond, quiet on the surface but underneath it all I'm paddling furiously. The liberals think I'm a conservative nut, and the conservatives think I'm a liberal nut. I have an appetite for things unique, for perspectives that are different, for sights and sounds I've never experienced before. I'm a philosopher, a budding poet, and a dreamer. Dare I say... a genius. No I don't. Above the fray though, at least I hope to be one someday.  Love acting in plays and have a few to my credit amongst which include Agatha Christie's Moustrap. Eugene Ionescu's The Lesson and Bald Prima Donna and Moliere’s The Would-Be Gentleman. Reading is a passion and I hope to have a library in my house in the future. I also teach yoga and help people touch their toes without bending their legs:)

An eternal optimist.. forever trying to look for the silver lining. My philosophy is ‘everything happens for a reason’ and I live by it. 

I enjoy writing to express myself and will write a book someday. From a leading newspaper editor (kid’s section) to fitness instructor, NGO volunteer to emceeing, martial arts instructor to designing training modules, sky-diving and now a certified Life Coach and Energy Healer, I’ve done it all! Never say never and see where life takes you!

Looking forward to your critiques/comments on my work.
Have a beautiful day!

Perrin Abbas

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