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Sundarakandam - An ode to Sri Hanuman
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Reciting Sundarakandam can lead to
-       Peace of mind
-       Relief from physical illnesses
-       Relief from mental disorders/ ailments
-       Success in job search
-       Wealth, health & Prosperity

Sundarakandam is a hymn that praises Lord Hanuman. This can be recited only in 5 minutes.
Constant and consistent chatting will lead to fulfillment of all your desires.
This is the most powerful and potent Sundarakandam
Recite this to achieve heavenly peace and happiness
Saw Seetha – said he to Kagusthan
This is an ode to Chiranjeevi Anjaneya.
The son of Anjanai
Was all set to cross the ocean
Prior to the voyage
The monkey brigade
Led by Angad & Jambavan
Waved an affectionate send-off to Anjaneya
All the devas, hermits, angels
Showered flowers on the path traversed by Anjaneya
Mynaga Mountain welcomed Maruthi
Anjaneya happily obliged Mynaga
He won over Surasai & annihilated Himsai
Courageously crossing the ocean Hanuman arrived at Lanka.
Punished the Lankan angel for her sarcasm
Created a flutter in Lanka
Searching for Mother Janaki
Anjaneya arrived at Asoka Garden
There he saw
Seetha meditating on Sriram under the kimsubha tree
Even the bold Hanuman melted on seeing Seetha’s plight
Angering Ravan, frightening all the demonessses
Hanuman resolved to wipe out Seetha’s tears
Showing her the ring given by Rama
He sang the praise of Jayarama
Receiving the soodamani from Seetha
Unable to control his rage on seeing Seetha’s tears in an alien land
Hanuman destroyed Ashoka garden.
His roar – petrified one and all.
Even when bound by Brahmasthram, Anjaneya chanted Srirama’s name
An infuriated Ravan ordered his troops
-To set Anjaneya’s tail on fire.
Anjaneya flew here and there
Spreading the fire everywhere
He burnt the Lankan kingdom
Satisfied after decimating the arrogance of Lankan troops
Anjaneya bid farwell to Seetha
Assuring her of his return along with her Lord Sri Rama
Jumping onto the skies
Unable to control his happiness on meeting Seetha
Hanuman flew faster and faster
“Saw Ma Seetha” said an excited Hanuman
Quelling the anxieties and worries of Sri Rama
Describing the plight of Seetha in the Lankan garden
Anjaneya handed over the Soodamani to Rama
An exhilarated Sri Rama fondly embraced Anjaneya
Tears welling up in his eyes
Rama began planning the trip to Lanka to free his beloved
Accompanied by Lakshmana and Anjaneya
The monkey brigade rallied around Sri Rama
A bridge was built to cross over the ocean and reach Lanka
Annihilation of demon Ravan by Sri Rama and his troops
Evil was destroyed
Srirama returned to Ayodhya with Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman
Coronated as the King
Those who surrender at the Lotus feet of Sri Rama
Are sure to receive his grace
Hymns in Raghunatha’s praise
Always attract the attention of Anjaneya
-       Who is mesmerized by the thoughts of Ram
-       Keeps meditating oh him
Such is Anjaneya’s devotion to Sri Rama that has no parallels.
Oh, Anjaneya-
We prostrate before you several times.
We prostrate before you several times.
We prostrate before you several times.

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