Architecture of India

Sanchi Torana, Madhya Pradesh, IndiaOne definition of a great civilization is the magnificence of its architectural legacy, and India is surely among the foremost.  The country is dotted with the remains of ages gone by, many world famous like the Taj and Qutab Minar, and some still cloaked in obscurity, off the tourist circuit, waiting to be 'discovered', but architectural gems nevertheless.

Architecture of India - is an attempt to present the Indian architecture for what it is: an intelligent, innovative response to local conditions.


Date Title Writer
23-Mar-2003 A Quirk of Fate Ashish Nangia
11-Aug-2002 Brick and Bamboo at Bengal Ashish Nangia
05-Jun-2004 British Colonial Architecture I Ashish Nangia
11-Jul-2004 British Colonial Architecture II An Imperial Vision Ashish Nangia
08-Aug-2004 British Colonial Architecture III A Search for an Imperial Style Ashish Nangia
22-Aug-2004 British Colonial Architecture IV The Seats of Power - Shimla and New Delhi Ashish Nangia
12-Sep-2004 British Colonial Architecture: Towns, Cantonments & Bungalows Ashish Nangia
11-Oct-2009 Ceramic Tiles and the Influence on Architecture Rachna
04-Jan-2001 Communion With the Soul: The Rise of Buddhism Ashish Nangia
28-Feb-2009 Conservation and Restoration: A Need or Fad? Rachna
11-Nov-2001 Consolidation and Continuation: The Beginnings of An Indo-Islamic Culture Ashish Nangia
01-Mar-2015 Construction Techniques in Indian Architecture Ashish Nangia
26-Aug-2001 Death of an Empire – The Ruins of Hampi Ashish Nangia
09-Mar-2014 Designing Without Walls: The Open Plan and the Family House Ashish Nangia
29-Apr-2004 Elephanta Caves Ashish Nangia
02-Nov-2013 Entrances and Doorways - Interfaces in Early Indian Architecture Ashish Nangia
19-Apr-2003 Fatehpur Sikri - The City of Victory Ashish Nangia
15-Feb-2014 Fiction in Architecture, Ashish Nangia
10-Mar-2002 Firoz Shah and After Ashish Nangia
21-Feb-2009 Food and its Relation to Architecture Rachna
23-May-2004 For Christians and Spices: The Portuguese and the Estada da India Ashish Nangia
24-Nov-2013 Gandhara: Greek Influence and Buddhist Monasteries Ashish Nangia
16-Aug-2010 Glass Facades in Middle East – How great thou art Romi Sebastian
13-Apr-2001 Hindu Temple Architecture in the North: The Glorious Culmination Ashish Nangia
28-May-2010 Indian Architecture: A Living Contradiction Sonam Gupta
19-Jul-2009 Indian Architecture: Colonial India Sonam Gupta
01-Jul-2002 Integration and Absorption: Regional Variations of Islamic Architecture Ashish Nangia
14-Dec-2000 Introducing... A History of Indian Architecture Ashish Nangia
23-Mar-2003 Language and Architecture of Ancient India Dr. Neria H. Hebbar
17-Nov-2013 Metamorphosis: Stupas and Chorten in Nepal and Tibet Ashish Nangia
12-Aug-2010 Middle East Architecture: Missing Cultural Roots Romi Sebastian
25-Apr-2004 Mughal Decline and Princely Architecture Ashish Nangia
26-Sep-2004 Nascent Nationalism and Indian Architecture Ashish Nangia
05-Jun-2005 New Delhi: A New Capital Ashish Nangia
15-Mar-2001 North Indian Style Evolves Ashish Nangia
01-Mar-2015 Older Architecture – Renewal and Re-use Ashish Nangia
24-Oct-2004 Partition and After: New Challenges for a New Nation Ashish Nangia
15-Feb-2001 Poetry in Stone: Crystallization of The Hindu Temple Ashish Nangia
18-Dec-2005 Post Colonial India and its Architecture - I Ashish Nangia
12-Feb-2006 Post Colonial India and its Architecture - II Ashish Nangia
09-Apr-2006 Post Colonial India and its Architecture - III Ashish Nangia
16-Mar-2003 Rajput Architecture: The Beginning of a National Identity Ashish Nangia
15-Feb-2011 Response to Climate: Vernacular Architecture and Sustainability Manujit Khurana
01-Mar-2001 Rock Cut Architecture Ashish Nangia
07-Dec-2013 Sacred Space in Ancient Indian Architecture: Form and Meaning Ashish Nangia
09-Apr-2022 Saluting the Legacy of Bhai Ram Singh Bhupinder Singh
26-Apr-2001 Tamil Magnificence : Developments in South India Ashish Nangia
19-Sep-2009 Textile and Architecture Rachna
30-Nov-2013 The Arch as an Architectural Symbol - Evolution And Technology Ashish Nangia
09-Nov-2013 The Architecture of Jainism Ashish Nangia
29-Aug-2004 The Architecture of the Princely States Ashish Nangia
17-Jun-2007 The Auroville Experiment Ashish Nangia
07-Aug-2005 The Beginnings of an Architectural Culture: Delhi – Post Independence Challenges Ashish Nangia
15-Oct-2013 The Buddhist ‘Vihara’ Ashish Nangia
21-Nov-2004 The City of Chandigarh - I Ashish Nangia
19-Dec-2004 The City of Chandigarh - II Ashish Nangia
02-Mar-2003 The Deccan: Golconda and Bijapur Ashish Nangia
23-Feb-2003 The Deccan: Gulbarga and Bidar Ashish Nangia
04-May-2002 The End of the Delhi Sultanate Ashish Nangia
22-Feb-2014 The Ephemeral Body: The Life of the Architectural Object Ashish Nangia
01-Feb-2001 The Evolution of the Temple Ashish Nangia
21-Oct-2013 The First Classical Age – Art and Architecture of the Guptas Ashish Nangia
23-Jun-2001 The Hoysalas of Karnataka Ashish Nangia
19-Jul-2009 The Indian Vernacular : A Rich Tradition Ashish Nangia
21-Dec-2000 The Indus Valley Civilization: Images from Antiquity Ashish Nangia
02-Oct-2001 The Islamic Influence Ashish Nangia
02-Dec-2001 The Megalomania of Ala-ud-Din Khilji Ashish Nangia
25-May-2003 The Mughal Empire: Splendor and Decadence in Delhi Ashish Nangia
03-Apr-2003 The Mughal Empire: Fortresses and Citadels Ashish Nangia
15-Jun-2003 The Mughal Empire: Mosques and Tombs - I Ashish Nangia
03-Aug-2003 The Mughal Empire: Mosques and Tombs – 2 Ashish Nangia
11-Apr-2004 The Mughal Empire: The Taj Mahal Ashish Nangia
07-Dec-2014 The New Architecture in India Ashish Nangia
21-Jul-2002 The Pleasure Palaces of Mandu Ashish Nangia
13-May-2001 The Temple Cities of the South Ashish Nangia
31-Oct-2001 The Towers of God Ashish Nangia
23-Feb-2002 The Tughlaq Years Ashish Nangia
04-Jan-2001 The Vedic Age Ashish Nangia
28-Sep-2013 The Vedic House Ashish Nangia
29-Mar-2001 Theories and Principles of Indian Temple Construction Ashish Nangia
13-Nov-2005 Towards re-Writing a History of Indian Architecture Ashish Nangia
27-Oct-2013 Why the Temple? Ashish Nangia
12-Aug-2010 World Needs to Go Green, than Green Needs to Go LEED Romi Sebastian