At Boloji we understand your feelings and more importantly take them seriously. We would like to hold your hand through these bittersweet years and guide you. Write to us regarding your hobbies, problems, opinions or just about anything you had like to share and we will put them up in our teens section which is specially designed taking into consideration your views. Tell us what you feel about being a teen and what would you like the people around to to do to make these years smoother for us. Share your thoughts on Boloji.
Date Title Writer
05-Mar-2002 ABCDs Smitha Chakravarthula
16-Dec-2001 Addiction Smitha Chakravarthula
05-Mar-2002 Adolescent Depression Dr. Shwetha Naik
07-Jul-2002 Alcohol, College and You Ronald Stanley
24-Sep-2001 All Psyched Up Deepak Chandrasekaran
17-Mar-2002 Be Mine Valentine Shyamala Sathiaseelan
26-Apr-2001 Benefits of a Beau Smitha Chakravarthula
29-Jul-2001 Cup of Soul S. Lakshmigeetha
29-Jul-2001 Dating: How acceptable is it in our Society? Bijal Dwivedi Mehta
07-Jul-2002 Dil Se Karishma D
05-Apr-2001 Dilemma of a Writer: What should I write? Bijal Dwivedi Mehta
21-Jul-2002 Fatal Flaws Ronald Stanley
16-Feb-2019 Friendship Vs Friendshifts – A Magical Concept Dr. Anjana Maitra
13-May-2001 From a Mother to a Mother Bijal Dwivedi Mehta
13-Sep-2002 Get Up Get Glowing - 1 Renu Chedda
12-Sep-2002 Get Up Get Glowing - 2 Renu Chedda
07-Dec-2019 Girls are No Less than Boys Ankita Panda (Late)
17-Mar-2002 Go Nowhere Adolescent Programs J. Niti
28-Jun-2001 Heart Speaks Smitha Chakravarthula
07-Jul-2002 Heart Speaks or Soul Talk S. Lakshmigeetha
29-Mar-2001 How to Choose Friends Bijal Dwivedi Mehta
04-Mar-2002 I Love You – Three Golden Words S. Padma Priya
12-Oct-2000 Importance of Education Dimpy Chowdhry
24-Aug-2013 In Conversation with Yamini Prashanth Varsha Singh
07-Dec-2019 India for Change Simran Razdan
05-Mar-2002 Inside the Teenage Brain Karishma D
01-Mar-2001 Introduction to Teens Smitha Chakravarthula
01-Mar-2001 Knock Them Off Smitha Chakravarthula
10-May-2001 Life – A Cafeteria Rhea Resham Singh
05-Jun-2002 Little White Lies Smitha Chakravarthula
15-Jul-2001 Love Online Karishma D
11-Nov-2001 Near, Yet So Far Away Smitha Chakravarthula
30-Dec-2001 New Year: Various Cultures and Styles Smitha Chakravarthula
13-Feb-2013 Powerpuff Girls Soma Guru
02-Sep-2001 Relationships Can We Relate To Them? Khushboo Bhola
07-Jun-2001 Science and Modern Inventions Aditya V. Iyer
03-May-2001 Success – To Be or Not To Be Rhea Resham Singh
15-Mar-2001 Teen Suicide Smitha Chakravarthula
14-Oct-2001 Teen Talk Smitha Chakravarthula
05-Mar-2002 Teenage Rebellion Aditya Iyer
17-Mar-2002 Teenage Thoughts A Flashback Pavalamani Pragasam
01-Mar-2002 Teenage Troubles M. Sri Vidya
08-Jul-2001 Teens Today Dimpy Chowdhry
08-Jul-2001 Telequette Karishma D
19-Apr-2001 The E-Word Smitha Chakravarthula
21-Jun-2001 Victor Trumper The Man and the Player Aditya V. Iyer
31-May-2001 What is Beauty? Rhea Resham Singh
03-May-2001 When Money Speaks, Truth Remains Silent Sujata Iyer
04-Mar-2002 Wohi Pehla Pyaar Minu Singh
07-May-2013 Wonders of Science Aniket Mohapatra
14-Oct-2001 Word: A Powerful Weapon S. Lakshmigeetha