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Teenage is synonymous with all those dark red grotesque pimples. So much so that 1/10th of the advertising airtime is spent on products dedicated to a clear skin. Every major cosmetic company has one 'skin care' ' the new buzz word is nourishment ' product in his bag. In my many years of experience as a beautician I have seen that many young girls land up with a bad skin mostly because they are ignorant of the basic care required. In fact many women in their 30's don't even know their skin type. All they know is that it is 'not good'.

Having perfect skin is not at all a major achievement. Here is how to go about it. At this point let me clarify that this article is not intended only for the fairer sex. With the rough tough male paying more and more attention to his looks now, it includes him too.

How to get that perfect glow?

  1. Keep It Simple. Too many products can irritate and too many steps may tempt you to skip care won't do it.

  2. Keep It Gentle. Scrubbing and over drying leaves skin rough and red. Like, don't fight with your face.

You cant change your skin you can only make the best of it. Remember this and go on.

Identify your skin type

Each skin type has its own set of do's and don'ts. First get to know your skin type and then decide on a regime specific to it. Each week I will deal with a different skin type. This week I begin with the most common of them all the oily skin.

Oily Skin ' How to identify it?

Has a shiny look and looks oily within an hour after you cleanse it. Try this simple test. Wash your face thoroughly and dry it with a towel. Don't apply any lotion or powders. If your face looks shiny and oily within an hour, you have an oily face. In an oily skin type, the oil is visible right through the make-up, especially in the T-zone. Don't despair. One advantage of having an oily skin is that it ages very late. You can be confident that you won't see those tell tale wrinkles till you hit your late fifties.


Use gel, liquid cleanser or an oily-skin cleansing bar no more than two or three times per day- morning, night and after school or sports. Over-washing won't stop oil flow, but it can irritate skin.


A salicylic acid formula once or twice a day helps reduce oil and keep pores clear.. (One to try: Clean & Clear Oil Controlling Astringent.) Apply with a cotton ball, concentrating on T-zone-forehead, nose and chin. A toner will close up all the pores opened during the cleansing process.


Choose an oil-free, non-comedogenic (non-clogging) formula. Dot on drier areas only-around eyes, on cheeks-and gently blend. If skin looks or feels slick or oily, you've overdone it!


Apply a 5 percent Benzoyl Peroxide cream or a salicylic acid formula to breakout-prone places to prevent blemishes. Are zits more than an occasional occurrence? Skip to "Blemish-Prone" for more clear-up info. A clay mask once or twice a week helps dry up oil and remove dead surface cells. Creamy cleansing grains get a twice-a-week OK.


A water-based, oil-blotting formula minimizes shine. Sheer paper face blotters remove oil and leave makeup intact. Invest in a blotting blush and powder too.

Extra Advice

Keep hair totally clean and use only a lightweight lotion conditioner.

Best style bet off your face!


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