The high rate of divorce in families with children, the single-parent families, teenage pregnancies, the effects of television violence, the need for adequate child care, the lack of educational opportunities for many children whose families are poor, racial discrimination, child abuse, changing sexual mores, drug abuse among young people, and problems faced by physically and mentally challenged children is making child rearing day by day a challenging task. This section aims at providing articles related to child development to arm parents or guardians to meet these challenges successfully. 


Date Title Writer
26-Nov-2000 A Bundle of Joy Ooma Tiwari Tariang
26-Nov-2000 A Bundle of Joy-2 Ooma Tiwari Tariang
15-Feb-2000 A Family Constellation What's Yours? Siggie Cohen
24-Oct-2020 A Family of Four Dr. Frank S. K. Barar
10-Jun-2006 A for Apple, T for Tantrums Garima Gupta
24-Jan-2014 A Long Distance Affair Atasi Sen
25-Mar-2001 A Tale of Tales Ramendra Kumar
07-Sep-2000 A Tantrum: Oh, Please, Not Another Tantrum Siggie Cohen
21-Feb-2007 A Wedding Affair Kusum Choppra
16-Dec-2007 Affairs are About Anything but Love Gary Direnfeld
28-May-2006 Ah, Newlyweds… Then Reality Sets In Gary Direnfeld
10-May-2001 American Indian Kids Meera Chowdhry
10-Aug-2000 And I thought the Parenting was over! Meera Chowdhry
08-Oct-2012 Arranged Marriages—FAQs Seshu Chamarty
06-Dec-2000 Art & Young Children Kamna Raj
27-Nov-2005 Attention Seeking Behavior Michael Grose
24-Aug-2000 Babies and Books Kamna Raj
28-Oct-2023 Bald, Not Bad! Hema Ravi
18-Jan-2000 Be Firm Michael Grose
10-Sep-2017 Blue Whale: Parent’s Blues! Gollamudi Radha Krishna Murty
31-May-2001 Boosting Self Esteem with Encouragement Michael Grose
25-Mar-2018 Bridging the Generation Gap Suresh Kalathil
15-Aug-2013 Bringing Up Children ... Valliyoor Satya
25-Nov-2001 Bringing Up Parents Khushboo Bhola
08-Dec-2002 Can We Give Back to Our Children Their Childhood? Ramendra Kumar
03-Feb-2008 Challenging Teens Gary Direnfeld
24-Feb-2007 Child-Viewers & Violent Screens Gagandeep Kaur
23-Apr-2000 Children and Play Kamna Raj
16-Jul-2006 Children and Sex Play Gary Direnfeld
15-Apr-2002 Children and TV Violence Teresa Barat
03-Sep-2011 Children Just Come Through You! Mandar Karanjkar
30-Oct-2005 Choice of Children's Careers and Parental Aspirations Meera Chowdhry
27-Apr-2001 Cohabit Meera Chowdhry
28-Sep-2000 College System in USA Meera Chowdhry
14-Dec-2000 Commitment in the Age of Hypocrisy Subrata Mukherjee
13-Aug-2006 Communicating with Kids Garima Gupta
26-Dec-2015 Confessions Of a Fifty Plus Novice Mamta Joshi
19-Sep-1999 Confessions of an Indian Mom Meera Chowdhry
14-Sep-2000 Couples are Made by Togetherness Meera Chowdhry
10-May-2011 Cross Cultural Conundrums Gary Direnfeld
30-Dec-1999 Dance like No one's watching Crystal Boyd
15-Aug-2010 Dating at 10! It's Truly the End of Innocence Ajitha Menon
03-May-2001 Desi Bride Please Meera Chowdhry
13-Jun-2010 Developmental Milestones Cannot be Ignored Radha Joshi
19-Oct-2000 Diaper... Diaper... Go Away! Siggie Cohen
29-Mar-2001 Different Training for Our Sons Meera Chowdhry
17-Feb-2007 Divorce - A New Hope for Women Atasi Sen
12-Jan-2019 Do Up Your Child's Room Imaginatively Dr. Anjana Maitra
28-Jun-2010 Does the Joint Family System Work? Meera Chowdhry
05-Apr-2003 Doing Nothing Stressfully Sakuntala Narsimhan
20-Jan-2019 Don't Let Toys Harm You, Play Safe Dr. Anjana Maitra
31-Aug-2011 Dynamics of Relationship between the Young and the Old in India Prof. Shubha Tiwari
21-Apr-2002 Effects of Divorce on Children Meera Chowdhry
01-May-2000 Effects of Television on Children Kamna Raj
11-Sep-2012 Empowering Our Children Radha Joshi
12-Apr-2001 English as a Second Language Meera Chowdhry
21-May-2016 Evolution of Human Child and Parental Care Ganganand Jha
08-Jan-2008 Families in Stress: Parents Often Pushed to the Limit News Features
12-Feb-2006 Fathers Have Feelings Too Barbara Lewis
01-Feb-2001 Fear of Rejection Meera Chowdhry
09-Jul-2006 Feeding Nourishment to your Pre-schooler Garima Gupta
25-Jun-2006 Feeding your Baby in the 1st Year Garima Gupta
02-Jul-2006 Feeding your Toddler Garima Gupta
05-Feb-2006 Fidelity and Trust K. Bhuvaneshwari Bhagat
29-Jun-2000 Friendship Connections Kamna Raj
22-Feb-2001 Generation Gap Meera Chowdhry
30-Sep-1999 Get to Know your Girlfriend Better ! Meera Chowdhry
29-May-2010 Gifted Child and Society Radha Joshi
28-May-2006 Good Night, Sweet Dreams Garima Gupta
18-Aug-2013 Growing Up Together Radha Joshi
14-May-2006 Guide to Easy Parenting Garima Gupta
28-May-2006 Have Two Monisha Sen
25-Mar-2001 Help! My Child Has Become A Teenager Michael Grose
02-Apr-2006 Helping Your Unpopular Child Garima Gupta
03-Aug-2013 Home, New Home Sujatha Natarajan
04-Dec-2005 How Birth Order Affects Children's Behavior & Personality Michael Grose
09-Mar-2008 How Does It Feel? Shernaz Wadia
05-Mar-2006 How Important Really Are The Preschool Years Garima Gupta
13-Aug-2006 How Long Does it Take to Rebuild Trust? Gary Direnfeld
16-Nov-2005 How Much Should We Correct Children’s Poor Behavior? Michael Grose
30-Nov-1999 How to Be a Cool Mom? Meera Chowdhry
29-Jul-2001 How to Build A Happy Relationship with Your Partner Meera Chowdhry
12-Mar-2006 How to Celebrate Holi with Kids Garima Gupta
30-Apr-2006 How to Choose the Right Book for your child? Garima Gupta
08-Sep-2010 How to Cope with a sudden Demise Aparna Chatterjee
19-Nov-2006 How to Make your Will? Rajesh Talwar
10-Aug-2010 Humor in Parenting Mohan Dadlani
04-Mar-2002 I Love You – Three Golden Words S. Padma Priya
09-Sep-2001 In Defence of Joint Family System Meenakshi Madhur
17-May-2001 In Defense of Mother Tongue Meera Chowdhry
15-Jul-2001 Innocence Lost and Found! Chandrika
20-Jul-2000 Inter-Religion Marriage Meera Chowdhry
18-Jun-2006 Internet for Kids Garima Gupta
13-Apr-2000 Is There A Perfect Marriage! Meera Chowdhry
02-Apr-2006 Is Your 8-10 Year Old Crazy? Gary Direnfeld
19-Mar-2006 Is Your Child Allergic to MIlk? Garima Gupta
30-Apr-2001 It is Better to Poison Than to give a False Promise Rajender Krishan
05-Mar-2006 Kids Fighting Michael Grose
24-Aug-2000 Living Away from Home Meera Chowdhry
15-May-2010 Living With a Child Prodigy Radha Joshi
16-Nov-2000 Love Marriage or Arranged! Meera Chowdhry
07-May-2006 Make Travel Fun for your Little One Garima Gupta
01-Jun-2008 Marital Discord: Sweet becomes Sour Nidhi Dawar
23-Nov-2000 Marriage and Romance Meera Chowdhry
27-Nov-2005 Marriage is NOT about Religion Meera Chowdhry
01-Jan-2018 Marriage is What One Makes of It! Gollamudi Radha Krishna Murty
21-Jun-2008 Marriage or No Marriage Nidhi Dawar
14-Mar-2004 Marriage Sans Statutory Warning Charumathi Supraja
19-Nov-2017 Marriage Sutras - Axioms Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
13-Jan-2002 Marriage with Option to Divorce Meera Chowdhry
08-Jul-2001 May You Nurse Your Own Children! Rajender Krishan
17-Aug-2000 Men Like Strong Women Meera Chowdhry
29-Dec-2002 Mixing it up with Cross-cultural Marriages Ajit Adhopia
12-Oct-2008 Mom's Got The Teenage Blues Naunidhi Kaur
05-Jun-2012 More on Inter-Religion Marriage Meera Chowdhry
18-Jan-2009 More the Merrier or Single the Better Nidhi Dawar
31-Aug-2000 Most Marriages Don't End Up in Companionship Meera Chowdhry
06-Jul-2019 Motherhood and Mothering Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
11-May-2013 Moving from Selfish to Selfless Behavior in Kids Radha Joshi
03-Jun-2006 Must Knows for your Little Child Garima Gupta
26-Nov-2006 My Child is Odd Gary Direnfeld
11-Nov-2001 My Child, My Teacher Vaish
15-Jan-2006 No Kidding! Pallavi Bhattacharya
22-Jul-2001 No One Owes Us Anything Meera Chowdhry
24-Sep-2006 Normal Childhood Behavior Misconstrued Gary Direnfeld
18-Jun-2006 On Becoming Grandparents Rajender Krishan
06-Apr-2008 On Children, Family Life and Future Gary Direnfeld
31-Aug-2000 One Tantrum Went to Market... Siggie Cohen
06-Apr-2019 Organize Your Closet Dr. Anjana Maitra
08-Jun-2000 Our Young Adults Meera Chowdhry
05-Nov-2006 Out of Control and Pseudo-mature Teens Gary Direnfeld
23-Apr-2006 Outdoors is a Great Teacher Garima Gupta
01-Jun-2000 Over Ambitious Father Meera Chowdhry
27-Sep-2011 Overloaded Planet J. Ajithkumar
21-Feb-2011 Parental Relationships Ganganand Jha
29-Oct-2006 Parenting with Love Atasi Sen
19-Jun-2021 Parenting-A bliss Ganganand Jha
16-Apr-2006 Parents are People Too! Garima Gupta
12-Apr-2000 Parents: Please Don't Throw Your Teen Out Yet... Siggie Cohen
16-Nov-2019 Peer Pressure Umm-e-Aiman Vejlani
30-Sep-1999 Peer Pressure on Adolescents Meera Chowdhry
04-Nov-2001 Premarital Sex Manisha Kulshreshtha
24-Feb-2007 Pressing Business for Special Children Hema Vijay
06-Aug-2016 Pride in Parenting Suresh Kalathil
21-May-2013 Pulling Your Own Strings Radha Joshi
05-Aug-2013 Reading Aloud to Your Baby Radha Joshi
15-Apr-2000 Reading Strategies Kamna Raj
30-Oct-1999 Recipe for a Happy Marriage Usha Rana
13-Jul-2000 Resilience in Children Kamna Raj
05-Jan-2020 Rights of Infants - Clash of Rights Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
11-Jan-2000 Role Modeling: What Your Child Really Learns from You Siggie Cohen
21-Sep-2000 Romance Sonali Khusal
10-Sep-2006 Save your Money and Get on the Floor Gary Direnfeld
04-Jan-2000 Self Esteem Michael Grose
22-May-2011 Separated Parents and Mutual Antagonism Gary Direnfeld
04-Nov-2001 Sex and Marriage Meera Chowdhry
14-Dec-2000 Sharing Meera Chowdhry
02-Nov-2000 Sharing ... It's Mine! I Got It! No… It's Mine! I Want It! So Who's Is It Anyway? Siggie Cohen
09-Apr-2006 Sharing and Young Children Garima Gupta
09-Nov-2000 Shift of Responsibilities Meera Chowdhry
14-May-2017 Sibling Ganganand Jha
03-Jun-2006 Sibling Harmony Versus Rivalry Gary Direnfeld
16-Oct-2005 Sibling rivalry ... Aagghh!! Michael Grose
28-Sep-2000 Sibling Rivalry – The Great War Siggie Cohen
05-May-2007 Slow But Very Smart Fehmida Zakeer
07-Dec-2000 Smile Please Sujata Iyer
16-Sep-2007 Some Frustration is Necessary! Gary Direnfeld
19-May-2006 Someone Really Difficult to Get Along With? Gary Direnfeld
17-Apr-2011 Special Kids Need Special Care V. K. Joshi (Bijji)
18-Oct-2012 Story of Three Envelopes Seshu Chamarty
06-Jun-2015 Tabula Rasa: A Caregiver's Account Of Alzheimer Mamta Joshi
29-Sep-2002 Teenagers' Fiscal Policy Teresa Barat
24-Aug-2019 Telephone Etiquette Dr. Anjana Maitra
25-Jun-2006 The Father of a Daughter Siddharth Srivastava
09-Nov-2019 The Fine Art of Exchanging Gifts Dr. Anjana Maitra
16-May-2000 The Foundation Years - I Kamna Raj
01-Jun-2000 The Foundation Years - II Kamna Raj
24-May-2001 The Good News Anubhooti Kabra
25-Dec-2016 The Immortal Legacy Suresh Kalathil
05-Mar-2006 The Importance of Preschool Years Garima Gupta
20-Apr-2019 The Indifferent, Indulgent and Overindulgent G Swaminathan
02-Dec-2001 The Inside Story of Our Marriage Meera Chowdhry
07-Mar-2012 The Institution of Marriage Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
30-Aug-2012 The Making of The Bubble-Wrapped Generation Radha Joshi
12-Jul-2010 The Making of Wizkids Radha Joshi
11-Sep-2013 The Mantra of Success Radha Joshi
19-Apr-2001 The Most Critical Teen Years Meera Chowdhry
23-Jul-2006 The Perks and Perils of being a stay-at-home Mom Garima Gupta
16-Nov-2000 The Real Power Struggle Siggie Cohen
12-Feb-2006 The School Going Soma Guru
15-Jan-2006 The Spiritual Dimension of Parenting Rajgopal Nidamboor
23-Oct-2005 The Tearful Jerks Soma Guru
15-Jul-2001 The Victory of Love Shyamala Sathiaseelan
12-Apr-2001 Tips to Collegians-2 English as a Second Language Meera Chowdhry
28-Sep-2000 Tips to new Collegians-1 College System in USA Meera Chowdhry
27-Apr-2007 Too Much Praise Too Young is Not a Good Thing News Features
16-Apr-2000 Transition to Kindergarten Kamna Raj
08-Jun-2000 Two Sides to Every Coin Anmol Chowdhry
27-Apr-2020 Understanding Behavioral Changes in Children amidst Covid-19 Radha Joshi
23-Nov-2000 Understanding Other People Meera Chowdhry
07-Feb-2015 Until Divorce Doth Part Us Pavalamani Pragasam
20-Mar-2012 Ups and Downs of Motherhood Ruchi Gupta
15-Nov-2009 Verbal Abuse: An Insidious Threat Kavita Charanji
21-Oct-2001 Viability of a Joint Family! Meera Chowdhry
23-Apr-2006 Violence, Character, Mediation Gary Direnfeld
07-Sep-2000 What do you do? Sonali Khusal
07-Sep-2000 What My Mom Did Not Teach Me! Meera Chowdhry
30-Aug-2015 When Empty Nest is Full Mamta Joshi
26-Sep-2015 When Matrimony is Acrimony Mamta Joshi
30-Sep-1999 Who are Your Real Friends? Meera Chowdhry
28-Dec-2000 Why Can't An Adult Be Like A Child? Ramendra Kumar
01-Jan-2006 Why Consistency is Important but Makes Parents Feel Bad Michael Grose
02-Apr-2006 Why do we have Kids! Meera Chowdhry
30-Nov-1999 Will I Ever Get Time for Myself? Usha Rana
18-Jun-2006 Will Your Kids be of “Good Character”? Gary Direnfeld
27-Jul-2000 Woman: She is a Mother First and Last! Meera Chowdhry
15-Sep-2008 Working Parents and Child Development Gary Direnfeld
05-Oct-2000 Young Children and the Intergenerational Picture Books Kamna Raj