The School Going

Finally the day arrived, the day for which I had thought long and hard, about when and where my little one will go to school (preschool) and suddenly it started. I felt a bit lost. The start of her school was a queer combination of varied emotions for me. There was a major sigh of relief at having it made through those two years and some odd months, the start of her school also made me feel like the end of something else. My angel was growing up and out of my sole influential web. And how can I forget that I was misting up on my way back home, on the first day at her school (very embarrassing though)

It is true that starting of school is a phase of transition for both parents and children. It is equally rocky for both (I mean kids and mothers). School means more effort from parents (especially mothers) and not less. It is not that a plain sail.

Major challenge was to digest and accommodate the fact that I ceased to be the only goddess /diva in her life. She doesn’t model my earrings and high heels anymore, no more wanting to be like mommy—but it is trying to look and dress and talk like ‘Monika (her teacher) Aunty’.

Other challenges ranged from making sure ….

  • She behaves well and conforms to social expectations
  • Makes friends
  • Can recognize her possessions
  • And as a typical mother even I want my child to fit in at school and to be a special part of the group.

Other side of the story, my little princess is busy playing her role and fighting to get a secured platform in her new social environment .Many of the challenges faced by all of them in the initial days are about 

  • Socialization
  • Learning to sit quietly
  • To recognize their bags etc
  • Learning to eat their food
  • To make their friends
  • To go to the toilet and of all….to share their ‘Monika Aunty’ amongst themselves.

The coming up of preschools has really come up as a blessing to the parents. With evolution kids are becoming smarter and preschools are the proper valves for the outcome of their energy and abilities.

And here is a piece of information for all the blessed parents who have inherited this social facility. 

Research says the first kindergarten for four-year-olds (too old for preschools of today) was established in Wisconsin in 1873. No area in education has grown like preschool in recent decades. It is said that since 1965, when fewer than two in 10 four-year-olds attended preschool, the number of such programs has risen to the point where seven in 10 now are believed to receive some sort of education before kindergarten. 

The great leap forward for preschool education is believed to have come with President Lyndon Johnson’s war on poverty and the development of the federal Head Start program in 1964. For 40 years, Head Start has served disadvantaged young children with comprehensive services aimed at improving their health and nutrition, social and emotional development, and cognitive development.

Though the positive impact of preschools are enormous and obvious, can’t resist citing a few. It is seen that the Preschool kids become increasingly independent as they develop social skills through interactions with others and they are able to take better care for their personal needs. Through their play with each other they tend to gain greater interpersonal skills and construct knowledge of their world through hands-on explorations. Teachers in the preschool classroom through conversations with parents and observation try to quickly surmise each child’s interests and development so the activities and schedule of the day will meet his/her needs. 

True, preschools imbibe lots of good things in our children but one cannot deny the fact that parents are the first teachers in a child’s life. Good parenting is vital. Education doesn't begin when they go off to Preschool/ kindergarten. It begins in home – with parents as the teachers. 

Studies show that the most crucial years of learning take place before a child is old enough to enter school. Researchers say that no amount of formal teaching can compare to the influence of parents, who teach every day by word and example. 

As the child's first teachers, we as parents are in a unique position to influence early learning, so lets do it good and remarkable.    


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