Date Title Writer
08-Jun-2020 3 Pro Tips that Allows You to Make Address NEET 2020 Examination with Ease GPS
14-Aug-2023 4 Tips to Make Your Customers Return GPS
19-Sep-2020 A Comparison of Spam Laws between India & The U.S. P. Mohan Chandran
09-May-2011 Air India Crisis - A Carefully Crafted Design R. N. Pathak
12-May-2010 All about Patents Sayantini Ghosh
08-Oct-2012 All Obfuscating Petro Pricing Policy in India: Story of a Mare's Next? Dipankar Dasgupta
25-Jan-2015 Artiste Required for Business Development Divya Joshi
29-Mar-2009 Audit Your Stress Nikhlesh Mathur
11-Jan-2009 Bad Days in the Office Nikhlesh Mathur
28-May-2006 Because There is a Cause P. Mohan Chandran
27-Oct-2018 Businesses, Ethics & Leaders Gollamudi Radha Krishna Murty
11-Apr-2006 Call for Papers: Development Studies (Vol 2) Dr. Prasenjit Maiti
26-Mar-2011 Capital Account Convertibility Arnab Sain
17-Jan-2010 Cell Phone Banking: A New Mode & Modalities Upali Aparajita
29-Aug-2020 Concept of Acquiescence in IP Litigation in India P. Mohan Chandran
03-Apr-2013 Contracting Indian Economy Proloy Bagchi
14-Apr-2007 Corporate Moves and Decorating Grooves Rekha I Nambiar
23-Oct-2012 CSR Reporting Bhavesh Jha
16-Jun-2013 Decline and Fall of the Rupee Proloy Bagchi
30-Jan-2024 Dhaka Chronicles: Unveiling the Heart of Bangladesh's Capital GPS
01-Feb-2009 Downturn – An Opportunity For The Future P. Mohan Chandran
31-Aug-2012 Educational Opportunities for MSME Workers Dr. P Koshy
28-Jan-2012 Employee - Boss, Best Friends? Prof. Mujtaba Momin
19-May-2011 Ensuring Milk Security for the Indian Consumer Animesh Banerjee
30-Oct-2023 Essential Documentation for Gold Loans in India GPS
10-Jan-2010 Financial Inclusion: The Outlook, the Concerns and the Road Ahead Shubham Jaiswal
15-Aug-2020 Forum Shopping - 1 P. Mohan Chandran
15-Aug-2020 Forum Shopping - 2 P. Mohan Chandran
09-Sep-2007 Free Market, Reforms and SMEs Dr. P Koshy
06-Jan-2024 From Ice Cream Dreams to Dairy Dominance P. Mohan Chandran
16-Apr-2006 Global Search for Software Patents P. Mohan Chandran
05-Sep-2020 How can MSME grow Business during a pandemic? Srivaths Varadharajan
10-Jul-2023 How Can You Easily Convert Bitcoin to Cash Instantly? GPS
16-Dec-2007 How Humane are you towards your Human Assets? P. Mohan Chandran
01-Aug-2007 India Should Take Seismic Protection More Seriously Sandeep Donald Shah
16-Jul-2007 India's Retail Explosion: Boon or Bane? Sushma Ramachandran
01-Jan-2013 Industrialization in a Land Hungry State Dipankar Dasgupta
30-Sep-2023 Influencing the Future P. Mohan Chandran
02-Sep-2007 Intelligent Innovation P. Mohan Chandran
03-Oct-2012 Interesting Strategies in HRM for Studies Seshu Chamarty
05-Mar-2006 Interior Design Trends in India Rekha I Nambiar
26-Nov-2006 Investing in Indian Real Estate Is Your Checklist Complete? Think Again! Sandeep Donald Shah
09-May-2011 Is it Time to Sell Air India, Pauper Maharaja? Rohit Vaid
28-Sep-2019 Labyrinth of Employee Turnover BS Murthy
09-Apr-2006 Lakhnawi Itar Rajsaran Varma
14-Dec-2008 Learning Management from People Around You Nikhlesh Mathur
26-Sep-2020 Legal Requirements & Restrictions On Labeling A Product 'Organic' P. Mohan Chandran
05-Sep-2020 Masala Bonds: All You Need to Know P. Mohan Chandran
17-Jan-2010 Mobile Number Portability Shubham Jaiswal
09-Jul-2017 Of Indian Cars and Their Indian Market Proloy Bagchi
14-Nov-2020 Patent Insurance P. Mohan Chandran
26-Feb-2006 Patent Insurance: Teflon Coating on Armor? P. Mohan Chandran
14-Nov-2020 Patenting Artificial Intelligence: Legal Implications P. Mohan Chandran
15-Sep-2018 Payback Time for Indian Corporates Proloy Bagchi
28-Jun-2009 Recession: Looking Towards Indigenous Solutions Dr. P Koshy
12-Jun-2012 Responsible Business, Green Economy: Another Green Pasture? Dr. P Koshy
21-May-2013 Saatvik Values & Business World Harmony Rati Hegde
14-Apr-2007 Santa Has Left The Housing Market Michael Levy
21-Dec-2008 Search for Losses, Not for Profits Nikhlesh Mathur
27-May-2020 Significance of Credible Sources for Research Papers GPS
28-Nov-2012 Skewed Reforms! Dr. P Koshy
27-May-2007 SME Associations Need to Recast Their Service Menu V. N. Prasad
22-Mar-2010 Social Business: What it is and What it is not Shubham Jaiswal
08-Oct-2006 SPAC: Special Purpose Acquisition Company Deepak Dahiya
19-May-2011 Succession Planning: The Exemplary Tata Way Rahul Juneja
08-Feb-2011 Sugar Policy Must Create Export Surplus, Not Induce Imports Abinash Verma
08-Nov-2015 Team Work and Group Thinking Nikhlesh Mathur
05-Nov-2006 Ten Decorating Hurdles Rekha I Nambiar
21-Sep-2019 The Art and Science of Recruitment BS Murthy
23-Feb-2013 The Chinese Investment in Africa Nayan Ranadhar Das
27-Apr-2013 The Chit Fund Fiasco in West Bengal Dipankar Dasgupta
07-Jun-2010 The Concept of Horizontal Promotions Nikhlesh Mathur
04-Apr-2013 The Cyprus Metastasis: Should India Rethink? Dipankar Dasgupta
07-Apr-2014 The Positive Impact of Economic Reforms Tirumala Prasad
28-Jun-2009 The Reactive and Predictive Style of Management Nikhlesh Mathur
31-Jan-2013 The Way to Industrialization Songs vs. Silk Handkerchiefs Dipankar Dasgupta
05-Sep-2012 Thinking about Large Investment in Multi-brand Retail Trade in India Dipankar Dasgupta
28-Feb-2011 Total Quality Management - A necessity Nikhlesh Mathur
24-Apr-2014 Towards a People-Centric Organizational Culture Vivek Bhatt
28-Mar-2010 Unlocking Potential Nikhlesh Mathur
11-May-2010 Vedic Management: Why We Need it Today Satya Chaitanya
23-May-2010 Vedic Management: Shreyas and Preyas Satya Chaitanya
15-Jul-2007 White Paper – Intellectual Property P. Mohan Chandran
03-Jun-2006 Who Moved My 'Apple'? P. Mohan Chandran
04-Apr-2010 Why Management Education? P. Mohan Chandran
11-Apr-2010 Xbrl Enterprise Financial Reporting System P. Mohan Chandran