Significance of Credible Sources for Research Papers

Here, you will learn why credible sources for research works are so important. Also, read what resources can be considered credible are.

Why Credibility of Sources in Research Papers Matters?

Ask every professor, visit every paper writing service, and ask a writer about work without resources. Everyone will tell you that it is pure plagiarism and nothing more. Indeed, without proper references, work, no matter how important it is, loses significance. Without referencing, a reader will not trust it and will not be able to use it in future researches. Like everywhere in science, your paper demands profs, and credible sources are among them.

Why Should I Cite Only Credible Resources?

In American and European education and business, the credibility of an information source used in a paper is an important matter. A credible source can:

  • Let a reader test the paper and check the relevant information. A credible source is a link to other works that help a reader understand all the aspects of current research. Without these links, the reader's knowledge will remain weak.
  • Let an editor proofread and improve a paper properly. There is no article in a scientific journal that does not pass a check. A poor citation will destroy a reputation of work and will deprive it of publishing.
  • Let an author disclose a topic most fully. In the future, a paper with credible resources lets an author continue contributing to science.

Finally, an academic paper with credible resources will not turn into plagiarism. No one will treat it seriously.

What Can Resource Be Considered To Be Credible?

It is one of the most crucial questions that is asked by students. Every university can have its style, but the rules are standard, in most cases. So, that’s what you need to know before putting your resource into an online quote generator:

  • Everything that has been published more than ten years ago, no matter how offline or online, cannot be considered credible. Probably, something you can use has appeared within the last ten years.
  • Any information acquired from a website ending with .org, .com, or .net cannot be credible.
  • Short articles without abstracts or references are not credible.
  • Academic databases and everything took from Google Scholar can be credible resources.
  • Websites ending with .gov, .edu, and so on are credible.
  • All articles written by known and reputable authors are credible.

Credible resources must be relevant to your research, of course. You cannot put the first article to the reference list if it does not correlate with your topic.


Before considering a source to be credible, check the following steps:

  1. Who wrote it. Did this author write anything before?
  2. What is the date of publishing?
  3. Where was it published? If online, is there any paper equivalent to the information?
  4. Is the source proved? Does it have references itself?
  5. What is the purpose of the article? Scientific articles are credible. News and fund texts are not.

Now, you know why credible resources are essential and how to identify them. Supply your researches with them, and they will be valued.


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