Random Thoughts
Date Title Writer
22-Sep-2002 A Bedtime Story Gaurang Bhatt, MD
21-Mar-2010 A Believer’s Scientific Explanation of India’s Idiot Leaders’ Behavior Gaurang Bhatt, MD
21-Jul-2002 A Biased Vision of Life and History Gaurang Bhatt, MD
03-Jul-2005 A Blueprint for a Future Indian Navy Gaurang Bhatt, MD
14-Dec-2012 A Children's Literary Festival Ananya S Guha
23-Mar-2002 A Contemporary Fairytale Gaurang Bhatt, MD
16-Mar-2003 A Critically Honest Defence of the West Gaurang Bhatt, MD
11-May-2002 A day in the life of An Average Indian Ratnakar Sadasyula
22-Jul-2001 A day in the life of a Geeky Freak Vishnu Pavan
19-Sep-2012 A Day Off! Ananya S Guha
08-Jul-2001 A De-Liberate Choice Gaurang Bhatt, MD
21-Nov-2010 A Deep Sea Adventure Jayaprakash Raghavan Pillai
02-Feb-2003 A Dirge for the Republic Gaurang Bhatt, MD
11-Mar-2018 A Face in the Crowd Dr. Gopalam Karamchedu
08-Dec-2019 A Few of Our Favourite Things P. Ravindran Nayar
12-Aug-2001 A Flight with the Birdies News Features
15-Jun-2002 A Glass Full or Half Empty! Here Comes De Judge Gaurang Bhatt, MD
23-Sep-2001 A Greed Breeds Civilization and a Benevolence Births Terrorists Gaurang Bhatt, MD
03-Jan-2012 A Historian's Plight! T. A. Ramesh
27-Mar-2005 A History of International Relations: Power & Hypocrisy Gaurang Bhatt, MD
01-Oct-2006 A Legal Scam, Blessed by the SEC & FASB Gaurang Bhatt, MD
10-May-2009 A Legend of Lustful Lungi Faiz Al-Najdi
14-May-2002 A Little Bit of Ireland Shyamala Sathiaseelan
21-Nov-2010 A McCarthy Moment For India Gaurang Bhatt, MD
13-Feb-2015 A New Political Idiom Ganganand Jha
12-Aug-2014 A Note on the Independence of India T. A. Ramesh
24-Sep-2012 A Novelistic Reflection on Life BS Murthy
28-Apr-2002 A Partisan, Political and Fallible Supreme Court Gaurang Bhatt, MD
09-Feb-2003 A Passionate Plea for Reinstating Slavery Gaurang Bhatt, MD
09-Mar-2012 A Pat on My Back Ruchi Gupta
26-Feb-2006 A Perfect Life ... Purva Bhatia
12-Jun-2005 A Poll for Readers, If Any Gaurang Bhatt, MD
17-Aug-2008 A Prescription for Foreign Policy Gaurang Bhatt, MD
03-Sep-2002 A President's and Citizen's dilemma Dr. A. Harindranath
07-Sep-2013 A Racial Curse Mahesh Chandra Dewedy
24-Feb-2002 A Re-channeling of the Left Gaurang Bhatt, MD
24-Feb-2008 A Reformer Who Died Too Soon! Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
31-Mar-2008 A Review of the Organization of Islamic Countries Report on Islamophobia Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
02-Mar-2013 A Roadmap to Apolitical Governance... Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy
27-Jun-2013 A Rosy Face Bijender Singh
30-Jan-2005 A Salute to the Flute Seller ... Sunanda Satish
25-Feb-2012 A Sense of Belonging: My Personal Experience Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
04-Dec-2021 A Sense of Contribution: The Source of Fulfillment BS Murthy
15-Sep-2001 A Serious Analysis or An Absurd Solution Gaurang Bhatt, MD
13-Oct-2012 A Short Story Writer To Watch Out For... Ananya S Guha
11-Jul-2004 A Simplified Defence Strategy Gaurang Bhatt, MD
14-Feb-2016 A Soft Superpower Amit Misra
05-Oct-2019 A Song after Too Long or is it? Adhar Amritt
24-Apr-2016 A Spicy Love Story with a Deadly Villain Mamta Joshi
08-May-2005 A Strategic Plan for India Gaurang Bhatt, MD
18-May-2019 A Swan-song for a Story Mamta Joshi
01-Dec-2001 A Sword of Demographics Gaurang Bhatt, MD
16-Mar-2012 A Tale of Love and Loss BS Murthy
21-Oct-2001 A Tale of Three C(sh)ities Gaurang Bhatt, MD
23-Jan-2005 A Tale of Two Democracies Gaurang Bhatt, MD
21-Nov-2015 A Teacher Ruminates on Children's day Mamta Joshi
27-Sep-2011 A Time to Choose The Forks in Life Gaurang Bhatt, MD
18-Feb-2018 A Toast to Nehru Kusum Choppra
10-Mar-2002 A Top Dog Foreign Policy For a Fox Hunt Gaurang Bhatt, MD
30-Aug-2011 A town called Ghosi Dr. Amitabh Mitra
12-Jul-2009 A Tragic Indian Parable Vs China's Strategy Gaurang Bhatt, MD
12-Jul-2009 A Tragic Indian Parable Vs China’s Strategy Gaurang Bhatt, MD
26-Sep-2004 A Tribute from the Heart Shernaz Wadia
19-Jul-2015 A True Scout - Parasmani Krena Ganganand Jha
16-Feb-2012 A Virtual World Divya Joshi
26-Feb-2023 A Wayward Chit-chat at a Barbershop Nalinaksha Mutsuddi
26-Sep-2012 A Womanizer’s ‘View’ of Woman BS Murthy
01-Oct-2016 Aagomoni (Home coming) Ganganand Jha
04-Nov-2013 Aam Aadmi Party Dr. Amitabh Mitra
26-Dec-2013 AAP 'Are they ready for it?' Anushree Pal
29-Jun-2003 Abolish the Supreme Court and Resume Lynching by Polls Gaurang Bhatt, MD
24-Jan-2014 About Ami Brishti Chai Atasi Sen
01-Oct-2022 About Economies Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
17-Oct-2015 About the Lighter Vein Seshu Chamarty
07-Aug-2010 Accepting Responsibility and Death Gaurang Bhatt, MD
01-Jan-2006 Act Without Forethought, Brag Imprudently and Repent Forever Gaurang Bhatt, MD
29-Oct-2013 Acting Responsibly in Public Life Dr. Jaipal Singh
30-Nov-2000 Ad Mad and Love Daney A. Varghese
11-Sep-2021 Adam Smith's 'Invisible Hand' Operates in Politics Too (?) Gollamudi Radha Krishna Murty
05-Apr-2012 Adieu Whitney, Till we Sing Again. Pradip Basu
29-Feb-2004 Ads, Polls, Focus Groups & Irrelevant Diversions Gaurang Bhatt, MD
05-Oct-2012 Advantages of Prayers from High Altitudes Seshu Chamarty
08-Jun-2003 Advertising Gaurang Bhatt, MD
24-Sep-2006 Affirming Diversity Resisting Decisiveness Julia Dutta
30-Aug-2009 Afghanistan ' Doomed by Geography Gaurang Bhatt, MD
17-Aug-2012 Age No Bar... Ananya S Guha
05-Aug-2023 Ageing and Memory Dr. Frank S. K. Barar
17-Oct-2015 Ageing Blues G Swaminathan
29-Jan-2013 Agony of Protagonist Seshu Chamarty
13-Apr-2008 Agriculture, Manufacturing, Services, Disaster Gaurang Bhatt, MD
24-Jul-2005 Ahalya, Damayanti or Draupadi - Role Models for India Gaurang Bhatt, MD
02-Mar-2014 Alif for Allah; Robbing Peter Sakshi
08-Dec-2013 All Are Equal But ..., Vehicular Pollution Sakshi
19-May-2013 All in the Family; Halal or Haram? Sakshi
30-Sep-2001 All Men Are Not Created Equal And Neither Are All Ideas Gaurang Bhatt, MD
30-Sep-2001 All Men Are Not Created Equal And Neither Are All Ideas Gaurang Bhatt, MD
09-Dec-2001 All Spokes of a Spider's Web Lead to Death for Small Bugs Gaurang Bhatt, MD
02-Jun-2019 All the Life’s a Stage! Gollamudi Radha Krishna Murty
24-Oct-2009 Alphabet Soups to Drown the World and Americans Gaurang Bhatt, MD
22-May-2010 Amar Singh: A Political Reality Dr. Amitabh Mitra
14-Feb-2010 Amar Singh: Creativity Beyond Politics Dr. Amitabh Mitra
27-Jul-2019 Amazing Bachelor Party Ideas that You will Love Dr. Om Singh
11-Apr-2004 America will Fail The National IQ Test, Once Again Gaurang Bhatt, MD
07-Oct-2001 America's Mahabharata Gaurang Bhatt, MD
30-Apr-2006 America's One Trick Pony of Band-Aid Policies Gaurang Bhatt, MD
15-Oct-2006 America: From Lord of the Jungle to Irrelevance of the Bush Gaurang Bhatt, MD
19-Aug-2002 American Avoidance of Truth and Reality - A Fatal Flaw Gaurang Bhatt, MD
21-Jun-2014 American Law-makers and Indian Intellectuals! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
29-Oct-2006 America’s Weakness Dr. William R. Stimson
15-Jun-2008 Amusing & Amazing Statistics and Power Hunger Gaurang Bhatt, MD
09-Oct-2005 Amusing Speculative Psychoanalysis Gaurang Bhatt, MD
03-Dec-2017 An Article that Took Me Back 55 Years ... Proloy Bagchi
03-Feb-2008 An August Personality ' that Caesar Augustus Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
23-May-2004 An Election Vignette Gaurang Bhatt, MD
16-Jul-2006 An Eunuch State Islamic Sultanate, British Raj or US Empire Gaurang Bhatt, MD
28-Mar-2013 An Idiot’s Musings! Nisha Shaji
25-Jul-2012 An Open Letter to All Future Presidential Candiates Ananya S Guha
29-Mar-2009 An Unexamined Life Is Not worth Living Gaurang Bhatt, MD
25-Jun-2006 Analysis of the Ramayana Gaurang Bhatt, MD
12-Aug-2007 Ancient Assyrians Alive! Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
30-Oct-2016 Ancient India in Israel Kusum Choppra
12-Nov-2016 Ancient India in Italy and in Peru Kusum Choppra
26-Feb-2013 And the Winner is...CIA, Patron Saint of Bribe Sakshi
28-Feb-2000 Angels Milton Redman
19-Apr-2001 Angrezi Priya Subramanyan
16-Oct-2012 Animals... Flash Fiction Ananya S Guha
15-Aug-2014 Another National Anthem of India T. A. Ramesh
11-Apr-2006 Answer to Puzzlement about Zero Gaurang Bhatt, MD
16-Nov-2012 Anti Corruption Agenda? Ananya S Guha
09-Aug-2009 Are We Fools, Criminals or Ants? Gaurang Bhatt, MD
19-Apr-2013 Are We Not the Best and Benevolent? G Swaminathan
25-Dec-2012 Are we OK...Theek Hai...? Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy
02-Oct-2005 Ariadne's Thread for America Gaurang Bhatt, MD
03-Jun-2023 Armageddon at Hand K Govindan Kutty
23-Feb-2014 Art of Mismanaging; Cloak and Dagger Sakshi
27-Feb-2005 Aryans, Chauvinistic Lies and Strategic Befuddling of Truth Gaurang Bhatt, MD
12-Feb-2013 As Slow As ..., These God-damned VIPs ... Sakshi
26-Nov-2006 Asafetida, Sandalwood, Scorpions, Sages and Absurdities Gaurang Bhatt, MD
05-Jun-2012 Asatyamev Jayate Devavratan Kaundinya
07-Mar-2013 Ashu Bhature Wala Hari Lakhera
01-Sep-2007 Asian History Lessons for India's Idiot Leaders Gaurang Bhatt, MD
08-Jan-2022 Aspects of Mind Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
28-May-2017 Aspiring or Inspiring Relationship? Prerna Singh
03-Jan-2013 Assault Over Women: Start Examining our Homes First Romi Sebastian
21-Apr-2002 Astrologenetics For the New Millennium Gaurang Bhatt, MD
29-Sep-2012 Astrology Seshu Chamarty
17-Feb-2008 At Crossroads Aruni Mukherjee
01-Mar-2015 Atomization of Family Ganganand Jha
17-Nov-2018 Attitude and Longevity Dr. Venkata Koteswara Rao Nandanavanam
18-Aug-2013 August 15 Rituals; Our Truculent Neighbor Sakshi
29-Dec-2013 Aura of Whodunit, An Insatiable Hunger Sakshi
19-Nov-2016 Australia’s India Connection? Kusum Choppra
26-Feb-2014 Authors and Media: Need for Cooperation Dr. Rama Rao Vadapalli V.B.
19-Mar-2014 Awkward Comparisons G Swaminathan
20-Jun-2004 Bachelors Vs Spinsters Nimisha Mittal
30-Mar-2014 Back in Business; Promises Not to Keep Sakshi
22-May-2017 Back in Circulation; A Metamorphosis Sakshi
26-Sep-2015 Back to Work; Insecure China; Hot Button Sakshi
20-Mar-2005 Bad Wrench, Bad Health and Bad Energy Sinks GM & America Gaurang Bhatt, MD
22-Oct-2011 Balancing, Bandwagonning, Buck-Passing & Matha-Tekking Gaurang Bhatt, MD
24-Nov-2013 Balle Balle; Nothing Stays for Ever Sakshi
20-Sep-2012 Bandh Blues . . . Ananya S Guha
28-Oct-2007 Banking on Greed Michael Levy
27-Oct-2013 Barking Up the Wrong Tree; Lables Lie Sakshi
08-Jun-2010 Be the Change You Want to See in India Ravi Prakash
13-Aug-2010 Bear Grylls: The Incredible Man Priyanka Bhowmick
06-Aug-2016 Being Breathtakingly Humble Suresh Kalathil
01-May-2016 Beneath Her Covers Bhawini Tripathi
08-Nov-2010 Bengal Famine Revisited Gaurang Bhatt, MD
24-May-2009 Bernanke Shoots And Leaves: World Economy Dead Gaurang Bhatt, MD
10-Aug-2014 Betrayal or Transparency? Ganganand Jha
25-May-2003 Between Iraq and a Hard Fall on Face Gaurang Bhatt, MD
25-May-2003 Between Iraq and a Hard Fall on Face Gaurang Bhatt, MD
21-May-2014 Between the lines... Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
02-Mar-2012 Beware : Astrology, Gemmology and Rudrakshalogy (strictly in that order) Kalakad Ganapathy
12-Oct-2008 Beyond Hard-Work Mohit Talwar
16-Sep-2023 Beyond the Boundary P. Mohan Chandran
20-Jul-2013 Bhaag Milkha Bhaag - Run S. P. Singh
18-Oct-2015 Biblical Adam Examined R. D. Ashby
03-Sep-2006 Bibliotherapy Vikram Karve
24-Jan-2011 Bidding Farewell Varsha Parvatikar
16-Apr-2006 Biking to Work Subra Narayan
17-May-2009 BJP & Republicans: Obsessed, Senile and Out Of Touch Gaurang Bhatt, MD
03-Feb-2012 Black Forest Classic Cars Satis Shroff
20-Aug-2006 Blame it on Blue Prakash Pathre
27-Dec-2013 Blitzkrieg and AAP Dr. Amitabh Mitra
04-Sep-2012 Blog Heads! Ananya S Guha
07-Jul-2013 Blowing Hot and Cold, Disaster Management Sakshi
14-May-2006 Blunder Bush The WMD to use to shoot One's Self in the Foot Gaurang Bhatt, MD
19-Oct-2013 Boasting Sound Memory Seshu Chamarty
16-Jul-2011 Bombay Explodes, Manmohan Fiddles, Obama Capitulates Gaurang Bhatt, MD
24-Jan-2014 Booking Your Time K.S. Subramanian
28-Jul-2013 Boy, oh Boy; Asexual Escapades of Our Leaders Sakshi
20-Dec-2015 Brain-rinsing, Not That Sudden ... Sakshi
20-Apr-2013 Branding the Word - 'Rape' Divya Joshi
25-Aug-2007 Braying Diplomats, Lying Ministers and Sundry Sycophants Gaurang Bhatt, MD
07-Sep-2008 Bread and Circuses Gaurang Bhatt, MD
08-Jul-2001 Bread and Circuses For the Native Barbarians Gaurang Bhatt, MD
20-Sep-2012 Brief Travelogue of the Toronto Countryside Viraj R. Rai
04-Dec-2004 Bubbles, Crashes, Defaults, Frauds and Fall Gaurang Bhatt, MD
19-Dec-2012 Buck Up Cricketers! Ananya S Guha
17-May-2011 Buddha Jayanti Greetings Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
16-Feb-2003 Buddhism Re-examined Kantak Sutra - Thorny Sermon Gaurang Bhatt, MD
10-Oct-2007 Burma Needs To Fight For Its Own Freedom Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
02-Mar-2003 Bush Agenda and Policies Gaurang Bhatt, MD
29-Sep-2002 Bush Doctrine And The New World Order Gaurang Bhatt, MD
05-May-2007 Bush Plays Chicken, But Will Lose Gaurang Bhatt, MD
22-Oct-2006 Bush Whacked Gaurang Bhatt, MD
05-Apr-2014 Business Responsibility: A Development Approach Bhavesh Jha
21-Apr-2007 By Agni to Heaven, But Avoid Trishanku's Fate Gaurang Bhatt, MD
13-Aug-2013 Calcutta: My City that Cared Leela Pal Chaudhuri
28-Jun-2009 California, Dying Canary in The Coal Mine Gaurang Bhatt, MD
11-May-2008 Cambridge: Solace in Reunion Aruni Mukherjee
27-Nov-2021 Can a Book Change a Person, Character or Life? G Swaminathan
29-Aug-2014 Can We Control Rumour Mongers? T. A. Ramesh
20-Oct-2018 Can We Travel in The Past? G.P. Verma
05-Jun-2005 Can't Make A Silk Purse From A Sow's Ear Gaurang Bhatt, MD
22-Aug-2010 Can't we try Not to Waste Food? Priyanka Bhowmick
24-Oct-2004 Candidate Won! America Zero Gaurang Bhatt, MD
13-Oct-2015 Carpe Diem - Seize The Dice Mamta Joshi
03-Apr-2005 Carrots, Sticks and Donkeys Gaurang Bhatt, MD
24-Oct-2004 Cassandra, Market Bubbles and Prudent Losers Gaurang Bhatt, MD
15-Feb-2004 Caucuses, Cons and Scams Democracy Derailed Gaurang Bhatt, MD
26-Aug-2017 Change of Name, American Malaise Sakshi
20-Sep-2012 Change Your Perspective and … Glory Sasikala Franklin
05-Oct-2008 Changes – A Quarter Life Phenomena Avni Mathur
06-May-2023 Changing Directions G Swaminathan
27-Apr-2008 Changing Economies and War & Consequences Gaurang Bhatt, MD
13-Jun-2021 Changing Mindset G Swaminathan
18-Nov-2001 Changing the Rules Gaurang Bhatt, MD
27-Jan-2007 Char, Chaar, Achaar, Achaarya, Charitra, Character Gaurang Bhatt, MD
16-Jun-2013 Charms of Chennai; Looking for a Quick Exit? Sakshi
05-Mar-2017 Checking Out the Past: Kashmir Kusum Choppra
30-May-2015 Child Labor and Child Apprentice Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
30-Mar-2019 Childhood Remembered Neetu Khatri Kajal
26-Sep-2004 Children of Lesser Gods Gaurang Bhatt, MD
23-Jun-2007 Chinese Strategy and Indian Stupidity Gaurang Bhatt, MD
09-Mar-2014 Chip of the Same Block; Lazybones Sakshi
23-Feb-2014 Choosing the Color of An Automobile and the Art of Electing a Government Dr. Raj Vatsya
05-Jun-2016 Chota Haziri in Disarray Mamta Joshi
28-Oct-2013 Citizen is the Sovereign Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
07-Jun-2015 Civil Service: To Serve or Get Served? Dr. Jaipal Singh
15-Dec-2013 Clipping Our VIPs’ Wings; Let them Sleep Sakshi
20-Jan-2002 Coercive Cultures & Selective Breeding Bottlenecks in Biology and Thought Gaurang Bhatt, MD
01-May-2016 Coins with Fungus Ravi Pipal
02-Dec-2001 College Days Shyamala Sathiaseelan
30-Mar-2008 Colonies and Bases - for Food, Water, Money, Coal Oil and Power Gaurang Bhatt, MD
23-Aug-2006 Coming Chaos in Afghanistan Gaurang Bhatt, MD
11-Jun-2017 Commercial Friendship Nibedita Indrani
03-Jun-2011 Competitive Inhibition, Allostery & Foreign Policy Gaurang Bhatt, MD
13-Dec-2009 Con Men, Accomplices & Mugs Gaurang Bhatt, MD
01-Feb-2014 Con or Holy Men! Dr. Jaipal Singh
01-Nov-2009 Confessions of a Tea Drinker Pramod Khilery
14-Jan-2018 Conflicts, Contradictions and Inconsistencies G Swaminathan
24-Sep-2006 Confluence of Poetry, Evolution, Economics and Terrorism Gaurang Bhatt, MD
25-Apr-2014 Congress Needs New Faces at the Top Vasant G. Gandhi
17-Nov-2002 Congressional Transformation Roils America Gaurang Bhatt, MD
27-Apr-2012 Connecting Minds through the Web Hema Ravi
20-Apr-2012 Consciousness: A Non-Spatial Physical Thing Kedar Joshi
19-May-2014 Consummation at 88; Scapegoating Sakshi
26-Sep-2012 Continuing To Dream Ananya S Guha
19-Feb-2013 Continuous slide-down; When His Holiness ... Sakshi
03-Oct-2012 Corruption- What is new Seshu Chamarty
15-Apr-2020 Covid-19 and Some Disturbing Thoughts G Swaminathan
29-Mar-2020 Covid-19: The Lockdown Proloy Bagchi
06-Jul-2003 Cracks in the Neo-Con Edifice Gaurang Bhatt, MD
16-May-2013 Crash Helmet Ananthanarayan Mohan
07-Jul-2013 Craze for Hype and Hoopla G Swaminathan
28-Aug-2012 Cricket Ramblings... Ananya S Guha
13-Mar-2016 Criticism Nihar Ranjan Bhoi
30-Nov-2008 Cry, My Beloved Country Yamini Ayyagari
15-Oct-2011 Cui Bono Gaurang Bhatt, MD
15-Jan-2017 Culinary Angst with Jamai Raja Mamta Joshi
29-Sep-2013 Current Indian Democratic Scene! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
17-Aug-2012 Cyber Education, Not Cyber Crime... Ananya S Guha
06-Oct-2015 Daana Paani: An Awesome Break to a Journey Nikhil Sharda
26-Jan-2014 Damn the Torpedo, Blind Alleys Sakshi
24-Mar-2008 Darfur, Tibet and Taiwan Gaurang Bhatt, MD
19-Oct-2019 Dark Lenses and the Aftermath Adhar Amritt
17-Aug-2012 Darkness at Noon Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee
19-Apr-2015 Day Care Center Ganganand Jha
12-Aug-2023 Death in Perspective K Govindan Kutty
23-Feb-2002 Death of a nation Gaurang Bhatt, MD
28-Sep-2008 Debate, Debacle, Debt, Defaults and Doomsday Gaurang Bhatt, MD
20-Apr-2008 Debt, Policies and Traps Gaurang Bhatt, MD
15-May-2011 Deceit as Strategy and Catalyst for Evolution Gaurang Bhatt, MD
08-Sep-2013 Default Option; Don’t Panic - Be Happy Sakshi
08-Oct-2011 Deja Vu – A Dream Or Nightmare & Why I Got An EEG Gaurang Bhatt, MD
02-Oct-2010 Demo-crazy: Freedom of Expression Nikhil Sharda
27-Dec-2009 Democracies & their Paths to Perdition Gaurang Bhatt, MD
29-Jan-2017 Democracy of Mobs and Pseudo Intellectualism Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
02-Oct-2021 Democracy without Ethics Dr. Harasankar Adhikari
18-Sep-2005 Demography : Policy and Destiny Gaurang Bhatt, MD
14-Jul-2013 Der Ayad, Durust Ayad; Bitter Truth Sakshi
15-Aug-2004 Deserting Patriotism Anjali Anand Seth
10-Sep-2006 Desire and Deviance Julia Dutta
20-Jul-2008 Desire for Justice: Always Unfulfilled Gaurang Bhatt, MD
07-Jun-2009 Desire, The Cleaver Of Unbreakable Bonds Gaurang Bhatt, MD
19-Sep-2010 Devayani, Yayati, Sharmishtha, Puru Gaurang Bhatt, MD
04-Jul-2004 Dharma, Evolution Pills and Dinks Gaurang Bhatt, MD
01-Jun-2003 Different Breeds Gaurang Bhatt, MD
18-Dec-2012 Digestion Issues Seshu Chamarty
21-Apr-2000 Dilemma Uma
26-Jun-2013 Dilution and Loss of Ethics G Swaminathan
30-Sep-2007 Dinosaurs, Markets and Pipers Gaurang Bhatt, MD
29-Nov-2013 Disaster Management: Seeking Divine Intervention Ganganand Jha
17-Oct-2013 Distant Dreams Sujatha Natarajan
17-Oct-2013 Divine Confusion Sujatha Natarajan
09-Nov-2000 Diwali: A view from the Kennel Rajesh Dev
06-Feb-2005 Do Not Confuse Ought with Is and Hope with Reality Gaurang Bhatt, MD
19-Apr-2014 Do Not Vote for Me Vasant G. Gandhi
23-Feb-2014 Do they Care for Nation? Dr. Jaipal Singh
10-Sep-2022 Do We Respect Nature? G Swaminathan
11-Mar-2023 Doctor's Behavior Dr. Frank S. K. Barar
27-Oct-2018 Does God Play Dice? G.P. Verma
27-Apr-2003 Does the End Justify the Means? Gaurang Bhatt, MD
09-Sep-2007 Dollar Collapse and Future Nightmares Gaurang Bhatt, MD
02-Jan-2017 Don't Let Anger be the Reason for Your Failure Amogha Pavithran
12-Jul-2009 Don’t Call me an Uncle! Saprovo Goswami
07-Jan-2011 Dr Manmohan Singh Disappoints G Swaminathan
22-Mar-2013 Dreams Bhavna Mathur
04-Jan-2015 Dreams ..... as I see them ! Divya Joshi
28-Dec-2012 Dreams Flow, We Live. Swapnil Kawale
16-Nov-2019 Dreams We Live By Krishnamoorty Dasu
17-Sep-2012 Dreams... Ananya S Guha
01-Nov-2014 Dress, Mobiles and God Seshu Chamarty
25-Mar-2007 Driving is No Pleasure G Swaminathan
13-Jan-2007 Duryodhana Bush and the Middle East Mahabharata Gaurang Bhatt, MD
01-Oct-2016 Dwarka and the Aryans Kusum Choppra
01-Dec-2012 Earning And Learning! Ananya S Guha
17-Feb-2007 East Timor, Kosovo, Iraqi Khurdistan and India's Problems Gaurang Bhatt, MD
10-Nov-2002 Educated Fools and Illiterate Nemesis Gaurang Bhatt, MD
02-May-2004 Educating the Parents G Swaminathan
19-Apr-2015 Education and Society Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
19-Jan-2015 Education versus Obtaining a Certificate! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
11-May-2008 Education, Healthcare and Infrastructure: Development Tripod Gaurang Bhatt, MD
08-Jun-2013 Eighteen is Great. But Nine is Fine Sakshi
08-Apr-2007 Eklavya-Karna-Dhruva WMDs, NPT, US Policy and Melian dialogue Gaurang Bhatt, MD
06-Apr-2014 Election Mishti; A Dream Come True Sakshi
20-Jan-2013 Election Times Seshu Chamarty
20-Oct-2014 Election: A Multivariate Phenomenon Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
05-Feb-2022 Electorates' Liberty Dr. Harasankar Adhikari
16-Apr-2016 Elegy of Victoria Mess - Delhi That Was! Ravi Pipal
11-Dec-2004 Empires ' Arachnid, Ant & Human Gaurang Bhatt, MD
11-Dec-2004 Empires - Arachnid, Ant & Human Gaurang Bhatt, MD
01-Jun-2003 Enchanter Abhijit Laghate
12-Sep-2012 End of An Era Ananya S Guha
12-Jun-2013 Engineering Degree & Irrelevant Jobs G Swaminathan
28-Oct-2011 English and...all that. Raajesh Adivaragan
06-Jun-2020 English Language Dr. Frank S. K. Barar
12-Oct-2019 Enjoying Stupidity: Believe it or not ... Neha Sudhir
27-Mar-2021 Escape From Monster Manor Randy Johnson
20-Jan-2014 Established Norms and Revolutions! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
14-Jun-2009 Ethics, Torture, Utilitarianism and Law Gaurang Bhatt, MD
31-Jul-2012 Ethnic or Communal? Ananya S Guha
10-Jun-2006 Etymology and Metamorphosis of Mleccha, Barbarian & Mawali Gaurang Bhatt, MD
31-Dec-2020 Euphoria of Ringing New Year 2021 Dr. Punam Pandey
15-Apr-2007 Evo Devo and Strange Gods by Gaurang Bhatt, MD Gaurang Bhatt, MD
08-Aug-2004 Evolution and The New Panchtantra Gaurang Bhatt, MD
23-Aug-2015 Evolution of Home Ganganand Jha
28-Mar-2004 Evolution of Mimicry, Lying and Self-delusio Gaurang Bhatt, MD
10-Apr-2011 Evolution of Politics & Society Gaurang Bhatt, MD
17-Apr-2011 Evolution of Society Gaurang Bhatt, MD
23-Apr-2011 Evolution Of The World Gaurang Bhatt, MD
02-Apr-2011 Evolution of Wars, Politics & Society Gaurang Bhatt, MD
26-Mar-2011 Evolution Of Wings, Calendars, Counting, War, Politics & Society Gaurang Bhatt, MD
28-Jul-2007 Evolution, Political Consciousness and Terrorism Gaurang Bhatt, MD
09-Mar-2003 Evolution, Super Powers and Achilles' Heels Gaurang Bhatt, MD
11-May-2003 Evolutionary Constraints and Path Choices Gaurang Bhatt, MD
21-Jun-2008 Evolutionary Defense Strategies, Pakistan and China Gaurang Bhatt, MD
17-Jun-2007 Evolutionary Hurdles and Psycho-Economics Of Imperial Cannon Fodder Gaurang Bhatt, MD
20-Nov-2021 Excess of Everything G Swaminathan
20-Apr-2014 Exhilaratingly Entertaining; Promise to Keep Sakshi
27-Feb-2005 Expensive Weddings G Swaminathan
02-Mar-2011 Experiences from a Strange Silent Spectator Loy Machedo
10-Oct-2004 Extinction and Nirvana Gaurang Bhatt, MD
07-May-2006 Extinction of Democracies and The Irish Elk Gaurang Bhatt, MD
13-May-2015 Extra-soft Arm of justice!? Seshu Chamarty
20-Feb-2005 Fable and Fact Gaurang Bhatt, MD
16-Sep-2012 Facebook Creativity = ‘Virtual Vanity’ Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee
18-Apr-2004 Faces G Swaminathan
11-Oct-2015 Facts and Figures; American Riutal Sakshi
30-Jun-2019 Faith Kusum Choppra
16-May-2020 Faith & Friendship, a Two Way Traffic G Swaminathan
08-May-2016 Faith & God G Swaminathan
10-Sep-2006 Faith Conquers Fear Anjana Mehta Bhalla
11-Apr-2015 Fake Feminism & Feminist Dr. Shamenaz Sheikh
01-Sep-2013 Fall and Fall of Rupee; Promise the Moon Sakshi
06-Apr-2019 Fall or Downfall Sujatha Natarajan
18-Dec-2017 Fame and Popularity Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
06-Apr-2008 Fast Track to the Speculative Poor House Michael Levy
04-Sep-2016 Fears of a Megalomaniac; What For? Sakshi
15-Jul-2023 Feeling Young Dr. Frank S. K. Barar
08-Mar-2004 Females: Superior by Choice, Design and Default Gaurang Bhatt, MD
05-May-2007 Fidelity - Myth or Reality? Aparna Chatterjee
15-Dec-2013 Filmfare: Why it Sucks! Valliyoor Satya
24-Aug-2010 Finally Idiot Leaders of India Wake Up Gaurang Bhatt, MD
10-Jun-2007 Finally the Lies About the Nuclear Deal Are Revealed Gaurang Bhatt, MD
19-Jul-2009 Financial and Healthcare Debacles Gaurang Bhatt, MD
01-Dec-2012 Find Yourself Dr. Vishwanath Bite
25-May-2014 Fire Brand Politics; Election Flavor Sakshi
08-May-2016 Fitness Cost Seshu Chamarty
31-Mar-2002 Flipping Through The Pages of The Book of Life Gaurang Bhatt, MD
17-Jun-2007 Fluid Identity Aruni Mukherjee
12-Aug-2012 Following Tradition! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
26-May-2008 Food and Oil Prices & Political Tamasha Gaurang Bhatt, MD
09-Feb-2003 Food Fuzz At Maple Land M. D. Mukesh
14-Nov-2013 Food, Computers and all that for Votes Dr. Raj Vatsya
16-Jan-2005 Fool's Gold and Dollar Reserves Gaurang Bhatt, MD
14-Sep-2008 Foolish American Voters Mugged Again, This Time For Trillions Gaurang Bhatt, MD
09-Sep-2001 Foolish Foreign and Mad Military Policies make The US The Prime Catalyst for Proliferation of WMD Gaurang Bhatt, MD
05-Mar-2012 For 'You' My Healer Soumi Mitra
13-Nov-2005 For My Daughter Sujata Ashwarya Cheema
20-Jan-2008 For the Love of Logos Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
29-Oct-2006 For the Sake of Laws Aruni Mukherjee
02-Oct-2012 Forgive Us! Ananya S Guha
08-Mar-2011 Forgiveness, Revenge & Songs on YouTube Loy Machedo
17-Jul-2014 Formulaic Characters & Real People G Swaminathan
01-Jun-2014 Fourth Delhi Durbar; Women in Love Sakshi
22-Sep-2018 Fragrance of the Heart Shernaz Wadia
18-Jan-2014 France Goes the American Way; Maple Leaf Sakshi
09-Aug-2010 Fraudulent Markets, Foolish Investors & Conniving Regulators Gaurang Bhatt, MD
18-Sep-2013 Friendships on Social Networking Sites Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
02-Feb-2019 From First Words to Last Words P. Ravindran Nayar
27-Jun-2015 From Innocence to Naiveté Sonam Gupta
13-Jul-2013 From Samosa to Swarg – Art of Meditation Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
22-Apr-2007 From the Annals of Civilization Aruni Mukherjee
31-Oct-2015 From the Bard to Bollywood -Trends in Sartorial Juggling Mamta Joshi
11-Aug-2013 FTL (Faster Than Light); Fasting and Partying Sakshi
10-Sep-2006 Further Leaks from God Gaurang Bhatt, MD
11-Sep-2005 Future Asian Conflagrations Gaurang Bhatt, MD
21-May-2011 Future of Pakistan Gaurang Bhatt, MD
13-Feb-2005 Future Tsunamis: Nuclear and Insurgency Gaurang Bhatt, MD
02-Sep-2007 Future Wise Avni Mathur
26-Jun-2016 Gamesmanship, Really Stupid Sakshi
01-Oct-2017 Gandhi and Einstein - Two Great Minds with Shared Values Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
14-Apr-2013 Gandhi Vs Gandhi; How to Spell Google Sakshi
05-Nov-2006 Gandhi, Gandhigiri and Gyan-Doo Julia Dutta
23-Jul-2011 Gang of Thieves Mugs The Idiot US Citizens Gaurang Bhatt, MD
03-Jan-2014 Gang Rape Cases and A Floating Thought Dipashri Bardhan
17-Sep-2006 Ganga's Daughters Julia Dutta
05-Nov-2022 Garrulous Geriatrics G Swaminathan
29-Sep-2013 Gastronomic Disaster Sujatha Natarajan
12-Nov-2011 Gender Bias Dr. Frank S. K. Barar
03-Jun-2006 Genes, Darwin, Contraceptives, Demography & Salafi Terrorism Gaurang Bhatt, MD
10-Dec-2013 Genesis of Skullcap Secularism BS Murthy
25-Sep-2014 Geopolitical Armageddon Gaurang Bhatt, MD
10-Aug-2008 Georgia’s Sakashvilli And Medea Gaurang Bhatt, MD
19-Apr-2020 Geriatric Blues P. Ravindran Nayar
25-Feb-2014 Germany's 5th Season: Fasnet Satis Shroff
31-Aug-2013 Get Over that Demon - Fear Ananya Dhawan
31-May-2016 Getting Old isn't that Gold G Swaminathan
06-Sep-2015 Give a Face-lift to your Interior Design in 2015 Purushottam Shrivastava
11-Oct-2009 Give me My Dying Wish Jai Jui
18-May-2008 Glimpses of Future Nightmares Gaurang Bhatt, MD
17-Mar-2007 Globalized Ramblings Aruni Mukherjee
16-Feb-2014 Go, for God's Sake, Go; Trendy Wendy Sakshi
25-Jul-2016 God Bless America; Pick and Choose Sakshi
25-Mar-2023 God's Creation Dr. Frank S. K. Barar
05-Jun-2016 Goddamn Lie, Variety of Idiots Sakshi
15-Mar-2013 Godfathers in Disguise; after a Decade and a Half Sakshi
11-Jul-2004 Going and Coming, Considered Randomly Sujata Ashwarya Cheema
21-Jul-2013 Going for a Song, Best Before Sakshi
06-Oct-2018 Going Gracefully P. Ravindran Nayar
12-Mar-2013 Good Lie Ramandeep Sidhu
27-May-2023 Gospel of Betrayal K Govindan Kutty
10-Jan-2016 Gossip - The Jazzy Mantra of Life Mamta Joshi
30-Jul-2013 Gossips Neera Lollbeeharry
02-Jul-2011 Gotterdammerung - Facts & Analysis of US Wars, Entitlements & Healthcare Gaurang Bhatt, MD
03-Jun-2005 Governments: Origins and Declines Gaurang Bhatt, MD
25-Mar-2007 Gratification Postponed, Foresight and Leadership Gaurang Bhatt, MD
15-Aug-2012 Greatest Indians Ananya S Guha
27-Feb-2021 Greed (Self-love) Vs. Violence (Intolerance) Dr. Harasankar Adhikari
28-May-2011 Greed, Revenge, Malice, Behavior and the Banality of Evil Gaurang Bhatt, MD
21-Aug-2005 Greed, Stupidity and Market Follies Gaurang Bhatt, MD
19-Aug-2007 Greenspan Put, Bernanke's Call, Debt Trap and Guard Dogs Gaurang Bhatt, MD
23-Jul-2006 Hail Mumbai Naghma Masroor
09-Oct-2010 Haiti: America’s Serendipitous Benefactor Gaurang Bhatt, MD
12-Dec-2006 Half a Brain and Whole Lies Are All One Needs to Lead India and US Gaurang Bhatt, MD
23-Feb-2019 Happiness of Us 'Alone' G Swaminathan
02-Jan-2017 Happy 2017 Kamal (Kam) Joshi
02-Apr-2012 Happy B'Day Amir... Love U Love U Love U Pradip Basu
30-Dec-2018 Happy New Year! Gollamudi Radha Krishna Murty
04-May-2013 Happy Smiles Day Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
10-Aug-2014 Has the System of Slavery Ended in the World? T. A. Ramesh
06-Dec-2012 Have A Heart . . . Ananya S Guha
28-Sep-2014 He Came, He Spoke, He Conquered Dr. T. S. Chandra Mouli
01-Mar-2015 He Committed Suicide Doesn’t Mean he Didn’t Fight Till the End Kunal Arora
19-Jan-2003 Health Insurance, Intermediaries and Disintermediation Gaurang Bhatt, MD
18-Nov-2001 Heart Desires Shyamala Sathiaseelan
12-Apr-2010 Heartache Prof. Dr. Anil K. Prasad
08-Jan-2013 Heartless City & Its Callous Police Sakshi
22-Aug-2004 Hegemony, Asymmetric Warfare and Outcomes Gaurang Bhatt, MD
26-Apr-2014 Heirs of Antiquity, First 2G, Now Jijaji Sakshi
22-May-2013 Hell With Globalization! Srinivasan MK
13-Aug-2006 Heritage Cuisine - Misal Vikram Karve
27-Oct-2012 Heroes Monument Dr. Eftichia Kapardeli
03-Mar-2007 Hidden Agendas Gaurang Bhatt, MD
03-Jul-2016 Hillary Clinton's Voters Randy Johnson
04-Sep-2010 Hindu Myths Analyzed Gaurang Bhatt, MD
07-Apr-2014 Hindu Nation Srinivasan MK
02-Sep-2007 Hindu Nationalism Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
07-Jul-2007 Hindustan, Bharat or India Kunal Gaurav
13-May-2023 History of History K Govindan Kutty
07-May-2011 History Repeats Itself Gaurang Bhatt, MD
18-Oct-2009 Hoisted by One's Own Petard Gaurang Bhatt, MD
05-Jan-2014 Holes in the Kindlesphere Mark T. Jones
13-Aug-2014 Home, Sweet Home Sarika Goyal
22-Feb-2004 Homosexuality and Marriage Gaurang Bhatt, MD
20-Jul-2003 Honest George and Omlette Sans Eggs Policies Gaurang Bhatt, MD
22-Aug-2012 Hope ... Ananya S Guha
28-Jul-2002 Hopes Vimal Patel
22-Apr-2018 Horrible Bosses Divya Joshi
01-Dec-2012 Hot-Selling Cell! Seshu Chamarty
23-Jul-2008 Houses Of Terror and Cards Gaurang Bhatt, MD
07-Oct-2023 How About a National Donation Day? Subhajit Ghosh
07-Sep-2014 How can Human Perfection be Achieved? T. A. Ramesh
12-Apr-2009 How Democracy becomes a Government Of, For and by Idiots & Crooks Gaurang Bhatt, MD
29-Nov-2009 How I Discovered A New Species Gaurang Bhatt, MD
11-Mar-2014 How India Survives? G Swaminathan
03-May-2020 How Old Are You? P. Ravindran Nayar
04-Apr-2004 How the West Won and Wins Gaurang Bhatt, MD
04-Apr-2004 How the West Won and Wins - 2 Gaurang Bhatt, MD
04-Apr-2004 How the West Won and Wins - 3 Gaurang Bhatt, MD
28-Aug-2013 How to Bring Democracy Dr. Raj Vatsya
03-Aug-2014 How to Control Chaos of the World to Normalcy? T. A. Ramesh
04-Apr-2010 How to Trap An Indian Mouse Gaurang Bhatt, MD
09-Apr-2014 How will Our Countries Grow? Supratik Sen
28-Jul-2011 How's it in the World? Amrita Mallik
23-Apr-2006 Hu is on First Base, What is on Second? Gaurang Bhatt, MD
28-Jan-2018 Hullabaloo at the Airport Mamta Joshi
13-Oct-2018 Human Life: Disparity Cannot be Dispensed With G Swaminathan
18-Mar-2013 Human Standby Mode Seshu Chamarty
20-Jun-2020 Humility is the Best Policy G Swaminathan
06-Apr-2008 Hundred Million Dollar Man - Money, US Politics and Elections Gaurang Bhatt, MD
11-May-2013 Hybrid Mian Mithoo called CBI Sakshi
16-Sep-2007 Hype: The Only Reality in Today's World P. Mohan Chandran
11-Mar-2015 Hypocrisy in Administration Mahesh Chandra Dewedy
19-Jun-2017 Hypocritical Oaf; Trumpshake Sakshi
29-Mar-2006 I for Indian? Usha Kakkar
29-Oct-2006 I Want to be a Drop-out Prakash Pathre
10-Dec-2006 I Work Hard - So Why Ain't I Rich Michael Levy
13-Nov-2014 Idea of India Ganganand Jha
06-Sep-2009 Idiot Leaders Cause Demise Of Nations Gaurang Bhatt, MD
14-Mar-2010 Idiots and Scum-buckets Lead India to Ruin Gaurang Bhatt, MD
14-Mar-2010 Idiots and Scum-buckets Lead India to Ruin Gaurang Bhatt, MD
19-Aug-2007 If You Want Independence, Then You need to Make a Better Case Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
11-Oct-2009 IGNobel Peace Prize Farce Gaurang Bhatt, MD
21-Aug-2012 Immature Poets Imitate; Mature Poets Steal Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee
18-Jun-2006 Immigration, Slavery, Apartheid, Sonia, Lula, Chavez and Bush Gaurang Bhatt, MD
22-Feb-2009 Importance: A Muse Sanjay Chowdhary
20-Mar-2016 In Praise of Household Chores Sujata C
11-Aug-2018 In Search for Justice and God G Swaminathan
22-Jun-2003 In Search of a Bridegroom Narayanan Krishna Kayen
22-Sep-2013 In Search of Secular Asylum; Pea-sized Brain Sakshi
23-Jun-2014 In search of ‘Achhe Din’ Piyush Kumar
03-Sep-2006 In the Matter of Territory V. K. Joshi (Bijji)
14-Aug-2014 Independence Day 2014 Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
18-Nov-2012 Independent Indian Woman Seshu Chamarty
21-May-2015 India and Euthanasia G Swaminathan
13-Mar-2005 India and the Balkans Parallel Pasts and Futures Gaurang Bhatt, MD
30-Jun-2007 India At Crossroads In The Arms Bazaar Gaurang Bhatt, MD
26-Jan-2014 India Celebrates Republic Day Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
16-Sep-2002 India Develops Strategic Vision Gaurang Bhatt, MD
30-Dec-2012 India of Our Dreams Ananya S Guha
08-Oct-2006 India's Leadership Crisis Gaurang Bhatt, MD
14-Oct-2007 India's Other Paths to Stunted Growth Gaurang Bhatt, MD
15-Jun-2003 India, Islam, Musharraf and Vajpayee Gaurang Bhatt, MD
27-Aug-2006 India, The West and Muslim Minorities Gaurang Bhatt, MD
07-Jun-2001 India: Wild Card or Yarborough? Gaurang Bhatt, MD
08-Jan-2013 Indian Cricket Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
08-Dec-2012 Indian Cricket- Sign of Bad Times Ananya S Guha
09-Jul-2022 Indian Democracy and Governance Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
15-Mar-2014 Indian Democratic and Social Scene Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
16-May-2004 Indian Election Results Gaurang Bhatt, MD
06-Oct-2002 Indian Immunodeficiency, American Freund's Adjuvant and Global Arms Race Antibodies Gaurang Bhatt, MD
14-Jan-2015 Indian Intellectuals and Indian Democracy Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
06-Jul-2008 Indian Politics - No Honor Amongst Thieves Gaurang Bhatt, MD
11-Dec-2005 Indian Pundits and The Indo-American Nuclear Pact Gaurang Bhatt, MD
22-Dec-2002 Indians & The Genes for Slavery Gaurang Bhatt, MD
15-May-2005 Indians, Bollywood and Cricket Gaurang Bhatt, MD
15-May-2005 Indians, Bollywood and Cricket Gaurang Bhatt, MD
17-Sep-2013 Individuals and Intellectuals Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
12-Aug-2001 Indras and Indriyas Gaurang Bhatt, MD
16-Oct-2012 Info, Communication Technology & Paradoxes Ananya S Guha
30-Oct-2005 Inner City Schools, Affirmative Action and a Child Left Behind Gaurang Bhatt, MD
04-May-2002 Insecure India with an Inferiority Complex Constantly Groveling in Apology… Gaurang Bhatt, MD
31-Jul-2021 Intellect and Intuition Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
16-Mar-2008 Intellectual Arguments Prem Verma
13-Mar-2021 Intellectual Humility Dr. Frank S. K. Barar
27-Jan-2014 Intellectuals - The Manifestations of Divinity Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
07-Aug-2005 Intelligent Design – A Trojan Horse Gaurang Bhatt, MD
09-Mar-2014 Interface Ganganand Jha
11-Nov-2001 International Poker Gaurang Bhatt, MD
05-Mar-2013 Into the Netas’ Pockets; Talking Their Hearts Out Sakshi
22-Feb-2020 Introspection: The Dilemma of an Ordinary Middle Class Indian Arup Ganguly
21-Nov-2004 Iran's Nuclear Agenda & Responses Gaurang Bhatt, MD
20-Jan-2007 Iranian Chessboard Gaurang Bhatt, MD
21-Jun-2009 Iran’s Tragic Century Gaurang Bhatt, MD
28-Jul-2002 Irrelevant Pseudo-secular, Pseudo-intellectual Indians Gaurang Bhatt, MD
08-Jun-2019 Is Age just a Number? G Swaminathan
27-Jan-2008 Is Money the Only Difference between Journalists and Bloggers? Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
16-Nov-2019 Is Pen Mightier than the Sword? Umm-e-Aiman Vejlani
24-Jun-2018 Is this Our Burnt Earth Policy? Kusum Choppra
15-Jan-2005 Isomers, Prions, Homonyms, Necker Cubes, Us and the Universe - Part 2 Gaurang Bhatt, MD
29-Jan-2005 Isomers, Prions, Homonyms, Necker Cubes, Us and the Universe - Part 3 Gaurang Bhatt, MD
08-Jan-2005 Isomers, Prions, Homonyms, Necker Cubes, Us and the Universe - Part I Gaurang Bhatt, MD
13-Jun-2013 It's Not Selfishness ... It's More of a Survival !! Dipashri Bardhan
12-Apr-2003 It's the Economy, Stupid! Gaurang Bhatt, MD
24-Jun-2018 Its Okay and Thank You! Swathi Prasad
27-Jul-2014 It’s Worth Having Faith Dr. Jaipal Singh
02-Aug-2011 Jan Lokpal and Birbal Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
23-Jul-2017 Jaya Kusum Choppra
07-Nov-2022 Joe Biden and Other Democrats Randy Johnson
22-Jun-2019 John Brown's Drug Use Randy Johnson
13-Jun-2020 John's Funeral Randy Johnson
06-Mar-2021 Jottings ... Dr. Frank S. K. Barar
15-Aug-2005 Journalism - Another Perspective Gaurang Bhatt, MD
15-Aug-2005 Journalism – Another Perspective Gaurang Bhatt, MD
30-May-2020 Journalists and Journalism Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
25-Dec-2012 Just a Thought Pradip Basu
10-Feb-2007 Just an Immigrant Aruni Mukherjee
13-Mar-2005 Just Shut Up Gunjan Bansal
11-May-2014 Just Wait a Week to Hear, “And the Winner is….” Sakshi
29-Sep-2014 Justice and Jayalalithaa G Swaminathan
20-Aug-2010 Kashmir Options Gaurang Bhatt, MD
11-Feb-2018 Kashmir, Nehru and Sardar Ganganand Jha
03-Jan-2010 Keynesianism & Bankruptcy Gaurang Bhatt, MD
05-Apr-2009 Keystone Cops, Collapsing Nations & Caveat Emptor Gaurang Bhatt, MD
26-Oct-2000 Khushwant Singh as Advertising Guru Dwarika Prasad Uniyal
23-Jun-2013 Kick for All; The Poetic Touch Sakshi
26-Aug-2023 Killer and Killed K Govindan Kutty
25-Jun-2011 Killer Drones, Nano-technology: Turing Machines & Bankruptcy Gaurang Bhatt, MD
16-Sep-2012 Killing The Little Nells ... Ananya S Guha
18-Sep-2012 Kissa Kursi Ka Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee
01-Dec-2014 Kissinger on Kautilya and the Gita Vasant G. Gandhi
22-Dec-2013 Knight in Shining Armor; Near the Exit Sakshi
20-Apr-2019 Knowledge and Discriminative Mind Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
13-Sep-2015 Kool n' Appy Times Are Here Mamta Joshi
21-Jan-2013 Kumbh Mela, Addiction, Shivir, Body or Body Politic, et al Sakshi
25-Sep-2005 Lack of Real Education G Swaminathan
14-May-2013 Laws of Love: Newton's Laws of Motion (via 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan') Dipashri Bardhan
10-Nov-2013 Learn to Kiss Well; His Own Worst Enemy Sakshi
09-May-2012 Learning from Superheroes Divya Joshi
23-Jul-2006 Lebanon A Panchtantra for Foolish Indians Gaurang Bhatt, MD
15-Jun-2014 Lectures on cultures! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
17-Jun-2023 Legends of Shankara K Govindan Kutty
26-Aug-2001 Lessons of History Gaurang Bhatt, MD
31-Mar-2008 Let The Home Buyer Be Aware Michael Levy
10-Aug-2014 Let the POs Stand on their Feet K.S. Subramanian
21-Aug-2012 Let us Live with Child-like Innocence and Joy! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
01-Apr-2020 Let Us Spare Time Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
05-Jun-2016 Levity Bhawini Tripathi
17-Aug-2003 Liberty, Equality, Fraternity Gaurang Bhatt, MD
09-Sep-2007 Lies Like Beauty, Depend Upon the Eye of the Beholder Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
09-Sep-2007 Lies Like Beauty, Depend Upon the Eye of the Beholder Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
12-Oct-2000 Life Dwarika Prasad Uniyal
23-Feb-2002 Life and Death Gaurang Bhatt, MD
25-Sep-2016 Life as An Art Thresa Angel
02-Mar-2008 Life in England: My Story Aruni Mukherjee
05-Mar-2016 Life is Just a Space. Prof. Madhav Sarkunde
13-Jan-2014 Life: A Marathon in Four Seasons Shaheen Sultan Dhanji
13-May-2013 Life: Predictably Unpredictable !! Dipashri Bardhan
05-Jul-2015 Life: Then & Now G Swaminathan
01-May-2004 Lifestyles, Vision, Chiasmic Rubicon and Robo-Cops Gaurang Bhatt, MD
20-Nov-2012 Like Activism! Ananya S Guha
29-Sep-2013 Limits to Gullibility; Highway to Bankruptcy Sakshi
26-Oct-2012 Links - Blue Days Dr. Eftichia Kapardeli
20-Jun-2004 Liquid Crunches Gaurang Bhatt, MD
11-Sep-2012 Literature and Politics Ananya S Guha
13-Dec-2010 Litigants get Relief in Minutes at Lok Adalat Prof. Dr. Raju SSN
06-Jun-2020 Live to Bear a Witness to Truth Devi Nangrani
23-Apr-2017 Livestock Issues Kusum Choppra
31-Oct-2015 Living Long, Equivalent of “Saghi” Sakshi
21-Mar-2004 Lobbyists and Congress or Pimps and Whores Gaurang Bhatt, MD
20-Apr-2012 Logical and Physical Necessities: The Equivalence Kedar Joshi
22-May-2010 Lost & Not Found G Swaminathan
15-Dec-2002 Lott in Gomorrah Turns from Pillar of Basalt Gaurang Bhatt, MD
16-Sep-2007 Loud and Repeated Lies Become Truth in Ignorant Democracies Gaurang Bhatt, MD
25-Mar-2018 Love Devi Nangrani
27-May-2012 Love and Youth Prerna Singh
26-Aug-2010 Love for a Soulmate Amrita Mallik
13-Feb-2013 Love is In the Air Soma Guru
06-Feb-2011 Love on Love Akshay Patil
02-Nov-2019 Luigi's Mansion 3 Randy Johnson
17-Oct-2004 Lying Thieves Get A Fool's Goat or Vote Gaurang Bhatt, MD
11-Jun-2017 L’affaire Tara and Chandra Kusum Choppra
30-Jun-2013 M vs. M; They Fiddled When Rome Drowned Sakshi
18-Apr-2010 Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Gaurang Bhatt, MD
01-Dec-2013 Madam Chairman; Business as Usual Sakshi
03-Feb-2002 Madhyam-pad-lopi Gaurang Bhatt, MD
06-Jul-2011 Madie Waters Nikhil Sharda
08-Dec-2002 Madison's Hoax, Gresham' Law and A Failing Republic Gaurang Bhatt, MD
03-Oct-2014 Magical Modi Message Mesmerizes Madison Moloy Bhattacharya
27-Nov-2005 Magical Spots of the World Dilip D'Souza
23-Nov-2013 Mahabharata: Lessons on Myth-Making Process, the Sachin Tendulkar Experience Indrajit Bandyopadhyay
02-Oct-2010 Mahishi, mea Culpa Gaurang Bhatt, MD
17-Jan-2016 Making Mountain out of a Mole G Swaminathan
08-Jun-2008 Malaysia - Truly Asia but Not Fully Asia Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
28-Apr-2013 Many Faces of Fraud; False Halo Sakshi
03-Feb-2007 Markets, Evolution and Stable Strategies Gaurang Bhatt, MD
06-Jul-2013 Marriage Floated on a Ferry Seshu Chamarty
10-Jul-2016 Marriage Through the Ages Vs. Being Wedded to a Smartphone Mamta Joshi
09-Oct-2016 Mastani, Shakuntala and Tipu Sultan Kusum Choppra
23-Jan-2021 Materialism vs. Spiritualism Dr. Harasankar Adhikari
12-Jan-2013 Matrix of Rape BS Murthy
08-Jun-2014 Matter of Choice, Gag Order Sakshi
04-Aug-2007 Mayor of London! Surely Eccentricity has its Limits Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
30-Jul-2006 Me, My Wife and Synthesizer Prakash Pathre
13-Jul-2008 Media, Embassy Terror, Three Letter Problems and Solutions Gaurang Bhatt, MD
07-Jan-2018 Memories Can Only be Earned Rajat Srivastava
30-Oct-2011 Memory, Software, Hardware & Evolution Gaurang Bhatt, MD
13-Apr-2014 Men and women – not men v/s women Supratik Sen
09-Sep-2018 Men Too Pine for their ‘Natal-home’! Gollamudi Radha Krishna Murty
24-Dec-2012 Merry Christmas! Ananya S Guha
06-Jan-2012 Message-in-a-Bottle and Facebook Satis Shroff
07-Jul-2010 Migrating Bird Soumi Mitra
06-Feb-2011 Mile Sur Mera Tumhara Akshay Patil
05-Aug-2017 Mind of God Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
20-Apr-2008 Mind the Gap, the Generation Gap! Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
07-Mar-2020 Minding One's Language, the Tharoor Way P. Ravindran Nayar
21-Sep-2008 Misadventures of The Brat and His Scat Gaurang Bhatt, MD
19-Sep-2004 Miss You Sushmita Ruj
08-May-2021 Missing a Meeting Point G Swaminathan
16-Apr-2006 Misuse of Myths by Foolish Fundamentalists Gaurang Bhatt, MD
10-Aug-2014 Mobile, the Menace G Swaminathan
18-Jul-2004 Modern George and Martha Gaurang Bhatt, MD
05-Jun-2014 Modi - The Catalyst Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
24-Apr-2016 Modi and Assam Tea; Ishrat Exposé Sakshi
11-Sep-2013 Modi and his Contradictions Rahul Mukand
09-Jul-2017 Modi Era, New Partnership, Who Won WW2? Sakshi
04-Sep-2014 Modi's Japan Visit Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
17-Dec-2006 Modus Operandi of Empires Gaurang Bhatt, MD
26-May-2019 Mom's Generosity Randy Johnson
09-Nov-2012 Money, Everything in Life Hema Ravi
26-Dec-2004 Money, Institutions and Unintended Consequences Gaurang Bhatt, MD
12-Aug-2007 Money, War, Nuclear Weapons and Deals Gaurang Bhatt, MD
19-Mar-2011 Monosyllabic Prefixes, Cases & Conjugation in Indo-European Languages Gaurang Bhatt, MD
09-Jul-2006 Monsoon Blues Sujata Iyer
14-Nov-2010 More Justice Problems Gaurang Bhatt, MD
23-Nov-2002 More on Bush F-Lies Gaurang Bhatt, MD
23-Apr-2013 More than Real Estate Seshu Chamarty
04-May-2013 Morning Prayer for Baba Budan; Cavalier Parliament Sakshi
10-May-2015 Mother's Day Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
03-Oct-2012 Motherly Love Prof. Dr. Ram Sharma
30-Aug-2012 Mr. Johnson Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
20-Mar-2016 Mr. Modi, Listen to Our Mann ki baat Varun Dhyani
25-May-2014 Mr. Prime Minister Modi, Award Bharat Ratna to Atal Dr. A. Adityanjee
28-May-2006 Mujhko NRI Bana De Usha Kakkar
18-Sep-2011 Multicellularity, Neoplasia, Immunity and Death Of Individuals & Society Gaurang Bhatt, MD
15-Sep-2013 Mulzim Hazir Ho! Matter of Trust Sakshi
26-Nov-2013 Mumbai – Half a Decade On Mark T. Jones
04-Nov-2011 Murder by Myth, Malice & Genius Gaurang Bhatt, MD
15-Jul-2013 Music Musings Payal Kapur
22-Aug-2004 Musings from Mumbai Subra Narayan
24-Dec-2012 Musings of a Bystander Sakshi
20-Sep-2012 Musings of a Solitary Mind Viraj R. Rai
29-Aug-2010 My Analysis of Hindu Myths Gaurang Bhatt, MD
18-Dec-2011 My Bond with Bond Atasi Sen
16-Jun-2017 My Concept of Utility is 2 Levels Dr. Somasekhar Rao
09-Dec-2001 My Enchantment with Classical Music P. G. R. Nair
30-May-2020 My Ever Changing Vision and Views G Swaminathan
31-Dec-2009 My favorites of 2009 Dr. Amitabh Mitra
21-Dec-2000 My Hindi Lessons Gargi Chaudhuri
26-Oct-2019 My In-house Astrologer P. Ravindran Nayar
13-Aug-2011 My Kaleidoscopic View of Current Politics & Economics Gaurang Bhatt, MD
07-Sep-2013 My Lap Top Kamal (Kam) Joshi
13-Aug-2006 My Multicultural Neighbors Dhiraj Raniga
04-Oct-2012 My Quotations Related to My SDD (Solipsistic Divine Dream) Theory Kedar Joshi
16-Jul-2012 My Secret Diary (Sorry for Cross Posting) Ananya S Guha
24-Jul-2012 My Secret Diary - Part Two Ananya S Guha
09-May-2013 My Thought on 'Love' Dipashri Bardhan
14-Jun-2013 My Thoughts on 'Seductiveness' (through Two Bollywood Beauties) !! Dipashri Bardhan
25-Sep-2021 My Thoughts on Faith G Swaminathan
22-Mar-2014 My Tribute to Khushwant Singh Promod Puri
14-Nov-2004 My Truth Fairy Shernaz Wadia
21-Jul-2023 My Two Present Best Companions G Swaminathan
14-Sep-2012 Mysterious Kareena Kapoor Converting to Islam! Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee
24-Mar-2013 Mystery of Who Ordered? Wheeling and Dealing Sakshi
02-Jan-2005 Myths and Realities of The Birth of Good and Evil Gaurang Bhatt, MD
26-Sep-2010 Myths, Intentions & Words Gaurang Bhatt, MD
16-Jan-2013 Nadir of Indiscipline G Swaminathan
21-Oct-2013 Names of Poison, Crocodile Tears Sakshi
29-Sep-2013 National Press and Political Parties versus Indian Citizens' Aspirations! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
12-Sep-2013 Nature’s Fury and Grace: Musings from Sitlakhet Abir Phukan
17-Apr-2005 Nay, Yea and Questions with No Right Answers Gaurang Bhatt, MD
13-Sep-2012 Neither Here nor There... Ananya S Guha
08-Apr-2023 Nemesis Knows its Way K Govindan Kutty
12-Jan-2003 Net Chat Jaya Sharma
02-Dec-2001 Netizen's Nemesis: Caveat Lector and Pooper-scooper law Gaurang Bhatt, MD
07-Aug-2017 Never Again, Salami Slicing, Speaking in Hindi Sakshi
07-Jul-2007 Never on Time Aruni Mukherjee
04-Sep-2005 New Orleans and India Gaurang Bhatt, MD
21-Apr-2013 New Star on Firmament; Tender Underbelly Sakshi
28-Feb-2010 New Toys: Roach Motel & Manmohan Singh & Reagan Dolls Gaurang Bhatt, MD
23-Dec-2012 New Year Countdown Seshu Chamarty
31-Aug-2010 Newest Way to Get Rich Off the Poor Gaurang Bhatt, MD
13-Oct-2012 Newspaper 'Stories' Ananya S Guha
16-Apr-2006 Next Stop Iran! Usha Kakkar
15-Jun-2002 No Nuclear War! What A Shame? Gaurang Bhatt, MD
04-Nov-2013 No Simple Solution, Alas! Gaffes Galore Sakshi
14-Jan-2013 Nobel for Manmohan and Long Live the Little Difference Sakshi
22-Nov-2009 None Blinder Than Those Unwilling to See Gaurang Bhatt, MD
21-Dec-2008 None So Blind Aruni Mukherjee
31-May-2009 North Korea, Iran & Pakistan Nukes and American Responses Gaurang Bhatt, MD
25-Jul-2020 Not a Healthy Sign Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
13-Dec-2020 Not Troubling Me Any More Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
25-Aug-2013 Novel Fund Raising Techniques Sakshi
07-Feb-2005 Now the Dominoes are Really Falling, Arjuna Gaurang Bhatt, MD
09-Jul-2006 Nuclear Pacts, Missiles, ABMs and Combating War Strategies Gaurang Bhatt, MD
09-Jul-2006 Number10 Dover Lane Julia Dutta
25-Dec-2005 NY Transit Workers' Demands and Pensions of the Powerful Gaurang Bhatt, MD
09-Apr-2014 O Children Supratik Sen
04-Jul-2009 Obama's Economic Team Male Member Disease Diagnosed Gaurang Bhatt, MD
04-Jun-2002 Obsessed with Color Ñ Racial Hypocrisy Gaurang Bhatt, MD
13-Sep-2015 Of a Poet, Poetry and Writing Poetry Dr. Rama Rao Vadapalli V.B.
08-Oct-2006 Of Birds, Bees, Beasts and other Animals Julia Dutta
28-May-2017 Of Life and Death Krishnamoorty Dasu
26-Aug-2007 Of Mice and Men and their Wars and Businesses Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
25-Feb-2012 Of Moving Fingers & Indelible Writing on The Wall Gaurang Bhatt, MD
04-Mar-2012 Of Polydactyls, Polypods & Polycephalics Gaurang Bhatt, MD
22-Aug-2012 Of Rumours and Lies . . . Ananya S Guha
09-Jul-2017 Of Vellas and Our Times Kusum Choppra
06-Aug-2006 Of Wolves, Lambs, Foxes and Monkeys Gaurang Bhatt, MD
18-Apr-2006 Oh God, I wish to be Sonia ... Usha Kakkar
25-Sep-2012 Oh Shillong! Ananya S Guha
26-Jul-2012 Oh! India, My India! Ananya S Guha
23-Mar-2019 Old is Gold, But,Then,All That Glitters Is Not Gold P. Ravindran Nayar
31-Jan-2015 OMG & My Dad Seshu Chamarty
09-May-2004 On a Sunny Day Sunanda Satish
09-Sep-2001 On Self Discovery Bijal Dwivedi Mehta
18-Apr-2004 On Sniffing Snuff Sujata Iyer
01-Oct-2011 Ontogeny & Phylogeny In Life - 2 Language & Script Gaurang Bhatt, MD
24-Sep-2011 Ontogeny & Phylogeny In Life, Language & Script Gaurang Bhatt, MD
16-Jun-2014 Opiate Effect; Stuck in Square One Sakshi
11-Oct-2015 Original Sin: Revisiting a Biblical View Prof. Dr. Ram Krishna Singh
28-Oct-2007 Origins of Behavior Gaurang Bhatt, MD
04-Oct-2012 Origins Shrouded in Myth Raam Gokhale
06-Oct-2013 Our Beloved Gun-tantra, None of the Rascals Sakshi
12-Nov-2023 Our Most Enigmatic Life G Swaminathan
21-Aug-2014 Pakistan's Political Circus; Churchill on Whiskey Sakshi
03-Aug-2009 Pangs of a Reader Pramod Khilery
19-Jul-2012 Paper Tigers... Ananya S Guha
07-Jul-2007 Parasite Influence on Host Behavior - Part 1 Gaurang Bhatt, MD
15-Jul-2007 Parasite Influence on Host Behavior - Part 2 Gaurang Bhatt, MD
29-Mar-2001 Parenting Nirvana Priya Subramanyan
19-May-2012 Parents' Pressure or Clueless Children? G Swaminathan
30-Sep-2023 Parkinsonian Parables K Govindan Kutty
29-Jul-2014 Pashupati Nath Darshan; Horse Trading Sakshi
12-Jan-2015 Passion for Peace Supratik Sen
01-Oct-2022 Passions are Personal G Swaminathan
23-Jun-2002 Pathological Curse of Islam Gaurang Bhatt, MD
30-Nov-2000 Patience Bhagwat K. Shah
22-May-2005 Patriotism and War Gaurang Bhatt, MD
12-Sep-2004 Peace Minus Borders Equal To Freedom Xana J
08-Aug-2012 Pedagogy and Poetry ... Ananya S Guha
06-Sep-2004 Pen and Paper Anyone? Sruti Nayani
11-Jan-2020 Perceptions and Exceptions G Swaminathan
24-Nov-2018 Perfection: Myth & Reality Gollamudi Radha Krishna Murty
18-Mar-2018 Pitralok Congame Kusum Choppra
05-Jan-2014 PM’s Swan Song; Annus Horribulus Sakshi
31-Jul-2005 Poetic Premises and Polemics Gaurang Bhatt, MD
13-Aug-2012 Poetry Does Not Sell! Ananya S Guha
10-Sep-2012 Poetry in English Ananya S Guha
11-Oct-2012 Poetry is Fiction Ananya S Guha
03-Jan-2020 Poetry is Fun Ananya S Guha
29-Jun-2008 Poikilotherms, Slave Labor and Crony Capitalism Gaurang Bhatt, MD
23-Mar-2008 Pointless Education Aruni Mukherjee
05-Nov-2006 Policies, Poverty, Parasites and Pandemics Gaurang Bhatt, MD
18-Aug-2010 Political Autopsies Gaurang Bhatt, MD
15-Aug-2004 Political Palmistry for The Old, New and Third World Gaurang Bhatt, MD
04-Aug-2013 Politicians of India, Unite; Pandora’s Box Sakshi
22-Apr-2023 Politics of Memorials K Govindan Kutty
17-Oct-2012 Politics Without Money - Distant Bed Fellows Ananya S Guha
26-Apr-2009 Politics, Economics & Religion – Tripod Of Revolution and War Gaurang Bhatt, MD
11-Mar-2011 Polybius on Government and Recent Upheavals Gaurang Bhatt, MD
10-Mar-2012 Polydactyls, Polypods & Polycephalics - II Gaurang Bhatt, MD
25-Apr-2004 Polygamy, Fidelity and Intra-Family Gene Conflicts Gaurang Bhatt, MD
20-Jun-2020 Population Growth: Control or Crumble Dr. Somasekhar Rao
13-Mar-2005 Population Woes G Swaminathan
26-Dec-2013 Positiveness Devi Nangrani
22-Jan-2005 Power, Pelf, Torture & Terror Gaurang Bhatt, MD
04-Oct-2009 Power’s Effects On A Variety Of Fools Gaurang Bhatt, MD
10-Dec-2012 Practice When the World is Asleep Divya Joshi
03-May-2009 Pragmatic Foreign, Trade and Military Policy Primer Gaurang Bhatt, MD
29-Jul-2001 Prakriti - Life Goes On Shyamala Sathiaseelan
15-May-2021 Prakriti and Purush Ganganand Jha
07-Mar-2012 Prasad’s Seductive Missive BS Murthy
18-Sep-2016 Prashanth Kishor - Indian Political Parties Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
26-Nov-2016 Pre-caste Indian Society Kusum Choppra
11-Dec-2016 Prehistoric Nuclear War? Kusum Choppra
16-Nov-2013 Prejudice and Scientific Temper Ganganand Jha
07-Nov-2012 President Obama Wins Second Term Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
29-Jan-2017 President Trump and Prime Minnister Modi Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
09-Jul-2011 President-Nameh or I'll Cry Tomorrow Gaurang Bhatt, MD
22-Mar-2009 Prestidigitation, Politicos and Bikinis Gaurang Bhatt, MD
28-Aug-2005 Pride and Prejudice G Swaminathan
05-Apr-2003 Prisoners' Dilemma, Nash Equilibrium, India, Pakistan Gaurang Bhatt, MD
14-Nov-2004 Problems of Wealth, Weapons and Power Gaurang Bhatt, MD
29-Dec-2002 Procrustean policy, Quagmires and Poor Outcomes Gaurang Bhatt, MD
23-Feb-2013 Progressing by Leaps and Bounds... Ananya S Guha
04-Dec-2005 Progression or Regression? G Swaminathan
22-Jul-2012 Proper Dress Ganganand Jha
04-Nov-2001 Proto-Indo-European: The Mother of Languages Gaurang Bhatt, MD
10-Apr-2005 Psychic Clones – Humiliation and Enmity Gaurang Bhatt, MD
22-Sep-2012 Publish or Perish? Ananya S Guha
17-Sep-2006 Pune: Down Memory Lane Vikram Karve
30-Oct-2013 Purpose of Life Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
26-Oct-2012 Purpose of Life Ramandeep Sidhu
25-Jan-2009 Quadratic Nightmares Aruni Mukherjee
26-Jul-2009 Quantum Consciousness & Entanglement, India & United States Part One Gaurang Bhatt, MD
02-Aug-2009 Quantum Consciousness & Entanglement, India & United States ' Part Two Gaurang Bhatt, MD
01-Feb-2012 Queer Democracy in India G Swaminathan
12-Aug-2013 Quirky Facts about Garden City Chandraprabha Venkatagiri
04-May-2008 Race, Mendacity, Power Lust and Idiocy Gaurang Bhatt, MD
24-Oct-2004 Radical Islam and Unpalatably Inevitable Options Gaurang Bhatt, MD
10-Mar-2013 Rag Pickers Hari Lakhera
19-Aug-2011 Rahul Gandhi is Ashamed! Nikhil Sharda
02-Jun-2013 Rain and Shoeshine Charu Uppal
13-Oct-2002 Rain Swept Nayan S. Mijar
11-Jul-2004 Rainbow Extravaganza Shernaz Wadia
30-Jul-2006 Rainy Days and Mom Days Monisha Sen
11-Apr-2014 Ram Party’s Modern Sita! Kusum Choppra
28-Nov-2012 Ramaiah’s Discourse on Matrimony BS Murthy
18-May-2008 Ramblings of a Bone Setter Dr. Amitabh Mitra
22-Apr-2013 Ramesh Anand’s Interview: Spotlight on Haiku Ramesh Anand
15-Oct-2011 Rational & Non-rational Ways of Dealing With Unrequited Love Gaurang Bhatt, MD
27-Aug-2011 Re-runs of an Old Movie Gaurang Bhatt, MD
14-Aug-2016 Reading A Story Krishnamoorty Dasu
10-Nov-2018 Real Wealth is Never Measured in Possessions Suresh Kalathil
02-Sep-2001 Reality is merely A Matter of Perception Gaurang Bhatt, MD
07-Apr-2002 Realpolitik For Reader's Opinions Gaurang Bhatt, MD
12-Aug-2013 Recession Proof IT industry Chandraprabha Venkatagiri
31-Mar-2008 Recycling Ships Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
09-Mar-2008 Refugees as Part of An Explicit Strategy Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
04-Apr-2010 Regime Change Insanity & Blowbacks Gaurang Bhatt, MD
21-Mar-2013 Regional Parties and their Parochial Postures Devavratan Kaundinya
19-Jun-2005 Regulatory Shenanigans: Downing Street Memo, FDA & SEC Gaurang Bhatt, MD
28-Nov-2015 Reign of the Rains G Swaminathan
08-Aug-2020 Relationships G Swaminathan
19-Jan-2015 Religion and Language Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
06-Feb-2013 Religion and Nation Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
14-Mar-2004 Religion, Rubbish, Response and Rationality Gaurang Bhatt, MD
14-Sep-2012 Religions versus Individuals! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
15-Jul-2014 Religions, Rituals and Sprituality Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
12-Sep-2004 Religious Beliefs and Related Psychopathologies Gaurang Bhatt, MD
05-Jan-2003 Remedial Reforms For The Republic Gaurang Bhatt, MD
31-Mar-2013 Remember Before Tying the Knot Sakshi
12-Nov-2006 Reneging the Blue Billion Priyadarshi Dutta
31-Jan-2013 Repentance Aaliyah James
10-Sep-2011 Republican Debacle, Obama’s Deceiving Blather & India’s Dilemma Gaurang Bhatt, MD
07-Mar-2010 Republicans, Democrats & Madmoron Singh Gaurang Bhatt, MD
27-Jul-2003 Retroviruses, Islam and Evolutionary Fates Gaurang Bhatt, MD
21-Apr-2020 Revelations During the Days of Isolation G Swaminathan
19-Nov-2012 Rewriting History.... Ananya S Guha
03-Dec-2012 Ricky Ponting retires... Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
09-Feb-2014 Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery; Silent Killer Sakshi
12-Nov-2022 Ringside View of T20 Ananthanarayan Mohan
18-Nov-2012 RIP Ananya S Guha
30-Oct-2022 Rishi Sunak Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
27-Jan-2015 RK Laxman is No More Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
17-Dec-2006 Roads in Chennai Glory Sasikala Franklin
19-Apr-2003 Robbing Hood of Foxly Hall Gaurang Bhatt, MD
03-Mar-2011 Robert…Robert, who the @#$% is Robert? Loy Machedo
22-Dec-2002 ROBI Hung, Drawn and Quartered Dr. Pradip Bhattacharya
19-Apr-2001 Romancing The Radio Venkatesh Krishnan
07-Mar-2012 Roopa’s Love Letter BS Murthy
08-Mar-2012 Roopa’s Thought on Penning a Love Letter BS Murthy
24-Dec-2014 Ruling a Nation! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
09-May-2004 Running Out of Lies Gaurang Bhatt, MD
06-Feb-2021 Sacrifice Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
27-Jun-2011 Safety Valve for Good Governance Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
08-Apr-2004 Sandwiches, Russian Roulette and Divine Tragedies Gaurang Bhatt, MD
19-Apr-2009 Sanitizing History and Choices to Fool Citizens & the World Gaurang Bhatt, MD
19-Aug-2001 Satya Mev Jayate Gaurang Bhatt, MD
01-Jul-2017 Satyavati - Hoary Feminist Kusum Choppra
18-Feb-2013 Saving the ‘Divine’ Life! G Swaminathan
06-Feb-2012 Say No to Drugs Nihar Ranjan Bhoi
24-May-2001 Say Sorry! Priya Subramanyan
28-May-2006 Schizoid America Tightens Indian Puppet's Loose Screw Gaurang Bhatt, MD
25-Sep-2005 Schizophrenic Justice of Genes and Humans Gaurang Bhatt, MD
09-Mar-2015 Scholars and Intellectuals Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
29-Oct-2017 Science and Spirituality Ganganand Jha
19-Dec-2004 Scrutable Orientals and Unscrutable America Gaurang Bhatt, MD
07-Apr-2013 Season of Pastiming, Baba’s First Day Out Sakshi
18-Jun-2016 Selfie Moment Bhupinder Singh
29-Jul-2023 Senior Citizens and Cynicism G Swaminathan
17-Dec-2006 Sensationalism and the Media Rajesh Talwar
03-Dec-2006 Sensible Security Strategies Gaurang Bhatt, MD
27-Oct-2012 Sensitives Dr. Eftichia Kapardeli
09-Jan-2005 Serendipity, Juggernauts, Kismet, Karma, Calculation and Hubris Gaurang Bhatt, MD
26-Oct-2008 Serendipity, Predictability, Outcomes and Options Gaurang Bhatt, MD
17-Feb-2002 Sex, Gender and Women Gaurang Bhatt, MD
23-Aug-2009 Sexual Selection, Self-worth & Deception in Nature Gaurang Bhatt, MD
20-May-2018 Shadows Dr. Gopalam Karamchedu
23-May-2020 Shakespeare in Lockdown Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee
21-Jul-2012 Shillong-ite Ananya S Guha
12-Sep-2012 Should Literature be 'Taught '? Ananya S Guha
10-Feb-2007 Shrub Eats Crow Gaurang Bhatt, MD
05-Jun-2004 Sic Transit Georges Mundi – Harakiri or a Trend? Gaurang Bhatt, MD
25-Aug-2002 Sightless Neo-Gandharis Now Block Vision As Well Gaurang Bhatt, MD
28-Oct-2012 Silence can Never be Shared Akshay Patil
16-May-2020 Silent Symphonies P. Ravindran Nayar
17-Apr-2016 Silent Warrior Bhawini Tripathi
30-May-2020 Simple Logic Dr. Frank S. K. Barar
01-Oct-2011 Sinhasan Batrisi, Vaital Pachhisi & My Newest Twist on It Gaurang Bhatt, MD
18-Feb-2018 Sinners by Nature Pallabi Ghosal
06-Sep-2004 Sistani, Basu, Bush and other Phony Baloneys Gaurang Bhatt, MD
12-Aug-2001 Skydiving: Shyamala Sathiaseelan
04-May-2003 Slaughtering Sacred Cows Gaurang Bhatt, MD
01-Feb-2014 Slogans and Sloganeering, Matter of Genetics Sakshi
02-Jun-2014 Slogans Galore Navin Chandra Mishra
24-Apr-2005 Smoke Hides Fire & Truth; and can be Fatal Gaurang Bhatt, MD
08-Mar-2012 Sneha's Poignant Letter of Love and Remorse BS Murthy
27-Jun-2020 Social Media: New Weapon for Perception Dr. Somasekhar Rao
21-Sep-2012 Social Media: Power Without Responsibility? Ananya S Guha
27-Apr-2013 Society the Narrow Term Kunal Arora
01-Jun-2019 Sociologic Apocalypse Abhijit Sur
04-Feb-2013 Solicitous Leaders, Weak-kneed Govt ... Sakshi
25-Oct-2013 Some Current Astonishing Realities! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
01-Sep-2012 Some Philosophies? Ananya S Guha
17-Mar-2002 Sonnet Fest: From A Hornet's Nest Gaurang Bhatt, MD
20-Aug-2006 Sons as Lovers Julia Dutta
30-Dec-2012 Sordid Reality Sakshi
12-Dec-2008 Sorry Sakina, My Friend, for Letting You Down Ritika Ganguly
25-Jan-2009 South Africa, A New Destiny Dr. Amitabh Mitra
01-May-2014 Spicy Debates on TV Seshu Chamarty
10-Jun-2023 Spies and Scribes K Govindan Kutty
15-Apr-2023 St Antony Pray for Us! K Govindan Kutty
05-Aug-2017 Starting of a Morning Walk Sanjay Chowdhary
30-Jan-2005 State of the Union Gaurang Bhatt, MD
02-Dec-2014 States within State! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
12-Nov-2006 Status: Nemesis of Fools, Smarts and Nations Gaurang Bhatt, MD
06-Sep-2015 Stay Trendy with Indian Street Style Purushottam Shrivastava
08-Jun-2019 Stealth - An Enigma Abhijit Sur
18-May-2003 Sthitpragnasya Ka Bhasha? Gaurang Bhatt, MD
28-Aug-2005 Stinging Bees, Suicide Bombers and Epidemiological Solutions Gaurang Bhatt, MD
03-Oct-2012 Stories Ananya S Guha
08-Sep-2014 Stories from the Workplace Rajeev Moothedath
27-Feb-2016 Strangers, Somewhat Krishnamoorty Dasu
16-Oct-2010 Strategic China & Blundering India Gaurang Bhatt, MD
29-Jul-2013 Street Food Proloy Bagchi
30-Sep-2011 Stress Disorder Among Indian Politicians Dr. Amitabh Mitra
19-Apr-2001 Struggle for Power Venkatesh Krishnan
16-Mar-2014 Study in Commonality, Telephony with Revenge Sakshi
29-Sep-2013 Subhash Chandra Bose Aniket Mohapatra
07-Jun-2013 Suicide: A Demon which can be Defeated! Dipashri Bardhan
12-Aug-2012 Sunday Musings Ananya S Guha
03-Apr-2016 Superstition vis-à-vis Rationality Ganganand Jha
17-Sep-2012 Supposition... Ananya S Guha
03-Sep-2006 Surveillance Tapes from God's Security Agency Gaurang Bhatt, MD
06-Sep-2015 Sweet Homes and Living Spaces Dr. Rama Rao Vadapalli V.B.
10-Mar-2007 Synopsis about India from 'The Legacy of Jihad' Gaurang Bhatt, MD
15-Jan-2013 Tagore, Savithri Krishnan and Carnatic Music Dipankar Dasgupta
12-May-2007 Tails & Tales of a Camel, a Donkey and a Fish called Manmohan Gaurang Bhatt, MD
31-Oct-2012 Taking Up the Cause of Causality Raam Gokhale
04-Nov-2014 Tales Told with Full of Sound and Fury! T. A. Ramesh
02-Aug-2014 Taming the Sky Sarika Goyal
23-Mar-2003 Tampering with History and its Consequences Gaurang Bhatt, MD
31-Oct-2010 Tea Party - Obsessed with Consti(tu)pation and Riddles of Justice & Ethics Gaurang Bhatt, MD
12-Jul-2015 Technology's Addiction Rinki Gomes
06-Jan-2007 Ten and The Search for MRCAs Gaurang Bhatt, MD
10-Jul-2005 Terrorism – Origins, Objectives, Outcomes and Antidotes Gaurang Bhatt, MD
07-Oct-2005 Terrorism: Origins, Objectives,Outcomes and Antidotes Gaurang Bhatt, MD
26-Jun-2004 Terrorist Psyches, Individual Morality and Dilemmas Gaurang Bhatt, MD
02-May-2014 Thank You UK, I don’t want to Visit You! G Swaminathan
14-Nov-2004 That Dusty Ol' Book Sruti Nayani
20-Jul-2019 That Emotional Connect G Swaminathan
19-Oct-2008 The 3 AM Telephone Calls Gaurang Bhatt, MD
01-Nov-2009 The Afghanistanization of South, West & Central Asia Gaurang Bhatt, MD
11-Oct-2008 The Aftermath Gaurang Bhatt, MD
17-Oct-2014 The Ambition of Gopinath Munde's Daughter! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
04-Dec-2012 The Apotheosis That is Tendulkar... Ananya S Guha
13-Sep-2012 The Art of Narratives: Old and New Ananya S Guha
14-Apr-2018 The Art of Reading & the Craft of Writing G Swaminathan
02-Aug-2012 The Assurance! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
13-Sep-2009 The Audacity of Hoax Gaurang Bhatt, MD
26-May-2002 The Banality of Evil Gaurang Bhatt, MD
10-Sep-2013 The Beauty and the Burden Sujata C
13-Oct-2002 The Best Laid Plans of Rice, Don & Chen Gaurang Bhatt, MD
01-Aug-2015 The Binary World of The Selfless and The Selfie Mamta Joshi
16-Oct-2005 The Bubble Maestro's House of Cards in the Market Casino Gaurang Bhatt, MD
25-Apr-2011 The Bully: An article dedicated to Drea Weiss Loy Machedo
09-Dec-2014 The Cap with the Tail Sarika Goyal
20-Feb-2021 The Changing Mind G Swaminathan
21-May-2016 The Clock is Ticking for One and All Mamta Joshi
13-Jun-2004 The Coming Apocalypse Gaurang Bhatt, MD
24-Aug-2008 The Coming Disintegration Of Pakistan and Afghanistan Gaurang Bhatt, MD
02-Mar-2015 The Common Man Syndrome and Black Money Tamasha Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
24-Aug-2008 The Conflicts of Nation States, Ethnicity & Religions Gaurang Bhatt, MD
17-Mar-2007 The Confluence of History, Economics and Politics Gaurang Bhatt, MD
21-Nov-2014 The Cosmic Dance! T. A. Ramesh
22-Jul-2023 The Cosy Nest Sundar Rajan
07-Sep-2012 The Cow And The Dog Ananya S Guha
30-Dec-2013 The Cruel, Insensitive and Selfish Politicians of India! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
12-Nov-2012 The Crusaders of Corruption G Swaminathan
09-Dec-2014 The Cry of a Swallow Sarika Goyal
24-Feb-2007 The Current Golden Rule Gaurang Bhatt, MD
01-Sep-2018 The Dark Colored Conqueror G Swaminathan
02-Jul-2011 The Deep Plunge Anusha Badhwar
10-Jan-2013 The Dilemma that is Indian Cricket Ananya S Guha
01-Feb-2014 The Disjointed Brands of Hinduism Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
28-Jul-2014 The Dividing Dravidan Culture G Swaminathan
13-Dec-2013 The Dreams Sold by Ads Proloy Bagchi
07-Apr-2011 The Dubious Indian Poverty and Culture G Swaminathan
03-May-2006 The Education Crisis Usha Kakkar
14-Aug-2005 The Elusive Mind S. Sai Prakash
18-Feb-2008 The Emperor is wearing Albanian Clothes Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
29-Aug-2004 The Enigma of Sex Gaurang Bhatt, MD
16-Jul-2017 The Extraordinary Extents of Indian Parentage G Swaminathan
14-Oct-2013 The famous writings! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
01-Jun-2008 The Farce of Elections Gaurang Bhatt, MD
15-Aug-2012 The Father of the Nation Controversy Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee
02-May-2015 The Fickleness of Human Nature Sujata C
17-Feb-2002 The Final Emancipation Gaurang Bhatt, MD
25-Jun-2006 The Flood Story of the Hindus, Hebrews and Sumerians Gaurang Bhatt, MD
03-Sep-2011 The Frogs Who Govern Us Gaurang Bhatt, MD
13-Jan-2002 The Genesis,Evolution and Extinction of God Gaurang Bhatt, MD
12-Sep-2010 The Geniuses Behind The Myths Gaurang Bhatt, MD
06-Jul-2014 The Girl who Didn’t know Tendulkar ! Piyush Kumar
29-Oct-2006 The Global Village Is Tilted in America's Favor Glory Sasikala Franklin
06-Aug-2022 The God of Romance G Swaminathan
24-Jul-2022 The Good and the Bad Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
08-Jun-2008 The Great Gamble: Oil, War, Iraq & Iran Gaurang Bhatt, MD
05-Apr-2014 The Great Indian Media Experiment Prof. Shubha Tiwari
13-Nov-2014 The Great Wonder Birds Are! T. A. Ramesh
24-Apr-2012 The Harmony! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
10-Feb-2008 The House that Al Saud Built Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
06-Mar-2016 The Ides Of March - A Historical and Hysterical Perspective Mamta Joshi
10-Feb-2008 The Illusion of Freedom Aruni Mukherjee
24-Mar-2008 The Impact of Paradigm Changing Events on Legal Systems Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
10-Sep-2006 The Importance of being Tulsi Rajesh Talwar
27-Aug-2006 The Indian Legacy Arvind Pandey
10-Nov-2012 The Indifference of the Citizens! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
09-Sep-2013 The Inscrutable Human Behavior G Swaminathan
22-Feb-2012 The Insensitivities of Certain Indian Rationalists! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
20-Dec-2009 The Inside Scoop on the Senate Healthcare Bill – Obaba & the Sixty Thieves Gaurang Bhatt, MD
15-Jul-2007 The Insights of an Inspirational Writer Michael Levy
16-Feb-2014 The Insistence sans Justice! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
15-Aug-2012 The Instability Of Chaos Ananya S Guha
20-Sep-2009 The Ironic Defeat Of Genes, Markets & Empires Gaurang Bhatt, MD
01-May-2021 The Irrelevance of Dictionary Today G Swaminathan
13-Sep-2013 The Itch for Preaching Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
03-Oct-2016 The Joy of Giving Suresh Kalathil
08-Mar-2012 The Joy of Giving! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
20-Aug-2011 The Laments of God Gaurang Bhatt, MD
17-Sep-2006 The Last J That Broke Bush's Back Gaurang Bhatt, MD
11-May-2002 The Lessons From Enron, Worldcom, etc Gaurang Bhatt, MD
08-Nov-2009 The Logistics Of War Gaurang Bhatt, MD
14-Jul-2002 The Looming Dark Clouds All Over The Horizon of India Gaurang Bhatt, MD
14-Jul-2002 The Looming Dark Clouds All Over The Horizon of India Gaurang Bhatt, MD
08-Jan-2014 The Maestro & The Masterpiece Shaheen Sultan Dhanji
26-Oct-2012 The Majority of the Mentally Ill are Harmless Randy Johnson
11-Jun-2016 The Majority of the US Voters Randy Johnson
01-May-2005 The Many Avatars of Lies Gaurang Bhatt, MD
21-Mar-2020 The Maya of Names Prof. Shubha Tiwari
22-Aug-2014 The Memories of Kashmir War! T. A. Ramesh
25-Nov-2001 The Mendelian Genetics of the English Language Gaurang Bhatt, MD
04-Aug-2002 The Method Behind Seemingly Mad Israeli Policies Gaurang Bhatt, MD
31-Jul-2012 The Milling Crowd of Metropolis G Swaminathan
02-Jul-2023 The Mills of God G Swaminathan
26-May-2007 The Miracles of Panchamukhi Vinayaka P. Mohan Chandran
02-Feb-2003 The Modern Arabian Nights Gaurang Bhatt, MD
26-Apr-2012 The Musings of an Ordinary Human Being Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
16-Sep-2007 The Muslim Brotherhood A Force Not to be Underestimated Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
19-Sep-2011 The Myth called American Dream Roshni Bhowmic
22-Jun-2003 The Myth of Eliminating Bias Gaurang Bhatt, MD
18-Feb-2018 The Nature of Time Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
17-May-2010 The Nature’s Gender Bias & its Value G Swaminathan
12-Mar-2013 The Neighborhood Dogs Hari Lakhera
16-Oct-2005 The New Constitution of India Karthik Naryan
26-Jun-2005 The New Kurukshetra and its Adharmayuddha Gaurang Bhatt, MD
06-Dec-2009 The New Othello & Iago Gaurang Bhatt, MD
17-Feb-2002 The New Plague Epidemics Gaurang Bhatt, MD
23-Oct-2005 The New York Times on a Roll Gaurang Bhatt, MD
23-Mar-2014 The Obstacles for Emotional Integration of Indians! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
03-Jan-2014 The Odd and Strange ways of Indian News Multi-media and Journalists! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
30-Jan-2005 The Onward Journey : 2012 Subra Narayan
15-Feb-2009 The Other Form of Cricket Sanjay Chowdhary
17-Jul-2005 The Other Narcotics of Politics Gaurang Bhatt, MD
06-Apr-2014 The Package Deal Supratik Sen
02-Mar-2008 The PayPal Challenge! Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
23-Oct-2016 The Peculiarities and Limitations of Logic Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
23-May-2014 The People Strike Back Aneeta Chakrabarty
22-Feb-2009 The Perfect Financial Storm Gaurang Bhatt, MD
03-Jan-2009 The Perfect Financial Storm - 2 Gaurang Bhatt, MD
08-Mar-2009 The Perfect Financial Storm – 3 Gaurang Bhatt, MD
15-Mar-2009 The Perfect Financial Storm – 4 Gaurang Bhatt, MD
20-Jun-2013 The Pied Piper Charu Uppal
26-Dec-2015 The Pink and the Black Jagari Mukherjee
24-Sep-2014 The Police On Duty Moloy Bhattacharya
28-May-2018 The Power of Empathy G Swaminathan
06-Jul-2019 The Power of Time Suniti Chandra Mishra
23-Oct-2016 The Ramayan’s Dasrath Kusum Choppra
13-Aug-2006 The Real Bihar Naghma Masroor
28-Apr-2007 The Regret of Correct Predictions Gaurang Bhatt, MD
18-Feb-2012 The Return Of The Native & Worldwide Right Wing Hijacking Agenda Gaurang Bhatt, MD
12-Jun-2005 The Return of Tughlaq Subra Narayan
03-Apr-2016 The Ripe Time for Mango Moods Mamta Joshi
21-Oct-2007 The Road Chandana Banerjee
11-Aug-2002 The Road Taken, Not Taken or Should Be Taken Gaurang Bhatt, MD
13-Feb-2021 The Running Train Kumar Kinchit
19-Nov-2006 The SEC - Hypnos, Not Argus and in need of Tchai Gaurang Bhatt, MD
22-Feb-2013 The Security Guard Hari Lakhera
28-Feb-2000 The Shamans of Your Life Milton Redman
10-Feb-2002 The Shrill Cackle of Hindutva Gaurang Bhatt, MD
18-May-2008 The Simple Way To PoP The Oil Bubble Speculation Michael Levy
21-Jan-2016 The Sprinster’s Yarn Jagari Mukherjee
19-Oct-2008 The Stock Market Hokey Pokey Michael Levy
12-Jan-2002 The Story of Life Gaurang Bhatt, MD
29-May-2004 The Story of The Golden Mongoose Gaurang Bhatt, MD
22-Mar-2020 The Strange Muse Sonam Gupta
05-Mar-2013 The Street Sweeper Hari Lakhera
03-Aug-2003 The Submissive Trait Nature or Nurture-Insoluble Problem Gaurang Bhatt, MD
06-Aug-2016 The Sum of Life! Suresh Kalathil
16-Dec-2023 The Symphony of 'Zero Timing' Renu Dhotre
14-May-2006 The Thirst for Life's Secrets Raghvendra Singh
21-Feb-2013 The Tiger Hari Lakhera
31-Dec-2006 The Tragedy of India-Brownian Movements and 'Sati' Folly Gaurang Bhatt, MD
22-Jul-2001 The Tralee Hospital Trip Shyamala Sathiaseelan
13-Oct-2013 The Travails of Writers! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
20-Feb-2012 The Trial! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
16-Dec-2001 The Truth About Legal Codes & Political Power Gaurang Bhatt, MD
01-Aug-2012 The Unargumentative Indian . . . Ananya S Guha
12-Jul-2022 The Unattended Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
29-Sep-2018 The Uncertainty of Relationships G Swaminathan
30-Jan-2021 The Unpredictability of Life G Swaminathan
26-Nov-2022 The Untamed Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
08-Jul-2010 The US Supreme Court Humbug Gaurang Bhatt, MD
10-Oct-2004 The Useless Gun Prakash Pathre
23-Feb-2003 The West and Islam Gaurang Bhatt, MD
28-Aug-2013 The Western Block and Intervention in Syria Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
08-Nov-2009 The Windbag Presidency Gaurang Bhatt, MD
05-Aug-2001 The World A Global Village Shyamala Sathiaseelan
26-Aug-2007 The World's Only Religion P. Mohan Chandran
04-Feb-2012 The Writer! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
06-Dec-2015 The Youth Power in Mofussil Towns Mamta Joshi
12-Mar-2013 There is Always Sunshine after the Long Dark Night Ramandeep Sidhu
03-Jun-2011 These Times Ganganand Jha
21-May-2006 Think Tank Propaganda Machines and the Death of the Free Press Gaurang Bhatt, MD
06-Apr-2014 Thinking Out of the Box Supratik Sen
28-Nov-2004 Third World, Bhagwad Gita and Pragmatism Gaurang Bhatt, MD
23-Oct-2010 This Election is About Joe, The Dumber Gaurang Bhatt, MD
04-Mar-2018 This our faith – Our Very Own Dr. Rama Rao Vadapalli V.B.
19-Feb-2022 Thorough Patient Interrogation Dr. Frank S. K. Barar
21-Oct-2007 Those Frogs Have a Better Middle East Foreign Policy than the Ross-bifs or Yanks Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
10-May-2009 Thoughts On War and Investing Gaurang Bhatt, MD
06-Aug-2011 Thoughts, Actions, Intentions, Outcomes Gaurang Bhatt, MD
09-Sep-2002 Three Blind Mice Gaurang Bhatt, MD
05-Sep-2013 Three Cheers for the PPTs - Jai Ho! Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy
17-Jun-2007 Three Telephone Calls K. Gajendra Singh
28-Oct-2001 Through My Looking Glasses Gaurang Bhatt, MD
12-Dec-2012 Thus Spake Vivekananda Ananya S Guha
06-Jul-2014 Time Kamal (Kam) Joshi
17-Aug-2019 Time Acts Rather As a Solvent! Gollamudi Radha Krishna Murty
14-Mar-2013 Time and Death Dr. Eftichia Kapardeli
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18-Feb-2023 Time, Joy and Peace Dr. Frank S. K. Barar
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12-Feb-2017 Tiya and Me Ganganand Jha
02-Jul-2006 To Be or Not to be ... Happy Anjali Anand Seth
29-Nov-2012 To My Janu on her Birthday Srinivasan MK
30-May-2020 To Sleep, but not to Dream G Swaminathan
31-Jul-2011 To Terminator Fans, Escapists, Spin Doctors & Apologists Gaurang Bhatt, MD
08-Aug-2012 To The Editor Ananya S Guha
06-Sep-2012 To The Editor- Ad Infinitum... Ananya S Guha
13-Dec-2015 To Walk or Not to Walk Seshu Chamarty
09-Feb-2003 Trading E-Waste M. D. Mukesh
13-Sep-2012 Traffic Blues - 2 Ananya S Guha
10-Sep-2012 Traffic Blues... Ananya S Guha
20-Oct-2018 Train Killings, Terrorism, Ravan Dahan! Kumar Kinchit
23-Jul-2006 Travel Tit Bits Kusum Choppra
04-Dec-2004 Treasure Hunt Sunanda Satish
04-Aug-2007 Truman, Bush and the 63 Billion Dollar Bet Gaurang Bhatt, MD
02-Nov-2010 Truth and Honesty: A Conversation Nikhil Sharda
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12-Apr-2014 Tryst with Democracy, Who'll Win? Sakshi
02-Jan-2005 Tsunami: And Life Goes On ... Sharath Bhat
29-Apr-2023 Twin Suns in the Sky K Govindan Kutty
02-Oct-2012 Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star... Ananya S Guha
28-Jun-2001 Two Faces of (jan)US Gaurang Bhatt, MD
29-Jan-2013 Two Faces of the Republic, Acquiring Real Estate in Delhi ... and more Sakshi
22-Aug-2020 Two Hindu Festivities & Special Delicacies G Swaminathan
02-Oct-2004 Two Sides of a Bogus Coin Gaurang Bhatt, MD
29-May-2005 Unappreciated Milestones in Human History Gaurang Bhatt, MD
23-Sep-2007 Understanding Bundy Souls Jayantika Ganguly
08-Aug-2010 Understanding Drama Queens Jayantika Ganguly
30-Sep-2007 Understanding Human Doormats Jayantika Ganguly
28-Mar-2010 Understanding Republicans: Why Darwin Was Wrong Gaurang Bhatt, MD
26-May-2007 Unhygienic Street Food Addiction is a Health Hazard Jayati Gupta
14-Aug-2005 Unresolved Dilemmas Gaurang Bhatt, MD
12-May-2010 Unwind your Life with the Indian Adventure Sayantini Ghosh
12-Aug-2010 Up and Down a Railway Platform. Dr. K. Parameswaran
16-Mar-2008 US Economic Meltdown Gaurang Bhatt, MD
29-Oct-2006 US Elections and The Hell Shaped Curve Gaurang Bhatt, MD
31-Mar-2007 US Federal Reserve has a Sophie's Choice Gaurang Bhatt, MD
30-Jul-2006 US Foreign Policy Code Name Operation Frankenstein Gaurang Bhatt, MD
11-Jun-2011 US Foreign Policy & Freddie Widgeon Gaurang Bhatt, MD
12-Feb-2005 US History - Lesser Known Facts, Analogies & Surmises Part 1 Gaurang Bhatt, MD
19-Feb-2005 US History - Lesser Known Facts, Analogies & Surmises Part 2 Gaurang Bhatt, MD
26-Feb-2005 US History - Lesser Known Facts, Analogies & Surmises Part 3 Gaurang Bhatt, MD
05-Mar-2005 US History - Lesser Known Facts, Analogies & Surmises Part 4 Gaurang Bhatt, MD
12-Mar-2005 US History - Lesser Known Facts, Analogies & Surmises Part 5 Gaurang Bhatt, MD
19-Mar-2005 US History - Lesser Known Facts, Analogies & Surmises Part 6 Gaurang Bhatt, MD
26-May-2005 US History - Lesser Known Facts, Analogies & Surmises Part 7 Gaurang Bhatt, MD
27-Sep-2009 US Iran Conflict Analysis Gaurang Bhatt, MD
09-Apr-2005 US Market Horizon and Gathering Storm Clouds Gaurang Bhatt, MD
06-Jan-2002 US Policy: Hope & Resignation Gaurang Bhatt, MD
13-Jan-2003 US Supreme Court now Follows Sharia Gaurang Bhatt, MD
04-Nov-2007 US Treasury Invites Responses on Improvements to the US Capital Markets Regulation Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
21-Jul-2007 US, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India ' What Next? Gaurang Bhatt, MD
21-Jul-2007 US, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India – What Next? Gaurang Bhatt, MD
31-Aug-2008 US, Russia, Nuclear Deal and India’s Naive Knaves Gaurang Bhatt, MD
14-Apr-2002 Utopian Nightmares Gaurang Bhatt, MD
20-Feb-2005 Values of Life G Swaminathan
06-Nov-2005 Vande Mataram! Anamika Banerjee
04-Apr-2013 Vasudhaika Kutumbam Seshu Chamarty
08-Mar-2012 Vasu’s Wooing Words BS Murthy
26-May-2007 Vertebrate China and Invertebrate India Gaurang Bhatt, MD
11-Dec-2016 Virtual Reality Rajasekhar Rao Goteti
30-Jul-2013 Virtual Relationships - The New Reality Neera Lollbeeharry
10-Nov-2011 Voyage to Bali (Bali Yatra) Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
23-Apr-2006 Wake Up Rai Bareilly Usha Kakkar
19-May-2002 Wall Street and Congress Gaurang Bhatt, MD
20-Oct-2018 Walls Shernaz Wadia
19-May-2007 War and 'W', The End Begins, India Must Not Dither Gaurang Bhatt, MD
19-May-2007 War and “W”, The End Begins, India Must Not Dither Gaurang Bhatt, MD
30-Sep-2007 War of Independence or the Great Mutiny Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
30-Dec-2001 Warmongering Hysteria Gaurang Bhatt, MD
19-Jul-2013 Wars: Do they End Conflict? Aniket Mohapatra
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10-Dec-2023 Way to Wisdom Dr. Frank S. K. Barar
14-Jan-2013 We - Our Living! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
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07-May-2020 We, Our dignity Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
14-Apr-2013 We, The Inscrutable Indians G Swaminathan
02-Apr-2005 Weakness & Selfishness ' Reluctant Parents of Virtue Gaurang Bhatt, MD
02-Apr-2005 Weakness & Selfishness – Reluctant Parents of Virtue Gaurang Bhatt, MD
18-Jul-2014 Wealthy Members of Sixteenth Parliament! Vasant G. Gandhi
09-Sep-2014 Wellness Clinic in Mind Seshu Chamarty
13-May-2018 What about the Boys? Kusum Choppra
02-Nov-2014 What Befits Us Best – Becoming Effective or Efficient? Gautam Sengupta
21-Mar-2015 What do the Beginning and the End Say? T. A. Ramesh
19-Feb-2017 What drives US President Trump? Kusum Choppra
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13-Sep-2014 What is the Best Way for One World Life? T. A. Ramesh
07-Feb-2015 What is the Nature of Human Life in the World? T. A. Ramesh
16-Apr-2015 What is the Ultimate One? T. A. Ramesh
09-Jun-2002 What should India do and Why? Gaurang Bhatt, MD
28-Jul-2011 What's the Big Fuss over Khar's fashion? Ashok Nana
25-Jun-2008 What's There in a Name? Some Embarrassment and Debate Venkata Vemuri
25-Sep-2021 Whats Cooking? G Swaminathan
15-Aug-2013 When an Outstanding Performance Becomes Egregious Valliyoor Satya
16-Apr-2006 When Bangalore Burnt! Garima Gupta
27-Oct-2014 When Can the Great Vision of the World be Achieved? T. A. Ramesh
18-Oct-2014 When Can We Really Celebrate Festival of Lights? T. A. Ramesh
28-Oct-2007 When God is Replaced by a Terrorist! Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
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31-Jul-2021 When the Chief of a State Bats for the Communal Division? Dr. Harasankar Adhikari
23-Mar-2008 When Will the Board Exams End, ask Bored Younger Siblings Ranjana Narayan
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29-Apr-2020 Where Have All the Smiles Gone? P. Ravindran Nayar
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16-Oct-2016 Where Was Sita? Kusum Choppra
13-Sep-2014 Who are you? Where do you want to go? Rajeev Moothedath
19-Sep-2014 Who is a Human Being? T. A. Ramesh
09-Apr-2017 Who is an Author? Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
19-Aug-2001 Who Shall Guard The Guardians? Gaurang Bhatt, MD
11-Dec-2004 Why Alexander Did Not Conquer Bharat Subra Narayan
10-Oct-2014 Why Diamonds are Forever? T. A. Ramesh
10-Apr-2016 Why do I Write? Durga Patva
04-Oct-2014 Why do many Dance to the Tune of Money? T. A. Ramesh
24-Sep-2006 Why I am Missing my Roots? Anisa Chaudhary
16-Aug-2009 Why I Didn't Get The Medal Of Freedom Gaurang Bhatt, MD
16-Aug-2009 Why I Didn’t Get The Medal Of Freedom Gaurang Bhatt, MD
20-May-2018 Why I Hope the Jehovah's Witnesses are Wrong Randy Johnson
13-Aug-2010 Why I Read? Srinivas Rayarao
09-Mar-2010 Why is Mark to Market Vital for Democracy and Western Civilization? Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
16-Oct-2016 Why is Science Considered Better than Commerce? Amogha Pavithran
16-Apr-2016 Why it's So Important Not to Steal Randy Johnson
01-Jan-2015 Why not a Phone4Ever? J. Ajithkumar
25-Dec-2016 Why Run after Someone who doesn't Value You? Amogha Pavithran
06-May-2023 Why Saints are Saints? Dr. Frank S. K. Barar
05-Oct-2008 Why the 700 Billion Dollar Bailout Won’t Help Gaurang Bhatt, MD
13-Jan-2008 Why Three Million Bengalis Killed Weren't Killed in Genocide? Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
12-Mar-2017 Why, Krishna? P. Ravindran Nayar
09-Feb-2004 WMD, Blind Monitors and Rogue Proliferators Gaurang Bhatt, MD
04-May-2014 Wonder Glasses, Modi, the Campaigner Sakshi
07-Jan-2012 Wondering The Haiku Worlds with Narayanan Raghunathan Ramesh Anand
24-Dec-2006 Words meaning Changes and Misuse by Bush & Bin Laden Gaurang Bhatt, MD
23-Jul-2017 Words of God Kusum Choppra
23-Sep-2023 Work, Work and Work Dr. Frank S. K. Barar
19-Dec-2010 WOW! Kamal (Kam) Joshi
31-Mar-2019 Wow! April Has Come… Gollamudi Radha Krishna Murty
01-May-2011 Writeoffs & Hedging In Finance, Politics & Arms Purchases Gaurang Bhatt, MD
03-Aug-2008 WTO Talks Collapse, Press Lies, Trade & Market Consequences Gaurang Bhatt, MD
03-Oct-2014 Yaad Na Jaaye ... G Swaminathan
24-Sep-2006 Yohhh! Boloji Dr. Amitabh Mitra
18-Jun-2011 You Gotta Dance with Who Brung Ya to The Ball Gaurang Bhatt, MD
30-Jan-2005 You've Got Mail Pallavi Bhattacharya
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10-Apr-2016 Youth Durga Patva
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