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The Cruel, Insensitive and Selfish Politicians

of India!

We must all learn to manage and channelize our memory. And cultivate the habit of remembering and forgetting discretely. Especially a nation must learn to forget historical divisions and  ghastly happenings - like partition, Sikhs' massacre of 1984, Gujarat riots of 2002 and like national and regional disasters, manmade and natural. Unfortunately our politicians selectively remember and forget to suit the convenience of their parties and do not allow us to remember or forget what we like or hate. This or that politician only knows to trigger our bad memories according to their benefit and keep us in the state of hatred, distress, anger and grief so that we vote that party only.

This type of politicians are cruel towards us.

They want to make a living of politics on our corpses and they want us to hate and kill one another in the name of caste, religion, region, idology, subnationality and gender.

Indians must defeat the divisive designs and divisive politics of present third rate politicians by voting them out of power. They standardized the corporations of political parties and are practicing and managing dynastic politics and governance at the cost of peaceful and dignified living. They have been amassing money and assets in all illegal and illegitimate ways by looting the national resources and our trust and have been building family empires of parties and governance depriving us of participation in democracy through party politics and governance.

They are selfish and feudal in temper and practice of running parties and government.

They never allow us to love and be friendly with our  fellow citizens near or far off and keep on negativity so that our hearts never feel the serenity of harmony and peace of togetherness. Let us throw out these politicians of divisive agenda based on our castes, religions, regions, sub-nationalities and ideologies. Let us be firm in this. Our welfare and well-being would be guaranteed and we can concentrate on our personal, family, professional responsibilities, duties and interests including our habits and cultural affinities.

Let God guide us in our endeavors and living making our lives less stressful and lively. All the best for us.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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