Date Title Writer
24-Dec-2006 A Bold Judiciary Augurs Well for the Nation Maxwell Pereira
16-Jul-2006 A Case for Abolition of TV Licenses in England Rajesh Talwar
12-Jul-2008 A Communist-'Fascist' Tie-up Against the Nuclear Deal Amulya Ganguli
05-Feb-2012 A Critic's Job! T. A. Ramesh
17-Feb-2013 A Decent Burial... Ananya S Guha
14-Oct-2010 A Democracy Gone Haywire Ravinder Malhotra
24-Aug-2008 A Disaster Waiting to Happen at Sivakasi T. S. V. Hari
10-May-2009 A Distracted India Ignores Crisis Engulfing Neighborhood C. Uday Bhaskar
06-Jul-2008 A Drop of Truth and a Barrel of Propaganda Michael Levy
14-Aug-2005 A Free Country Chandana Banerjee
03-Jun-2006 A Haven for State-abetted Evangelism on Stilts V. Sundaram
08-Apr-2009 A Journalist Must Express Himself Through Media, Not by Shoe Throwing B.R.P. Bhaskar
01-Oct-2006 A Killing Most Foul Dr. Amitabh Mitra
21-Dec-2007 A Landmark Year in Pakistan: 2007 Alok Bansal
21-May-2004 A Lesson from The Foreigner Melanie Priya Kumar
30-Dec-2007 A Liberal Face of Pakistan Goes Away Rahul Mukand
06-Jun-2015 A logjam K.S. Subramanian
13-Sep-2007 A Muslim's Real Jehad is to Expose Terrorists Firoz Bakht Ahmed
22-Aug-2008 A Nation Not Interested in Sports Piggybacks the Victors Chitra Padmanabhan
02-Feb-2013 A Nation Under The Gun Aneeta Chakrabarty
04-May-2008 A New Dawn in Nepal Ramesh Menon
01-Jul-2001 A New Look at Civilization Dr. Pradip Bhattacharya
31-Oct-2009 A Note on Arundhati Roy’s Essay Dr. Uddipan Mukherjee
07-Mar-2020 A Perishable Modi Proloy Bagchi
31-Dec-2006 A Road for Prof. Papiya Ghosh Dr. Amitabh Mitra
23-Mar-2003 A Saga Called Bhagat Singh Rajesh Ramasubramanian
21-Feb-2011 A Second Arab Revolution: For a New Social Order Harold A. Gould
29-Aug-2014 A Short-lived Honeymoon? K.S. Subramanian
30-Dec-2023 A Strategic Symphony of Success in 2024 Renu Dhotre
03-Jan-2008 A Strong Pro-democracy Message from Kashmir Amulya Ganguli
31-Dec-2012 A Stunned Nation Fights Back Aneeta Chakrabarty
17-Jun-2007 A Tale of Two Madam President Hopefuls? Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
02-Sep-2008 A Teenage Pregnancy and US Presidential Elections Mayank Chhaya
05-Apr-2005 A Time of Reckoning Melanie Priya Kumar
14-Oct-2008 A Train and a Resolve: Symbols of Hope for South Asia? C. Uday Bhaskar
07-Jan-2007 A Uniform Civil Code Kusum Choppra
27-Jun-2004 A Wedding and A Funeral Melanie Priya Kumar
31-Dec-2006 A Year of Hope and Despair: 2007 Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
08-Jul-2008 A.Q. Khan Iceberg Continues to Haunt Musharraf, Pakistani Army C. Uday Bhaskar
18-Dec-2013 Aadhar to Cause Congress Debacle in 2014! Dr. P Koshy
18-Feb-2015 Aam Aadmi Party's New Politics Proloy Bagchi
07-Jun-2006 Abolish Minorities Commission V. Sundaram
11-Apr-2014 Absurd Trends in Politics Dr. Jaipal Singh
11-Dec-2016 Adulations for Corrupt Politicians Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
13-Sep-2002 Adultery and the Quran Syeda Saiyidain Hameed
06-Jul-2012 Advaita Established J. Ajithkumar
06-Apr-2008 Advani's Memoirs - Raising More Questions than Answers Monobina Gupta
19-Mar-2013 Advent of An Aam Aadmi Gaurav Kumar
15-Jul-2012 Age with Grace Prof. Shubha Tiwari
17-May-2014 Agenda for the New Government P V Rajeev
15-Sep-2012 Agree to Disagree Ananya S Guha
22-Aug-2004 Agriculture and Co-operatives J. Ajithkumar
30-Jul-2006 Agriculture Policy for Energy Security Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
07-Mar-2009 Ahead of Polls, UPA and NDA Firm Up their Support Amulya Ganguli
01-Jul-2017 Air India to be Privatised Proloy Bagchi
14-Oct-2007 Ajmer Blasts: Crying Need for Counter Terrorism Doctrine Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
24-May-2014 All eyes on Modi Government K.S. Subramanian
02-Mar-2008 All Set for the Polls in India? Amulya Ganguli
17-Mar-2007 Alternative Sources of Energy Necessary T. A. Ramesh
08-Oct-2006 Always Yes to Planned Murder by Terrorists V. Sundaram
09-Aug-2008 Amarnath Row: A Test for Kashmir's Syncretic Culture Amulya Ganguli
03-May-2022 Ambition and Greed G Swaminathan
27-Feb-2011 America and the Age of Readjustment Mark T. Jones
17-Apr-2007 America's Liberal Guns Laws Come Home to Roost Mayank Chhaya
07-Aug-2004 America: Bountiful, Benevolent and Brave Dr. Neria H. Hebbar
01-Jun-2008 American Goods J. Ajithkumar
29-Jun-2009 American Gulliver and Lilliputian World Bodies Mukesh Williams
01-Jun-2008 An Empowered Agency Can Control Terrorism Prof. N. R. Madhava Menon
30-Mar-2002 An in-depth Analysis of MP during The Digvijay years M. N. Buch
30-Jun-2009 Anand Model Should be Replicated for Inclusive Growth Animesh Banerjee
26-Mar-2006 And the Ms Morality Title Goes To Usha Kakkar
28-Mar-2004 Anti-Male Sentiments on the Rise Pradeep Sharma
17-Dec-2008 Anti-Terror Laws Fine, but How to Tame a Rogue State? Amulya Ganguli
16-Apr-2006 Antulay's Proclamation for Vicious Vivisection of India V. Sundaram
23-Aug-2010 Apocalyptic Culture and the Evolutionof Consciousness Phishna
22-Jun-2003 Apropos Corporate Governance Dr. Pradip Bhattacharya
27-Dec-2008 Arabian Dreams J. Ajithkumar
11-Nov-2007 Arc of Instability in Pakistan Raises Scary Scenario Brig. Arun Sahgal
17-Sep-2006 Are China's Rulers Illegal Dr. William R. Stimson
27-Mar-2008 Are India's Lower Courts Failing to Deliver Justice? Amulya Ganguli
26-Apr-2008 Are Nepal Maoists More Mature than Indian Communists? Amulya Ganguli
05-Feb-2006 Are the Nations' Contributions Enough for the Promotion of World Peace T. A. Ramesh
29-Jan-2009 Are There More Satyams Out There Sushma Ramachandran
11-Apr-2011 Are We a Morally Dumb Nation? Aleksandar Jokic
20-Aug-2006 Are we an Inconsiderate People C.R. Gopalakrishna
05-May-2007 Are we Raising a Generation of Paupers? Kusum Choppra
14-Mar-2004 Are We Safer Now? Melanie Priya Kumar
27-Sep-2006 Arguments for including Bhoti Language in the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution Stanzin Dawa
27-May-2014 Arrival of the D-Day Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
10-Jan-2016 Article 370 - An Ideological Toxin Aneeta Chakrabarty
01-Dec-2007 Artists Under Threat from Fanatics in India Amulya Ganguli
15-Nov-2008 As Crisis goes Global, is US Reaching Out? Chris Cermak
16-Jun-2008 As Oil Prices Rise, Battle for Strategic Control of Oil Reserves Will be Joined R. S. Kalha
03-Feb-2007 Asatyagrahis J. Ajithkumar
02-Sep-2008 Asif Zardari as Next Pakistani President: Hope and Despondency C. Uday Bhaskar
12-May-2007 Assam : Flip Flop Over ULFA Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
30-Oct-2008 Assam's Steady Descent into Darkness Sanjoy Hazarika
14-Oct-2014 Assembly Poll and a Few Questions K.S. Subramanian
12-Apr-2015 At crossroads........ K.S. Subramanian
25-Aug-2007 Attack on Taslima: Where are the Muslim Voices of Sanity? Firoz Bakht Ahmed
09-Feb-2008 Attacking Northerners, Breaking Babri Mosque Both Signal Fascism Amulya Ganguli
16-Mar-2003 Attaining Quality Through Literacy Dr. Dheeraj Malhotra
24-Aug-2019 August 15, 1947 - Two Perspectives Proloy Bagchi
09-May-2008 Auspicious Signs of IPL Stirring Community Feeling Shylashri Shankar
11-Jan-2015 Avoidable Religious Skirmishes Proloy Bagchi
06-Oct-2010 Ayodhya of Ram J. Ajithkumar
07-May-2007 Ayurveda as a Career Pallavi Bhattacharya
26-Oct-2007 Back Burma, Not the Generals Sanjoy Hazarika
09-Jun-2002 Back to the Future Dr. Pradip Bhattacharya
18-Apr-2010 Backdoor Brahmins J. Ajithkumar
30-Jul-2006 Bakery and Confectionery as a Career Pallavi Bhattacharya
10-Dec-2006 Balancing the Scales of Justice Ishita Russell
04-Oct-2006 Baluchistan Vs Pakistan Ramesh Menon
05-Aug-2007 Bangladesh 'Minus Two' to 'Plus Two' Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
14-Jun-2008 Bangladesh Government's Clean Up Act Might Backfire Sreeradha Datta
23-Apr-2006 Banishing Poverty & Illiteracy: Instant Solutions Swachid K. Rangan
18-Oct-2009 Battle Against Maoists Being Undermined by Intellectuals Amulya Ganguli
14-Aug-2009 Behind India's Rise as IT Power Lies 25 Years of C-DOT Sam Pitroda
25-May-2008 Being a Brand: Shahenshah Bachchan Versus Badshah Khan Chitra Padmanabhan
25-Dec-2005 Bells Ring Louder for Indian Telecom in 2007 Arvind Padmanabhan
27-Dec-2007 Benazir's Assassination has Dangerous Portents Alok Bansal
28-Dec-2007 Benazir's Assassination: A Tragedy Foretold Sreeram Chaulia
06-Jan-2008 Benazir, Politics and India's Oil Economy Sushma Ramachandran
06-Sep-2008 Bengal's Misfortune: Follies of Mamata and Marxists Amulya Ganguli
09-May-2004 Beyond a Noble Legacy Melanie Priya Kumar
22-Mar-2010 Beyond the Teaching of Standard English at Japanese Universities Mukesh Williams
07-Mar-2012 Bhagavad-Gita: The Siberian Controversy and its Solution Prof. Shubha Tiwari
02-Dec-2007 Bharat Ratna Mata Amritanandamayi J. Ajithkumar
17-Feb-2002 Bhopal : Tragedy Without End Laxmi Murthy
09-Nov-2019 Bhopal Cannot Take Tree-felling Any More Proloy Bagchi
09-Nov-2019 Bhopal's Dysfunctional Municipality Proloy Bagchi
21-Apr-2007 Bhutan: South Asia's Shangri La Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
17-Oct-2007 Bhutto Charisma Still Holds - Despite Political Blunders Nasim Zehra
31-Dec-2007 Bhutto Killing Raises Questions on Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal Rahul Bedi
07-Dec-2007 Big Retail's Time Has Come in India Sushma Ramachandran
09-May-2010 Bigger Bang J. Ajithkumar
17-Apr-2021 Bio-political Strategy and Management of the Indian Power Politics Dr. Harasankar Adhikari
11-Oct-2008 Birds of a Feather: Prakash Karat and Mamata Banerjee Amulya Ganguli
29-May-2008 BJP Surges Ahead in Karnataka Rahul Mukand
13-Jun-2009 BJP will Remain Under RSS' Thumb Amulya Ganguli
30-Dec-2006 BJP's Temple Chant: Like a Stuck Gramophone Record Amulya Ganguli
29-Aug-2009 BJP, A Party Lost in the Political Woods Amulya Ganguli
22-Mar-2006 BJP: Kal Ho Na Ho! Usha Kakkar
13-May-2008 Black Money: Indians and NRIs Partners in Crime Kul Bhushan
24-Dec-2006 Bloody 2006: No End to Violence in 2007 Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
19-Nov-2006 Blooming Bothaism J. Ajithkumar
04-Oct-2009 Bofors: The Stain that Won't Go Away Amulya Ganguli
21-Dec-2007 Bollywood 2007: SRK Double Whammy Saved the Day Saibal Chatterjee
21-Jul-2012 Boloji! Ananya S Guha
24-Aug-2008 Brilliant Bindra J. Ajithkumar
14-Feb-2008 Bringing Peace to Nepal's Terai Region Won't be Easy Shubha Singh
03-Feb-2007 Brown Cookie takes the cake: Shilpa Shetty wins Big Brother Ishita Russell
20-Mar-2005 Budget 2005 : Reality Check Jayati Ghosh
23-Jul-2006 Bumptious UPA Secularism vs. Jihadic Terrorism V. Sundaram
29-Dec-2007 Bush's Pakistan Strategy in Ashes Subhash Arora
10-Oct-2004 Bushism A New Word in English Lexicon Dr. Neria H. Hebbar
06-Oct-2002 But, is Sonia One Ooma Tiwari Tariang
19-Sep-2009 By-poll Shocks for Ruling Parties, Except in Gujarat Amulya Ganguli
15-Jul-2023 Call to Redefine Nobel Peace Prize P. Mohan Chandran
24-Feb-2013 Cameron's India Quest Bhaskar Menon
15-Oct-2022 Can a Nation that Promotes Mediocrity Aspire to Greatness? Subhajit Ghosh
30-Sep-2007 Can Fukuda Resolve the LDP-DPJ Standoff? Mukesh Williams
24-Dec-2008 Can India Afford to Remain Frozen in Inaction? Rajiv Dogra
23-Nov-2008 Can India Find an Answer to a Question Called Obama? Pramod Khilery
02-Nov-2007 Can India Gamble on Oil Price? $20 or $200 a Barrel? Dr. BhamyV. Shenoy
04-Jan-2008 Can India Tame the Terror Beast? Murali Krishnan
24-Dec-2006 Can It Be The Beginning of The End of Partition Amulya Ganguli
27-Nov-2007 Can Journalism Keep Pace with India's Mushrooming Media? Sevanti Ninan
15-Oct-2014 Can Modi clean up India by 2019? Proloy Bagchi
07-Feb-2008 Can Mumbai be Parochial and Global at Same Time? Mayank Chhaya
28-May-2006 Can Non-Violence Still Solve the Problems of Today? T. A. Ramesh
07-Oct-2007 Can the Japanese Medical System be Revitalized? Mukesh Williams
01-Dec-2008 Can We Afford to Forget Those 60 Hours? Pramod Khilery
11-Jan-2014 Can You Handle It? Dr. Jaipal Singh
19-Jul-2011 Can't Stop Sniveling Ishaan Saxena
22-Feb-2009 Capitalism and Communism Harish Yagnesh
20-Jun-2010 Career Politicians J. Ajithkumar
19-Mar-2006 Cartoons Claim Another Victim Usha Kakkar
19-Nov-2016 Cash Crunch, Thanks and No Thanks to Modi! Seshu Chamarty
10-May-2009 Caste Vote Vasant G. Gandhi
09-Apr-2006 Caste Wars II Usha Kakkar
29-Feb-2020 Catchments and Intrusions in the Bhopal Lake Proloy Bagchi
21-Nov-2008 Celebrities as Brand Ambassadors: The 'Hang in There' Mantra Sanjiv Kataria
18-Sep-2005 Challenges before Mahmoud Abbas Sujata Ashwarya Cheema
14-Sep-2009 Chandan Mitra, The Real Winner Dr. Amitabh Mitra
21-Sep-2012 Character of Dr. Manmohan Singh BS Murthy
30-Apr-2006 Charisma Vs Caste Usha Kakkar
27-Jun-2020 Check China Ramesh Menon
24-Feb-2018 Chetan Bhagat's Advisory to Congress Proloy Bagchi
21-May-2006 Children of Secularism J. Ajithkumar
19-Jun-2005 China Can Be The Big Winner Dr. William R. Stimson
18-Jan-2010 China Can Outgoogle Google Dr. William R. Stimson
31-Oct-2009 China Learns That 2009 is Not 1962 Amulya Ganguli
04-Feb-2007 China's ASAT Test and Its Impact on Asia S. S. Malik
16-Oct-2005 China's Leader is NOT the Man Dr. William R. Stimson
29-May-2005 China's Snag Dr. William R. Stimson
17-Dec-2006 China: Balancing Power Relations in South and South-East Asia Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
11-Jul-2006 China: The Fine art of Balancing Power Relations & Economic Engagement Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
23-Oct-2005 Cikhandi Syndrome J. Ajithkumar
21-Aug-2010 Civil Society checkmates Politicians’ Well Laid Plan Proloy Bagchi
27-Jan-2007 Civil Society in Pakistan and India: A Study in Contrast Harold A. Gould
22-Jun-2008 Civilian Nuclear deal: A Victim of Oversell Sreeram Chaulia
17-Sep-2006 Clash of 'Words' not 'Civilizations Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
23-Apr-2006 Clash of Civilizations Dr. Prasenjit Maiti
02-Nov-2014 Coalitions in India are Mostly Corrupt Proloy Bagchi
23-Aug-2010 Color Television and Media J. Ajithkumar
15-May-2016 Combating Terrorism Kumar Kinchit
22-Dec-2002 Comfortably Numb Punitha Manavalan
30-Jan-2021 Communal Malady Dr. Harasankar Adhikari
24-Dec-2006 Communalism or Affirmative Action Ram Puniyani
01-Jun-2008 Communist Obstinacy Could Derail India's Nuclear Energy Plans A. Vinod Kumar
24-Dec-2006 Communist Turnaround From 'Land to Tiller' to 'Land to Tatas Amulya Ganguli
30-Jun-2007 Comparing Corporate Czars and Rich Politicians Amulya Ganguli
03-Mar-2007 Comparison Between Nations Necessary T. A. Ramesh
30-Dec-2007 Compulsory Registration of Marriage Abdul Hafiz Gandhi
12-Mar-2006 Concepts Immaculate J. Ajithkumar
26-Jul-2009 Confession or No Confession, Kasab Remains Mere Gunman for NYT, Others Ashish Mehta
26-Oct-2008 Congress Cancer, Manmohan Madness Dr. Satish Shukla
31-Jan-2009 Congress has its Nose Ahead in Coming General Election Amulya Ganguli
02-Aug-2008 Congress has its Nose Ahead in the Political Race Amulya Ganguli
11-Apr-2009 Congress Shoots Itself in the Foot Amulya Ganguli
02-Feb-2016 Congress Uncomfortable with Truth Proloy Bagchi
09-May-2009 Congress, BJP are Haunted by Past Misdeeds Amulya Ganguli
21-Jun-2009 Conspiracy Gwalior Dr. Amitabh Mitra
16-Jul-2006 Control Commodity Markets ... Urgently Michael Levy
05-Jan-2003 Conversion in any form is Destruction of Culture Ed Viswanathan
14-Nov-2004 Cooperative Mandirs J. Ajithkumar
15-Apr-2020 Coronavirus Tests India's Tenacity Ramesh Menon
26-Apr-2009 Corruption in Business Journalism: A Worrying Malaise Sushma Ramachandran
06-Oct-2010 Corruption in India Tirumala Prasad
12-Jun-2016 Corruption Prevents India Becoming Sone ki Chidia Again Proloy Bagchi
15-Jun-2003 Corruption: A Very Severe Handicap for Human Rights Prof. Raja Mutthirulandi
05-Aug-2001 Corruption: Misconceptions about the Disease and the Medicine K.K
17-Sep-2007 Could Indian Spirituality Have Helped Mother Teresa? Ravi Shankar Rajan
30-Jul-2006 Courting Injustice The Terrible Truth about our Courts Rajesh Talwar
12-Jun-2021 Covid Death of Board Exam Abhijit Sur
23-May-2020 Covid19 Effects: Why and How India Can Benefit Dr. Somasekhar Rao
07-Oct-2007 CPI-M Counts the Cost of Early Election M. R. Narayan Swamy
01-Jul-2009 CPI-M is Damned If it Does, Damned If it Doesn't B.R.P. Bhaskar
12-Jan-2008 CPI-M's Formula: Market Marx Amulya Ganguli
25-Dec-2007 Cricket, Bollywood Made their Presence Felt in South Africa Fakir Hassen
29-Oct-2006 Criminal Freedom versus Civil Thralldom V. Sundaram
12-Dec-2006 Criminalization of Politics is Threat to Nation Bijay Shankar Patel
13-Oct-2011 Crumbling Social Security for Grey-haired V. N. Prasad
14-Oct-2008 Cry, My Beloved Mangalore Maxwell Pereira
11-Jan-2012 Cultures of Civilisations J. Ajithkumar
27-Jun-2008 Curbing Inflation - Too Little, Too Late! Sushma Ramachandran
19-Jul-2008 Cussedness, Underhand Dealings Mark Countdown to Trust Vote Amulya Ganguli
18-Aug-2007 Cynicism of 'Secular' Parties Helps Hindu, Muslim Extremists Amulya Ganguli
10-May-2008 Cynicism, Casteism Haunt Women's Reservation Bill Amulya Ganguli
24-Feb-2007 D'j' Vu: Samjhauta and Sabarmati Express Kusum Choppra
01-Sep-2007 Dark Clouds Over Manmohan Singh Government Are Lifting Amulya Ganguli
28-Aug-2005 Dating AM and PM J. Ajithkumar
19-Dec-2011 Death of Kim Jong II: Chaos or Opportunity Dr. A. Adityanjee
26-Nov-2012 Debating Democracy J. Ajithkumar
29-Sep-2002 Decline, Debasement and Devastation in the All India Services P. S. Appu
03-Jun-2006 Decoding Da Vinci's Dissen Mario DPenha
30-Dec-2007 Decoding Modi's Victory and Secular Politics Manish Chand
04-Sep-2010 Deendayalism – Right opportunity J. Ajithkumar
10-Jun-2007 Defeating Naxalism: Hope or Apathy? Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
25-Jun-2022 Defects in Anti-defection Law Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
25-Mar-2013 Defending the Advent: Advent of an Aam Aadmi Gaurav Kumar
03-Nov-2018 Defiance of Apex Court Verdicts Proloy Bagchi
01-Jun-2013 Déjà vu Regarding China Aneeta Chakrabarty
29-Dec-2007 Delhi Courts Move Against the High and Mighty in 2007 Kanu Sarda
09-Apr-2006 Democracy Dying J. Ajithkumar
03-Jun-2006 Democracy in Ladakh : Marginalized Women Stanzin Dawa
13-Jun-2007 Democracy Is Not for China Dr. William R. Stimson
29-Aug-2004 Democracy: Blooming or Withering Dr. Neria H. Hebbar
27-Jan-2007 Democratic Consolidation of Nepal: Hopes and Handicaps Anil Kumar Mohapatra
28-Jun-2009 Democratic Faiths J. Ajithkumar
29-Mar-2009 Democratic Set-Up and Democracy Pramod Khilery
17-Dec-2016 Demonetisarion: Pak's Sinister Designs Forced Modi's Hands Proloy Bagchi
13-Sep-2007 Denial of Democracy Will Only Fuel Extremism in Pakistan Alok Bansal
17-Mar-2013 Developing India - A New Model Sanjay Samarth
10-Dec-2006 Development at the Cost of Life: Do we want this Siddhartha P. Saikia
23-Jul-2006 Development for the Common Man Kusum Choppra
03-May-2011 Dharmic Republic of India J. Ajithkumar
24-Jan-2004 Dictums of Life J. Ajithkumar
24-May-2006 Did Jesus Die in India Kusum Choppra
01-Jul-2012 Dilution of Academics! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
15-May-2008 Dip in Industrial Growth: Time to Change Gears Sushma Ramachandran
24-Oct-2010 Diplomatic Profession and Practice in Ancient and Medieval India K. Gajendra Singh
23-Oct-2016 Disappearing Freedom of Expression Proloy Bagchi
19-May-2007 Disarming South Asia's Protestors Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
27-Aug-2006 Disaster Ready India? A Distant Dream Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
10-May-2011 Dissection of Gilani Speech in the Pakistani Parliament Rahul Mukand
31-May-2009 Distorted Democracy of India J. Ajithkumar
17-Sep-2012 Disturbing Overtones . . . Ananya S Guha
26-Nov-2016 Disturbing Trend; Opinions and Entitlement; The Untamed Living Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
02-Jan-2005 Dizygotic Terms J. Ajithkumar
07-Oct-2007 Do Commissions of Inquiry Serve Any Purpose? Murali Krishnan
11-Jul-2004 Do Fences Make Good Neighbors Melanie Priya Kumar
11-Jun-2006 Do we get Justice based on Truth? T. A. Ramesh
03-Aug-2010 Do We, the Nation, Need Nuclear Weapons? Dhirendra Sharma
15-Mar-2008 Does the Left have a Hidden Agenda? Amulya Ganguli
08-Aug-2008 Doha Trade Talks Fail, but Developing South Wins Sushma Ramachandran
25-Sep-2004 Doing It Everyday 4 Meena Kandasamy
25-Sep-2004 Doing It Everyday 1 Meena Kandasamy
25-Sep-2004 Doing It Everyday 2 Meena Kandasamy
25-Sep-2004 Doing It Everyday 3 Meena Kandasamy
25-Sep-2004 Doing It Everyday 5 Meena Kandasamy
25-Sep-2004 Doing It Everyday 6 Meena Kandasamy
25-Sep-2004 Doing It Everyday 7 Meena Kandasamy
03-Apr-2021 Doles: A Tool for Making People Political Slaves Dr. Harasankar Adhikari
09-Jun-2011 Don't Digress Ishaan Saxena
23-Mar-2008 Don't Just Invest, Collect Art Shylashri Shankar
15-Aug-2006 Dreams on Independence Day Ramesh Menon
14-Aug-2009 Drought can be Overcome, Action Must be Swift Sushma Ramachandran
21-Aug-2016 Dysinformation Leading Kashmiris Astray Proloy Bagchi
07-Jun-2009 Early Signs of Bipolar Trend at National Level B.R.P. Bhaskar
08-Jan-2005 Eat Well, Work Well Nitin Jugran Bahuguna
12-May-2009 Economic Agenda Will be More of the Same With New Government Sushma Ramachandran
17-Dec-2008 Economic Gloom and the Silver Lining for India Sushma Ramachandran
15-Mar-2009 Economy Becoming Important in Deciding Electoral Fortunes Sushma Ramachandran
04-Nov-2008 Economy Not So Bleak, But Needs Balancing Act Sushma Ramachandran
01-Jan-2011 Education and Not Indoctrination is our Desperate Need Prof. Muhammad Shoaib Akif
01-Oct-2006 Education in India is coming to Spectacular Crossroads Kusum Choppra
23-Dec-2012 Eighty Years of India in Test Cricket Proloy Bagchi
07-Feb-2009 Election Commission Row can Cause its Credibility Serious Damage Amulya Ganguli
09-Dec-2008 Election Results Bode Well for Congress Gilles Verniers
08-Jan-2006 Elections in Israel & Palestine: Dynamics for Peace Sujata Ashwarya Cheema
11-Jun-2022 Elections to Upper House Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
21-May-2007 Electoral Egalitarian Elan of Mayawati V. Sundaram
24-Jul-2005 Electricity and Water Revolution in Rural Areas Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
05-Jun-2005 Embrace the Vulnerable J. Ajithkumar
31-May-2009 End of a Rite, Kamala Das Passes Away Dr. Amitabh Mitra
15-Jan-2007 End of Caste-based Reservations? The IX Schedule Verdict Naagesh Padmanaban
19-Sep-2007 Endgame in Afghanistan and the Musharraf Factor Brig. Arun Sahgal
03-Jun-2012 Enemies of Love Prof. Shubha Tiwari
27-Mar-2007 Energy for Rural Poor Challenge for Global Community Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
06-Apr-2008 Engaging India Dr. A. Adityanjee
15-Sep-2008 Engine Failure Responsible for Russia Plane Crash A. Pandey
21-Aug-2012 Enough is Enough! Ananya S Guha
23-Oct-2010 Ensuring Right to Education in The Red Corridor Gladson Dungdung
04-Jul-2007 Epidemic Fever in Kerala: Fact, Fiction or Phobia T. Jacob John
23-Apr-2006 Ethanol Fuel for Rural Households Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
15-Jun-2019 Ethics - On The Brink of Apocalypse? Abhijit Sur
11-May-2002 Ethics in Administration Dr. Pradip Bhattacharya
11-May-2002 Ethics in Administration 2 Dr. Pradip Bhattacharya
11-May-2002 Ethics in Administration 3 Dr. Pradip Bhattacharya
10-May-2001 Ethics in Industry Dr. Pradip Bhattacharya
24-Apr-2005 Ethics in Public Administration Dr. N. Vittal
26-Jul-2008 Everybody Loves a Trust Vote Chitra Padmanabhan
14-Mar-2004 Evolution of Mankind: Is it Over J. Ajithkumar
14-Dec-2008 Exercising the Military Option: Possible, But Not Feasible A. Vinod Kumar
17-Feb-2008 Expect People-Friendly Budget Ahead of 2009 Elections Sushma Ramachandran
01-Jul-2009 Expectations High as Mukherjee Readies for National Budget Sushma Ramachandran
01-Jan-2013 Expressing Righteous Indignation Moronic Giggles and Mournful Gloom Dipankar Dasgupta
05-Feb-2008 Extremism in Pakistan: The Way Ahead Alok Bansal
12-Jul-2007 Extremist Islamic Mobilization in India Must be Countered Ajay Sahni
13-May-2007 Faces from Gwalior Dr. Amitabh Mitra
25-Sep-2007 Factional Politics and People's Interest Mukesh Williams
15-Oct-2006 Falling Standards of Military Writing in India Brigadier RS Anand
27-May-2007 Farming for Energy Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
10-May-2007 Farming in India and Erratic Power Supply M. N. Buch
31-Aug-2019 Fast and Fiery Proloy Bagchi
03-Apr-2005 Feedback J. Ajithkumar
26-Jan-2000 Fifty Years of the Indian Republic Rajender Krishan
27-Jun-2020 Fight Against Commercial Mining of Coal in Jharkhand Prem Verma
28-Sep-2008 Fill Up Police Vacancies, Secure Hinterland to Fight Terrorism Ajay Sahni
16-Apr-2006 Film Making as a Career Pallavi Bhattacharya
27-Apr-2008 Films are to Entertain, Not Preach: Kirron Kher Azera Rahman
30-Oct-2008 Financial Crunch Hurting British NRIs Kul Bhushan
06-Sep-2004 First Form of Life J. Ajithkumar
12-Jan-2011 Flagging Corruption Divya Joshi
17-Nov-2018 Flowers and Fragrance Dr. Rama Rao Vadapalli V.B.
17-Apr-2007 Food, Fuel, Water and Alternate Energy Sources Dr. BhamyV. Shenoy
04-May-2008 For God's Sake, Don't Exploit Religion for Political Gain Firoz Bakht Ahmed
08-Aug-2008 For Peace in Nagaland, Dialogue Among Nagas Must Succeed Sanjoy Hazarika
25-Aug-2012 Foreign Universities in India Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
02-Dec-2007 Forest Rights: Why the New Law Needs to be Implemented Shankar Gopalakrishnan
28-Feb-2013 Freedoms Shrink in Democratic India Proloy Bagchi
15-Jul-2023 Friendship Transcends Age Gap is a Myth G Swaminathan
24-Dec-2006 From 'Land to Tiller' to 'Land to Tatas' Amulya Ganguli
02-Sep-2023 From Peril to Progress P. Mohan Chandran
18-Sep-2016 From Square One and Back K.S. Subramanian
29-Jan-2006 From the Ground Up Rajgopal Nidamboor
19-Sep-2007 Fukuda or Aso: Factional Politics Within the LDP Mukesh Williams
13-Oct-2013 Gandhi to Gandhis - Betrayal of the People BS Murthy
13-Jan-2011 Gandhi Vs Congress! T. A. Ramesh
02-Oct-2012 Gandhian Culture of Politics and its Post Independence Evaluation Mahesh Chandra Dewedy
30-Aug-2011 Gandhian Mantle J. Ajithkumar
21-Oct-2007 Gandhigiri, A Contrary View Kusum Choppra
14-Jan-2007 Gas Chambers for Infants Kusum Choppra
09-May-2007 Gen. Jacob, Don't Twist the Reality of Bangladesh Maj. Gen. Sheru Thapliyal
20-Nov-2005 Gender Equality or Encashment of the Last Human Resource Kusum Choppra
30-May-2019 General Elections Throw Up Modi Again Proloy Bagchi
02-Mar-2002 Genocide in India A Planned Program Meena Menon
14-Jun-2008 Give me a Lalit Modi, Please, Instead of Allen Stanford V. Krishnaswamy
06-Aug-2006 Global (Dis)Order Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
17-Feb-2004 Global Peace, Gandhi and World Opinion Nitin Jugran Bahuguna
16-Feb-2008 Global Warning From China J. Ajithkumar
31-Jan-2004 Global(Indian)isation J. Ajithkumar
05-Jun-2004 Globalization and Indian Industry Bhushan Parulekar
26-Jan-2014 Good Governance Dr. Jaipal Singh
04-May-2008 Government May Have to Pay High Price for Rising Prices Sushma Ramachandran
13-Apr-2006 Guardians of the Indian Fortress Aruni Mukherjee
31-May-2008 Gujjar Agitation: Dark Side of Affirmative Action Amulya Ganguli
08-Mar-2009 Gulfdog Billionaires J. Ajithkumar
14-Jun-2009 Half-Converted Kerala J. Ajithkumar
24-Jan-2006 Hamas Treads the Political Path Sujata Ashwarya Cheema
29-Jan-2006 Hamas' Victory : Impact on Peace Process Sujata Ashwarya Cheema
09-May-2015 Happiness is Not for Indians Yet Proloy Bagchi
16-Apr-2011 Has Hazare Taken On More than he can Handle? Amulya Ganguli
20-Mar-2008 Has India Let Down Its Spies? Maloy Krishna Dhar
25-Dec-2008 Hasty Military Action will Jeopardize Long-term National Interest C. Uday Bhaskar
15-Aug-2013 Have the Dreams of Sri Aurobindo been Betrayed? Dr. Kavita Sharma
17-Dec-2006 Health of Nations J. Ajithkumar
13-May-2018 Height of Hypocrisy Proloy Bagchi
28-May-2012 High Inflation and Weak Economic Growth Vasant G. Gandhi
08-Apr-2008 High Oil Prices Could Hit India's Growth Sushma Ramachandran
21-Sep-2013 High-wire and High Office Mark T. Jones
27-Mar-2005 Highlights of Hi-Faith J. Ajithkumar
05-Oct-2008 Hijacking of a Religion Pramod Khilery
13-Jan-2008 Hindi-Chini Bhai, Bhai! Oh, Really? M. R. Narayan Swamy
02-Feb-2003 Hindutva - The Height of Ethnocentrism Jaya Sharma
14-Nov-2006 History grants Nitish Kumar an opportunity in Bihar Ramesh Menon
09-Jun-2012 History is A Weapon Aneeta Chakrabarty
10-May-2015 Hit and Run Trial Melodrama Dr. Jaipal Singh
29-Aug-2011 Hitting Corruption at the Source Prem Verma
04-Dec-2005 Home of the Brave John Steinsvold
30-Mar-2002 Homo Politicus M. N. Buch
07-Jan-2011 Honours Shared... Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
12-Oct-2019 Horrendous Bhopal Roads Proloy Bagchi
26-Jun-2009 Houghton is Right, Indian Football Needs Infrastructure K. Datta
28-Sep-2014 How about a BRICS University? K.S. Subramanian
06-Nov-2010 How Can We Fight Poverty in India? Dr. Gopal Singh
07-Jan-2008 How ISI Engineers Pakistan Elections K. Subrahmanyam
19-Jan-2008 How Myopic Politicians See the Bharat Ratna Amulya Ganguli
18-Apr-2020 How Nehru Helped in Spreading Vivekananda's Ideas? Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
30-Apr-2022 How to Make a Better India Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
23-Nov-2008 How to Stop The Short Sellers Michael Levy
08-Dec-2002 Human Rights! Doreen Dotan
04-Dec-2005 Human Trafficking: The Tragic Social Evil Rajesh Ramasubramanian
11-Dec-2004 Humanity in Dilemma Again? J. Ajithkumar
15-May-2021 Humanity, Wealth and Welfare during the Pandemic Crisis Dr. Harasankar Adhikari
17-Jan-2009 Hurdles in Advani's Prime Ministerial Path Amulya Ganguli
12-Oct-2010 I am Helpless Citizen in India Prof. Dr. Raju SSN
21-Jan-2021 I Didn't Watch The Inauguration Randy Johnson
29-Apr-2004 I'Day and C'Wealth J. Ajithkumar
11-Jul-2007 ICC Selling Stars, Not Cricket Ravi Kant Singh
01-Jul-2012 Idiotic, Ugly and Repulsive The True Face of a Drunken Person Prof. Shubha Tiwari
23-May-2011 If Nehru Visits India Today ... Mahesh Chandra Dewedy
11-Jun-2012 IIT vs Govt: An Unfortunate Duel Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
08-Jun-2008 Immigration: How Britain has Lost the Plot Aruni Mukherjee
29-Mar-2009 Imperative Imperialism J. Ajithkumar
26-Jun-2007 Imperialism and Divide & Rule Policy K. Gajendra Singh
29-Dec-2007 In 2007, India Let its Children Down Priyanka Khanna
14-Feb-2014 In A Hurry? K.S. Subramanian
27-Dec-2008 In Any War, India's Conventional Superiority Will Prevai Gurmeet Kanwal
26-Jun-2004 In Search of a Legacy: Bill Clinton Dr. Neria H. Hebbar
17-May-2010 In The End, Assam is The Loser Sanjoy Hazarika
03-Jun-2006 In the Name of the Prophet Shehar Bano Khan
22-Apr-2009 In this Election, Choose Long-Term Vision Over Short-Term Gains Sam Pitroda
01-Mar-2008 Inclusive Growth is Survival Imperative for Indian Economy Sukumar Muralidharan
06-Apr-2008 Inclusive Growth Shouldn't Mean Ignoring OBCs Rajeev Ranjan Roy
26-Feb-2006 Incomplete Ideologies J. Ajithkumar
29-Feb-2008 India Budget Will Spur Sustainable, Inclusive Growth S. S. Mehta
14-Nov-2010 India - The New Oligarchy? Col. Gopal Karunakaran
03-Mar-2007 India : Enhancing Regional Engagement Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
30-Dec-2007 India and China should Cooperate in Rural Technology Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
27-Mar-2005 India and United States: A Strategic Partnership Dr. Neria H. Hebbar
16-Dec-2004 India Awaits Early Elections Amulya Ganguli
29-Feb-2008 India Budget Will Spur Sustainable, Inclusive Growth S. S. Mehta
02-Jan-2011 India Corrupted J. Ajithkumar
13-Aug-2006 India Divided J. Ajithkumar
30-Jun-2007 India Empowered! Meena Iyer
22-Dec-2007 India got Some Relief in Terror Attacks in 2007 Ajay Sahni
15-Nov-2008 India has to Worry Over New Zealand Election Result Balaji Chandramohan
07-Jun-2009 India Hopes for Better Economic Reforms Vasant G. Gandhi
29-May-2004 India Marching Dr. Neria H. Hebbar
07-Feb-2011 India Must Look Outward to Reap Demographic Dividend Shiv Muttoo
30-Apr-2002 India Must Play To Win Lata Jagtiani
14-Apr-2008 India Needs to Shake Hands with Maoists in Nepal Pranay Sharma
05-Jun-2008 India Paying Price for Global Oil Speculation Sushma Ramachandran
14-Mar-2004 India Shining! Anita Joseph Koshy
27-Dec-2008 India should Pursue 'No War, No Peace' Policy with Pakistan Amulya Ganguli
02-Mar-2008 India Should Read Tea Leaves on Chinese Military Spending C. Uday Bhaskar
22-Feb-2009 India Should Take Leadership Role in Indian Ocean Region A. Vinod Kumar
01-Aug-2007 India Should Take Seismic Protection More Seriously Sandeep Donald Shah
12-Oct-2008 India Weighing Political Impact of Tough Economic Decisions Sushma Ramachandran
21-Jun-2008 India's 'Obama Moment' Will be When a Muslim Becomes PM Amulya Ganguli
29-Nov-2008 India's 9/11: Will this be Its Wake-Up Call? Amulya Ganguli
06-Jul-2009 India's Budget Places Common Man Above Fiscal Responsibility Sushma Ramachandran
16-Jun-2008 India's Counter-Terrorism Centre Should be a Unique Model Alok Rashmi Mukhopadhyay
05-Feb-2008 India's FDI Liberalization - Is it Enough and In Time? Sushma Ramachandran
01-Aug-2015 India's Galloping population Proloy Bagchi
07-Jun-2009 India's Growth Data has Brightened Revival Hopes Sushma Ramachandran
31-Dec-2007 India's Key Market Index Closes 47 Percent Up Arvind Padmanabhan
20-Jul-2008 India's Left Caught in Contradictions Galore Ramesh Menon
08-Nov-2009 India's Muslims Lack an Enlightened Leadership Amulya Ganguli
15-Nov-2007 India's Myanmar Policy and the Mizoram Connection Sanjoy Hazarika
30-Jun-2008 India's National Interest and Smaller Parties K. Subrahmanyam
29-Oct-2006 India's New Defence Minister: The Dilemma of Honesty or Efficiency Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
11-Mar-2014 India's Next Prime Minister P V Rajeev
11-Oct-2008 India's Nuclear Deal and Two Worldviews K. Subrahmanyam
12-Aug-2007 India's Pakistan Dilemma Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
27-Dec-2007 India's Quest for Energy Security Sees Decisive Steps Forward Arvind Padmanabhan
04-Feb-2018 India's Speed Merchants Proloy Bagchi
18-Aug-2007 India's Spiritual Wealth is a Sign of Her Strengt M. Rajaque Rahman
01-Jan-2016 India's up-and-coming Highways Proloy Bagchi
20-Apr-2008 India, China Go their Own Way in Africa Manish Chand
29-Nov-2011 India, China, and Map Vasant G. Gandhi
11-Aug-2007 India-Gulf Ties: Gulf Between Aspirations and Achievements Inder Malhotra
24-Oct-2010 India-Japan Bilateral Partnership: The ‘Look East’ and ‘Vigor of Asia’ Initiatives Mukesh Williams
21-Aug-2013 India-Pakistan Ceasefire Violations: Theoretical Moorings Rahul Mukand
26-Dec-2007 India-South Africa Business Records New High in 2007 Fakir Hassen
28-Aug-2008 India-US Nuclear Deal - Time for a Pause Rajiv Sikri
20-Dec-2007 India-US: Year of the 'Deal or No Deal' Arun Kumar
13-Aug-2006 India: The Narrow Minded Kusum Choppra
03-Feb-2007 Indian Agriculture: Pedestal of our Economy Vandana Vats
27-Jun-2013 Indian Craze for Gold Sinks Economy Proloy Bagchi
10-Apr-2006 Indian Federalism in Troubled Waters Dr. Prasenjit Maiti
04-May-2008 Indian Hockey Needs More Than Cosmetic Changes Anand Philar
02-Jan-2008 Indian Judiciary: A Time for Introspection Rebecca MammenJohn
14-Sep-2008 Indian Maoists have Ties with Other Terror Groups P. V. Ramana
22-Dec-2007 Indian Motorsport is Moving in Fits and Starts Anand Philar
16-Apr-2002 Indian Muslims at Crossroads Dr. Subhash Kapila
28-Jul-2008 Indian Muslims: Spiritualize the Radicals M. Rajaque Rahman
16-Jun-2007 Indian Strike - Privatization Is The Answer Sushma Ramachandran
07-Dec-2008 Indian USP J. Ajithkumar
11-Jan-2011 Indian Vaimanik Shastram Mandar Karanjkar
17-Jun-2002 Indianise Hindutva P. S. Appu
01-Sep-2007 Indo-Japan Relations: Just Good Intentions Are Not Enough Mukesh Williams
27-Oct-2013 Indo-Pak Dialogue - Why Flog a Dead Horse? Proloy Bagchi
14-May-2003 Indo-Pak Relations Pragmatism on Kashmir Muhammad Ahsan Yatu
11-Feb-2010 Information Imperialism? Dr. William R. Stimson
22-May-2014 Interesting Times: Dilchasp Din Aane Wale Hain Ganganand Jha
17-Feb-2009 Interim Budget: A Tale of Delayed Policies Sushma Ramachandran
28-May-2006 Internet Bhagawan J. Ajithkumar
06-Jul-2008 IPI Pipeline a Good Option but a Security Nightmare Gurmeet Kanwal
04-May-2008 IPL: Cricket-Sangeet is a Much Simpler Option Chitra Padmanabhan
02-Aug-2009 Iran's Democracy Dr. William R. Stimson
26-Mar-2012 Irony of the Indian Polity BS Murthy
14-Sep-2008 Is 'Timely Election' in Kashmir a Gamble Worth Taking? F. Ahmed
27-Apr-2008 Is Cheerleading Culturally Offensive? Ask Bollywood Item Numbers Mayank Chhaya
21-May-2006 Is Equality Really Possible T. A. Ramesh
04-Mar-2006 Is George Bush Anti Islam? Usha Kakkar
15-May-2010 Is Gold Your Friend or Foe Michael Levy
17-Jun-2012 Is Home the Most Unsafe Place for an Indian Woman? Prof. Shubha Tiwari
25-Sep-2007 Is India Aligning in a New Cold War? Sreeram Chaulia
31-Aug-2008 Is India an Outlet for Sotheby's Unsold Art? Uma Nair
15-Jun-2007 Is It The End of The Road for Musharraf? Arun Kumar
20-Mar-2016 Is Moratorium to Nuclear Weapons Possible to Promote World Peace? T. A. Ramesh
11-Jan-2013 Is Our Democracy Healthy? Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
30-Apr-2006 Is Sonia above Law? V. Sundaram
03-Nov-2007 Is the BJP's Hold on Gujarat Overrated? Amulya Ganguli
20-Feb-2008 Is the Government Underestimating the Maoist Threat? P. V. Ramana
26-May-2008 Is the IAS Fortress Showing Cracks? Maxwell Pereira
05-Apr-2008 Is the Left's Third Front Hopes a Pipedream? Amulya Ganguli
19-Aug-2010 Is the Recession Over for the Indian Economy? Sushma Ramachandran
24-Mar-2002 Is There A God? Ratnakar Sadasyula
17-Dec-2006 Is there non-discriminatory Rule of Law in India V. Sundaram
11-Jul-2009 Is Zardari more India-friendly than others in Pakistan? Amulya Ganguli
18-Sep-2014 ISIS - New Threat from Middle-East Proloy Bagchi
15-Aug-2009 Islam at Crossroads: Who's to Blame? M. Rajaque Rahman
23-Sep-2001 Islam Misunderstood Khalid Khan
21-Nov-2014 Islamophobia; A Term Needs Moratorium Zafar Iqbal
18-Feb-2008 Israel and India: Iran's Needless Hullabaloo Sreeram Chaulia
05-Jun-2005 Israel's Contestable Security Barrier Sujata Ashwarya Cheema
26-Jun-2005 Israel's Disengagement from Gaza Strip: Perils and Prospects Sujata Ashwarya Cheema
08-Mar-2008 It is Advantage Manmohan Singh, as Government Fall is Unavoidable Amulya Ganguli
28-Mar-2004 It is Not Just Cricket! Melanie Priya Kumar
16-May-2009 It Was an Election the Congress Could Not Lose Amulya Ganguli
17-Oct-2004 It's How You Play The Game Melanie Priya Kumar
14-Apr-2008 It's Time NRI Business Leaders Discovered Africa Kul Bhushan
03-Jun-2006 It's Your Problem Usha Kakkar
31-Jan-2015 J & K Needs Governance K.S. Subramanian
07-Oct-2007 Jagjit Singh: A Musical Demiurge Sreeram Chaulia
05-Oct-2008 Jamia Millia: Living a Nightmare with Remarkable Restraint Rumki Basu
07-Jul-2007 Japan-India Trade Relations: An Unequal Music Mukesh Williams
09-Sep-2007 Japanese Universities Wooing Indian Students Mukesh Williams
19-Feb-2017 Jayalalithaa: Her life, politics, regime and after… G Swaminathan
30-Nov-2008 Jihadistan: A Guerrilla Nation that Pakistan Cannot Control Harold A. Gould
30-Jul-2006 Jobless Development Nitin Jugran Bahuguna
20-Jan-2007 Judiciary and Musharraf Rahul Mukand
07-Oct-2007 Judiciary Versus the Media Peeyush Khandelwal
05-Jul-2012 Jundal Shadow on India-Pakistan Talks Rahul Mukand
05-Feb-2005 Justice for Manish Dr. Satchit Balsari
26-Jul-2009 Kargil: Whose War was That? C. Uday Bhaskar
06-Oct-1999 Karmic Darwinism Srinivas Vijay
03-May-2008 Karnataka Polls will be Crucial for Congress Amulya Ganguli
30-Apr-2008 Karzai's Afghanistan Steps Deeper into Security Quagmire John Stanly
30-Nov-2009 Karzai’s Loya Jirga and Obama’s Afghan Job Dr. Uddipan Mukherjee
07-May-2008 Kashmir 'Packages' ? When Will They Ever Learn? Ashok Jaitly
09-Mar-2008 Kashmir and Nagaland Will Not Be Kosovo Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
31-Oct-2010 Kashmir and the Right to Speech Mahesh Chandra Dewedy
21-Aug-2008 Kashmir's Independence Cannot be an Option Rajiv Sikri
30-Sep-2007 Kashmir: Lost Opportunity of Ramzan Cease Fire Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
14-May-2002 Kashmir: Islamic Territory Vs Democracy Vishwa Mohan Tiwari, AVM (Retd)
14-May-2002 Kashmir: Islamic Territory Vs Democracy - 3 Vishwa Mohan Tiwari, AVM (Retd)
14-May-2002 Kashmir: Islamic Territory Vs Democracy 2 Vishwa Mohan Tiwari, AVM (Retd)
26-Jan-2014 Kejriwal: Leader of Indian Spring Dr. P Koshy
28-Mar-2004 Kerala of Morrow J. Ajithkumar
23-Sep-2017 Killing of Rationalists Proloy Bagchi
17-Feb-2007 L14 Syndrome J. Ajithkumar
10-Aug-2010 Lackadaisical Governance in Kashmir Rahul Mukand
06-Jul-2007 Lal Masjid and Golden Temple - Comparisons are Inevitable Amulya Ganguli
21-Jun-2009 Lalgarh : Is it liberated Dr. Amitabh Mitra
01-Mar-2000 Land of the Free, Home of the Brave Sherrie Gore
28-Aug-2010 Law in the Culture of Poverty Kamal Wadhwa
17-Sep-2007 LDP Domination Has Stifled Debate in Japan Mukesh Williams
25-Jun-2013 Lead India! Sanjay Samarth
30-Sep-2001 Leadership in Future Dr. A. Harindranath
13-Sep-2008 Left and BJP Left High and Dry Over Nuclear Deal Amulya Ganguli
10-Apr-2005 Lessons from Legend J. Ajithkumar
12-Apr-2020 Lessons so far from Corona Virus Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
04-Dec-2004 Lest We Forget Melanie Priya Kumar
03-May-2009 Let Education Educate Pramod Khilery
03-Sep-2013 Let there be FDIs in Agriculture! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
16-Jan-2005 Let's All Become Brahmins! J. Ajithkumar
06-Apr-2009 Let's Debate Pramod Khilery
15-Nov-2012 Let's Do The Exposure Game! Ananya S Guha
09-Dec-2008 Let's Not Lose the Battle of the Mind to Pakistan Rajiv Dogra
01-Jan-2011 Let’s Germinate like Germany Did Prof. Muhammad Shoaib Akif
04-Jul-2009 Liberhan Report will Hurt Advani the Most Amulya Ganguli
21-May-2006 Liberty, Inequality and Enmity of State-Sponsored Quota Raj V. Sundaram
03-Apr-2005 Life and Death in America Michael Levy
17-Jun-2011 Listen to History Ganganand Jha
02-Oct-2021 Lives Vs. Livelihood Dr. Harasankar Adhikari
20-Apr-2011 Lokpal Bill should Build on Larger Reform Process Sam Pitroda
03-Jun-2007 Long March to a Just Solution to Bhutan Refugee Crisis Malvika Vartak
25-Jun-2006 Lord Minto Revisited! V. Sundaram
25-Jun-2006 Lord Minto Revisited! - 2 V. Sundaram
19-Apr-2009 Losing Grounds J. Ajithkumar
14-Mar-2014 Losing the Plot? K.S. Subramanian
29-Apr-2007 Ludicrous End to a Farcical Tournament Yamini Ayyagari
14-Apr-2007 Machiavellian Method Behind BJP's Maneuvers Amulya Ganguli
22-Feb-2008 Madhesi Agitation Threatens to Derail Nepal Elections Shubha Singh
09-Mar-2008 Madhesi Parties Gear Up for Nepal Polls Shubha Singh
24-Jan-2004 Mahatma Gandhi A Votary for Sustainable Living Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
02-Oct-2002 Mahatma Gandhi The Greatest General Vishwa Mohan Tiwari, AVM (Retd)
03-Sep-2016 Mahmooda Mufti has Right Perspective on Recent Unrest Proloy Bagchi
29-Aug-2009 Making Right to Education a Reality Through Technology N. N. Sachitanand
02-Sep-2007 Making the Sense of 'Citizenship' Shibsankar Jena
26-Nov-2006 Maldives ? Idyllic Beauty Globalizes Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
20-Nov-2008 Malegaon Arrests: Elephant in the Drawing Room? C. Uday Bhaskar
01-Oct-2006 Mandate Minimum Agenda J. Ajithkumar
29-Jan-2009 Mangalore Pub Attack: Lessons India's Civil Society Must Heed C. Uday Bhaskar
26-Sep-2007 Manmohan at 75: India's Unlikely Man of Destiny Amulya Ganguli
20-Jul-2008 Manmohan Beats the Marxist-Mayawati-Manuvadi Trio Amulya Ganguli
01-Aug-2009 Manmohan Singh's Peace Gamble: Vision Confronts Reality Amulya Ganguli
31-May-2009 Manmohan Singh's Second Shot to Make India Safe Maja Daruwala
21-May-2009 Manmohan Singh: Another Shot to Implement his 'Idea of India' Tarun Basu
24-Jul-2008 Manmohan Singh: Short-term Politician with a Long-term Vision Mayank Chhaya
07-May-2020 Martyrdom on Icy Heights Proloy Bagchi
20-Jul-2007 Maulvis in India Keeping Muslims Backward F. Ahmed
30-Oct-2004 May The Better Man Win! Melanie Priya Kumar
03-Jun-2007 Mayawati Holds the Cards in Presidential Poll Gilles Verniers
19-Jul-2009 Mayawati is Letting Down Dalits and Uttar Pradesh Amulya Ganguli
14-Jul-2007 Mayawati: Now the Bad News Amulya Ganguli
14-Aug-2009 Media Causing Undue Public Anxiety about Swine Flu Dr. Girish Bhaskar
18-Dec-2005 Media Trivialized Kusum Choppra
28-Jun-2009 Michael Jackson's Quest for Paradise Lost Michael Levy
15-Aug-2008 Micro-Financing: A Tool for Grassroot Development Animesh Banerjee
16-Jul-2006 Middle East : The Emerging Cauldron Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
10-Sep-2008 Migrants, Politics and the Need for Action in Northeast Sanjoy Hazarika
20-Mar-2005 Migration Migraine J. Ajithkumar
28-Dec-2007 Militancy in Tripura Falls Steeply in 2007 Sujit Chakraborty
30-Mar-2008 Mindset Behind a Bad Ad Shree Venkatram
06-Mar-2021 Ministry of Secular Affairs Dr. Harasankar Adhikari
05-Jan-2003 Minority Recognition for Jain Community Bal Patil
20-Jun-2004 Mirroring The Past Sujata Ashwarya Cheema
24-Apr-2021 Mischievousness in Vicious Cycle Dr. Harasankar Adhikari
26-Jan-2020 Misguided Students Proloy Bagchi
14-Jun-2008 Moderate Advani vs Hardliner Rajnath Singh Amulya Ganguli
22-Feb-2009 Moderate Islam Needs to Condemn Jihadism Unequivocally Dr. BhamyV. Shenoy
17-May-2009 Modern Piracy on the High Seas Mukesh Williams
10-Oct-2004 Modern Temples of India J. Ajithkumar
14-Feb-2012 Modernization of Poverty Ganganand Jha
26-Dec-2007 Modi as the Hero/Villain of 2007 Amulya Ganguli
26-Nov-2016 Modi Goes for Broke After Illicit Wealth Proloy Bagchi
27-May-2014 Modi is Not a Fascist, Period Proloy Bagchi
01-Feb-2020 Mona Lisa - A Masterpiece or a Proloy Bagchi
19-Nov-2006 Money Making Education in the Offing Kusum Choppra
25-Sep-2012 Money Tree Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
24-Sep-2006 Moral Policing by the State Bijoyeta Das
04-Aug-2002 Morality : What It Means to Me! Khushboo Bhola
16-Jul-2006 Mother India Revisited Kusum Choppra
06-Mar-2005 Mother Tongue-Tie J. Ajithkumar
16-May-2014 Mr. Modi, his victory, wife and US visa! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
11-Aug-2007 Mumbai Riots of 1992-93: Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie Amulya Ganguli
16-Feb-2008 Mumbai Violence: Lumpenisation of Indian Politics Amulya Ganguli
15-Oct-2006 Murthy and Shourie J. Ajithkumar
08-Aug-2008 Musharraf Impeachment: Pakistan On the Brink - Again? C. Uday Bhaskar
09-Dec-2007 Musharraf Slips Away Rahul Mukand
01-Oct-2006 Musharraf's Leadership Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
31-Dec-2006 Musings on the Millennium P. G. R. Nair
11-May-2008 Muslims Must Come Out Openly Against Terrorists Firoz Bakht Ahmed
16-Apr-2007 Muslims Should Come Out of Their Minority Mindset Firoz Bakht Ahmed
11-Jan-2001 Muslims: Where Do They Belong? Ooma Tiwari Tariang
11-Jan-2008 Must India Follow the US Blindly? Rajiv Dogra
24-Aug-2019 My Complaint About Nintendo Randy Johnson
08-Sep-2007 N-Deal Ratification is Not a Good Idea Amulya Ganguli
31-Dec-2007 N-deal Slows Down, as Pakistan Turmoil Worries India Manish Chand
19-Oct-2007 N-deal: Did the Congress Lose its Nerve Like Rahul Dravid? Amulya Ganguli
15-May-2016 Naiveté of Civil Society and the Bengal Elections Dipankar Dasgupta
27-Nov-2007 Nandigram to Nasreen: The Scene Gets Murkier Amulya Ganguli
01-May-2007 Nandigram: Law and Order M. N. Buch
29-Dec-2007 Narendra Modi: Dubious politics, Good Economics Amulya Ganguli
01-May-2008 National Interest Demands UPA, NDA Forge Common Stand on N-deal K. Subrahmanyam
17-May-2009 National Mandate for Congress, Demise of Divisive Politics Gilles Verniers
07-Jul-2007 Naxal Economic Warfare Strategy Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
09-Apr-2008 NDA Should Rise above Parochial Concerns on Nuclear Issue K. Subrahmanyam
16-Feb-2014 Need Legislation or Implementation! Dr. Jaipal Singh
11-Aug-2014 Need for Improvement Exists in Every Worldly Creation Mahesh Chandra Dewedy
09-Jun-2002 Need for Thoroughgoing Reforms P. S. Appu
04-Dec-2008 Needed: Revamp of National Security Apparatus C. Uday Bhaskar
05-Jul-2008 Negative Muslim Response to N-deal a Red Herring Amulya Ganguli
14-Dec-2008 Negotiating Globalization Dr. Prasenjit Maiti
24-Jul-2021 Nehru on Vedantic Philosophy for Alternative Economic Development of India Dr. Harasankar Adhikari
18-Sep-2016 Nehru's Indecision Cost India Two Winnable Wars Proloy Bagchi
02-Apr-2006 Neo Imperialism at its Best Tahir Raj Bhasin
03-Dec-2006 Nepal: Raising Hopes of Normalcy Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
29-Aug-2013 Netas in our Netaland Proloy Bagchi
10-Dec-2006 Neurobiology as a Career Pallavi Bhattacharya
22-Dec-2007 New Coach and Fresh Ideas Spur Indian Hockey Anand Philar
20-Oct-2018 Newspapers or Rags Proloy Bagchi
30-Sep-2007 NGO Presence in FATA Rahul Mukand
28-Mar-2007 NGOs, Subversive Activists and Foreign Funds - 2 V. Sundaram
29-Mar-2007 NGOs, Subversive Activists and Foreign Funds - 3 V. Sundaram
30-Mar-2007 NGOs, Subversive Activists and Foreign Funds - 4 V. Sundaram
27-Mar-2007 NGOs, Subversive Activists and Foreign Funds - I V. Sundaram
07-Aug-2010 No God, Only Godmen J. Ajithkumar
27-Nov-2021 No Role, Importance or Recognition for Virtuous People Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
05-Nov-2006 No to the days of Catherine De' Medici and Borgia V. Sundaram
12-Sep-2009 No Winners in West Bengal; Losers are its People Amulya Ganguli
19-Aug-2012 No.2 India J. Ajithkumar
12-Apr-2008 Noida Incidents - Collusion, Connivance, or Callous Incompetence Maxwell Pereira
19-Aug-2012 Non-violence and its True Form in India Pt. Srikant Mohanty
29-Dec-2014 Not a BJP Juggernaut Yet K.S. Subramanian
14-Mar-2006 Not Again! Mr. Advani Usha Kakkar
08-Sep-2008 NSG Waiver Means India has Arrived as a Power K. Subrahmanyam
09-Aug-2008 Nuclear Deal and India's Place in a Multipolar World K. Subrahmanyam
28-Jun-2008 Nuclear Deal Standoff Exposes Myopia of Indian Political Class Amulya Ganguli
30-Jul-2006 Nuclear Hostage Crisis Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
19-Sep-2007 Nuke Deal, Religion May Push India Into Early Election M. R. Narayan Swamy
29-Jul-2012 O God, Let My Country Awake! Prof. Shubha Tiwari
24-Jan-2009 Obama Should Not Surrender to Jehadi Blackmail on Kashmir Amulya Ganguli
13-May-2007 OBC Reservations for Higher Education M. N. Buch
12-Oct-2000 Of Gods and Asuras Bhagwat K. Shah
19-Jul-2012 Of Politics, Not Politicians Ananya S Guha
21-Dec-2000 Of Religion and Love Ooma Tiwari Tariang
16-Mar-2011 Of Venal Politicians and Corrupt Parties Proloy Bagchi
14-May-2006 Office of Profit Usha Kakkar
06-Mar-2005 Oh Gujarat! Mukul Dube
15-Jun-2008 Oil Pool Account Can Redress Petrol Price Burden A. Vinod Kumar
24-Aug-2008 Oil Price Speculation Truths Begins to Leak into Mainstream Media Michael Levy
12-Mar-2013 Old is Not Always Gold G Swaminathan
22-Apr-2008 Olympic Torch Relay Ceremony: China makes a Geopolitical Statement Dr. A. Adityanjee
21-Dec-2007 On Back of Robust Growth, India Inc Spreads Wings Overseas Arvind Padmanabhan
08-Sep-2018 On Dalit as Deva, a la Black is Beautiful BS Murthy
18-Nov-2007 Only a Strong India Will have Sovereign Right to Test K. Subrahmanyam
09-Dec-2007 Only His Own Constituents Can Stop Narendra Modi Mayank Chhaya
29-Feb-2004 Organized Religion - An Oxymoron? J. Ajithkumar
13-May-2012 Our Children Are Not Safe Prof. Shubha Tiwari
25-Sep-2016 Our Life, Our Times : 3 : Our Crude Netas Proloy Bagchi
27-May-2012 Our Sick Health Care System Prof. Shubha Tiwari
07-Dec-2008 Pakistan - A Lame Locus Less State Dr. Satish Shukla
09-Mar-2008 Pakistan and India Elections in Jammu and Kashmir Ashok Jaitly
07-Feb-2009 Pakistan Cocks a Snook at the World C. Uday Bhaskar
04-Nov-2007 Pakistan Emergency: Has Musharraf Played his Last Card? Alok Bansal
13-Jan-2009 Pakistan Ruling Elite Caught in Intrigue and Denials C. Uday Bhaskar
25-Oct-2007 Pakistan Seeking to Revive Khalistan Movement Ajay Sahni
29-Sep-2007 Pakistan Will Stay Hotbed of Confrontational Politics Nasim Zehra
01-Jun-2002 Pakistan's Folly Dr. Neria H. Hebbar
30-Oct-2008 Pakistan's Manifold Challenges: Can Zardari-Kayani Duo Deliver? C. Uday Bhaskar
19-Nov-2007 Pakistan's Nuclear-Armed Army Faces its Sternest Test Yet Rahul Bedi
15-Sep-2007 Pakistani Dictators Have a Shelf Life of 10 Years Amulya Ganguli
10-Jan-2008 Pakistani Jehadis Didn't Foresee Global Fallout of Mumbai Massacre Amulya Ganguli
30-Sep-2007 Pakistani Military Bleeding Through 'Someone Else's War' Rahul Bedi
26-Jul-2007 Pakistani Nukes and Global Hazards Alexander Orok
18-Jan-2010 Pakistan’s Fate and Jinnah Dr. Uddipan Mukherjee
19-Feb-2022 Pandemic Restrictions and the Working Class Dr. Harasankar Adhikari
30-Dec-2020 Paper Tiger G Swaminathan
17-Dec-2006 Papiya Ghosh: From JS to an End Dr. Amitabh Mitra
08-Oct-2006 Parliament Attack: The Clemency Chaos Naagesh Padmanaban
04-Dec-2013 Parliamentary Democracy in India: A Failure? P V Rajeev
05-Oct-2000 Partition of India Anjali Gupta
14-Jun-2012 Partitioning The UK? Dr. A. Adityanjee
01-May-2021 Patience in Democracy or Democratic Patience Dr. Harasankar Adhikari
17-Mar-2017 Patriotism and National Flag Proloy Bagchi
29-Feb-2004 Peace Pavalamani Pragasam
12-Feb-2008 Peace in Kashmir: Signs of Hope on the Horizon Gurmeet Kanwal
08-Aug-2010 Peace Through Prosperity Vasant G. Gandhi
01-Jan-2006 Peacefully Violent J. Ajithkumar
01-Jan-2006 Peacefully Violent - 2 J. Ajithkumar
23-Sep-2007 Pedagogy and Prejudice: Dev N Pathak
07-Jun-2020 People's Manifesto for India's Future Prem Verma
08-Apr-2009 Perfecting the Science of Shoe-Throwing: New Course for Media Schools? Mayank Chhaya
27-May-2007 Pervez Musharraf: The End Game Begins? Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
04-Aug-2010 Petraeus: Succeeding “Failures” or Successive Failures? Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
29-Mar-2011 PJ Thomas: Saga of a Man Wronged S. M. Murshed
02-Jun-2007 Playing With Caste Fire: The Gujjar Upsurge in Rajasthan Amulya Ganguli
04-Jul-2015 Plight of the Pedestrians N S Ramachandran
19-Feb-2011 PM's Teflon Image will Wear Thin Unless Guilty Punished Amulya Ganguli
24-Jun-2012 Poison In The Menu Prof. Shubha Tiwari
11-May-2008 Pokhran-III Prospects Dead on Pokhran-II Anniversary? Tarun Vijay
02-Mar-2013 Political Involvement is the Oxygen of Democracy Aneeta Chakrabarty
09-May-2020 Political Leaders' Irrational Response to Novel Coronavirus ... Mrinalini Sud
15-Jun-2013 Political Upliftment Sanjoy Barua
17-May-2011 Politically Inappropriate Talks on Corruption Mahesh Chandra Dewedy
01-Jan-2018 Politics and Celebrities Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
18-Jun-2011 Politics and Politicking Dr. P Koshy
25-Sep-2013 Politics of Vote - Bane of Indian Economy Proloy Bagchi
31-Mar-2007 Politics Sans Principles in Uttar Pradesh Polls Amulya Ganguli
20-May-2002 Politics, The Administration, Police and the Law M. N. Buch
21-Dec-2007 Positive Vibes From 2007 for Indian Football Abhishek Roy
08-Jan-2008 Post-Benazir, Pakistan Faces Multiple Challenges C. Uday Bhaskar
22-Feb-2008 Post-election, Kiyani Likely to Emerge Stronger in Pakistan Wilson John
16-Jul-2008 Post-Kabul Attack, India Needs to be More Assertive in Afghanistan Brig. Arun Sahgal
17-Aug-2008 Post-Musharraf Scenario: Growing Instability in Pakistan Brig. Arun Sahgal
19-Nov-2009 Postscript to Saddam’s Downfall Kamal Wadhwa
20-Jan-2012 Poverty Anushree Pal
19-Apr-2009 Poverty Poses a Threat Vasant G. Gandhi
22-Jul-2020 Power Politics Damaging Governance Ramesh Menon
01-Jan-2008 PPP: The Bhutto Family Heirloom Mayank Chhaya
17-Jan-2008 Pragmatic China Countervails US through India Partnership K. Subrahmanyam
15-Jun-2007 Pratibha Patil: The Advantages of Being Lightweight Amulya Ganguli
01-Mar-2009 Pre-poll Goodies in Times of Falling GDP Growth Sushma Ramachandran
30-May-2008 Preserve the Sanctity of Test Cricket K. Datta
15-Aug-2013 President Speaks: I'Day 2013 Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
23-Jun-2007 Presidential Poll: Messier Than Ever Amulya Ganguli
03-Jul-2007 Presidential Polls More About Politics Than the Candidate Gilles Verniers
12-Feb-2006 Priestly Brahmins J. Ajithkumar
17-Feb-2007 Priority of Agricultural Development T. A. Ramesh
20-Jun-2020 Privatisation of Coal Mining Must be Opposed Prem Verma
13-May-2007 Privatization: The Only Solution! Naira Yaqoob
23-Apr-2014 Priyanka Gandhi’s Ideological War Proloy Bagchi
19-Feb-2006 Protesting the Caricature of Islam Dr. William R. Stimson
03-May-2008 Protests Apart, India's Image Getting a Boost Down Under Kul Bhushan
11-May-2008 Public Guns Will Change the Directions Toward Zardari Dr. Khalid Iqbal Tahir
09-Feb-2019 Public Policy and Precautions on Designing and Construction Papa Rao Jayanthi
26-Apr-2008 Pumping up Oily Propaganda Michael Levy
23-Apr-2006 Pumping Up the Price of Oil Michael Levy
19-Mar-2011 Putting a Price on Suffering Mark T. Jones
08-Mar-2009 Putting Our Shoulders to India?s Wheel Ramesh Menon
25-Jul-2012 Questions of North East India . . . Ananya S Guha
29-Jan-2011 Quo Vadis, India Subra Narayan
28-May-2006 Quota Raj : A La Jallianwala V. Sundaram
31-May-2009 Rachida Dati: Is France's Loss Europe's Gain? Barbara Lewis
03-Sep-2006 Racial Profiling - Episodic Misgivings Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
19-Jul-2007 Radical Islam has Limited Appeal in India: Experts Manish Chand
08-Nov-2014 Rahul and the Muddle K.S. Subramanian
30-May-2015 Rahul Gandhi Directs Thousand Cuts at Modi Proloy Bagchi
16-Apr-2008 Rahul Gandhi: From Diffident MP to PM Candidate Monobina Gupta
08-Oct-2006 Railway Safety is No Accident Arya Bhushan
11-Feb-2015 Raising Aspirations of Aam Aadmi Dr. Jaipal Singh
30-Jan-2005 Raju's Socialism J. Ajithkumar
22-Sep-2007 Ram Sethu Issue Could Lead to Hindu vs Hindu Clashes Amulya Ganguli
05-Oct-2007 Ram Sethu Issue Unlikely to Boost BJP Prospects Amulya Ganguli
18-Sep-2005 Ramanaut - Indian Astronaut J. Ajithkumar
31-Mar-2007 Rani Bodli - The Maoist Strategy Unfolds Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
26-Jan-2011 Rat Race or the Loan Cat - At C Level Nikhil Sharda
13-Jul-2019 Ravindra Jadeja: A Consummate Cricketer Proloy Bagchi
23-Mar-2008 Real Minorities Of India J. Ajithkumar
12-Nov-2006 Reaping the Peace Dividend in India's North East Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
24-Apr-2005 Rebuilding the Civil Services M. N. Buch
20-Oct-2011 Recognizing Somaliland Dr. A. Adityanjee
12-Jun-2002 Rehabilitation and Compassion Lata Jagtiani
25-Sep-2005 Reigning Nature J. Ajithkumar
28-Sep-2008 Relevance of Gandhi in Modern Times Dr. Rajen Barua
02-Oct-2023 Relevance of Mahatma Gandhi Today Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
30-Sep-2023 Relevance of the Gandhian Ideology for Building a Cultured World Dr. Punam Pandey
27-Feb-2021 Relevance of the Religion of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa at this Crisis of World Humanity Dr. Harasankar Adhikari
10-Jan-2010 Religious Banking J. Ajithkumar
23-Jan-2021 Religious, Irreligious and Non-religious or Secular Dr. Harasankar Adhikari
29-Oct-2006 Reliving Legacy of the Cholas Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
17-Oct-2012 Remembering Sino-Indian Conflict 50 Years Ago Vasant G. Gandhi
10-Jun-2007 Reply to US Congress Letter on Iraq, Iran and Terrorism to the Indian Premier K. Gajendra Singh
10-Feb-2007 Research and Development for Innovation T. A. Ramesh
12-Jan-2013 Reservation Overdose J. Ajithkumar
21-May-2006 Reservations about Quotas Usha Kakkar
12-May-2013 Resurgent India is Powerless to be Born Aneeta Chakrabarty
08-Nov-2009 Revival of India's Merchandise Exports on the Horizon Sushma Ramachandran
29-Mar-2014 Rich Grow Richer in India's Sinking Economy Proloy Bagchi
19-Sep-2009 Right Indians J. Ajithkumar
26-Dec-2008 Right to Education Bill Puts Great Responsibility on Schools Uma Nair
16-Feb-2008 Right To Information For All Gautam Sengupta
12-Jun-2021 Right to Last Rites Abhijit Sur
21-Apr-2007 Rise of the Hindu Taliban? Amulya Ganguli
31-Aug-2000 Rivalry and Competition Subrata Mukherjee
21-Sep-2019 Role of INA in Freedom Struggle Proloy Bagchi
13-Jun-2004 Ronald Regan Dr. Neria H. Hebbar
13-Jun-2004 Ronald Regan 2 Dr. Neria H. Hebbar
13-Jun-2004 Ronald Regan 3 Dr. Neria H. Hebbar
13-Jun-2004 Ronald Regan 4 Dr. Neria H. Hebbar
13-Jun-2004 Ronald Regan 5 Dr. Neria H. Hebbar
13-Jun-2004 Ronald Regan 6 Dr. Neria H. Hebbar
05-May-2002 Rooting Out The Islamic Religion Meena Kandasamy
30-Dec-2007 Royal Curse Comes True in Nepal Sudeshna Sarkar
06-Sep-2008 Russia-NATO: Return of the Great Game Ilya Kramnik
04-May-2002 Sachin Tendulkar Amazing Master Blaster Bhushan Parulekar
13-Mar-2005 Saint Pips Sage J. Ajithkumar
09-Nov-2008 Saintific Harvest J. Ajithkumar
27-Apr-2008 Sarabjit's Execution can Cast Shadow on India-Pakistan Ties Pranay Sharma
02-Mar-2003 Saratchandra and His Women Sheetal Dahiya
07-May-2012 Satyameva Jayate: A Truly Cathartic Experience Prof. Shubha Tiwari
30-May-2008 Scaling up Tobacco Control Strategies in India Bobby Ramakant
03-Feb-2011 Science and Art Education at Cross Roads G Swaminathan
05-Jun-2004 Scientific Temper J. Ajithkumar
10-Apr-2016 Searching for a Fake Icon K.S. Subramanian
08-Oct-2006 Secret India at war celebrates its re-invented past Marc Olivier Parlatano
07-Aug-2004 Secular or Communal Kerala J. Ajithkumar
21-Feb-2012 Securing Indian Traditional Knowledge from Western Patents Ramesh Menon
24-Mar-2013 Securitisation of the BRICS Dr. A. Adityanjee
19-Jul-2009 Selling Off Sick PSUs: Were they Really Family Silver? Sushma Ramachandran
30-Apr-2008 Separatism Gets Competitive in Kashmir Valley Tarun Vijay
17-Mar-2002 Shakuntala, Schubert and Sarabhai Dr. Pradip Bhattacharya
20-Oct-2013 Sham of Secularism – Fraud on India BS Murthy
15-Jan-2010 Shattered and Splintered India of Today V. Sundaram
11-Nov-2012 Shillong’s Date with Pomposity Ooma Tiwari Tariang
13-Sep-2007 Shinzo Abe Decides to Quit Mukesh Williams
02-Mar-2008 Should India also Develop Satellite-killing Capability? Sreeram Chaulia
26-Jan-2007 Should Journalists Accept State Honors? Mayank Chhaya
02-Feb-2011 Should the Corruption Issue be Put on the Back Burner in the Parliament? Dr. Gopal Singh
02-May-2013 Should the Mandarin Speaking National Security Advisor Resign? Dr. A. Adityanjee
19-Jun-2005 Silence of Bheeshmas J. Ajithkumar
14-Sep-2008 Singur Strife Concerns Livelihood, Not Just Farmland Sushma Ramachandran
18-Apr-2010 Sinner or Sinned Against Pramod Khilery
16-Mar-2003 Six Sigma in Education Dr. Dheeraj Malhotra
15-Aug-2007 Sixty Years of Pakistan Alok Bansal
13-Feb-2011 Skill development for 500 million Indians: A mantra for action Sanjiv Kataria
24-Feb-2009 Slumdog's Triumph: The Importance of Soft Power C. Uday Bhaskar
09-Mar-2013 So-Called Spring; Su-Shi Strife and The South-West Asia Dr. A. Adityanjee
21-Nov-2015 Social Media: Boon, Bane or Both… Vivek Bhatt
03-Aug-2008 Social Sino-Shocks J. Ajithkumar
16-Oct-2016 Sonia & Rahul - Like Mother Like Son Proloy Bagchi
20-Sep-2012 Sonia’s Twisted ‘Destiny of Power’ BS Murthy
29-Dec-2012 Sordid History Ananya S Guha
02-Jun-2007 South Asia: The Emerging World Cricket Hub K. Gajendra Singh
03-Feb-2007 Special 'Economic' or 'Political ' Zones? Ishita Russell
17-May-2008 Sports as Business - The Game is Afoot! Sangeeta Goel
13-Aug-2006 Sri Lanka : Back to the Future Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
31-Dec-2007 Sri Lanka Gained Upper Hand Over LTTE in 2007 M. R. Narayan Swamy
04-Jan-2008 Sri Lanka to Remain Unitary State but with More Devolution M. R. Narayan Swamy
07-Jan-2007 Sri Lanka: Human Tragedy Ahead Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
11-Mar-2007 SSCP - A Monument of Fraud and Infamy V. Sundaram
05-Feb-2008 Stalling Nuclear Deal Will Be A Historical Mistake K. Subrahmanyam
29-Jan-2006 Stardust Memories Michael Levy
27-Nov-2005 State of Hijack J. Ajithkumar
04-Jun-2007 Stemming Rot in Criminal Justice System: Be Tough, Act Fast Radhika Kolluru
15-Mar-2009 Stemming the Taliban Tide in Afghanistan and Pakistan Harold A. Gould
23-Aug-2010 Strategy for Rural Electrification Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
15-Jan-2006 Strategy for Rural Electrification-2 Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
10-Jun-2012 Strive, Struggle and Conquer: The World is Yours! Prof. Shubha Tiwari
15-Dec-2007 Strong Rupee a Plus Point for India Sushma Ramachandran
18-Feb-2009 Study in Scarlett: Goa Refuses to Learn Mayabhushan Nagvenkar
08-Feb-2009 Suicidal Secularism J. Ajithkumar
02-Jul-2006 Suicide Tourism Kusum Choppra
26-Mar-2012 Tablet Age J. Ajithkumar
24-Apr-2011 Tackling Corruption Ravinder Malhotra
16-Jul-2006 Tactful Use of Temple Wealth J. Ajithkumar
19-Mar-2013 Taking Hostage of Indian Foreign Policy! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
02-Mar-2006 Tale of Two Countries Usha Kakkar
21-Dec-2007 Talented Bench Strength Gives Indian Cricket Hope Qaiser MohammadAli
29-Jul-2007 Taliban: Pakistan's Incubus, World's Scourge Sreeram Chaulia
25-Jun-2011 Talking to the Taliban: Why Afghan Women Remain Fearful Jeanne Bryer
21-Oct-2008 Tamil Nadu Ferment Stuns Rajapaksa but War Will Go On M. R. Narayan Swamy
11-Jan-2009 Target of Terrorism J. Ajithkumar
22-Mar-2008 Taslima's Exit is a Blow to Indian Secularism Amulya Ganguli
27-Nov-2007 Taslima: Hounded in her House of Words Manish Chand
03-Feb-2007 Tata Corus Deal will benefit Tata Steel Mihir Mishra
22-Jul-2007 Tata's Rs.100,000 car: Boon or Bane for India? Dr. BhamyV. Shenoy
09-Apr-2014 Tea in Indian Politics Proloy Bagchi
04-Sep-2007 Teachers Have to be Made Accountable Uma Nair
13-Mar-2005 Technology or Tensionology V. S. Bhatnagar
21-Feb-2014 Telengana: A New Beginning P V Rajeev
05-May-2007 Temple Tamperings J. Ajithkumar
28-Dec-2008 Ten Issues India Inc Has to Contend With in 2009 Sushma Ramachandran
15-Jun-2008 Ten Reasons Why Oil Price Speculation Require a Change in the Rule of Law Michael Levy
15-Sep-2008 Terror in Delhi - Will the Political Leadership be Found Wanting Again? C. Uday Bhaskar
14-Sep-2008 Terror in the Name of Islam: What Purpose does it Serve? Sarwar Kashani
25-Mar-2008 Terror Remains Beyond Control of Pakistani State Sreeram Chaulia
10-Dec-2017 Test Cricket in Polluted Delhi Proloy Bagchi
17-May-2008 Thackerays Give a Bad Name to Maharashtra and Marathis Amulya Ganguli
11-Sep-2008 Thackerays Strike Again and Tolerant India Bends a Little More Minu Jain
24-Apr-2010 Tharoor Tangle J. Ajithkumar
01-Apr-2007 The Chief Minister and Nandigram S. M. Murshed
20-Apr-2008 The 'Business' of Maoist Movement in India P. V. Ramana
17-Dec-2016 The Apparently Wasteful Exercise Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
10-Jan-2010 The Architect of the Adivasis’ Misery Gladson Dungdung
01-Aug-2013 The Bane of India Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
10-Nov-2007 The Bane of Indian Politics: Regional Parties Amulya Ganguli
11-Jun-2008 The Bastar Blackout: New Maoist Design to Target Infrastructure P. V. Ramana
26-May-2008 The BJP Goes South: Declining Charisma of Sonia Gandhi Amulya Ganguli
15-Dec-2007 The BJP Turns to GenPast: But Will Advani Deliver? Amulya Ganguli
24-Aug-2008 The Boxer, the Body - Knockout Combo for Indian Sports Chitra Padmanabhan
19-Sep-2004 The Bush Doctrine & Its Four Pillars World War IV Dr. Neria H. Hebbar
08-Jul-2012 The Cancer of Caste in The Indian Consciousness Prof. Shubha Tiwari
05-Mar-2006 The Cartographic Deficit in Indic Publishing Shreeram Vidyarthi
28-Nov-2006 The Challenges in Bihar Ramesh Menon
12-Dec-2011 The CHIPNOKISS Network and the Nuclear Pak-Mart Dr. A. Adityanjee
25-Aug-2011 The Churn of the Chambered Pramod Khilery
04-Jan-2008 The CIA-ISI Axis: India Should Have No Illusions of US Support C. Uday Bhaskar
06-Feb-2021 The Constitution of Human Life Dr. Harasankar Adhikari
24-Aug-2008 The Curious Case of India's Oil Policy Sushma Ramachandran
21-May-2006 The Da Vinci Tsunami V. Sundaram
11-Sep-2011 The Decade of 9/11 Dr. Neria H. Hebbar
06-Jul-2003 The Demonisation of the Constitution M. N. Buch
04-Feb-2024 The Desperate Souls and Suicides G Swaminathan
06-Oct-2002 The Dharmic State M. N. Buch
16-Feb-2012 The Dilution of Learning! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
13-Nov-2012 The Discovery Of India Ananya S Guha
16-May-2020 The Disintegrated India Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
17-Oct-2010 The Duelfer Report: An Expos of Saddam Goals and Ambitions Dr. Neria H. Hebbar
24-Dec-2007 The Earth Has Fever - Proved 2007 Joydeep Gupta
30-Nov-2009 The Easiest Job In India Sneha Mehta
05-May-2011 The Emasculated State Ishaan Saxena
11-Nov-2012 The Faceless... Ananya S Guha
30-Nov-2008 The Fidayeens Are Back, But We Aren't Ready A. Vinod Kumar
27-Nov-2008 The Financial Crisis: Who will Help Starving Countries? Vlad Grinkevich
08-Oct-2006 The Future History of Taiwan Dr. William R. Stimson
09-Jun-2007 The Future of India: Caste Wars or Social Harmony? Amulya Ganguli
16-May-2009 The Good Professor is Back - With a Better Mandate Murali Krishnan
21-Mar-2007 The Governor and Nandigram S. M. Murshed
29-Mar-2007 The Governor and the Constitution S. M. Murshed
22-Sep-2009 The Grand Old Party and The Brand New Mr. Twitter Pramod Khilery
05-Mar-2006 The Great American Circus Rolls On Usha Kakkar
31-Jul-2013 The Great Indian Tamasha Dushyant Singh
22-Jul-2007 The Great Indian Wine Duty Circus Subhash Arora
09-Oct-2005 The Great Realization J. Ajithkumar
06-Nov-2008 The Greatest Moment in American History V. Sundaram
05-May-2007 The Hirakud Dam: Displacement and Development Prof. R. N. Mishra
13-Nov-2001 The Idea of India and the Muslim Mind Ashish Nangia
20-May-2012 The Idiocy of The Big, Fat Indian Wedding Prof. Shubha Tiwari
18-Dec-2013 The Idiom of Saintly Politics and the Mass Movements in India Prof. R. N. Mishra
19-Nov-2009 The IDPs of South Waziristan Dr. Uddipan Mukherjee
25-Apr-2004 The Importance of Being Earnest Opinion Makers Melanie Priya Kumar
11-May-2007 The Importance of Being Mayawati Amulya Ganguli
24-Feb-2007 The Importance of Being Quattrocchi Manish Chand
14-Jul-2002 The Individual and the Community Ronald Stanley
15-Feb-2009 The Infinite India P. G. R. Nair
23-Nov-2008 The Insanity of Allowing Short Selling in a Recession Michael Levy
11-Jan-2015 The Insincerity in Fighting Terrorism and Fundamentalism Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
18-Jan-2009 The Israeli Model: Learn but Observe the Differences P. R. Kumaraswamy
03-Aug-2010 The Kashmir Calculus Dr. Uddipan Mukherjee
05-Nov-2009 The Last Lifeline for Karzai Dr. Uddipan Mukherjee
23-Oct-2005 The Law: Congealed Colonialism Arvind Narrain
27-Oct-2007 The Left has Limited Stake in India's Development Amulya Ganguli
13-Oct-2007 The Left's Devious Role on the N-deal Amulya Ganguli
26-Jan-2007 The Left's Rickety New 'Third' Platform Amulya Ganguli
26-Jan-2007 The Left's Rickety New 'Third' Platform Amulya Ganguli
16-Oct-2011 The Legacy of the Wizard Aneeta Chakrabarty
01-Jun-2012 The Leh Episode Kusum Choppra
27-Jul-2007 The Limits of Pakistan-US Counter-Terror Cooperation Nasim Zehra
16-Feb-2003 The Mad Cow Disease Mahesh N Buch
21-Jun-2015 The Maggi 2-Minute Noodles imbroglio Proloy Bagchi
02-Oct-2004 The Mahatma Reduced to a Ritual Remembrance Melanie Priya Kumar
02-Oct-2004 The Mahatma Melanie Priya Kumar
09-Nov-2008 The Man of the Moment: Barack Obama Pramod Khilery
27-Mar-2008 The Maoist Threat: Lies, White Lies and Statistics P. V. Ramana
20-Mar-2012 The Meaning of Success! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
12-Apr-2008 The Method behind Aamir Khan's Many Moves Chitra Padmanabhan
08-Oct-2011 The Middle Class Can Spark No Revolution Aneeta Chakrabarty
14-Jun-2009 The Myth of Employment Creation through Large Scale Factories Prem Verma
03-Jan-2012 The Myth of Human Equality! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
05-Feb-2011 The New G5 Dr. A. Adityanjee
17-Feb-2012 The Obsession! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
26-Oct-2013 The Onus for Change is now on The Minorities Rati Hegde
26-Mar-2012 The Ownership of Regions! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
23-Jul-2006 The Pains of Failed Vigilantism Col. Rahul K. Bhonsle
29-Nov-2013 The Pampered Separatists of Kashmir Proloy Bagchi
10-Feb-2015 The panicked BJP! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
18-Jun-2022 The Perception of Fake News on the Internet Dr. Sanghamitra Adhya
23-Jan-2005 The Perilous Road To Peace Sujata Ashwarya Cheema
22-Apr-2007 The Plastic Frame of Bureaucracy S. M. Murshed
28-Mar-2004 The Post Series Nostalgia Rajesh Ramasubramanian
19-Dec-2004 The Raj Shows The Way Melanie Priya Kumar
14-Mar-2004 The Religious Mysticism of Einstein Kumud Biswas
21-May-2006 The Reservation Hurricane M. H. Ahsan
18-Oct-2009 The Reverse Reward of 2009 Pramod Khilery
05-Dec-2010 The Right to Information Act and Good Governance in India Prof. R. N. Mishra
06-Apr-2008 The Rights Of A Citizen At The Time Of His Arrest Rajesh Talwar
21-Dec-2007 The Rise and Rise of Indian Investment in Britain Prasun Sonwalkar
14-May-2006 The Rite of Passage to the New World Order Arvind Pandey
21-Nov-2014 The Run for Unity and the Later Controversies Proloy Bagchi
07-Sep-2007 The Rural Perspective on the India-US Nuclear Deal Sudhir Rao
15-Nov-2008 The Saffron Brotherhood Becomes a Hydra-headed Monster? Amulya Ganguli
19-Jul-2015 The Scam of the Year Proloy Bagchi
11-Dec-2004 The Sikhs of Bobigny Ashish Nangia
03-Sep-2006 The Silent Majority Robert L. Sungte
10-Sep-2006 The Sky is the Limit for India's Growth! Niraj Chandra
06-Oct-2016 The Surgical Strike Proloy Bagchi
25-Oct-2008 The Thackeray Family's Dubious Inheritance Amulya Ganguli
31-Jul-2021 The Thieves are Ashamed (Choreder Lajja Holo) Dr. Harasankar Adhikari
03-Feb-2024 The Threat of AI (Artificial Intelligence) G Swaminathan
28-Oct-2007 The Travails of Political Sloganeering in Japan Mukesh Williams
08-Dec-2007 The Travails of the Indian Diaspora in Malaysi Amulya Ganguli
12-Feb-2006 The Unconscious Foreigner Aruni Mukherjee
21-May-2017 The Unfair GST Exemption Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
25-May-2008 The Unseemly Politics of Terrorism in India K. Subrahmanyam
16-Dec-2007 The Unspoken Truth in Iran's Nuclear Report K. Subrahmanyam
03-Jun-2006 The Untouchability in Ladakh An Unethical Practice Stanzin Dawa
01-Feb-2000 The Virtual Relationship Shabina Kaur
03-Feb-2007 The World of Social Networking and Vagaries alongwith Mihir Mishra
23-Jun-2002 The World of the Ghosts Bhushan Parulekar
03-Feb-2011 They Cook Unity, We Smell Humiliation Shoaib Rafiq
19-May-2007 Third Anniversary of a Jaded Government Amulya Ganguli
30-Oct-2005 Third Child Trick J. Ajithkumar
05-May-2007 Threats to World Stability T. A. Ramesh
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24-May-2006 Unprovoked, Unwarranted Papal Assault on India V. Sundaram
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