Let's Do The Exposure Game!

I can't just understand how selection committee results are tampered with, and the authorities get away with it? What guarantee is that such things have not happened in the past, or are continuing today? And mind you this is a CBI Report. And then the person indicted, actually denies it in a press conference, and some of us gobble up the incumbent's views! And the incumbent says that the officer concerned who said the damaging things to CBI, is falsifying things, and there are people out to defame the Minister.

The Officer sticks to his allegation, namely that he was 'requested' to change the names. Then what will be the reply of the Minister? What action will the Government take against tampering, over writing, changing, falsifying, indeed forging a selection process. What will be the credibility of the Selection Committee? Why should they suffer, through no real fault in their own?

This is a thing which has tarnished the name of the state of Meghalaya. On the one hand we are so platitudinous about education, that it builds integrity, character, morals, the right to education, that primary school teachers are poorly paid, they need training and all that gibberish, when we really don't mean a thing. And then we talk of transparency, fair mindedness et al? What has happened to all that talk? How can we clean education from the lapses and quagmires that it has fallen into? it is a rut, and we cannot come out of it.

Despite the State Eligibility Test for Primary School teachers, they do not get selected. If back door is going to be our mainstay in selections let us legitimize it. In fact let us legitimize corruption, instead of uttering banalities about that elusive transparency. Yes, we are transparent in our illegitimate acts, our corruption, our favouritsm, our manipulation. If we want as a selection committee member to kick a candidate out, we harass him or her.

Even with State Eligibility Tests and the National Eligibility Tests we find that these candidates are not given preference during the selection process. Why? When they have passed a test based on competition, they should be given first preference. It is as simple as that! Yet I know of people who have passed the UGC NET struggling to find their feet in the shape of employment. Certain things are gimmickry, the rest is manipulation by people including the academic world. Vice Chancellors want their candidates in, because his friend, another Vice Chancellor wants a particular person in. Quality and performance are the last things in our mind. It is a racket, and like rackets, it is used to play games for money and power lust.

Coteries in the country have become decrepit for their ostentatious show of power and flagrant favouritism. They should be banished by a rule of law, if any malpractice is found to be perpetrated by them.

And yes, thank God there are still some sane individuals and institutions, who can do the exposure game as well as the others!


More by :  Ananya S Guha

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