Date Title Writer
23-Jun-2007 A Brutal Act! Naira Yaqoob
15-Oct-2017 A Case for Large Countries Sanjay Chowdhary
12-May-2007 A Clever Mind v Wisdom Michael Levy
01-Apr-2012 A Comparison of Two Nobel Lectures Prof. Shubha Tiwari
22-May-2021 A Connection Neeraj Kumar
16-Apr-2006 A Humble Indian's Grand Vision for India Aruni Mukherjee
14-Apr-2007 A Lesson from China Dr. William R. Stimson
17-Aug-2008 A Life and Death Situation Namita Kohli
08-May-2005 A Long Life Michael Levy
04-Dec-2004 A Moment of Celebration of Truth Sanjay Thakur
20-Aug-2006 A Parable on Proactivity P. G. R. Nair
11-Feb-2024 A Persian Saying Dr. Frank S. K. Barar
11-Sep-2005 A Preamble to Beauty Rohini S. Murthy
18-May-2019 A Profound Question & a Blithe Answer! G Swaminathan
04-Sep-2012 A scientific and Brahmajnaana view of the Physical and Psychological Times Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
31-Jan-2012 A Scientific Perspective of the Upanishads! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
21-Oct-2023 A Symphony of Selflessness P. Mohan Chandran
09-Jul-2006 A Tragic Tale of Self Betrayal Michael Levy
27-Mar-2005 A Travesty Played Out in Ignorance Michael Levy
21-Sep-2011 Abolition of Capital Punishment: Objectification of Subjectivity BS Murthy
30-Apr-2012 Abstraction in Identity R. D. Ashby
27-Nov-2005 Accessing Freedom Robert L. Sungte
02-Jul-2006 Achievement of Liberation T. A. Ramesh
12-Jul-2012 Actuality from Potentiality R. D. Ashby
04-Oct-2011 Addendum to Evolution: Origins of the World BS Murthy
01-Dec-2012 Advent of Dharma BS Murthy
16-May-2012 Affection for Life R. D. Ashby
07-Jan-2012 Ambedkar and the Bhagwat Gita Nalini Pandit
15-Jan-2005 America: A Land of Opportunities Arya Bhushan
27-Feb-2010 An Idea for India Anand Rishi
09-Feb-2013 Anatomy of Islam BS Murthy
21-Sep-2019 And God Created Man R. D. Ashby
05-Jan-2013 Angels of War BS Murthy
16-Jan-2005 Animal Magnetism Michael Levy
14-Mar-2013 Ant Grows Wings BS Murthy
26-Dec-2004 Applause, Applause Michael Levy
01-Aug-2021 Appropriation of the Rainbow Colours P. Ravindran Nayar
12-Nov-2006 Are We Really Civilized T. A. Ramesh
12-Nov-2021 Art and Science of Happiness Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
27-May-2023 Aryavarta: Chanakya's Blueprint for a Strong Nation Renu Dhotre
29-Jan-2003 As High As A Kite Michael Levy
12-Dec-2012 Ascent to Descent BS Murthy
05-Feb-2022 Atmanibhar Bharat ... Dr. Harasankar Adhikari
29-May-2021 Authority: Can be Demanded or Earned Dr. Anupama Jha
17-Mar-2013 Autobiographies by Women Prof. Shubha Tiwari
12-Feb-2006 Awaken the Giant Within Rajgopal Nidamboor
08-Apr-2007 Banking KPIs J. Ajithkumar
30-Mar-2014 Be Anchored in Now Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
25-Mar-2007 Be Careful of What You Wish or Utter Arya Bhushan
20-Jun-2020 Becoming One World: A Dream Only or Reality? T. A. Ramesh
10-Dec-2023 Bee-Ing Human: Lessons We Can Draw from the Honeybees P. Mohan Chandran
19-Nov-2022 Better Time Management for Happiness and Success Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
24-Oct-2012 Bhagavad Gita and Leadership: Anasakti Yoga Satya Chaitanya
08-Aug-2020 Birth and Death are Natural Process in Life! T. A. Ramesh
11-Jan-2009 Blind Faith Michael Levy
04-Oct-2009 Blinding Books J. Ajithkumar
31-Jan-2013 Blinkers of Belief BS Murthy
02-Apr-2017 Bridging of Eastern and Western Thought is in Right Understanding of Time Amrit Sorli
12-Jul-2009 Buddha in the Business World Satya Chaitanya
21-Aug-2016 Build Bridges, Not Fences Suresh Kalathil
14-Dec-2019 Caging Birds in the Name of Love Satya Chaitanya
12-Nov-2023 Can Ganga Truly Cleanse Our Sins? Bibek Sinha
17-Oct-2020 Can Human Existence Be Possible Sans Friendship and Love in Life? - 1 T. A. Ramesh
24-Oct-2020 Can Human Existence Be Possible Sans Friendship and Love in Life? - 2 T. A. Ramesh
31-Oct-2020 Can Human Existence Be Possible Sans Friendship and Love in Life? - 3 T. A. Ramesh
07-Nov-2020 Can Human Existence Be Possible Sans Friendship and Love in Life? - 4 T. A. Ramesh
14-Nov-2020 Can Human Existence Be Possible Sans Friendship and Love in Life? - 5 T. A. Ramesh
21-Nov-2020 Can Human Existence Be Possible Sans Friendship and Love in Life? - 6 T. A. Ramesh
15-Oct-2017 Can India Teach the World a New Way of Thinking? Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
30-Jul-2006 Can International Culture be Developed by Friendship? T. A. Ramesh
02-Dec-2008 Can Mumbai Mayhem Show Us the Way? Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
15-Oct-2006 Can Sexual Harassment be Curtailed? T. A. Ramesh
04-Feb-2011 Can Thought Lead Us to the Universal Truth? Mandar Karanjkar
06-Sep-2011 Capital Punishment: Doctrine of Torture and Kill BS Murthy
28-Feb-2008 Challenge Before the Muslims Vinod Jain
22-Oct-2006 Changing Scenarios… Women’s Lib to Men’s Lib! Naira Yaqoob
11-Feb-2023 Chemicals: Friends or Foes? G Swaminathan
29-May-2021 Civilization of Unity in Diversity promotes Friendship for One Modern World! 1 T. A. Ramesh
12-Jun-2021 Civilization of Unity in Diversity promotes Friendship for One Modern World! 2 T. A. Ramesh
26-Jun-2021 Civilization of Unity in Diversity promotes Friendship for One Modern World! 3 T. A. Ramesh
10-Jul-2021 Civilization of Unity in Diversity promotes Friendship for One Modern World! 4 T. A. Ramesh
24-Jul-2021 Civilization of Unity in Diversity Promotes Friendship for One Modern World! 5 T. A. Ramesh
07-Aug-2021 Civilization of Unity in Diversity Promotes Friendship for One Modern World! 6 T. A. Ramesh
02-Nov-2000 Close Encounters of the Third Kind Maalok
27-Jan-2008 Clowns on Parade Michael Levy
20-Dec-2012 Coming of the Christ BS Murthy
25-Sep-2010 Common Wealth Games Committee - Only for the Commonly Wealthy Nikhil Sharda
16-May-2004 Compartments of the Mind Michael Levy
17-Oct-2004 Concentration and Meditation Vishwa Mohan Tiwari, AVM (Retd)
25-Oct-1999 Concepts & Relationships Mary E. Borra
20-Sep-2012 Constitutional Amnesia BS Murthy
05-Apr-2012 Contextual Act as Rightness Realisation R. D. Ashby
01-Apr-2020 Contextual Rightness Realisation vs Natural Selection R. D. Ashby
02-May-2020 Corona Virus: Harbinger of Loneliness or Aloneness Bhupinder Singh
12-Sep-2009 Corrupt Perspective, Thinking, Feelings and Actions Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar
30-May-2020 Covid-19 Dawn of Repentance R. D. Ashby
29-Aug-2013 Creativity and Innovation Mandar Karanjkar
10-May-2012 Cultivating Creativity P. G. R. Nair
30-Sep-2012 Cultivating Creativity Mandar Karanjkar
10-Feb-2007 Culture and Change Naira Yaqoob
02-Jan-2013 Czar of Medina BS Murthy
22-Feb-2009 Daily Battle against Chaos: Why Order is so Important Satya Chaitanya
22-Feb-2009 Dara Shikoh and the Upanishads Satya Chaitanya
04-Nov-2007 Dawn of De-Evolution J. Ajithkumar
06-Feb-2005 Dead Cert Michael Levy
28-Oct-2010 Death View Determines Quality of Life Flawsome A
26-Jun-2005 Death, Karma and Reincarnation Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
17-Feb-2007 Death: A Reality of Life Naira Yaqoob
17-Aug-2012 Deciphering the Inter-Dimensional Plain of Social Existence Omar Alansari-Kreger
20-Jan-2012 Deconstruction: The Double Edged Weapon Prof. Shubha Tiwari
01-Apr-2011 Defining Relationship of Media and Indian Mindset Sonali Dhanker
25-Mar-2013 Delusions of Grandeur BS Murthy
15-Sep-2012 Deming’s Funnel Experiment and its Application in Relationships Nikhlesh Mathur
19-Feb-2011 Demystifying the 2 G Scam for Children! Col. Gopal Karunakaran
18-Jun-2000 Destiny and Hard Work P. Mohan Chandran
07-Aug-2004 Detached Relationships Shernaz Wadia
25-Jun-2006 Dharma and the Modern World T. A. Ramesh
21-Mar-2004 Dialogue Among Civilizations Dr. Madan G. Gandhi
21-Mar-2004 Dialogue Among Civilizations 2 Dr. Madan G. Gandhi
21-Mar-2004 Dialogue Among Civilizations 3 Dr. Madan G. Gandhi
07-Aug-2005 Did You Make the Rich List Michael Levy
28-May-2006 Dilemma of India's Distant Education System Dr. Prasenjit Maiti
14-Feb-2007 Dimensions of Creativity V. Sundaram
10-Oct-2020 Divi Surya Sahasrasya P. Ravindran Nayar
28-May-2006 Do We Have Liberty? T. A. Ramesh
03-Oct-2004 Do we have the courage to be kind? Shernaz Wadia
27-Dec-2012 Do What You Want Done! Mehak Arora
19-Nov-2006 Does Advanced Knowledge give Power to Solve Human Problems? T. A. Ramesh
20-Apr-2007 Does Crime Imitate Art? The Pathology of a Campus Massacre Mayank Chhaya
24-Sep-2006 Does Human Culture Matter in the Modern World? T. A. Ramesh
27-Dec-2009 Does Our Curiosity Drive Us Toward Education Any Longer? Pramod Khilery
15-Sep-2018 Don't Chase Your Dream Shernaz Wadia
24-Feb-2013 Double Jeopardy BS Murthy
02-Aug-2009 Doubting Narens Janine Daniel
27-Jun-2020 Dreaming in Black and White P. Ravindran Nayar
18-Jun-2006 Dreams, Ideas and Realities T. A. Ramesh
31-Oct-2004 Dutiful Life J. Ajithkumar
18-Dec-2005 Duty : To Do or Not to Do? T. A. Ramesh
02-Mar-2008 DWELL Philosophy J. Ajithkumar
17-Jun-2007 Educating the Literate Generation Anjali Anand Seth
24-Mar-2009 Education and the Emperor's Golden Bed Satya Chaitanya
27-Aug-2006 Education for Character Building Dr. Pradip Bhattacharya
06-Aug-2006 Education for Development T. A. Ramesh
14-Apr-2007 Education: A Continuing Process T. A. Ramesh
05-Mar-2016 Education: How Should it Be? T. A. Ramesh
01-Nov-2009 Eliminating Stress by the Natural Process of Evolving Creation Michael Levy
05-Jan-2020 Emotions Management: A Brilliant Example for Executives from Valmiki Ramayana Satya Chaitanya
10-Apr-2012 Entertainment and Enlightenment Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
21-Aug-2021 Establishing Lost Paradise Again! - 1 T. A. Ramesh
04-Sep-2021 Establishing Lost Paradise Again! - 2 T. A. Ramesh
18-Sep-2021 Establishing Lost Paradise Again! - 3 T. A. Ramesh
02-Oct-2021 Establishing Lost Paradise Again! - 4 T. A. Ramesh
16-Oct-2021 Establishing Lost Paradise Again! - 5 T. A. Ramesh
30-Oct-2021 Establishing Lost Paradise Again! - 6 T. A. Ramesh
18-Jan-2009 Eternity is Now : The Theory of Atemporality Amrit Sorli
02-Jan-2021 Ethics in Public Sector Kavita Jha
27-Feb-2005 Everyone is a Leader of Everyone Lalremlien Neitham
07-Jan-2007 Expired Ethics J. Ajithkumar
17-Sep-2022 Exploring Life Stages Bhupinder Singh
21-Mar-2011 Expressing Love & Care G Swaminathan
27-Sep-2012 Facing the Unfair World S. C. Arora
31-Oct-2011 Falsity of Fame BS Murthy
18-Jun-2006 Fate and Destiny J. Ajithkumar
03-May-2000 Fear Trupti Derashri
20-May-2023 Fear of Intelligence K Govindan Kutty
16-Feb-2013 Fight for the Souls BS Murthy
17-Mar-2007 Finding The Easy Dr. William R. Stimson
20-Jan-2007 First Quadrant J. Ajithkumar
26-Aug-2023 Focused Thought as a Key to Happiness Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
03-Dec-2006 Food For Thought Attreyee Roy Chowdhury
06-Jul-2011 Food For Thought Prof. Shubha Tiwari
27-Mar-2005 Food For Thought Michael Levy
06-Jun-2020 For Your Happiness Kamal (Kam) Joshi
04-Aug-2007 Free Will, Evolution and Chaos Theory Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
02-Apr-2006 Freedom Naira Yaqoob
18-Jan-2000 Friends Venkatesh Krishnan
13-Aug-2006 Friendship and Culture for World Unity T. A. Ramesh
22-Feb-2004 Friendship Thoughts J. Ajithkumar
21-Apr-2012 From Slumdog to Maddog Raam Gokhale
11-Jul-2004 From Space-Time to a Temporal Physical Space Amrit Sorli
12-Aug-2023 Gahe Taba Jaya Gatha ... Gollamudi Radha Krishna Murty
01-Oct-2011 Gandhi on Corruption Mahesh Chandra Dewedy
01-Feb-2009 Gandhi, Grothendieck and the Gita Vivek Iyer
22-Oct-2022 Genesis of Fear and How to Reduce it Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
27-May-2012 Global Awareness Bhavna Mathur
05-Nov-2006 Global Problems: India and the World Rajesh Talwar
24-Jul-2020 Global Recession is Almost Here - 7 Things You Must Do Right Now!!! Alka Pandey
30-Dec-2007 Global Warming & Religious Conversion J. Ajithkumar
26-Aug-2007 God and Religion: The Dividing Bar to Humanity Dhanjit Kumar Choudhury
21-Apr-2013 God Religion and Rites Aju Mukhopadhyay
06-Dec-2012 God's Quid Pro Quo BS Murthy
04-Dec-2005 God's Sorry, He Has Made a Few Mistakes and Will Make Amends Soon Michael Levy
24-Sep-2010 Gold: No Wonder, it Glitters! Kamal (Kam) Joshi
05-Aug-2023 Gospel of Betrayal K Govindan Kutty
05-Feb-2006 Gratitude Sugandha Indulkar
13-Jan-2008 Greatness of Gorbachevs J. Ajithkumar
06-Nov-2005 Greed Makes For Strange Trading Bedfellows Michael Levy
11-Dec-2004 Groundnut and Almonds Jiten Jain
31-Aug-2000 Happiness Ramendra Kumar
07-Jun-2015 Happiness and Joy - I Ganganand Jha
14-Jun-2015 Happiness and Joy - II Ganganand Jha
13-Jan-2024 Happiness of Us Alone G Swaminathan
06-Aug-2016 Hard Work Leads to Burn Out ... Hema Ravi
23-Feb-2012 Has Man Overcome Fear? T. A. Ramesh
20-Aug-2022 Her Anklets, My Savoir Dr. Satish Bendigiri
08-Feb-2007 Her Story through Photographs Yamini Ayyagari
15-Jan-2017 Heroes and Heroines of Democracy! T. A. Ramesh
07-Feb-2010 Historiphobic Indians J. Ajithkumar
02-Mar-2008 Holding On To Illusions Michael Levy
17-Jun-2023 Honesty: A Virtue Betrayed P. Mohan Chandran
09-Jul-2022 Hope is the Spark of Life! Gollamudi Radha Krishna Murty
26-Nov-2006 Hope: The Flame in our Heart P. G. R. Nair
04-Dec-2011 How Good is the Indian Muse? BS Murthy
06-Aug-2006 How Many Indians? Naghma Masroor
01-Dec-2018 How Poor Are We? Dr. Chetan Chopra
25-Mar-2023 How Pure is the Purest? P. Ravindran Nayar
02-Jul-2006 How Rejection Becomes a Writers Tonic Michael Levy
19-May-2007 How to Change the Status of the World T. A. Ramesh
03-Feb-2007 How to Move a Tree Dr. William R. Stimson
02-Apr-2006 How to Overcome Failure? Sugandha Indulkar
27-Feb-2016 How to Unite All Nations to Function as One World? T. A. Ramesh
21-Aug-2021 How Understanding the UFO Phenomenon Can Help Us Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
15-Mar-2002 Human Cloning and Ethical Considerations Dr. C.S. Shah
29-Mar-2011 Human Excellence Dr. Gopal Singh
29-Jul-2023 Human Existence - 1 T. A. Ramesh
03-Aug-2023 Human Existence - 2 T. A. Ramesh
12-Aug-2023 Human Existence - 3 T. A. Ramesh
19-Aug-2023 Human Existence - 4 T. A. Ramesh
26-Aug-2023 Human Existence - 5 T. A. Ramesh
02-Sep-2023 Human Existence - 6 T. A. Ramesh
29-Feb-2020 Human Fanaticism Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
06-Mar-2021 Human Life in the Modern World! - 1 T. A. Ramesh
20-Mar-2021 Human Life in the Modern World! - 2 T. A. Ramesh
03-Apr-2021 Human Life in the Modern World! - 3 T. A. Ramesh
17-Apr-2021 Human Life in the Modern World! - 4 T. A. Ramesh
01-May-2021 Human Life in the Modern World! - 5 T. A. Ramesh
15-May-2021 Human Life in the Modern World! - 6 T. A. Ramesh
30-Apr-2006 Human Limitations: Is it possible to overcome them ? T. A. Ramesh
18-Jul-2020 Human Love Known and Unknown Ever! T. A. Ramesh
20-Aug-2006 Human Power: A Divine Gift T. A. Ramesh
30-May-2010 Human Rights for Natural Justice Fatima Chowdhury
22-Jan-2006 Hypocrisy J. Ajithkumar
06-Feb-2005 I Saw A Flower Flame Dr. William R. Stimson
25-Oct-1999 I Think In Layers Mary E. Borra
04-Aug-2007 Ideals and Achievements T. A. Ramesh
17-Sep-2012 Identity as the Basis of Existing Things R. D. Ashby
14-Jun-2001 If Life Gives You a Lemon, Know then How to Make a Lemonade Meenakshi Madhur
10-Aug-2019 Image of the Writer G Swaminathan
29-Oct-2023 Imagining 2047 P. Ravindran Nayar
03-Dec-2006 Impact of Globalization on Indian Culture V. Sundaram
12-Mar-2013 Important Autobiographies of Modern India Prof. Shubha Tiwari
14-Jul-2002 In Search of Life Purpose Amit Bhatt
29-Jan-2006 In Search of Self Naira Yaqoob
25-Nov-2023 In the Crosshairs of Success P. Mohan Chandran
03-Sep-2006 India @ 60 – A Reflection Rajesh Ramasubramanian
21-Feb-2013 India in Coma BS Murthy
14-Jan-2020 India of My Dreams Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
22-Jun-2019 Indian Constitution - A Vacuity in Verbiage BS Murthy
29-Jan-2006 Indian Youth in Search of Icons Dr. Prema Nandakumar
18-Sep-2005 Inside the Chinese Mind The Dream of a Woman in Taiwan Dr. William R. Stimson
17-Jul-2010 Inspired Living S. C. Arora
05-Nov-2006 Integration of the Blind in the era of Globalization Arun Arjun Kurkute
11-Jul-2020 Intellectual and Emotional Intelligence Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
03-Feb-2008 Intellectual Apathy: The Cause of Social Ills Ramendra Kumar
03-Apr-2005 Intellectual Sound Reasoning -v- Authentic Intangible Meaning Michael Levy
05-Nov-2022 Intelligence and Perverted Intelligence G Swaminathan
02-Jun-2007 Invited Odium J. Ajithkumar
19-Sep-2004 Is Destiny a Matter of Choice or A Matter of Chance? Vishwa Mohan Tiwari, AVM (Retd)
05-Sep-2020 Is Dream of Love Life Possible in the World? T. A. Ramesh
12-Sep-2020 Is Dream of Love Life Possible in the World?-2 T. A. Ramesh
19-Sep-2020 Is Dream of Love Life Possible in the World?-3 T. A. Ramesh
26-Sep-2020 Is Dream of Love Life Possible in the World?-4 T. A. Ramesh
03-Oct-2020 Is Dream of Love Life Possible in the World?-5 T. A. Ramesh
10-Oct-2020 Is Dream of Love Life Possible in the World?-6 T. A. Ramesh
27-Mar-2016 Is Fear the Key Ever? T. A. Ramesh
08-Oct-2006 Is Hero Worship still there? T. A. Ramesh
13-Mar-2016 Is Human Life a Mystery or What? T. A. Ramesh
19-Nov-2006 Is Life an Illusion? Arya Bhushan
07-Aug-2022 Is Life Fair to All? G Swaminathan
05-May-2007 Is Money Powerful than God? P. Mohan Chandran
02-Feb-2012 Is Science a Boon or Bane? T. A. Ramesh
10-Sep-2006 Is the Cultural Thread keeping India Intact? T. A. Ramesh
22-Feb-2009 Is the Male Gray Matter Muscular Too? Soma Guru
16-Apr-2006 Is there an Alternative for the Wars of the World? T. A. Ramesh
03-Sep-2006 It's a Dog Life* Michael Levy
29-Sep-2013 It's not about “Rape” Alka Pandey
21-Nov-2020 It's Not What You Serve, but How You Serve is What Counts! Gollamudi Radha Krishna Murty
31-May-2020 Italian Interregnum BS Murthy
12-Nov-2011 J. K. Rowling and Matters Of Faith Prof. Shubha Tiwari
08-Jul-2001 Jealousy Maalok
22-Feb-2001 Just Do It! Meenakshi Madhur
11-Oct-2009 Justice and Just Society Pramod Khilery
25-Jun-2006 Justice Denied Naira Yaqoob
16-Apr-2013 Kinds of Padaarthavaada of Indian philosophical systems Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
25-Jan-2009 Krishna and Leadership: A Leader Instills Confidence Satya Chaitanya
27-Feb-2010 Landless Indians J. Ajithkumar
04-May-2008 Leadership and Integrity: A Lesson from Kathasaritsagar Satya Chaitanya
08-Jun-2008 Leadership and Integrity: A Lesson from the Mahabharata Satya Chaitanya
18-May-2024 Leadership Through Questioning P. Mohan Chandran
15-Mar-2009 Leadership, Ramayana and the Russian Revolution Satya Chaitanya
23-Dec-2007 Learning by Un-learning Naira Yaqoob
12-Mar-2011 Learning like Bruce Shraddha Vinod
02-May-2004 Learning Times J. Ajithkumar
23-Dec-2012 Legacy of Prophecy BS Murthy
10-Oct-2013 Legislators – The Need for Experience and an Understanding of Success Mark T. Jones
06-Jan-2008 Lend Me Your Ears Avni Mathur
05-Jan-2005 Less Possessions Produce Happiness Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
23-Mar-2013 Lesser Known Important Autobiographies Prof. Shubha Tiwari
23-Jul-2010 Lessons Learnt from Life - 1 S. C. Arora
23-Jul-2010 Lessons Learnt from Life - 2 S. C. Arora
11-Apr-2004 Lessons Never Learnt J. Ajithkumar
27-Jun-2011 Let My Country Awake… Prof. Shubha Tiwari
26-Jun-2004 Let the Eagle Soar Shernaz Wadia
04-Jul-2020 Let the World Wake Up to Know Notorious Villains! T. A. Ramesh
19-Feb-2006 Let's Celebrate Life Viraj R. Rai
09-Mar-2011 Let’s Erase Lines Among Religions Prof. Shubha Tiwari
19-Nov-2012 Life at Source R. D. Ashby
09-Sep-2023 Life Experience - 1 T. A. Ramesh
16-Sep-2023 Life Experience - 2 T. A. Ramesh
23-Sep-2023 Life Experience - 3 T. A. Ramesh
30-Sep-2023 Life Experience - 4 T. A. Ramesh
30-Sep-2023 Life Experience - 5 T. A. Ramesh
30-Sep-2023 Life Experience - 6 T. A. Ramesh
01-Sep-2018 Life in its True Form Devi Nangrani
22-Apr-2024 Life Lessons at Later Years G Swaminathan
23-Sep-2023 Life Lessons We Can Learn from Cows P. Mohan Chandran
11-Feb-2024 Life of 'Prosperity and Happiness' G Swaminathan
31-Jan-2015 Life Skills for the 21st Century Radha Joshi
20-Jul-2000 Life Too Full? Trupti Derashri
14-Oct-2012 Life View through my Spectacles Swapnil Kawale
15-Jan-2005 Life's A Charade Anjali Anand Seth
26-Jun-2001 Life's Crossroads From Nudge To Nirvana Maalok
12-Apr-2009 Life, Desire, Happiness and Sustainability Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
06-Jan-2008 Literature's Antidote to Hate Dibyendu Ghosal
18-May-2008 Live Charts J. Ajithkumar
03-Dec-2006 Living Among Enemies J. Ajithkumar
13-Feb-2005 Living or Dying on a Sporadic Hostile Planet Michael Levy
23-Sep-2007 Local Solutions J. Ajithkumar
06-Jun-2020 Lockdown: Learning to Live with My Self Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee
18-May-2014 Loneliness Devi Nangrani
14-Feb-2012 Love between Man and Woman! T. A. Ramesh
28-Nov-2004 Love Beyond Body Physics Ragini Puri
30-May-2010 Love Hurts! Anjali Anand Seth
04-Nov-2001 Love is a Verb P. G. R. Nair
05-Jan-2005 Love Thy Reflection Sruti Nayani
13-Feb-2012 Love! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
24-Feb-2007 Love: Belief is its Own Strength Naira Yaqoob
26-Nov-2006 Love: The Greatest Power T. A. Ramesh
01-Aug-2015 Mahatma Gandhi Revisited Dr. Narasingha Sil
09-Nov-2000 Man & Nature: Plurality not Duality! Naveen Jagan
18-Jul-2010 Man Make-up J. Ajithkumar
13-Jul-2000 Man, Animal and Media Deepika Singh
09-Dec-2007 Man-Agement: The Sanatana Approach Dr. Pradip Bhattacharya
09-Dec-2007 Man-Agement: The Sanatana Approach – 2 Dr. Pradip Bhattacharya
28-Apr-2013 Management of Power The Mahabharatan Perspective - 1 Maj. Gen. Shekhar Sen
28-Apr-2013 Management of Power The Mahabharatan Perspective - 2 Maj. Gen. Shekhar Sen
26-Oct-2019 Managing Time as Resource BS Murthy
16-Sep-2008 Market is Immoral Dr. Satish Shukla
16-Oct-2005 Marketing: A Social Welfare Tool Sudeepa Nair
16-Dec-2007 Mass Media with the Masses and the Politicians! Suchita Jain
20-Mar-2016 Mathematics as Spiritual Haven in Life Mamta Joshi
06-Apr-2008 Maya and Daiva J. Ajithkumar
19-Feb-2006 Measure Your Value Naira Yaqoob
29-Jan-2012 Media and Literature BS Murthy
20-Sep-2015 Migrant Crisis Suresh Mandan
31-Aug-2000 Migratory Birds Rajender Krishan
02-May-2020 Mind in Existence R. D. Ashby
09-Mar-2008 Mind Management and the Dhammapada Satya Chaitanya
09-Sep-2023 Mind Matter Interaction - A Conjecture Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
14-Jul-2002 Miracles Happen To Winners Lata Jagtiani
21-Nov-2015 Mission Impossible for France Suresh Mandan
28-Jul-2007 Money Matters, Love in Tatters P. Mohan Chandran
28-Nov-2004 Monopoly of Intelligence J. Ajithkumar
09-Sep-2023 Moonshot Thinking P. Mohan Chandran
18-Apr-2004 Moral Highgrounds J. Ajithkumar
05-Nov-2006 Moustache of Mahatma J. Ajithkumar
22-Jul-2011 Mundane Distortions in the Divine Discourse BS Murthy
17-Dec-2006 My God, What Have You Done! Dhiraj Bhimji Raniga
07-Aug-2010 My Idea of Education - Responsibility & Discipline S. C. Arora
08-Aug-2010 My Idea of Education - Environment, Wealth, Nature, Anger S. C. Arora
08-Aug-2010 My Idea of Education - Refinement & Spirituality S. C. Arora
08-Aug-2010 My Idea of Education - Activities & Fitness S. C. Arora
08-Aug-2010 My Idea of Education - Literate or Educated? S. C. Arora
08-Aug-2010 My Idea of Education - Values S. C. Arora
28-Aug-2005 My rendezvous with God's grace Karthik Naryan
23-Nov-2002 My Thursday Aunt Lata Jagtiani
09-Feb-2013 Nagarjuna and Quantum Physics Christian Thomas Kohl
22-Apr-2013 Nagarjuna’s View of Reality Christian Thomas Kohl
22-Jan-2006 Nation Building Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
05-Nov-2006 Nation Building, IITians and Happiness Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
19-Feb-2006 Natural Evolution and Happiness Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
18-Feb-2023 Natural Life - 1 T. A. Ramesh
26-Feb-2023 Natural Life - 2 T. A. Ramesh
05-Mar-2023 Natural Life - 3 T. A. Ramesh
11-Mar-2023 Natural Life - 4 T. A. Ramesh
18-Mar-2023 Natural Life - 5 T. A. Ramesh
25-Mar-2023 Natural Life - 6 T. A. Ramesh
01-Apr-2023 Nature and Human World - 1 T. A. Ramesh
08-Apr-2023 Nature and Human World - 2 T. A. Ramesh
15-Apr-2023 Nature and Human World - 3 T. A. Ramesh
06-May-2023 Nature and Human World - 4 T. A. Ramesh
13-May-2023 Nature and Human World - 5 T. A. Ramesh
20-May-2023 Nature and Human World - 6 T. A. Ramesh
11-Sep-2005 Nature is a Creation of God Karthik Naryan
15-Aug-2020 Nature is the Invincible Mother of All Mothers Ever! T. A. Ramesh
28-Jun-2010 Nature of Desire Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
21-Nov-2020 Nature of Form: Why Life is Attached to it? Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
29-May-2004 Nature of Human Thought Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
25-Aug-2002 Nature of Time Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
08-Jan-2023 Nature Source and Destiny - 1 T. A. Ramesh
14-Jan-2023 Nature Source and Destiny - 2 T. A. Ramesh
21-Jan-2023 Nature Source and Destiny - 3 T. A. Ramesh
28-Jan-2023 Nature Source and Destiny - 4 T. A. Ramesh
04-Feb-2023 Nature Source and Destiny - 5 T. A. Ramesh
11-Feb-2023 Nature Source and Destiny - 6 T. A. Ramesh
05-Feb-2022 Nature The Living Scientific Art - 1 T. A. Ramesh
19-Feb-2022 Nature The Living Scientific Art - 2 T. A. Ramesh
05-Mar-2022 Nature The Living Scientific Art - 3 T. A. Ramesh
18-Mar-2022 Nature The Living Scientific Art - 4 T. A. Ramesh
02-Apr-2022 Nature The Living Scientific Art - 5 T. A. Ramesh
16-Apr-2022 Nature The Living Scientific Art - 6 T. A. Ramesh
26-May-2007 Nature: Rendezvous of Religion, Philosophy and Science T. A. Ramesh
11-Apr-2012 Need for the Nurture and Use of International Role Models! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
18-Jun-2006 Negotiating Globalization Dr. Prasenjit Maiti
18-Jun-2006 Negotiating Globalization 2 Dr. Prasenjit Maiti
18-Apr-2010 Neuron, Neuron Burning Bright Vinay Verma
12-Aug-2001 New Direction Dr. C.S. Shah
30-Jun-2011 No Personal Space Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati
14-Nov-2004 Non-Violence Still Relevant Shernaz Wadia
02-Oct-2012 Now Realisation & Knowledge as Certainty R. D. Ashby
21-Aug-2005 NRI and Patriotism Rajesh Ramasubramanian
02-Jun-2007 Nuclear Weaponry: The Best Guarantee for Peace? Naira Yaqoob
16-Nov-1999 Observance and Occurrence Mary E. Borra
07-Oct-2007 Old is Often Gold J. Ajithkumar
12-Nov-2016 On Left-liberal Hypocrites BS Murthy
08-Jul-2001 On The Threshold of Success R Ravishankar
09-Nov-2019 On Writing 'n the Writers BS Murthy
07-Jan-2012 On ‘Ambedkar and the Bhagawat Gita’ BS Murthy
03-Aug-2013 On ‘Sorrow’ Prof. Shubha Tiwari
02-Jun-2020 One Knee Down Creates another Crisis Bhupinder Singh
19-Dec-2004 One Small Step Backwards For Humankind Michael Levy
20-Feb-2011 Opportunities in Spectrum and Black Money J. Ajithkumar
19-Aug-2023 Out of Africa? No, Out of Everywhere P. Ravindran Nayar
19-Mar-2006 Overcoming Fear Sugandha Indulkar
27-Feb-2013 Paradise of Parasites BS Murthy
07-Jun-2012 Paradoxes about the Divinity R. D. Ashby
03-Sep-2006 Parallel College for Parapolitics J. Ajithkumar
02-Oct-2012 Past, Present and Future Bhavna Mathur
17-Aug-2012 Paths, Courses, & Predicaments of Societal Progress Omar Alansari-Kreger
15-Jan-2005 Perception Defines Life Mahesh Sharma
15-Jan-2005 Perception Defines Life - 2 Mahesh Sharma
20-Jun-2010 Performance Excellence, Flow and the Gita Satya Chaitanya
22-Jan-2013 Perils of History BS Murthy
23-Oct-2016 Persistence of Memory (with due apology to Salvador Dali) Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
06-Dec-2020 Personification of Nature - 1 T. A. Ramesh
19-Dec-2020 Personification of Nature - 2 T. A. Ramesh
02-Jan-2021 Personification of Nature - 3 T. A. Ramesh
16-Jan-2021 Personification of Nature - 4 T. A. Ramesh
30-Jan-2021 Personification of Nature - 5 T. A. Ramesh
13-Feb-2021 Personification of Nature - 6 T. A. Ramesh
07-Jul-2007 Philosophy and God T. A. Ramesh
09-Jul-2017 Philosophy of Language Goteti Rao
04-May-2012 Physicist as a Poet! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
26-Jan-2013 Pitfalls of Faith BS Murthy
16-Jan-2013 Playing to the Gallery BS Murthy
26-Jun-2011 Plight of Prosperity Prof. Shubha Tiwari
27-Jul-2012 Poet and Poetry-Writing Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
14-Oct-2007 Politics of Religion Wazhma Frogh
09-Nov-2019 Post Break-up Dilemma Dipen Shroff
18-Feb-2024 Post-metaphysical Thought Dr. Alexis Karpouzos
28-Oct-2010 Power of a Wish Flawsome A
19-May-2007 Power-Cut Philosophy J. Ajithkumar
06-Feb-2011 Pranic Engineering J. Ajithkumar
11-Apr-2004 Prayer : An Individual Viewpoint Shernaz Wadia
01-Dec-2012 Preface of Strife BS Murthy
08-Jan-2005 Presence of Great Soul Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
10-Jan-2014 Principled Action in Politics and Life R. D. Ashby
11-Jan-2013 Privates of 'the God' BS Murthy
24-May-2009 Problems of Teaching English at College Level in India Supriya Bhandari
06-Mar-2012 Process and End R. D. Ashby
01-Oct-2013 Public Violation of Spirit of Constitution Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
03-May-2009 Purpose of Life J. Ajithkumar
09-Dec-2012 Pyramids of Wisdom BS Murthy
09-May-2004 Questions Left & Answers Right J. Ajithkumar
25-Dec-2005 Quiet Laughter from within The Child's Soul Dhiraj Raniga
26-Jun-2021 Radio & All India Radio G Swaminathan
07-Nov-2012 Ragging a Menace Dr. Asha Choubey
31-May-2020 Rama Rajya BS Murthy
08-Feb-2009 Rama: A Study in Self-Mastery Satya Chaitanya
26-Dec-2004 Rasika Kala Ramesh
26-Sep-2004 Rationality of Rebirths J. Ajithkumar
10-Mar-2007 Real RDX J. Ajithkumar
24-May-2009 Real Scientist of Life = Buddha + Einstein Amrit Sorli
13-Dec-2011 Realisation and Rightness R. D. Ashby
04-Aug-2011 Reconstructing the Concept of Non-Violence Prof. R. K. Bhushan
08-May-2005 Rediscovering Fire in the 21st Century Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
27-Aug-2006 Reflected Glory J. Ajithkumar
18-May-2008 Reincarnation, Transactional Analysis and Karma Satya Chaitanya
12-Oct-2000 Relationships: Life's Enchanting Dance Maalok
13-Nov-2021 Relativity of Things in the Universe - 1 T. A. Ramesh
27-Nov-2021 Relativity of Things in the Universe - 2 T. A. Ramesh
11-Dec-2021 Relativity of Things in the Universe - 3 T. A. Ramesh
25-Dec-2021 Relativity of Things in the Universe - 4 T. A. Ramesh
01-Jan-2022 Relativity of Things in the Universe - 5 T. A. Ramesh
22-Jan-2022 Relativity of Things in the Universe - 6 T. A. Ramesh
08-Jul-2011 Religion and Science - Complementary Forces Prof. Shubha Tiwari
24-Jul-2021 Religion is Itself a Philosophy Dr. Harasankar Adhikari
18-Sep-2012 Repo and Reverse Repo Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar
26-Jan-2012 Republic Day Greetings Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
08-Aug-2020 Reservation for Divyangs like Scheduled Castes and Tribes Dr. Satyavan Saurabh
12-Mar-2006 Respect all, Shun Casteism Naira Yaqoob
08-Apr-2012 Reviewers as Matchmakers BS Murthy
28-Jul-2007 Risks of Belief J. Ajithkumar
04-May-2008 Robotic 'Poorams' J. Ajithkumar
14-Jan-2018 Role Models for Indian Youth Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
11-Jun-2022 Role of Corporates in Bringing Social Transformation Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
03-Jun-2023 Romantic Life is an Adventure! - 1 T. A. Ramesh
10-Jun-2023 Romantic Life is an Adventure! - 2 T. A. Ramesh
17-Jun-2023 Romantic Life is an Adventure! - 3 T. A. Ramesh
24-Jun-2023 Romantic Life is an Adventure! - 4 T. A. Ramesh
29-Jun-2023 Romantic Life is an Adventure! - 5 T. A. Ramesh
06-Jul-2023 Romantic Life is an Adventure! - 6 T. A. Ramesh
28-May-2006 Roots of Terrorism V. Sundaram
24-Jul-2022 Rosy Thoughts Hema Ravi
06-Aug-2013 Samadhi as a Soliton Wave Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
23-Nov-2019 Saptaparni: Enigma of the Voluptuous Devil's Tree Satya Chaitanya
05-Jan-2003 Sarkar's 'Sarkar' Rajgopal Nidamboor
17-Dec-2006 Science, Arts and Literature for Human Culture T. A. Ramesh
03-Jul-2005 Searching for God R. K. Jain
13-Nov-2005 Seeker's Dilemma Vikram Karve
21-Apr-2007 Seize the Opportunity J. Ajithkumar
09-Oct-2012 Selection & Sustainabilty R. D. Ashby
17-Jan-2009 Self Delusions of Mr. & Mrs. Humbug Michael Levy
12-Oct-2008 Self Fulfilling Prophecies of Greed, Fear and Doom Michael Levy
25-Sep-2013 Self Improvement for a Happy Living Ananya Dhawan
19-Dec-2020 Self Unfoldment Devi Nangrani
21-Oct-2023 Self-Love Hema Ravi
13-Jun-2020 Self-reliant India in the Times of COVID Prof. Shubha Tiwari
17-Jan-2008 Sensitize Men to Make Tourists Feel Welcome Azera Rahman
25-Mar-2007 Servants of India J. Ajithkumar
08-Feb-2009 Sexuality and Spirituality Anand Rishi
05-Feb-2013 Shackles of Sharia BS Murthy
04-Jul-2021 Shift Your Energy Towards Love Misna Chanu
19-Jul-2015 Shining a Light on Strategy Aneeta Chakrabarty
26-Aug-2023 Shiva's Dance, Observer Paradox, and the Alchemy of Disorder Renu Dhotre
28-Aug-2005 Should Men Shave? Anand Rishi
17-Feb-2012 Should We know everything about everything? Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
11-Jan-2020 Should We Take Pride in Everything Our Ancestors Did? Satya Chaitanya
12-Sep-2009 Shreyas, Preyas and Gregory Roberts’ Shantaram Satya Chaitanya
13-Aug-2011 Simplifying Life Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
08-Feb-2001 Simplifying Simplicity* Maalok
25-Jan-2009 Slum Dogs and White Tigers Dr. Neria H. Hebbar
08-Feb-2009 Slumdog and After Effects Pramod Khilery
17-Apr-2012 Slumdog Philosopher, Richdog Philosopher Raam Gokhale
27-Aug-2006 Soaring High to Sublimity T. A. Ramesh
01-Dec-2002 Social 'Shock' Rajgopal Nidamboor
04-Nov-2010 Social Justice: Some Basic Thoughts Mandar Karanjkar
17-Sep-2006 Social Rocketry J. Ajithkumar
16-Sep-2007 Socially Starved Individuals and the Act of Killing Dev N Pathak
13-Aug-2011 Socio-biological Basis of Corruption – Relevance to Corporate World Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
13-Jan-2008 Soul Searching ... Why Not Bring in the Clones? Michael Levy
10-Jul-2005 Sound of Music Sonali Malhotra Sehgal
01-Mar-2015 Source of Identity Form in Existence - Part 2 R. D. Ashby
08-Jan-2015 Source of Identity Form in Existence Part 1 R. D. Ashby
30-May-2015 Source of Identity Form in Existence Part 3 R. D. Ashby
02-Mar-2008 Sources of Happiness M. Adnan Farooq
16-Apr-2014 Spirituality + Technology = Happiness Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
09-Nov-2019 Standing Tall Shernaz Wadia
16-Sep-2023 Standing Tall - Lessons from the Silent Wisdom of Trees P. Mohan Chandran
22-Nov-2011 State of Art BS Murthy
21-May-2013 Subject as Realising Affection R. D. Ashby
21-Aug-2005 Suffering is Just Suffering Nancy Freeman Patchen
24-Oct-2009 Suicide of the Human Race Prem Verma
05-Oct-2019 Suicide: A Crude Form of Homicide G Swaminathan
10-Apr-2021 Swami Vivekananda's Love for India Dr. Harasankar Adhikari
23-Apr-2006 Taiwan's Cracks Dr. William R. Stimson
26-Feb-2023 Tale of Tears G Swaminathan
09-Apr-2011 Tale of Two Emotional Events Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
07-Apr-2011 Tale of Two Tongues J. Ajithkumar
14-Aug-2022 Technology and the Changing Nature of our Job and its Responsibility Subhajit Ghosh
19-Apr-2012 Teleology in Existence R. D. Ashby
10-Jul-2005 Terrorism Banishes Fear Michael Levy
24-Feb-2007 Thankless Jobs J. Ajithkumar
08-Mar-2009 The 'Right' Time to do MBA is 'Anytime' P. Mohan Chandran
10-Dec-2023 The Absurdity of Anthropocentrism P. Mohan Chandran
27-Feb-2010 The Ad-poem : Ravishankar Krishnan
22-Jan-2006 The Art and Bliss of Sexual Union Meena Iyer
01-Jan-2006 The Art of Eating Vikram Karve
01-Jan-2006 The Art of Eating - 2 Vikram Karve
30-Oct-2005 The Art of Happiness Keep Your Pleasures Mild Vikram Karve
31-Dec-2011 The Art of Survival Prof. Shubha Tiwari
07-Oct-2017 The Beautiful Idea of OneWorld Sanjay Chowdhary
16-Aug-2015 The Birth of God and Son of God - : Krishna and Christ* Dr. Narasingha Sil
06-Aug-2006 The British Never Quit India Nancy Freeman Patchen
22-Jan-2006 The Chemistry of Romance Rajgopal Nidamboor
03-Sep-2006 The Creation of One World Is it just an utopia? T. A. Ramesh
03-Apr-2005 The Deafening Silence of Life Anjali Anand Seth
06-Nov-2011 The Dichotomy of Islam BS Murthy
07-Jul-2012 The Discovery Of Higgs Boson – A Perspective Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
29-Mar-2011 The East Unleashed Raam Gokhale
02-May-2011 The Ego of Doing Good Prem Verma
20-Apr-2019 The End of a Long Friendship G Swaminathan
02-Sep-2007 The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend Aritra Bhattacharya
18-Jul-2013 The Eternal Appeal of Ramayana Prof. Shubha Tiwari
22-Aug-2020 The Ever Modern Blue Philosophic God Lord Krishna Is! T. A. Ramesh
18-Dec-2005 The Experience of Being Naked Meena Iyer
24-Feb-2007 The Eye of the Storm P. G. R. Nair
03-Dec-2006 The Fate of Mankind T. A. Ramesh
20-Jan-2007 The Fictionalization of Iraq Rajesh Talwar
02-Apr-2006 The First Line of Defense Michael Levy
26-Feb-2006 The Future of Communications Arya Bhushan
01-Aug-2011 The Gita, Occassionalism and Deontology Vivek Iyer
16-Jul-2022 The Gray Shades of Life G Swaminathan
02-Sep-2001 The Heart of Watermelon P. G. R. Nair
12-Apr-2012 The Herb in the backyard! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
13-Apr-2013 The Hindu Rebound BS Murthy
05-Dec-2020 The Human Endeavour Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
22-Aug-2004 The Hydra Headed Freak Shernaz Wadia
07-Oct-2023 The Illusion of Choice P. Mohan Chandran
09-Nov-2019 The Joy of Giving; and ... Shernaz Wadia
18-Apr-2020 The Lockdown Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
09-Nov-2019 The Magic of a Name Dr. Anjana Maitra
02-May-2004 The Magic of Awareness Shernaz Wadia
29-Feb-2004 The Maintenance Wizard Michael Levy
06-Nov-2005 The Map is NOT the Territory Vikram Karve
30-Sep-2012 The Mass Illusion of Time Dr. Madhu Guptan
06-Jul-2019 The Matrix...Are We Inside One Too? Debajyoti Das
12-Jun-2005 The Medicinal Strength of Forgiveness Michael Levy
18-Sep-2011 The Metaphor of Blindness Prof. R. K. Bhushan
20-May-2023 The Mighty Elephant Within Renu Dhotre
28-Feb-2011 The Modern We Rishabh Kumar
26-Feb-2006 The Mystery of Human Life T. A. Ramesh
10-Oct-2004 The Myth of the Indian Engineer Ashish Nangia
14-Mar-2004 The Nature of Reality Kumud Biswas
08-Aug-2013 The Necessity for the Cultivation of Mind Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
23-Jul-2006 The Necessity of Ambition T. A. Ramesh
26-Dec-2020 The Notion of Love Prof. Shubha Tiwari
03-Mar-2013 The Number Game BS Murthy
07-Sep-2015 The Opening of the Young American Mind Dr. Narasingha Sil
06-Oct-2011 The Paradox of the Point R. D. Ashby
16-Nov-2003 The Power of WOW Rajgopal Nidamboor
08-May-2022 The Precarious World Today! - 1 T. A. Ramesh
28-May-2022 The Precarious World Today! - 2 T. A. Ramesh
11-Jun-2022 The Precarious World Today! - 3 T. A. Ramesh
18-Dec-2022 The Precarious World Today! - 4 T. A. Ramesh
24-Dec-2022 The Precarious World Today! - 5 T. A. Ramesh
31-Dec-2022 The Precarious World Today! - 6 T. A. Ramesh
08-Jul-2010 The Pressure of Academics Nikhlesh Mathur
14-Oct-2007 The Price of Busyness – Must We Pay It? Shernaz Wadia
17-Jun-2023 The Profound Connection Renu Dhotre
20-Aug-2012 The Profundity of Absence! Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
26-Jan-2012 The Purpose and Necessity of Philosophy T. A. Ramesh
20-Aug-2006 The Real Problem with Globalization Aruni Mukherjee
29-Mar-2012 The Relativity of Experience R. D. Ashby
19-Aug-2013 The Religion of the Hindus: Its Purport and Purpose Dr. Narasingha Sil
05-May-2007 The Rich Life Dr. William R. Stimson
03-Apr-2013 The Rift Within BS Murthy
02-Sep-2010 The Rising of the Indoor Culture Kamal Wadhwa
14-Dec-2008 The Roots of Corruption Ratnadeep Ray
18-Feb-2012 The Science of Beauty: Aesthetics Prof. Shubha Tiwari
24-Jul-2005 The Significance of Money Michael Levy
01-Jan-2006 The Stages In-and-Out's of Life Michael Levy
01-Jan-2000 The Stages In-and-Out's of Life - 2 Michael Levy
01-Aug-2020 The Status and Remedy for the Precarious World Today! T. A. Ramesh
19-Feb-2012 The Status of Arts! T. A. Ramesh
25-Jan-2014 The Status of Kali in American Academia Dr. Narasingha Sil
01-Nov-2009 The Stress Busters Ramendra Kumar
18-Mar-2013 The Stymied State BS Murthy
17-Jun-2007 The Superficial Society Emerges Today! Dr. Thohe Pou
26-Oct-2008 The Sweet Aroma of Value Investing Michael Levy
09-Mar-2011 The Teacher and the Vision of a Teacher in Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Prof. R. K. Bhushan
16-Oct-2005 The Ten Essential Requirements For Asset Management Michael Levy
26-Jun-2002 The Trap of Perfectionism Lata Jagtiani
04-Apr-2020 The Tripartite Nature of Satisfaction Dr. Prince Udoyen
15-Mar-2009 The Twine of Conciliation and Confrontation Pramod Khilery
26-Feb-2022 The Vast Chasm between Knowing and Understanding G Swaminathan
22-Mar-2013 The Wages of God BS Murthy
07-Apr-2013 The Way Around BS Murthy
01-Jul-2023 The Wheel of Time P. Mohan Chandran
17-Sep-2006 The World is One Family T. A. Ramesh
16-Dec-2012 The Zero People BS Murthy
26-Jun-2012 Theory of Language Acquisition & Communication Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
01-Jul-2017 There are More Things in Heaven and Earth… P. Ravindran Nayar
21-Apr-2024 They Do Make a Difference Dr. O.P. Arora
01-Jan-2000 This is the Moment Trupti Derashri
06-Jun-2020 Thought Process Devi Nangrani
13-Apr-2008 Threats To World Peace And Unity T. A. Ramesh
21-Apr-2002 Time - The Most Precious Gem Puneet Kaur
31-Jan-2011 Time is a Numerical Order of Change in a 4D Space Amrit Sorli
15-Jun-2000 Time To Take Stock Deepika Singh
04-May-2019 To be or Not to be Positive? G Swaminathan
01-Jan-2006 To Believe or Not to Believe Arya Bhushan
01-Jan-2006 To Believe or Not to Believe - 2 Arya Bhushan
01-Jan-2006 To Believe or Not to Believe - 3 Arya Bhushan
01-Jan-2006 To Believe or Not to Believe - 4 Arya Bhushan
02-Apr-2022 To Err is (Wo)Man Dr. Satish Bendigiri
14-Feb-2004 To Seek or ... Shernaz Wadia
28-Feb-2008 To You Be Your Way and To Me Mine S. M. Murshed
13-Jan-2012 Towards a Better Way of the World! T. A. Ramesh
23-Jan-2021 Trans-modern Man in Search of Happiness Dr. Harasankar Adhikari
20-Jul-2014 Translation of Ideas and Concepts Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
25-Jan-2001 Tree As My Role Model Meenakshi Madhur
08-Feb-2001 Tree As my Role Model - 2 Meenakshi Madhur
03-Jun-2012 Trees as Spiritual Antennas Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
12-Feb-2006 True Happiness Sugandha Indulkar
15-Jan-2006 Truth is No Longer Required Michael Levy
28-May-2006 TV Invasion An Addiction to Resist! Naira Yaqoob
01-Nov-2009 UHO in UINING J. Ajithkumar
18-Nov-2001 Understanding Anger Smitha Abraham
28-Dec-2000 Understanding The Communication Dynamics Rajender Krishan
03-Mar-2007 Unknown Things Dr. William R. Stimson
17-Mar-2001 Value Erosion Dr. C.S. Shah
19-Sep-2004 Venerate the Woman in You? Anjali Anand Seth
10-Apr-2005 Virtual Reality and Nirvana Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
09-Jul-2006 Vision of the Whole T. A. Ramesh
23-Nov-2011 Volunteerism as I See It Prof. Shubha Tiwari
09-Mar-2008 Voting Relief ? Malvika Jain
13-Apr-2013 Wait for the Savant BS Murthy
20-Apr-2008 Waiting for Chanakya J. Ajithkumar
22-Feb-2011 Waiting for Darshan of ‘Black’ Money Mahesh Chandra Dewedy
25-Jun-2006 Wandering Through Time & Space Arvind Pandey
27-Dec-2012 War of Words BS Murthy
29-Mar-2013 Ways of the Bigots BS Murthy
14-Jan-2024 Welcome 2024 Gollamudi Radha Krishna Murty
04-Aug-2007 West-toxication Naira Yaqoob
15-Aug-2004 What Can I Do? Nancy Freeman Patchen
08-Aug-2021 What Happens to our Memories After Death? Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
04-Nov-2023 What Happens When She Arrives at Night? Nitya Muralidharan
17-Jun-2013 What Is R. D. Ashby
17-Oct-1999 What is a Concept? Mary E. Borra
07-Nov-2020 What is Consciousness? - A Conjecture Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
07-Sep-2000 What is in a Name? Rajender Krishan
12-Feb-2012 What is Love? T. A. Ramesh
08-Aug-2011 What is Modernity, I Often Wonder! Prof. Shubha Tiwari
02-Jun-2007 What is the Best Way to Solve all the Problems of the World? T. A. Ramesh
02-Apr-2017 What is the Freedom of Creativity and Expression? Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
23-Apr-2006 What is the Price of Peace? T. A. Ramesh
17-Feb-2007 What Is Wrong With Our Culture? V. Sundaram
16-Apr-2016 What kind of Religion is Suitable for Mankind to Live in Peace and Joy Forever? T. A. Ramesh
20-Jun-2010 What Playing Sport Teach Children Col. Gopal Karunakaran
20-Mar-2014 What should Motivate me to Vote this time? Seshu Chamarty
30-Nov-2019 What's in a Name? A Lot P. Ravindran Nayar
27-Dec-2011 What’s Interdisciplinary Approach to Literature? Prof. Shubha Tiwari
04-Jan-2015 Where is the Time? Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
26-Aug-2000 Which Way Forward? Naveen Jagan
14-Sep-2019 White: The Color of the Gods Dr. Anjana Maitra
09-May-2004 Whose Responsibility is it Anyway? Shernaz Wadia
03-Apr-2005 Why Are We Afraid? Arya Bhushan
03-Nov-2018 Why do we Write? Ganganand Jha
01-Mar-2001 Why does a Writer Write? Ramendra Kumar
11-Mar-2007 Why Don't We Produce Writers of International Standard? Naira Yaqoob
24-Dec-2006 Why is Literature Indispensable for Human Life? T. A. Ramesh
12-Jul-2015 Why is the Creation of One World Necessary? T. A. Ramesh
14-Apr-2024 Why Life? - And its Purpose Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
09-Mar-2013 Winds of Change BS Murthy
09-Sep-2007 Winning the War Against Global Warming Niraj Chandra
31-Mar-2024 Wisdom and Intelligence G Swaminathan
10-Oct-2021 Wisdom from Ageing G Swaminathan
23-Oct-2010 Womanhood - The Conditioning Nikhil Sharda
30-Apr-2006 Women and War Dr. Prasenjit Maiti
22-Jun-2000 Work Those Little Hands Deepika Singh
23-Apr-2022 Work-life Balance: The Tight Rope Walk Kiran Tagare
07-Nov-2007 World Moral Issues Vedantic Perspective Vishwa Mohan Tiwari, AVM (Retd)
19-Mar-2006 Write, Write and Write ... Suniti Chandra Mishra
25-Aug-2011 You Have been Billed! Flawsome A
27-Feb-2010 Youth, Environmental Improvement and Happiness* Dr. Anil Rajvanshi
05-Jan-2011 Zakir Naik's claim about Islam Pt. NA NA