Relativity of Things in the Universe - 1

Activity of Energy is Eternal in the Space!

When anything is burnt, the hidden energy is released out here or anywhere;
Fire is the image of natural force or power or Universal Spiritual Energy;
Stars are the Universal images of that power we call as God in everything everywhere;
From that energy all matters have come in the Universe including humans!

Like fire, hunger and anger need something to subside or force for sustenance;
That's why offerings are made in Yagna fire to go to God via release of energy
Like sacrifices were made through animals or other beings or valuables in temples;
Energy is spiritual force that can be approached or reached only by spirit ever!

All things in the world including humans are matters with spirit within as soul,
Its release is total liberation of spirit that is again born as any being for perfection
Or after that, again reaches to become one with Universal Spiritual Energy;
This is the natural process of evolution for completion or perfection for all!

Energy is the source and end for all matters anywhere in the Universe ever;
This activity is creation and destruction going on forever and ever in Space!

The Open Secret of Natural Process is Ascertained by Relativity!

Space and Time just like Energy and Spirit are invisible the Universe;
Only after Matter comes from Energy, Space, Time and Spirit are realized;
This relativity is due to interdependence of each and everything in Space;
Everything in Space is connected by an invisible chain of gravitation!

Like soul in body, divine spirit activates in all binding matter and energy;
Like cause and event in history, cause and effect are related in Nature;
Big Bang of Universe in all pervading energy has created Stars and planets;
Spirit is in Energy and Matter interconnected for creation and destruction!

Creation and destruction are two sides of a coin in the process for perfection;
This related activity goes on till spiritual energy starts and ends in Universal one;
Like evolution in Nature, this process of perfection goes on till completion in Space;
After that, new creation and destruction start for new process of perfection again!

The known and unknown knowledge is understood only by analysis of relativity;
The connected things here are Energy, Matter, Time, Spirit and Space sure...!

The Idea of Evolution by Relativity!

The relativity of living beings might have led to the idea of evolution;
There are several things that prompt the idea of evolution to go in deep;
The relativity of monkey and man and crocodile and cynosure are examples;
The physical resemblances prompt about development by natural evolution!

In the same way, evolution of man to superman level and divine being
Might be the projection of evolutionary idea leading to the creation of
God-men like Siva, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and so on can be quoted;
Then higher idea of evolution might have led to intellectual and spiritual developments!

The combination of human and natural power expanded the idea of God further;
Exploration and research on that might have led to all pervading energy and matter;
Then the combination of Energy, Matter and Spirit for all forms of substances
Living beings and humans led to the idea of origin and destination of all!

From Energy all Matters of planets, plants, animals, humans and god-men
And finally God give the idea of Universal Spiritual Energy as beginning and end!

Relativity of Love and Friendship of All by Human Love Only!

Instinct and intuition play great role in both love and friendship in humans;
Relativity of love and friendship is human love only though version is varying;
Due to love and friendship between good persons dharma is saved in the world;
The great epics of India such as Ramayana and Mahabharata say their value in life!

Love and friendship between men and gods are depicted for strengthening faith;
Places of those events narrated in them are making them to be real and awesome;
Friendship is brotherly love and love is romantic one between guy and girl in society;
Their significance and value are wonderfully depicted in those epics quite immortal!

Love and friendship are beyond all family relations, regions and nations in the world;
Both versions of love take place at first sight itself and lasts for lifetime among humans;
Human nature of this kind is for unity, love, joy and peace for maintaining justice ever;
By this human relationship, unity in diversity is cherished to create one human world!

Human love is responsible for love and friendship that takes place naturally and
That develops divine love from emotional to spiritual level by relativity of human and divine!

Relativity of Love and Hate by Nature of Life!

Relativity of flower and beetle is by natural love and its love in the world;
Relativity of heart and Cupid's arrow is by typical love crossed between lovers;
Relativity of mother and child is by first love in the world for all living beings ever;
Love of mother to child reveals nature of God and divine love in the human world!

Also, relativity of Cobra and Mongoose is by the arch enmity between them ever;
Relativity of political parties is by differing ideologies in any democratic system;
Relativity of fire and water is by their opposing power in Nature everywhere;
Relativity of heat and cold is by seasonal change of summer and winter in Nature!

Relativity of leaves, flowers and fruits is by plants and trees in the world of Nature;
Relativity of Autumn and Spring is by natural cycle of death and regeneration;
Relativity of fire and floods is by their raging power of destruction ever;
Relativity of birth and death is by nature of life of all living beings in the world!

Relativity of heat and cold, rain and drought, life and death is like day and night
And relativity of day and night is like light and shadow as two faces of a coin sure!

Love and Friendship for Peace and Freedom Ever!

Relativity of music and dance is by devotion in creativity and enjoyment
That brings together Lord Krishna and Radha in pure love in open Nature;
Relativity of warrior and charioteer is by war to establish dharma for
Unity, love and peace to prevail by the friendship between Krishna and Arjuna!

The cause and effect of war for justice and cause and effect in Nature for love
Bring together even God and soldier and God and devotee in reality sure;
Both for war and love, when persons come together for justice and peace ever,
Need not follow any rules and regulations as natural poets do both in war and love!

Both history and literature record this great truth since time immemorial to humanity
For Good to win in war and love to establish justice and peace in the world ever;
That's the way life can sustain in peace eternally in the world as human culture to follow
To achieve completion and perfection in fulfilling the purpose and destiny of humanity!

Love and friendship are for natural justice, joy, bliss and peace in world life
And for waging war against adharma or injustice for freedom in world and eternally!

Art of Creativity can make Anything Possible!

Many unrelated things are related by imagination and intelligent interpretation;
In this art, Poets and philosophers play a great role to make all think to know truth;
In philosophy, undecipherable things philosophers say by significant conclusion;
In Poetry, poets by imagination, relate unrelated things by magic of talent ever!

From nothing, like blowing air to inflate balloon, fear is created by imagination...;
Whether heaven and hell are there are or not, they are planted ever in mind of all;
Both for fun and fear, all things are done by talented ones to control minds of all;
In this respect, politicians everywhere make people puppets to play as they wish!

But whatever be the things, knowing the truth from rubbishes is work of intellect;
More than intelligence and intellect, imagination and wisdom help to know right path;
Logic relates unrelated things, but wisdom ever says truth reliable for all times;
However, so many unknowable things are known by relativity to know truth ever!

Intelligence and wisdom are needed to take relevant things to say eternal truth
By means of relativity to visualize and understand for maintaining clarity of mind!

Relativity of Past Kingdoms by Similarities A Lesson to Present One!

Relativity of great kingdoms of past in East and West is similarity of activities;
Relativity of emperors of East and West lies in pyramids and temples of the past;
Relativity of literature of East and West lies in similarity of great classical literature;
Relativity of Iliad, odyssey and Ramayana, Mahabharata is in wars, characters and powers!

Perhaps they are all due to similarity of intellectual developments and thoughts sure;
They all show there was competition in their civilizations to excel among themselves;
The achievements they have made are still standing as their memorials even today;
Their life and activities are posing as challenge to modern world of civilization sure!

Great classical literatures of East and West are intellectual, classical, moral and social ones;
Not only literature but also history of both is having similarities and relative to each other;
The remarkable things they have achieved will remain till the end of the world, it seems;
If present world nations follow in their footsteps, one world can be created soon for peace!

Modernity of present world of civilization has erased relativity by science and technology;
Past civilization still seems to be great wonder, but present one is heading to destruction!

Life Goes On Faith and Against All Odds!

Relativity of employed outside and self-employed is in the work of their choice;
When this is so, what is the difference between both many don't think and understand;
Business is uncertain, risky and cannot permanently go on sans trouble in life
They think and believe employed ones outside are safe and ever go on so!

Is it so? Think and understand! Also, many marry only employed outside!
If the working company is closed and no job is available, what is the status of one?
Also, if the employed outside is naturally rich, will poor colleagues allow one
To work along with them out of jealousy as it is happening to many in the world?

Likewise so many aspects of drawbacks in employment market remain unsolved;
Due to such situations, many go for inter caste marriages and spoil community culture;
By doing so, community language, culture and reputation of past are buried ever;
Life is a challenge and not a bed of roses by any means whatever be new belief!

Life is a commitment against all odds and based on faith all live in the world;
Nobody knows what will happen next in life and also, after death, but we go on!

Even in the Modern World Nothing is in Our Hand!

Relativity of Corona I and Corona II is by viral infection slow for I and fast for II;
Vaccine has been prepared for protection of people against this pandemic;
But for that, not one injection but two injections have to be put in a gap of 28 days
And further, all have to wear face mask and maintain social distance sans stop!

So, what could be the difference between the one who follows that before vaccination
And the one after the vaccination to overcome the onslaught of Corona pandemic?
Also, there is no guarantee that Corona will not attack one after that vaccination;
All these things indicate the fact that such pandemic will come and go of its own way!

Perhaps many such diseases could have come and gone in that fashion before;
By precaution only, one can avert pandemic and save life with somehow in the world;
It is the same case for any operation in the hospital as that is like writing exam
And the result may be success or failure depending upon a chance unknown!

Modern world has progressed and civilized but cannot be sure of anything;
What a modern life we have embraced and living not caring healthy life culture!

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