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Life is in Doldrums due to Corona!

Relativity of all beach goers is by walking there to breathe free fresh air;
Due to pollution, all are affected by allergy leading to cold problem for full year;
For sugar, pressure, cold and numbness, walking works out well and better;
Blood circulation proceeds better making one feel healthy day by day and trim fit!

Now due to Corona, face mask disturbs free breathing walk in the beach for all;
Poor cleanliness and pollution cause great havoc in the health of all in the world;
What is the use of boasting ourselves of our civilization and modernity of world?
Progress should lead all forward but not backward worse than past world culture!

Junk food and unhealthy diet system being followed in the fast world of civilization
Pose as great threat to immunity of everyone susceptible to infection and pandemic
Shaking the whole world making all wonder when the Corona pandemic come to an end;
All normal activities of earning people, school children and poor workers wait in vain!

Days, weeks, months and year too have passed away after the advent of Corona;
But the dawn of bright life is closed by dense clouds of Corona in lock downs!

Let Sparrows Enjoy Freedom and Music in Nature!

Relativity of sparrow and robin birds is by freedom and music they symbolically denote;
Due to modern day developments titled houses have disappeared in towers;
The nests they were building have become old fashion to be seen outside only now;
But they fly even now there in freedom and songs unlike us living as slaves of machines!

With great feelings we celebrate them by pictures printed on postage stamps now;
Nature lovers live in Nature vast and wide outside of big cities and towns everywhere;
We long for their kind of freedom celebrating them every year at least for one day;
Such cute little birds are replaced by squirrels and rats around our houses now...!

Sparrows have gone away, but parrots and mynas take their places near our houses;
They have crows and pigeons as company with the flying away of eagles too with sparrows;
Survival of the fittest is true in Nature even in the modern time too it seems in the world;
Sparrows were like Knot planes flying like cute birds along with big army planes once!

Whatever be the change with time in the modern world it is a great drawback that
We are still longing for freedom and joyful music of the 1960s like Beatles and Shadows!

Relativity Of Flowers And Birds Lies In Love And Friendship!

Relativity of flowers and birds in Nature lies in love and friendship ever;
Flowers attract by beauty all to love and are the symbol of love by Nature;
Birds of same feather flock together as the team of friends for any mission ever;
Love only unites lovers at first sight and brotherly love unites men as friends!

Relativity of passion, devotion and affection is by love only as various versions;
Relativity of companion, group and intimates lies in friendship beyond blood relationship;
But both between lovers and friends the uniting factor is human love only ever;
So, for love and friendship, symbolically flowers and birds are commonly supposed sure!

Perhaps seeing flowers and birds in Nature, all could have learnt love and friendship
As human relationships transcending all other relationships by birth, custom and culture;
This natural feeling of love and friendship happens in all perhaps by natural selection;
But how far these relationships will last depends upon members deterioration...!

Perhaps Nature has created flowers for love and birds for friendship for all to follow
To live a peaceful and happy life in the world for perpetuation of life longer in the world!

Relativity of Dreams of All is in Imagination, Desire and Devotion!

Relativity of dreams of all is by interest, imagination, devotion, desire and ambition;
Reverie is day dreaming going on imagination of one's romance or beauty of Nature;
But dream develops of its own accord based on one's desire in the night sleep;
Dreams kindle ambition to find ideas in Nature or by experience to realize them!

Imagination kindles ideas for intelligence to choose suitable ones to realize dreams;
Based on imagination dreams foster desire to keep it fresh for implementing ideas somehow;
Otherwise, who is there to understand one's interest of heart and help in this world?
Likewise days of man of ambition go on in dreams to implement ideas somehow!

This is the nature of talented ones, geniuses and scientists in the world since long
And have succeeded in making their dreams into realities for humanity to reap harvest;
Imagination is more important than intelligence to foster dreams to make miracles;
Devotion to one's work only makes one indulge in hard work to turn dream into reality!

Imagination and dreams based on practical nature only can give hope to go ahead
In the adventure of converting dreams into realities by ideas amazing and new ever!

Celebrate World Poetry Day with Cheers!

Relativity of Poems of many lies in haiku, senyru , sonnet, free verse and so now;
Celebration of World Poetry Day has become a happy occasion like any other;
For, life cannot be complete without Poetry of all kinds according to everyone's taste;
Like Nature, music and Love, Poetry also has no end as long as heart is there sure!

Heart, mind and soul Poetry only sways and sustains ever for many reasons and causes;
For, Poetry only is the medium that can articulate what is not possible by any means;
Not only Poets but also philosophers, critics and scientists too write Poetry to say all;
Like telegram and also, brief with details too as in featured poetry, they serve perfectly!

Fulfilmet in life when none can satisfy in this world of uncertainty, Poetry rescues
All sorts of men and women to have completion in world life with pride and celebration;
Poetry classic or romantic or modern or anything is the source for all songs and stories
That engage all with inspiration all day long to keep up one's spirit high and zealous!

Such a sort of literature Poetry is for all sorts of people in the world in such a way
Why can't all celebrate World Poetry Day in the ways and means all like sure?

Speculation of Life All Have in Suspense till the End!

Relativity of Stars in the Universe is like the planets in our Solar system sure;
In all galaxies the cluster of Stars are like planets move on inn circles by gravitation;
It's like a group dance going on with family members and friends in a function;
What a joy to see the constellations functioning like that in the infinitely vast Universe!

Night Sky is like a dream world with Stars twinkling for Nature lovers to muse long;
The beauty of such a night dream world is respectfully welcomes queen Moon;
She sits surveying throughout the night the brilliant merry go round of galaxies...;
This unique wonder of night certainly makes all have nice dream in the night sleep!

Life is also like a dream finally rounded off by a permanent sleep for all sure;
Then the Spirit dwelling within is released to go high in the Universe to another home;
The Spirit has another body or something else as new dress one wears earlier;
Finally after many a birth so, the Spirit is totally set free to mingle one with Universe!

From the temporary status to permanent status all Spirits attain after all trials;
This is the speculation all have through out of life in suspense till the end comes...!

Relativity of Fire and Volcano is Passion and Anger!

Relativity of fire and volcano is like passion and rage or anger of romantic humans;
Yes, both love and anger rule the hearts, minds and souls of everyone in the world;
Passion of love is like fire that gets subsided or satisfied only by union of lovers;
But anger is like volcano that erupts till it clears out all lava of rage born of hatred!

Both for fire and volcano, rain only cools down to normalcy of simple human being;
Passion of love is extreme stage that does great good sure sans fail in human life;
But the raging hatred is volcano that subsides only total destruction of all sure;
Sans controlling passion and anger, one cannot be a rational human being ever!

Both good and bad in extremity are like the reign-less horse that goes on senseless;
Love should develop from emotional level to divine level for fruition forever sure;
But anger can be tamed only by reason and knowledge of truth towards divinity;
Success gives joy, but failure gives disappointment and grief needing poise to live life!

Extremities of good and bad cannot make one a human but an animal only sure;
By knowledge and experience only, patience and wisdom can harness them for good!

Relativity of Joy and Sorrow as Rain of Tears!

Relativity of joy and sorrow is revealed by rain of tears due to emotion high and deep;
So much feeling controlled by cultural behaviour like the calm sea with gentle waves;
That's the nature of scholarly and learned ones in human society in the world;
Such emotion is like all drops of water falling as rain at the same time from sky!

Great artists in music, painting and Poetry though calm and silent show all emotion
Stored long to themselves by expressing out as heavy rain fall in their masterpieces;
But the half-baked ones if they create something remarkable jingoistically boast high
With full of sound and burst of crackers to the whole world signifying nothing much!

The things they do, the virtuoso do many such things when time comes as rain
With all drops as great feat none can imagine even or dream about in world life sure;
After storm surely calm prevails in the life of such great ones that serve as humility;
For, masters of arts are always for perfection in their expressions of ideas!

The talented ones always reveal who they are in expressing their best ideas;
But the geniuses always forget themselves and become one with their arts!  

“A Bird in Hand is Worth Two in the Bush!”

Relativity of Earth and Mars planets is like oasis and desert in the ocean of Universe;
Exploration of desert like Mars at the cost of Earth in pollution and new disease Corona
No one can think this to be wise enough to undertake rather than set-righting own house;
Is it fair to settle in Mars and any other planet leaving the Earth deteriorated in pollution?

There are so many things to be explore in the oceans of Earth and other relics of past
To know secrets of ancient astronauts who had visited here and did so many things;
Their techniques to fly fast to various constellations using Star gates hidden here
We have to unearth and try to reestablish contacts with them to save our beloved Earth!

Best thing is to change the deserts of Earth into fertile paradise by bring in water
From various rivers wastefully flowing to oceans and seas all over the world for the good;
For that, it's better to interlink rivers and divert them to dry lands and deserts of world;
Wasting money and time on Space research can be diverted for this vital work for better!

Saving the Earth is better than exploring other planets of no immediate use and benefit;
Perhaps to remind this to all, it seems "a bird in hand is worth two in the bush" has been said!

Reality and Illusion in Space!

Relativity of Space, Energy, Time and Spirit is known only by Matters and humans;
Otherwise, they seem to be non-existent and unrecognizable by our naked eyes;
Just as name and body give identity to one, planets and living beings remind us of
The things called Space, Energy, Time and Spirit or soul that are eternal unlike others!
Energy, Matter, Time and Spirit are within Space which is limitless having all within;
Stars, planets, meteorites, comets, asteroids and all are in the Universe of Space ever;
That is Nature but it is eminent only when we see the whole picture of all beings like
Animals, fish, birds, humans, reptiles, trees, plants mountains, rivers, oceans and sky!
All apparent existent things seem to be real and eternal things seem to be non-existent;
Illusion seems to be real and real seems to be illusion for the naked eyes and brain;
This truth is realized only by relativity of reality and illusion everywhere in the Universe;
Focused view makes us see only what we see but whole view gives us complete picture!
By relativity only we are able to get the real knowledge permanent and temporary,
Reality and illusion in the world, Universe and all things in the one whole Space ever!

To Be Continued


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