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Date Title Writer
01-Jan-2023 2023 Randy Johnson
06-Feb-2023 A Beauty So Sublime Kulbir Bhalla
08-Feb-2023 A Flickering Flame Kulbir Bhalla
26-Jan-2023 A Little Night Music Kulbir Bhalla
21-Feb-2023 A Magnificent Leap Dr. O.P. Arora
24-Jan-2023 A Man and His Dog Randy Johnson
10-Dec-2022 A New Beginning Sundar Rajan
22-Dec-2022 A Place So Sublime Kulbir Bhalla
02-Mar-2023 A Scene I Can't See Kulbir Bhalla
11-Feb-2023 A Spectacular Sunrise Kulbir Bhalla
29-Nov-2022 A Surgeon Who Committed Murder Randy Johnson
01-Jan-2023 An Adieu Dr. Jaipal Singh
22-Dec-2022 An Angel I See Kulbir Bhalla
04-Mar-2023 Annoying Me Again Kulbir Bhalla
15-Mar-2023 Another Poem Kingshuk Chakraborty
20-Mar-2023 Arrival of the Spring Dr. Satish Bendigiri
03-Mar-2023 Aurobindo's Rose of God Bijay Kant Dubey
01-Dec-2022 Beauty Kulbir Bhalla
29-Dec-2022 Bernard's Birthday Randy Johnson
12-Jan-2023 Body Aparna Chatterjee
08-Jan-2023 Bomb Randy Johnson
20-Nov-2022 Breath Setaluri Padmavathi
06-Mar-2023 Bura Na Mano, Holi Hai Bijay Kant Dubey
07-Feb-2023 Burkette Randy Johnson
18-Nov-2022 But I Am The Mother Asha Nigam
13-Dec-2022 Call Swatantra Sharma
23-Nov-2022 Camille Bulcke Bijay Kant Dubey
14-Jan-2023 Can Aparna Chatterjee
10-Jan-2023 Castles Crumble Kulbir Bhalla
17-Jan-2023 Change Dr. Jaipal Singh
27-Nov-2022 Change and Growth Shernaz Wadia
28-Nov-2022 Christmas Crook Randy Johnson
28-Feb-2023 Cold Aparna Chatterjee
22-Feb-2023 Come What May Kulbir Bhalla
30-Dec-2022 Connect Swatantra Sharma
10-Mar-2023 Could I Love You? Rupashri Chatterjee
23-Mar-2023 Date Aparna Chatterjee
11-Mar-2023 Departed Classmates Kulbir Bhalla
15-Jan-2023 Depend Kulbir Bhalla
01-Jan-2023 Difference Aparna Chatterjee
03-Mar-2023 Doppelganger Randy Johnson
09-Feb-2023 Easy Aparna Chatterjee
01-Mar-2023 ESP Aparna Chatterjee
21-Jan-2023 Eternal Darkness Dr. O.P. Arora
24-Feb-2023 Falgun Is Coming Bijay Kant Dubey
09-Feb-2023 Fatigue Aparna Chatterjee
10-Feb-2023 Finality Aparna Chatterjee
01-Jan-2023 Full Moon Night Sundar Rajan
01-Jan-2023 Gentle Aparna Chatterjee
13-Feb-2023 God Is Real Randy Johnson
11-Dec-2022 Growth Swatantra Sharma
09-Feb-2023 Half Aparna Chatterjee
14-Mar-2023 He Aparna Chatterjee
02-Dec-2022 He's Aparna Chatterjee
30-Nov-2022 Heartache Rupashri Chatterjee
09-Feb-2023 Heavy Aparna Chatterjee
09-Feb-2023 Homeopathy Aparna Chatterjee
10-Feb-2023 Hug Aparna Chatterjee
04-Feb-2023 I Adore, I Abhor Kulbir Bhalla
21-Dec-2022 I am No Different from Others Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
27-Dec-2022 I Labor In Vain Kulbir Bhalla
23-Nov-2022 I See The Indian Doctors Meeting Bijay Kant Dubey
28-Feb-2023 I Won't Buy Beer For You Randy Johnson
03-Dec-2022 I'm Aparna Chatterjee
23-Nov-2022 I'm Thankful To Have The Lord Randy Johnson
24-Jan-2023 Impasse Dr. Jaipal Singh
28-Nov-2022 Instinct Rupashri Chatterjee
22-Mar-2023 Joseph Furtado Bijay Kant Dubey
01-Mar-2023 Joshimath Bijay Kant Dubey
23-Mar-2023 K.D. Sethna Bijay Kant Dubey
21-Feb-2023 Krishna Dr. O.P. Arora
03-Mar-2023 Last Aparna Chatterjee
07-Mar-2023 Life is Holi Rajender Krishan
18-Mar-2023 Life Is Sublime Kulbir Bhalla
07-Jan-2023 Life, Will You Accompany Me? Dr. Punam Pandey
22-Jan-2023 Like A Movie Playing Kulbir Bhalla
03-Feb-2023 Lisa Loring Randy Johnson
18-Jan-2023 Lisa Marie Randy Johnson
20-Dec-2022 Love is What! Dr. Jaipal Singh
13-Mar-2023 Man of Devaluation Ujjal Mandal
19-Feb-2023 Meeting in Mayfair Kewal Paigankar
08-Mar-2023 Merciless Men Rm Shanmugam Chettiar
01-Dec-2022 Merry Christmas, Mom - Part X Randy Johnson
23-Feb-2023 Moments Kulbir Bhalla
16-Mar-2023 Monday Morning Rush Hour Kulbir Bhalla
12-Dec-2022 Mother Swatantra Sharma
18-Nov-2022 Murdering Doctor Randy Johnson
05-Dec-2022 Music Kulbir Bhalla
21-Dec-2022 Musings Swatantra Sharma
10-Jan-2023 My Greatest Treasure Kulbir Bhalla
27-Nov-2022 My Valentine Rupashri Chatterjee
01-Jan-2023 Nature Aglow Kulbir Bhalla
19-Feb-2023 Nature's Beauty Kulbir Bhalla
12-Feb-2023 Nature's Surprise Kulbir Bhalla
13-Dec-2022 Nearing Aparna Chatterjee
25-Dec-2022 Never Aparna Chatterjee
25-Nov-2022 No Aparna Chatterjee
11-Mar-2023 Nobody Aparna Chatterjee
05-Mar-2023 Noodles Aparna Chatterjee
10-Feb-2023 Now Aparna Chatterjee
23-Nov-2022 Office Situation Kulbir Bhalla
14-Mar-2023 Oh! Aparna Chatterjee
11-Feb-2023 On-Off Switch Kulbir Bhalla
22-Dec-2022 One Bullet Ended It All Randy Johnson
08-Feb-2023 Only Time Will Tell Randy Johnson
27-Nov-2022 Parallel Rupashri Chatterjee
20-Feb-2023 Peace Kulbir Bhalla
18-Jan-2023 Perception Rajender Krishan
30-Dec-2022 Picture Perfect Kingshuk Chakraborty
18-Mar-2023 Pop Culture Bijay Kant Dubey
21-Mar-2023 Post-humanism Bijay Kant Dubey
09-Feb-2023 Precious Aparna Chatterjee
14-Dec-2022 Primeval Aparna Chatterjee
19-Dec-2022 Questions To Ask Kulbir Bhalla
03-Dec-2022 Quilted Shernaz Wadia
11-Dec-2022 Radiance and Gloom Shernaz Wadia
16-Mar-2023 Regular Tryst With Train-Boarding Bijay Kant Dubey
06-Mar-2023 Rest In Peace, Mom - Part VI Randy Johnson
01-Mar-2023 Rev. Earl Lee Randy Johnson
23-Nov-2022 Runner and Winner Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar
27-Jan-2023 Saraswati Bijay Kant Dubey
14-Feb-2023 Save Your Soul Kulbir Bhalla
01-Jan-2023 Scenic Dusk Sundar Rajan
14-Mar-2023 Seasick Rupashri Chatterjee
21-Jan-2023 Secret of Staying Jolly Kulbir Bhalla
29-Nov-2022 Seeking Liberty Kulbir Bhalla
29-Nov-2022 She Sings Rupashri Chatterjee
18-Dec-2022 She's Paying The Price Randy Johnson
09-Feb-2023 Shoot Aparna Chatterjee
03-Dec-2022 Showing Aparna Chatterjee
20-Nov-2022 Shraddha Walkar Bijay Kant Dubey
24-Jan-2023 Sinking Sun Jayati Chowdhury
30-Jan-2023 Sita's Pyre Dr. Suruchi Arora
21-Nov-2022 Sleep Kulbir Bhalla
17-Dec-2022 Smiles Aparna Chatterjee
30-Jan-2023 Soulmate Dr. Suruchi Arora
19-Feb-2023 Sounds from the Fretboard Kewal Paigankar
19-Mar-2023 Spring Rajender Krishan
14-Feb-2023 St.Valentine's Day Bijay Kant Dubey
20-Jan-2023 Stealing Kulbir Bhalla
20-Mar-2023 Success and Luck Kulbir Bhalla
08-Feb-2023 Such Is Life Kulbir Bhalla
17-Mar-2023 Suddenly Aparna Chatterjee
20-Mar-2023 Sunset Rajender Krishan
28-Dec-2022 Tell Aparna Chatterjee
11-Dec-2022 The 30th Anniversary Of Michael Robbins' Death Randy Johnson
10-Dec-2022 The Classroom Scene Kulbir Bhalla
08-Dec-2022 The Horrible Accident Randy Johnson
18-Feb-2023 The Late Jacqueline Hill Randy Johnson
17-Nov-2022 The Late William Simons Randy Johnson
24-Dec-2022 The New Moon Talk Sundar Rajan
08-Feb-2023 The Only Certainty Kulbir Bhalla
24-Feb-2023 The Palash Tree By The Rivulet Bank Bijay Kant Dubey
05-Feb-2023 The Price Kulbir Bhalla
26-Jan-2023 The Sight Of Blood Randy Johnson
15-Dec-2022 The Slob Who Won't Get A Job Randy Johnson
21-Jan-2023 The War Dr. O.P. Arora
27-Jan-2023 The Word K.S. Subramanian
07-Jan-2023 There is a Land Dr. Alexis Karpouzos
02-Mar-2023 This Gift Of Time Kulbir Bhalla
10-Feb-2023 Time Aparna Chatterjee
19-Nov-2022 Time's Relative Speed Kulbir Bhalla
23-Feb-2023 Today and Tomorrow Kulbir Bhalla
18-Mar-2023 Tomorrow When I'm Not Here Dr. Kheya Baidya
17-Nov-2022 UK Aparna Chatterjee
14-Dec-2022 Up.....and Undaunted K.S. Subramanian
24-Jan-2023 Urban Watering Holes Kulbir Bhalla
31-Jan-2023 Vasant Panchami Bijay Kant Dubey
21-Jan-2023 Veneration Rajender Krishan
03-Mar-2023 Welcome Aparna Chatterjee
03-Dec-2022 Welcome Rains! Sundar Rajan
10-Mar-2023 What a Mother Really is! Ujjal Mandal
22-Feb-2023 What A Pity! Kulbir Bhalla
18-Dec-2022 What Am I? Sundar Rajan
28-Nov-2022 What Can One Do? Kulbir Bhalla
05-Jan-2023 What Do You Have To Say? Kulbir Bhalla
16-Mar-2023 What Lives We Are Leading! Kulbir Bhalla
04-Jan-2023 What To Do? Kulbir Bhalla
07-Dec-2022 When Aparna Chatterjee
18-Mar-2023 When I Was A Child Bijay Kant Dubey
30-Nov-2022 Who Has Seen Tomorrow? Kulbir Bhalla
20-Feb-2023 Why Not Try? Kulbir Bhalla
18-Jan-2023 Why Wait? Kulbir Bhalla
03-Dec-2022 Wish Aparna Chatterjee
01-Dec-2022 Wistful Eyes Rupashri Chatterjee
04-Feb-2023 Within Me Kulbir Bhalla
30-Nov-2022 Womb to Tomb "I" Dance in Tune Asha Nigam
23-Feb-2023 Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Kulbir Bhalla