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At the End of the Year
Look Into This Soul Of Mine
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Don't Look Back
Fair and Lovely
Her Anger

Date Title Writer
25-Nov-2023 15 Days Aparna Chatterjee
03-Aug-2023 A Final Poem About Arthenia Randy Johnson
02-Oct-2023 A Great Soul Dr. Padmapriya S
26-Jul-2023 A Price You'll Pay! Kulbir Bhalla
09-Oct-2023 A Strong Foundation Kulbir Bhalla
01-Nov-2023 A Traumatic Disaster Unfolding Kulbir Bhalla
27-Sep-2023 A World Without Borders M. V. J. Simon
27-Oct-2023 After Her Departure Bijay Kant Dubey
19-Sep-2023 After The Storm Swatantra Sharma
17-Sep-2023 Aliens Madathil Rajendran Nair
24-Aug-2023 An Ode To Our Chandrayaan-3 U Atreya Sarma
26-Jul-2023 Artificial Intelligence Bijay Kant Dubey
28-Oct-2023 Autumn Call Dr. Jaipal Singh
09-Oct-2023 Autumn Is Here Kulbir Bhalla
13-Nov-2023 Be God's Light Kulbir Bhalla
20-Aug-2023 Behold Kulbir Bhalla
25-Oct-2023 Bits and Pieces Swatantra Sharma
12-Nov-2023 Blissful Aparna Chatterjee
31-Aug-2023 Bookshops G Swaminathan
25-Jul-2023 Browsing Aparna Chatterjee
31-Aug-2023 Burden of Guilt Kewal Paigankar
21-Oct-2023 Burt Young Randy Johnson
23-Oct-2023 Call It Luck Kulbir Bhalla
23-Oct-2023 Chandi-Paath Bijay Kant Dubey
25-Aug-2023 Chandrayaan-3 Bijay Kant Dubey
15-Nov-2023 Change Begins With Me Kulbir Bhalla
22-Oct-2023 Change Is In The Air Kulbir Bhalla
30-Oct-2023 Change Yourself Today Kulbir Bhalla
27-Aug-2023 Christians Aren't Supposed To Get Revenge Randy Johnson
29-Aug-2023 Clouds Dr. Madhavi Godavarthy
10-Sep-2023 Come Fly With Me Kulbir Bhalla
03-Sep-2023 Creatures of Clay Dr. Alexis Karpouzos
18-Oct-2023 Dad's 76th Birthday Randy Johnson
20-Aug-2023 Daler Mehndi Bijay Kant Dubey
30-Oct-2023 Dancing Alone Shernaz Wadia
05-Nov-2023 Dark Daughter Bijay Kant Dubey
16-Aug-2023 Daughter Of A Cloud Bharat Mehru
04-Sep-2023 Death Kulbir Bhalla
09-Nov-2023 Deepavali Kali Bijay Kant Dubey
01-Oct-2023 Denial Aparna Chatterjee
27-Jul-2023 Digital Art Bijay Kant Dubey
21-Nov-2023 Divinity Dr. Mallika Tripathi
20-Oct-2023 Do We Hear Them? Shernaz Wadia
12-Nov-2023 Doing and Saying Kulbir Bhalla
18-Aug-2023 Dream Rupashri Chatterjee
06-Oct-2023 Dreamers Swatantra Sharma
29-Oct-2023 Enjoy Your Liberty! Kulbir Bhalla
17-Sep-2023 Exam!!!! Pavani Acharya
28-Oct-2023 Flame Dr. Jaipal Singh
19-Oct-2023 Freedom Kulbir Bhalla
25-Oct-2023 Freedom Is A Birthright Kulbir Bhalla
01-Oct-2023 Gandhi Bijay Kant Dubey
19-Sep-2023 Ganesh Chaturthi Madathil Rajendran Nair
20-Aug-2023 Garden Rupashri Chatterjee
28-Oct-2023 Gaza Madathil Rajendran Nair
12-Aug-2023 God's Gift Kulbir Bhalla
12-Nov-2023 Grandfather & I Ujjal Mandal
30-Oct-2023 Halloween is Fun... Hema Ravi
22-Aug-2023 Happiness Aparna Chatterjee
01-Oct-2023 Happiness Kulbir Bhalla
02-Aug-2023 Happy Birthday, Mom - Part XI Randy Johnson
02-Oct-2023 Have You Heard? Bijay Kant Dubey
17-Sep-2023 Heart of Gold Pavani Acharya
25-Nov-2023 Heaviness Aparna Chatterjee
20-Sep-2023 Here Aparna Chatterjee
08-Oct-2023 Hoarder Swatantra Sharma
22-Oct-2023 How? Swatantra Sharma
18-Nov-2023 I Disappear Shernaz Wadia
06-Sep-2023 I Hold You! Dr. Madhavi Godavarthy
28-Jul-2023 If I Were In Command Kulbir Bhalla
10-Sep-2023 Illusion G Swaminathan
25-Jul-2023 Impatiens Walleriana Hema Ravi
02-Sep-2023 In One Stroke Kulbir Bhalla
01-Aug-2023 Indian Baba in London Bijay Kant Dubey
08-Oct-2023 It's So Sad Kulbir Bhalla
01-Sep-2023 Jayanta Mahapatra (1928-2023) Bijay Kant Dubey
01-Aug-2023 Journey Dr. Jaipal Singh
19-Aug-2023 Just Follow Me Kulbir Bhalla
02-Oct-2023 Kali is Dark Bijay Kant Dubey
01-Oct-2023 Karma Ujjal Mandal
24-Nov-2023 King's Kali Bijay Kant Dubey
22-Aug-2023 LI(F)E G Swaminathan
07-Oct-2023 Life Is A School Kulbir Bhalla
04-Sep-2023 Life Is For The Living Kulbir Bhalla
02-Aug-2023 Living In The Now Kulbir Bhalla
27-Sep-2023 Living The Slow Life M. V. J. Simon
28-Sep-2023 Longing Swatantra Sharma
28-Sep-2023 Longing Swatantra Sharma
05-Nov-2023 Love Kulbir Bhalla
21-Nov-2023 Love Dr. Mallika Tripathi
09-Nov-2023 Love is Blind Kulbir Bhalla
15-Oct-2023 Love Thy Neighbor Kulbir Bhalla
12-Oct-2023 Man's Cruelty To Man Kulbir Bhalla
24-Sep-2023 Many Aparna Chatterjee
23-Sep-2023 May Be Swatantra Sharma
14-Aug-2023 Mayapur Bijay Kant Dubey
02-Oct-2023 Messengers Swatantra Sharma
01-Oct-2023 Midway Kingshuk Chakraborty
12-Nov-2023 Moon and Memories Bibek Sinha
25-Aug-2023 Moon Landing Dr. Jaipal Singh
06-Aug-2023 Mother, You Walk By My Side Dr. Punam Pandey
01-Nov-2023 Murder of a Tree Prof. Dr. Sagar Mal Gupta
19-Oct-2023 Murder, They Wrote Subhajit Ghosh
23-Aug-2023 Nature's Work Of Art Kulbir Bhalla
22-Nov-2023 Naughty Aparna Chatterjee
14-Oct-2023 Navaratri Dr. Padmapriya S
12-Aug-2023 Neera Prof. Dr. Sagar Mal Gupta
27-Jul-2023 Not An Inch Kingshuk Chakraborty
27-Oct-2023 O Moon Kulbir Bhalla
30-Sep-2023 Old Age Prof. Dr. Sagar Mal Gupta
08-Sep-2023 One Aparna Chatterjee
10-Sep-2023 Only The Brave Kulbir Bhalla
28-Jul-2023 Papaw's 100th Birthday Randy Johnson
10-Oct-2023 Paradox Swatantra Sharma
01-Sep-2023 Pee-Wee Herman Randy Johnson
04-Oct-2023 Permanence I Can't See Kulbir Bhalla
17-Nov-2023 Politicians Kulbir Bhalla
24-Nov-2023 Poop, Poop, Poop! Madathil Rajendran Nair
26-Jul-2023 Praise Randy Johnson
29-Aug-2023 Precious Aparna Chatterjee
30-Jul-2023 Preterite Kewal Paigankar
20-Oct-2023 Promises, Promises Kulbir Bhalla
18-Aug-2023 Puppy Randy Johnson
22-Nov-2023 Rain Is Falling Kulbir Bhalla
12-Nov-2023 Random Reflections Shernaz Wadia
20-Aug-2023 Reading Bijay Kant Dubey
05-Oct-2023 Relax Swatantra Sharma
20-Aug-2023 Rendezvous Rupashri Chatterjee
02-Oct-2023 See How The Sea Behaves Kulbir Bhalla
09-Sep-2023 Seeing Aparna Chatterjee
30-Jul-2023 Sentry Kewal Paigankar
07-Sep-2023 Siblings Aparna Chatterjee
07-Nov-2023 Someday, Somewhere Kulbir Bhalla
30-Sep-2023 Sometimes Kulbir Bhalla
25-Aug-2023 Sometimes I Wonder Kulbir Bhalla
18-Aug-2023 Spy Rupashri Chatterjee
04-Nov-2023 Stained Red Shernaz Wadia
04-Sep-2023 Stealing One's Breath Kulbir Bhalla
13-Nov-2023 Still Waiting Dr. Jaipal Singh
19-Oct-2023 Surrender Swatantra Sharma
02-Aug-2023 Take It With A Grain Of Salt Kulbir Bhalla
16-Oct-2023 Tears Aparna Chatterjee
21-Nov-2023 The 30th Anniversary of Bill Bixby's Death Randy Johnson
30-Aug-2023 The Almighty Giver Kulbir Bhalla
04-Sep-2023 The Boy & Horologist Dr. Jaipal Singh
10-Aug-2023 The Child In You Kulbir Bhalla
14-Sep-2023 The Creator And The Creation Kulbir Bhalla
08-Nov-2023 The Diyas Speak Something! Dr. Punam Pandey
01-Nov-2023 The Feeding Ceremony of My Little Mother Ujjal Mandal
14-Oct-2023 The Helm of Hope is Life! Dr. Punam Pandey
20-Nov-2023 The Joy of a Smile Shernaz Wadia
23-Oct-2023 The Law Of The Jungle Kulbir Bhalla
24-Jul-2023 The Magic They Do Kulbir Bhalla
16-Nov-2023 The Mother Kali Ujjal Mandal
08-Nov-2023 The One Beyond View Kulbir Bhalla
20-Sep-2023 The Only Possible Hope Randy Johnson
08-Nov-2023 The Power of Hate - A Tapestry Poem Shernaz Wadia
03-Oct-2023 The Ultimate Guru Madathil Rajendran Nair
19-Aug-2023 The World Around Kulbir Bhalla
03-Sep-2023 There is a Land Dr. Alexis Karpouzos
24-Oct-2023 There You Go Again Swatantra Sharma
05-Nov-2023 Thine Kulbir Bhalla
29-Sep-2023 Things Kulbir Bhalla
03-Sep-2023 Timeless Poet N S Ramachandran
12-Nov-2023 Tired Aparna Chatterjee
02-Sep-2023 To A Departed Soul Kulbir Bhalla
10-Oct-2023 Tranquillity - A Tapestry Poem Shernaz Wadia
31-Jul-2023 Travel Many A Mile Kulbir Bhalla
15-Oct-2023 Uncanny Shernaz Wadia
12-Aug-2023 Vanchinathan: A Freedom Fighter Prof. Dr. Sagar Mal Gupta
26-Oct-2023 Vicious Vampire Randy Johnson
24-Oct-2023 Vijayadashami Bijay Kant Dubey
27-Aug-2023 Walk of Life G Swaminathan
25-Jul-2023 We Reached Where in Search of Happiness Dr. Punam Pandey
31-Aug-2023 Welcome Home Rupashri Chatterjee
04-Oct-2023 What Am I Doing? Kulbir Bhalla
13-Sep-2023 Whenever I Like Kulbir Bhalla
13-Sep-2023 Wherever You Are Kulbir Bhalla
13-Nov-2023 Whether Aparna Chatterjee
09-Sep-2023 Who Am I? Kulbir Bhalla
05-Oct-2023 Why Are You Running? Kulbir Bhalla
15-Oct-2023 Why Give Birth? Kulbir Bhalla
28-Sep-2023 Why Not? Kulbir Bhalla
15-Nov-2023 Winning and Losing Kulbir Bhalla
19-Nov-2023 Winning and Losing Kulbir Bhalla
13-Nov-2023 World Aparna Chatterjee
03-Sep-2023 World No Tobacco Day Prof. Dr. Sagar Mal Gupta
14-Sep-2023 Your Eyes Said It All Kulbir Bhalla