Poetry Knowledge Zone

Can an art be taught? Someone recently remarked to me that poetry can't be taught. It is an inborn talent. You are either born with it or don't have it. And frankly speaking this had been my notion too till recently. The idea that poetry can actually be taught to someone was far from my mind. Recently I read a book by Bob Ross the painter in which he teaches amateurs to paint step by step. It was a paragraph in that book in which actually revolutionized my thinking ....

Class 1 The Poetry Tool Kit
Class 2 Zeroing onto a Theme and Choosing the Words
Class 3 Figure of Speech
Class 4 Syllables
Class 5 Punctuation and Line Breaks
Class 6 The Art of Haiku
Class 7 Ghazal
Class 8 Villanelle
Class 9 Terza Rima
Class 10 The Soulful Sonnet
Class 11 Freedom of Free Verse
Class 12 Tanka
Class 13 Acrostics
Class 14 Beauty of Ballads
Class 15 Blank Verse
Class 16 Pantoum
Class 17 The Burmese Climbing Rhyme
Class 18 Kyrielle Sonnet
Class 19 Rondelet
Class 20 Triolet