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March 24, 2019
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Hindu, Hinduism and Hindustan: Part XXX
Dhyana: The Meditation

by Dr. Jaipal Singh
The nearest literal meaning of Dhyana is the meditation or contemplation that implies focused attention into the body and mind. Historically, meditation has received attention in various parts of the world since ancient times with or without a religious resonance. The concept of Dhyana and its practice originated in the Vedic era of Hinduism, and it was further amplified and practiced within the diverse traditions of Hinduism ever since last 3,000 years. Read On

Tangible and the Intangible Heritage
of the Mahabharata

by Maj. Gen. Shekhar Sen
There is much truth in the Hindi saying, pehle darshandari phir gun vichari. What is striking about the book at the first glance is its presentation. It is tastefully conceived, very elegant and pleasing. The miniature used on the cover is beautiful and relevant. It is indeed a collector’s item. Read On

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