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September 24, 2018

Hindu, Hinduism and Hindustan: Part XXI
Scriptures and Texts - Hindu Darshana

by Dr. Jaipal Singh
Unlike two major Abrahamic religions of the world which basically rely on one Holy book each as discourse of God to His subjects through special messengers, the Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) is not based on any single book or unified message or discourse supposedly that of God. Read On

Vivid and Vibrant - 5
by Dr.Rama Rao Vadapalli V.B.
Men may come and men may go … but poets come, stay and live forever. The examples are ubiquitous. Read On

An Abrasive Woman Loses Her Shine
by Aneeta Chakrabarty
There is an echo here in the placid towns of America - an echo from the nationalist fervor gripping the homeland, - an echo that has sprouted new organizations, stirred the pots of older ones, and brought the tricolor to our lives ... Read On

Corporate Thugs of Hindoostan
by Ravinder Malhotra
This narration is not about attacking someone, it is about making people aware; to benefit the common person who is not aware of these Corporate malpractices. Read On


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