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February 15, 2019
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CBI: A Caged Parrot or Wild Vulture!
by Dr. Jaipal Singh
In the recent past, the opposition political parties in India have been very vocal in their allegations that the Centre government is misusing agencies like the CBI and Enforcement Directorate for the political vendetta to harm them. It is true that many high profile cases are being actively pursued by these agencies working in tandem for the criminal and economic offences and some offenders indeed feel threatened that their personal and political fiefdom is imperiled due to these actions. Read On

Events That Changed Destiny of Nation: XI
by Dr. Jaipal Singh
Making provision of the caste based reservation in the Indian Constitution was intended for protecting the oppressed classes from the caste based discrimination and providing them opportunities for the sustained development and progress. Read On

Legendary King Prithu
by P C K Prem
A man of self-image and egoistic nature is cause of distress to man and humanity and he thinks he is a source of joy and sorrow for the creation and if he thinks he defines and explicates not only religious and philosophic aspects of life and existence, .... Read On

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