Mahaashtami question

Today is a special day. Mahaashtami of the autumnal Navratra. Today at the juncture of Mahanavami mahisaasura will be slayed by Maa Durga in the battle of Devs and Asuras. In reality it is a clash of two groups of people which Devs own my empowering a lady, Shakti. There are spiritual ramifications to this story. There might be underlying wisdom too. People remember an age old happening. But the occassion has been turned into a celebration of life and prayers. On this day I wonder Indian Government can get over the demons of Indian society. People had high hopes on the current dispensation of the Indian Government. But I shall narrate a few events which if had taken place India would I believe a little different. First, if Prakas Karat and Biman Basu had allowed Late Shri Jyoti Basu to become Prime Minister of India, we would have a different India. Second, if Nehru-Gandhi parivar allowed Shri Pranav Mukherjee to become Prime Minister of India, we would have a different India. Sardar Vallabh Bhaai Patel's efforts of unifying India is being undone by dynastic tendencies. Shri Modi is actually a mask of rich private businessmen who sought fdi and foreign technology to boost their business.This is not happenig to the desirable extent. I wonder why China, Taiwan, Singapore, even Malaysia can do certain things which India can not do. There is definitely sum structural problem which India is unable to overcome. Demonetisation was a big mistake. GST is another demon to grapple.India Health system is neither British nor American. This goverment have only a few silver linings in the dark cloud that is looming large overhead. Japan's interest in not only western India, but North-East India too. America's change policy as regards Pakistan. China's problem is that it is not a democracy. But their ruling functionaries are mature. Pakistan's intellectuals are speaking openly about their rulers. Indians have to shed their hypocracy if the country has to leapfrog. A population policy is a must. Otherwise every effort will go down the drain. Goverment is planning Bullet Train in western India whereas elite trains already existing are not running in time. Can India win the battle against poverty, impoverishment, hypocracy, bad governance, dishonesty, economic catastrophy is the question on this Mahashtami day, when Maa Durga overcame the demon Mahisasura!

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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