Five Great and Simple Ways

to Improve Your Education

Some people think that after they have got an education in a school, it’s not necessary to learn anything new. It’s totally wrong because we stop growing when we stop learning. Needless to say that schools cannot teach you everything, including how to build a career, run a successful business, or interact with coworkers. Formal education gives you a big base, but without your own learning, this won’t help you to navigate in the real world.

Nowadays, modern technologies give us almost unlimited opportunities for self-education. This is a great way for people to improve themselves and to get their own version of education. Our world gives us great resources to improve, so all you have to do is just to take this chance! In this article, we will provide you with five simple but very effective ways to upgrade your education and learn something new.

Five Ways for Self Education

  • Read a lot of books. Reading books is a great method to improve yourself in many ways. When you read a lot, you can improve your language. It also helps you to get more familiar with a certain topic. For example, reading history books will eventually improve your knowledge of history. Every single book you read makes a great investment in your informal education. Plus, reading a lot can help you with writing essays. Of course, you may still need some help from professional services.
  • Online courses can be very helpful. This is a great way to learn something you want to do. For example, you may study some things about programming in the college, but they won’t give you a lot of practice. Formal education makes a skeleton but never goes deep enough into a subject. That’s why when you need to know more, it’s time to select proper online courses.

    Whether you want to become a skilled programmer on Java or a talented Spanish teacher, you can learn a lot online. This is a great way to save your time and get a strong knowledge of the subject you are interested in. The Internet gives us great opportunities for studying, and you can choose anything to learn there. This may be a short online course to get some knowledge in a narrow sphere, or you can select something else like MBA and get a four-week online course to improve yourself.
  • Make or build something by yourself. When you create something, you learn how to give people a reason to find you interesting. Many employees ask their potential employers a question: “What have you made by yourself?” because it shows the ability of an individual to use knowledge. Some people can study for just a year in a college, and then become successful businessmen, but others learn for many years, get diplomas and then cannot find a decent job.

    It happens because the first group in our example was making something to become interesting for investors and potential business partners. There is no chance to create something great without good knowledge, but great education doesn’t guarantee success. You need to understand that only you can improve yourself, and no-one would hire you to work in a good position just because you have got an Oxford diploma. There must be something apart from formal studying inside you to become notable.
  • Keep connected with the world. As we have already mentioned, the Internet gives us a great opportunity to keep in touch with many people all around the world. Use this chance and subscribe to sites and newsletters that will keep you informed about certain subjects you are interested in. You should also use social media to follow the people you admire. Get to know what books they read, which things they like, and other information. If you want to become a successful person, surround yourself with such people.
  • Watch and listen. You can find millions of websites with useful information for studying. Try to watch YouTube EDU and find tons of great videos to improve your education. When you are going home by bus, listen to iTunes U and get information from the world’s top universities. It’s possible to find many videos, podcasts, channels, or lectures online in a subject you are interested in, and study a lot of things just from your home!

Each and every person ends their formal education in school, but it doesn’t mean this is the end of learning. Informal studying is a lifelong process that always brings something new and important. Work on your informal education constantly, take challenges and reach new goals you dream about.


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