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The figure of merit, which sets us apart from other living beings, is perhaps the variety of emotions we have and our inept ability to express them. Where has one heard that animals share jokes and have a good laugh? Or getting hurt by remarks made by other people? Also be it any form of remark or statement, we humans are verbally able to express our feelings.

Every person perceives life on the basis of the set ideals in his mind. He may be a shrewd businessman or a strict teacher, but his individuality has to be respected. Also being human we all have got our own sets of egos and morale's. In short a mental constitution has been formed inside our minds regarding how we should present ourselves socially, how to take things said by other people in our stride and how to blurt it out when we feel something is wrong. In this process if you are too strong on your bunch of ideals, it is not necessary that another member of your clan will see them in the same way.

By being open mouthed on our views on the world we never realize that we tend to hurt others directly or indirectly through our actions or deeds. This if taken in the right sense can be constructive, but if taken in a different way may produce emotion-shattering results for the person who has been made the target. The first and foremost principle to avoid this is to always respect the feelings of others and try to mentally gauge yourself in his position. It is always better to see both sides of the coin before tossing. When you hurt a person, it remains in your mind for a few seconds, but it may be the block affecting each and every moment of his life. Avoid shooting down words like a barrel of bullets when angry as u may repent it in leisure. 

Sharpness with which harsh words can break someone's heart is more than that of the ever-shining blade of the sword. More ever Life has its own way of leveling things. Don't you think so? Touch your heart and tell me has someone ever hurt you? I am sure the answer would be in the affirmative. Do you get frustrated with life and the way people treat you? Do you overflow with a lot of emotions and think that you have no one to listen to? If you do, then the first step in seeking a solution on the search engine of your mind will be to express yourselves. Talk about things and you may get results not spontaneously but in a short span of time. Also now with the advent of Internet you don't have to reach out for cigarettes and other drugs as a way of relieving yourself. You would be a coward to really think about something like that. Relieve your frustrations by chatting, visiting more sites and learning more about people and places. Life has much in store for you rather than being gloomy. 

Also if you do feel that nothing can help you, still I have this innovative solution for just your eyes. Create an email address in the name of god or any name. Email all the pent up emotions and feelings regularly to this account. This will not only relieve your stress, but will also make interesting reading in the near future. Who knows if you do publish them, you might just end up winning the booker prize!

Reach out for helping the world and in this process you may find yourself happier. Something to chew your nails for the weekend right?    


More by :  Deepak Chandrasekaran

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