Ups and Downs of Motherhood

“Enjoy every moment, time flies fast”. These were the words from an elderly women who was just behind me in the check out counter of a grocery store.
These words made me thinking, Really? I should enjoy each and every moment? Few minutes before my 3 years old was throwing tantrums as she wanted to buy every candy when we passed candy aisle. She was screaming on top of her voice to get whatever she wanted.

I thought of asking that super kind heart women, 'Do you think I should enjoy that moment too? C’mon just be little realistic and tell the truth, did you really enjoy the situations like this when your kids were young? If yes then you are super duper women, you have something extra that makes you enjoy these tantrums.'
Should I feel guilty that I am not enjoying this moment with my kid? I really want time should fly away at this moment, I just want to run away to get little peace I just want line should get shorten fast and I will check out my things quickly go home and let TV babysit my 3 years old and I will have some time for myself to settle down my angry emotions.

I enjoy playing with my kids I cherish their activities but its too much to say that enjoy each and every moment.

After going through so much of all these emotions I thought of taking some break or may be I wanted to mention this to my hubby that I want some self time.

I really want to wake up late, have nice tea no cooking no work have ice creams, read books, watch movies, just bundle up in comfy couch and watch shows, go out and have a nice walk, talk with old college friends have junk food and want to catch up with so many other things that I think are left behind.

I know its not possible after having two kids and engaged in their different schedules for different activities, but what is the harm in thinking.

I thought of giving it a try and proceeding ahead with this try, At night on dinner table I announced my plan to everyone. “Listen guys, I am planning to go for a vacation for a week, Dad will be here to help both of you”.

Everyone was having dinner, as soon as they heard this, My 3 years old said, “Wait mommy let me wear my shoes, you hold my hand and cross the road, its very dark outside”.
My 8 years old said, “Mommy after 3 days I have to submit my project, I have not yet started, just come back in one day”

And my dear hubby said “Honey ! I think it’s a good idea, you can enjoy your time, refresh your mind, read books, write poems. Let me know where you want to go, I will book the tickets”.

After a naughty pause he said “Wait a minute, I have to take some days off and it’s a good idea to join you.”

I couldn’t stop my laughter and friends those words from that elderly women started resonating in my ears again. “Enjoy every moment, time flies fast”


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Comment Thanks everyone for your encouragement and appreciation !! I would like to thanks editor also for placing such a nice picture for my article :-)

19-Apr-2012 22:04 PM

Comment Wow.. Just Excellent !! :-) I loved it.. And photo placed :) i really want to have one like this.

The line is very true; enjoy every moment time flies fast.

Harini Kendey
19-Apr-2012 07:29 AM

Comment Beautiful article.

07-Apr-2012 22:56 PM

Comment Awesome ! enjoyed full article :-)

26-Mar-2012 12:17 PM

Comment Thank you Suresh ji !!!

22-Mar-2012 11:14 AM

Comment Very beautifully expressed article,and very much clearly fulfills its message of how to tackle all kind of situation without stress, wonderful please carry on making life lighter.

Suresh Vachani
21-Mar-2012 15:29 PM

Comment Neelu ji, Motherhood is totally a roller coaster ride :-) as a mother we have different emotions, challenging situations and sometimes blow outs:-)

21-Mar-2012 11:21 AM

Comment So true, at time you feel that to run away and next moment you feel guilt of being away from your child. this is purely a different feeling which only a mother can understand.

Neelu Khanna
21-Mar-2012 09:49 AM

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