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Culture and Education
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It is for the first time that I see the Government is seeking comments on National Education Policy. The Government should be appreciated for their genuine urge to evolve a very good Education Policy.

A thorough Systems Study should be made to understand the good and weak aspects of the existing system of education and correct the loop holes in making it a practical system to make a student knowledgeable and capable of becoming self sufficient.

Our country was well known to be the best place for learning since ages. We lost that credibility for various reasons.

Purpose of Education.

1. Every one must be educated on human values and be trained to follow the discipline required. Sanatana Dharma must be taught throughout the education career of the student without exception.

The lack of values made people earn money by improper means, cheating the innocent. There are reported incidents where our Exports were discouraged because of cheating. The pollution in following the Values System by many responsible people is the cause for various scams resulting in increasing poverty in the country. The need for honest living should be emphasised at the early age of learning. Morals are to be taught and their importance should be taught. Character building must be emphasised. Legal aspects and the punishments should also be taught. BhagavadGita must be taught at the school level. It’s detailed study must be taken up at the college education level.

2. Skill development on trades that are prominent at the village level must be taught in those schools by the local professionals. They should impart practical training to the students. This brings respect to each profession and brings unity amongst people.

3. Child labour is a reflection of poverty. Children should be taught how to become self sufficient by the time they complete Higher Education.

4. Education should inculcate interest in Agricultural activities.

5. Indian History should be taught highlighting the heroic deeds of our king’s and leaders responsible for freedom for our country. Should highlight the havoc caused by the Invaders.

6. Education should be uniform to all born in India. Secularism shouldn’t come in the way of teaching morals and patriotism.

7. Academic year must not clash with Agricultural seasons to encourage villages to support child education and to provide agricultural experience to the students at different levels.

8. Professional Education should be demand based. There should be concentrated orientation programs to enable the students get suitably employed. Today the unemployment is mainly because of improper balancing of supply and demand of skilled and trained persons.

9. Government must assess the demand for jobs and train students to meet that requirement. Uniformity doesn’t help on allocating seats for different branches of Engineering or Medicine or Surgery.

10. Political exposure with appropriate analysis should be provided and the rights of a citizen should be taught.

11. There should be no reservations at any level of admission for education.

12. Education must be made free to economically weak families irrespective of caste or religion.

13. Those who cannot afford must be given interest free loans for Higher Education.

14. Use the Internet and encourage Distance Education at various levels of Education.

15. Education must be made compulsory up to school level to make everyone a literate.

16. Standard of education must be competitive and better than that in foreign countries.

17. Our Education should attract foreigners to reverse the present trend of our students going abroad for higher studies.

18. Indian Languages must be encouraged and Sanskrit must be compulsory for all students.

19. Technical subjects alone are to be taught in English.

20. Old Vedic Gurukula system should be supported by the Government to be run by Vedic scholars as per the ancient customs.

21. Oriental system of Education should be supported for Indian Languages, Indian literature and fine arts.

22. Self defense should be taught to each student at appropriate age irrespective of gender.

23. Teachers appointments must not be political and be based on the real need and merit.

24. Utilisation of natural resources and their conservation should be taught.

25. Appropriate student Teacher Ratio should be maintained.

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Comment All are very good suggestions to improve national education system policies. However,

Point 11 to be modified to allow economically weak as well as labour class children to get the benefit of free coachings with boarding & lodging facilities to enable them to learn and compete for any competitive entrance exams. Otherwise they hardly get through such exams.

Another important aspect is to improve agricultural related education policies to suface up its business potential in order to attract students to choose this as part of their career path.

08/01/2019 17:12 PM

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