Mystic Songs

Maya Maha Thugni Hum Jaani 

Tirgun Phans Liye Kar Dole Bole Madhuri Bani
Kesav Ke Kamla Ve Baithi Shiv Ki Bhavan Bhavani
Punda Ke Murat Ve Baithi Tirath Mein Bhai Pani
Yogi Ke Yogin Ve Baithi Raja Ke Ghar Rani
Kahu Ke Hira Ve Baithi Kahu Ke Kodi Kani
Bhaktan Ke Bhaktin Veh Baithi Brahma Ke Brahmani
Kahe Kabir Suno Bhai Sadho Yeh Sab Akath Kahani



I Have Come to Know the Illusory Power to be a Great Thug

Her Hands Sway Holding a Web-like Trap 
She Speaks in a Sweet Voice

For Kesava, the Sustainer, She is Seated as the Embodiment of Abundance 
For Shiva, the God of Dissolution, She is the Empress of the Worlds
For the Priest She is Seated as the Idol of Worship 
And in Places of Pilgrimage She Manifests as the Holy Water 

For Yogis She is Seated as the Spiritual Partner 
In the King's Palace She is the Queen
For Some She is Seated as a Priceless Diamond 
For Some She is a Mere Penny

For Devotees She is Seated in the Object of Devotion
For Brahma She is His Consort
Says Kabir Listen Oh Practicing Aspirant 
All this is an Untold Story


Maya has been traditionally described as illusion. Often the physical world itself is referred to as being not real or an illusion. However, in my experience, the illusion is really in our perception of the physical reality where we experience the outside world as different from ourselves. We believe that happiness is a function of this outside world, thereby making us put extraordinary effort in changing this external reality. This dynamic experience stimulated by the external world is seductive and change is its inherent property. Even though this changing transient reality is unable to give us lasting joy or happiness, we continue to fervently believe in its capability to give us exactly that. This is Maya or illusion.

Kabir succinctly describes this fact by illustrating how the life's focus, for everybody, is on an external reality. And this continuing externally-directed focus is illusory because of the transient nature of the relationship between the subject and the object. Whether it is a rich man looking for a diamond, a beggar wanting a penny, a devotee seeking the object of her worship, Maalok translating a Kabir song that will be well received by the readers or Rajender monitoring readers' comments and page views on the site - they all are rooted in Maya. Here is an exercise that I recommend (I fail in it more often than not) - Try to find a source of joy that is independent of anything (external) or any person. Doing that may require some effort but it should be possible. Now try to observe (and not act on) your tendency to teach/tell/discuss/write this with others - not that there is anything "wrong" in being motivated by the external world; however this exercise will help you clearly see whether the source of joy is indeed coming from within you. Perhaps this may embark you too on a journey that Kabir describes as the untold story.


August 5, 2001

Illustration by Vaish 
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Comment Please publish Sant Kabir books in English so that we can understand His philosophy and teachings.

A.Kameswara rao
22-Dec-2021 02:58 AM

Comment Brilliant explanation and lot of hard work. Gratitude

Dr Suresh Nanda
24-Mar-2021 19:53 PM

Comment Thank you for the wonderful insight.

31-Jul-2020 11:24 AM

Comment great work !

Dr. D R Joshi
20-May-2020 11:20 AM

Comment Thank you for doing this work. I have read several bhajans here. With the meaning it becomes very easy to get involved in them. Please keep up this brilliant work.

Jaimin Rathod
02-Apr-2019 04:28 AM

Comment A Commendable effort. Thanks

06-Jan-2016 10:32 AM

Comment This is out standing work.Long i have searched for biography of KABIR but did not got any which describes his devine play can u help me find me an authentic book.

Ashish behera
12-May-2012 16:47 PM

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