Mystic Songs

Ram Niranjan Nyara Re, Anjan Sakal Pasara Re 

Anjan Utapati, Omkar, Anjan Mange Sab Bistar 
Anjan Brahma Shankar Indar, Anjan Gopi Sangi Govind Re 

Anjan Vani, Anjan Ved, Anjan Kiya Na Na Bhed 
Anjan Vidya Path Puran, Anjan Woh Kat Kat Hi Gyan Re 

Anjan Paati Anjan Dev, Anjan Ki Kare Anjan Sev  
Anjan Nache Anjan Gawe, Anjan Bhesh Anant Dikhawe Re 

Anjan Kahan Kahan Lag Keta, Dan Puni Tap Tirath Jeta 
Kahe Kabir Koi Birla Jage, Anjan Chaadhi Anant Hi Dage Re 


Untainted Ram is Unmatched,
Manifesting the Entire Tainted (Reality)

Tainted are the Womb (of Creation) and the Om,
The Tainted Demands All Expansiveness 
Tainted are Brahma, Shankra and Indra,
Tainted is the Govinda along with his Gopis 

Tainted are the Spoken Words and Listening, 
Tainted has Created Innumerable Distinctions 
Tainted are Knowledge, the Daily Prayers and the Ancient Scriptures,
Tainted is that Questioning and Reasoning Knowledge 

Tainted is the Leaf and Tainted are the Enlightened Beings, 
Tainted is the Served and Tainted is the Servant 
Tainted is the Singer and the Dancer,
The Tainted Displays Endless Forms 

Where is the Limit, up to Which Tainted has Taken Hold?
Even in Philanthropy, Purity, Austerities and 
          Places of Pilgrimage, Tainted is Victorious 
Says Kabir Only a Very Rare, Exceptional One Awakens,
Tainted has Left Endless Stains 


In this song, Kabir, instructing his highest teaching, tells us how rare it is for anybody to reach a state of untainted, full Self-realization. Anything short of this state of full realization Kabir labels as Tainted. Since this state of Self-realization is beyond words, Kabir uses the method of negation (of the non-real) to guide us.

He unequivocally explains that the whole of creation - small leaves to Devatas such as Brahma, Shankar, Indra and Govinda - are all caught in the tight grasp of the state of non-realization. He even goes on to say that the study of scriptures, acts of philanthropy, austerities, and visits to places of pilgrimage all are instances where the tainted duality has been victorious. In his final signature note, Kabir declares that everywhere we look, we see only the tainted reality. Only an extremely exceptional person awakens and reaches the state of untainted complete and irreversible realization. 


June 18, 2006

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Comments on this Mystic Song

Comment Ji han

23-Apr-2024 11:50 AM

Comment Excellent translation.
Who is not tainted.
What is 100% pure.
100%pure or untainted exist

05-Mar-2024 21:14 PM

Comment Just one correction in the translation. Anjan paati anjan dev. Here paati is not leaf but "sinner"

07-Feb-2024 17:26 PM

Comment Anjan as a term can be said to
refer to food, Senses , activities and Sensations of , into , from, within and through the
Sense and sense organs as in awake and dream state

Niranjan as a term
refers to the senses, activities and Sensations of , into , from, within and through without the
Sense and sense organs as in sleep state

So maybe a
better english translation and transliteration of these anjan and nianjan may be


used in a sense as a similie to how
like pure pottery/porceleain/glass has no definate or defining colour

and yet it as tinted pottery/porcelain/ glass has shades on top of it

Tinted glass was a commonly known object in Europe as used in places of worship

26-Jan-2022 16:20 PM

Comment I don’t understand how Govind and Shankara can be tainted. Isn’t it provincial?

27-Dec-2020 00:24 AM

Comment Thank you so much for the transliteration, translation and exegesis of this wonderful poem. For those who may not have heard it, Pandit Kumar Gandharva's bhajan version is sublime, and available on both YouTube and Spotify.

11-Oct-2019 10:44 AM

Comment Great! Thanks for the quote and English translation.

30-Jun-2015 14:24 PM

Comment moko kahan dhundhe re bande

09-Dec-2014 06:57 AM

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