Mystic Songs

Kya Mangoon Kutch Thir Na Rahyee
Dekhat Nayan Jalya Jag Jayee
Ik Lakh Poot Sava Lakh Naati
Ta Ravan Dhari Diya Na Baati
Lanka So Kot Samad Si Khayee
Ta Ravan Ka Khabar Na Paayee
Aavat Sang Na Javat Sangati
Kaha Bhayo Dar Bandhe Hathi
Kahat Kabir Unt Ki Baari
Jhari Jaise Chale Juwari


What should I ask when nothing is stable
Before my eyes the universe is in flames
With a hundred thousand children and grandchildren to boot
None remained in the end to show Ravan the path with a Lamp
His kingdom Lanka secured by the sea
Yet none in the end could trace Ravan*
None came along none accompanied departure
What happened to the elephants at the door?
Says Kabir, in the end
Departure is but with empty hands
Like a loser gambler

* Ravan - mythological king of Lanka who was killed by Ram in the battle.

My Understanding

Taking the example of the mythological King Ravan, Kabir wonders about the question of asking a boon.  Commenting upon the eternal truth of death, Kabir proclaims that all that is created (comes) has to die (go).  And in death, one has to travel alone.  The family, the siblings, the kins, the possessions, everything will stay behind and the dead will have to leave alone.

Rajender Krishan
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Comments on this Mystic Song

Comment Being a preceptor,our poet portrays realities and natural genre that too presumably invoke our is epic..a rare revelation and awesome..

16-Dec-2012 12:00 PM

Comment Kabir Das Ji wanted to teach people from the cited doha that life is not the eternal. It is mortal which should be treated like immortal. The mortal things have to destroy once a day.It is not necessary to adhere upon it.
Life span from born to death should be utilized to know thy self. this is aim of our life.

The epic of life is to play within and outside for the welfare of man kind.

Nageshwar Sharma
27-Mar-2012 08:23 AM

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