Mystic Songs

Bolna Ka Kahiye Re Bhai Bolat Bolat Tät Namayee
Bolat Bolat Badhe Bikara Bin Bolyan Kyon Hoyee Bichara
Sant Mile Katchu Kahiye Kahiye Mile Asant Mushti Kari Rahiye 
Gyani Söön Bolyan Hitkari Moorakh Söön Bolyan Jhakh Mari 
Kahe Kabir Aadha Ghat Dole Bharya Hoyee Tau Mushan Na Bole


What to say of talks 
That lead to veiling of Truth
Too much talk leads to chaos 
Yet without talk how does one discuss 
If you must; then talk with saints 
With devils it is better to stay mum 
Blessing it is to talk with the wise 
Talking with stupid is waste of time 
Says Kabir, 
Half full is forever swaying
The fulfilled prefers staying calm


During the period of 15th/16th century when Kabir lived, religious traditions were full of ritualistic dogmas, in part, propagated by the so-called learned pundits. This was especially true in the city of Benares, where all such traditions originated. Linguistic and (mere) intellectual interpretation of the ancient Sanskrit texts was used as a mechanism to show one's superiority over other. All such discussions and arguments among pundits were, therefore, an egocentric exercise rather a spiritual journey of learning. 

Kabir clearly saw the folly of such "spoken truths" and therefore emphasized an experiential introspective journey. Speech is one of the senses that directs us outward and can prove to be a barrier to such an inward direction in life. In this song, Kabir is telling us that speaking or repeating written words from texts is futile, unless they are backed up by personal and direct experience. Kabir defines people who speak from their own experience as "saints". All others are "non-saints" or materialistic/worldly people and its not useful to get into too much conversation or discussion with them. The idea of spiritual completeness is best understood and imparted in the pristine medium of silence - not a self-imposed vow of austerity (as many egoistic ritualistic people did at that time) but an experiential Self-fulfilled universal "speech" of silence understood by the whole of creation.


August 19, 2001

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