Mystic Songs

Gagan Ki Ot Nisana Hai Bhai

Dahine Sur Chandrama Banye, Tin Ke Beech Chipana Hai Bhai
Tan Ki Kaman Surat Ka Raunda, Shabad Baan Le Taana Hai Bhai
Maarat Baan Bidha Tan Hi Tan, Satguru Ka Parwana Hai Bhai
Maaryo Baan Ghav Nahin Tan Me, Jin Laaga Tin Jaana Hai Bhai
Kahe Kabir Suno Bhai Sadho, Jin Jaana Tin Maana Hai Bhai


Concealed Beyond the Sky is the Target

On the Right is the Sun, Moon is on the Left
Bisecting them it has to be Hidden
Body is the Bow, Visualization is the Roll of String
Unstruck Sound is the Arrow - Erect and Ready to Take Off
The Arrow is Released Leaving the Body-Instrument Behind
It's the Messenger of the True-Guru
Despite Shooting the Arrow there is no Injury Mark on the Body
Only those who are Struck Experience it
Says Kabir Listen Oh Practicing Aspirant
Those who Experience Know it


Sky represents the cosmic reality that is unfettered and emancipated from the burden of gravity (or earthly matters). Sky is the first element that detaches itself from the earthly limitations and embodies a cosmic traveler. In effect the sky element overcomes the constrictions of space and therefore exists everywhere

In this song the target is told to be beyond space (sky) - and even beyond time - a reality that is ever-present, everywhere but cannot be perceived by the senses. Therefore this destination cannot be described in words or shown visually but only told as something "beyond" what we can touch, taste, smell, hear or see. 

The sun is the passionate hot current while the moon is the dispassionate, detachment-like cooling flow. A practice of balancing these opposing forces is indicated for reaching the target - i.e. being neither the bhogi (a mere materialistic enjoyer) nor a sanayasi (who rejects life completely and goes looking for the ultimate outside of life) but instead adeptly balancing these two polarizing life forces. 

Having balanced these two forces, body becomes a perfect instrument (bow) for launching the life force into the ultimate. Visualization is the string-like support on which the arrow of the internal un-struck sound rests - taut and ready to be released. The implication is that meditative visions and the sounds within are tools but not the ultimate reality.

The arrow carrying the life force is released leaves the body instrument and visions behind. The inference is that internal vibratory sound within (i.e. the arrow) goes beyond the visual meditative states and takes you to the doorstep of the ultimate. At this point in the journey the guidance is coming from the (internal) true-guru's message, instruction and grace.

Even though this (vibration-form) arrow is penetrating incisively through the body, no wound or external marks are evident because the journey is subtle and completely internal. Only the person practicing knows of this revelatory travel.

After giving such a detailed roadmap, Kabir, in his unparalleled mystical instruction tells the aspirant - only in self-experience does one know of what is being described - urging them to find this truth for themselves!


May 19, 2001

Illustration by Vaish 
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Comments on this Mystic Song

Comment I'm Anukool
Brother, to understand this message by Kabirji please read
Yoga sutras of Patanjali, Upanishads etc.
Karbir is referring to struck aakash between Sun and moon.
In aadhyatm this known as chidakash.
By visualising a arrow through
Shusumna Nadi ,we can open shasrahara chakra to reach samadhi ,to get Gyan(Brahman).

Best way is, read Yogic text by yourself.
Example-Patanjali yoga sutras, Shiva sutras,Shiv sahimta, All Upanishads etc.
One more thing , ह्रदयगुहा(hirdyaguha) has nothing to do with heart, it is a gateway to saharahara chakra where knowledge (Gyan) reside in subtle form.
Sorry for bad English.

19-Nov-2018 00:22 AM

Comment Hi I am SHUBH,

See in this DOHA it is said that 'On the Right is the Sun, Moon is on the Left Bisecting them it has to be Hidden'

I am here to tell you the HIDDEN.

our right nostrill is known as surya nadi,and our left nostrill is known as chandra nadi.only 1 nadi works at one time.After 45 minutes other nadi works.

you can check it also.

A yogi do practice to open the sushmna nadi which is the sacred nadi between chandra nadi and surya nadi. which is closed with cough.

you can check every time you take a deep breath from nose you feel that cough comes to your mouth.

where chandra & surya nadi meets here is the centre of that cough.A yogi tries to melt that cough.If it happened the sushmna nadi will start taking your breath upwards instead to your stomach.

Sushmna nadi is the entrance to the divine world.

It will increase your consciousness and the physical body will stop working as you are dead. A new state will come to you where you can travel the divine world.

Dont be afraid you are not dead. you can come in your body if you want.

Please dont try it if you dont know about can harm you as well.

people are making explanations of kabir doha's according to their mentality but trust me i have experienced it .

so feel free to contact if you have any doubt regarding this.

always there for the thirsty ones.


17-Jul-2015 08:03 AM

Comment Hi Surinder Kaur,

I am really charmed that someone like you are interested in the real technique hidden in the line "Tan Ki Kaman Surat Ka Raunda, Shabad Baan Le Taana". If you want to know the secret technique taught by Kabir to attain Supreme, please read Swarved written by HH Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj founder of Vihangam Yoga.


Shailesh Chavhan
12-Nov-2014 00:35 AM

Comment I never hoped that i would ever understand the true message hidden in this kabir ji's doha/bhajan . still i loved it because of the velvet voice of great jagjit singh. jagjit singh was the only singer who immortalised Ghalib and Kabir .

pushp kant mathur
22-Aug-2014 22:41 PM

Comment Very nice explanation, Thankyou. I am not sure if visualisation is the correct translation of Surat though. Since the line - "Tan Ki Kaman Surat Ka Raunda, Shabad Baan Le Taana" is explaning the technique, it would be nice if someone could elaborate on that.

Surinder Kaur
01-Feb-2011 19:56 PM

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