Mystic Songs

Avadhuta Gagan Ghata Geharani Re 

Pachm Disa Se Ulti Badali, Rum Jhum Barse Meha 
Utho Gyani Khet Sambharo Behe Nisrega Pani 

Nirat Surat Ke Bel Banawo, Beeja Bovo Nij Dhani 
Dubadhya Doob Jaman Nahi Pawe, Bovo Naam Ki Dhani 

Charon Kone Char Rakhwale, Chug Na Jawe Mrig Dhani 
Katya Khet Meenda Ghar Lyawe, Jaki Puran Kisani 

Paanch Sakhi Mil Kare Rasoi Jeehme Muni Aur Gyani 
Kahe Kabir Suno Bhai Sadho Bovo Naam Ki Dhani 


Oh Unattached Being, Sky is Overcast and Darkening 

The Clouds (Monsoon) are Returning from the West,
The Raindrops are Sprinkling 
Get Up Learned One and Take Care of Your Farm 
The Water Will Run-Away Soon 

Make Creepers from Seeing and Listening (Within), 
Sow the Seed of the Self-Grain 
Let Not the Weed of Doubt Set In,
Sow the Grain of Naam (Un-Struck Sound Within) 

Four Guards on Each of the Four Corners,
Preventing the Deer from Eating the Grain 
Take the Harvested Crop to the Master's House,
Surrendering the Complete Labor of the Work 

Together the Five Friends Are Cooking,
The Munis and Gyanis are Eaten 
Listen Oh Seeker Says Kabir,
Sow the Grain of Naam 


August 17, 2000

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Comments on this Mystic Song

Comment Wonderful website

Deepti Chhiber
01-May-2021 21:51 PM

Comment All of these mystics poems of Kabeer are deep reflection on the Yogic kriyas followed by yogis.

Gagan Ghata is reaching above the Agyan Chakra called Gagan which a yogi pierces at a very advanced stage. It is here where the ambrosias pouring down is supposed to be savoured by the Sadhaka . That is what kabir refers to as "Fasal" . It can be savoured by the Sun down below if not guarded properly at all four corners (khechari mudra).

"Panch Sakhi" are various fives _ panch boota, panch tatva, panch indri, panch tanmatras - etc through which the yogi will savour the Amrita.

28-Feb-2014 20:22 PM

Comment Clear the meaning of 'charo kone char rakhwale'

rajendra tiwari
18-Oct-2013 11:43 AM

Comment plz add expailation also.thank u.

11-Mar-2012 04:10 AM

Comment nirat surat k bel bel is ox or creeper..?whts the use of creepers in farming..plz clear. And i wish u add the explaination also.thank u.

11-Mar-2012 04:07 AM

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