Mystic Songs

Avadhuta Yugan Yugan Hum Yogi 
Avayna Jay Mitaina Kabahun, Sabad Anahat Bhogi 
Subhi Thor Jamat Humri, Sub Hi Thor Pur Mela 
Hum Sub May, Sub Hai Hum May,Hum Hai Bahuri Akela 
Hum Hi Sidh, Samadhi Hum Hi, Hum Mauni Hum Bole 
Rup Swarup Arup Dikhake, Hum Hi Mein Hum Toh Khelen 
Kahe Kabira Jo, Suno Bhai Sadho,Nahi Na Koi Icha
Apni Madhi Mein Aap Mein Dolu, Kheloon Sahaj Swa-Icha 


Oh unattached being I am a yogi from many a eons
I don't come or go nor do I get erased
I relish and enjoy the un-struck Anahat Shabad
In every direction I see only a collection and carnival of me
I am in everybody and everybody is in me. I am utterly alone
I am the Siddha, I am the Samadhi
I am the one who remains silent, I am the one who speaks
The form is my own form manifesting the formless
I am the one who plays with himself
Kabir says, listen oh Sadhu, there is no desire anymore
I am floating in myself in my own little hut playing effortlessly by own desire


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Comments on this Mystic Song

Comment This is the only bhajan in which Kabira is singing as one with Brahman the Supreme Self.

Dharam Vir Mangla
17-Nov-2021 07:40 AM

Comment excellent meaning

30-May-2020 23:55 PM

Comment words to express the love it gives. Beyond body mind. Soul feeding.
Bow down to great realized beings and long to be in Sadhguru ‘s presence.

Asha Sai
17-Aug-2019 22:27 PM

Comment very nice meaningful song

03-Aug-2012 00:21 AM

Comment veri nice

21-Jan-2012 11:26 AM

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