Mystic Songs

Moko Kahan Dhundhere Bande Mein To Tere Paas Mein
Na Teerath Mein, Na Moorat Mein Na Ekant Niwas Mein
Na Mandir Mein, Na Masjid Mein Na Kabe Kailas Mein
Mein To Tere Paas Mein Bande Mein To Tere Paas Mein
Na Mein Jap Mein, Na Mein Tap Mein Na Mein Barat Upaas Mein
Na Mein Kiriya Karm Mein Rehta Nahin Jog Sanyas Mein
Nahin Pran Mein Nahin Pind Mein Na Brahmand Akas Mein
Na Mein Prakuti Prawar Gufa Mein Nahin Swasan Ki Swans Mein
Khoji Hoye Turat Mil Jaoon Ik Pal Ki Talas Mein
Kahet Kabir Suno Bhai Sadho Mein To Hun Viswas Mein



Where do you search me? I am with you
Not in pilgrimage, nor in icons, Neither in solitudes
Not in temples, nor in mosques Neither in Kaba nor in Kailash
I am with you o man, I am with you
Not in prayers, nor in meditation, Neither in fasting
Not in yogic exercises, Neither in renunciation
Neither in the vital force nor in the body, Not even in the ethereal space
Neither in the womb of Nature, Not in the breath of the breath
Seek earnestly and discover, In but a moment of search
Says Kabir, Listen with care, Where your faith is, I am there.

My Understanding

In spite of the different approaches of all religious and philosophical teachings, it is very clear that the all-pervading, omniscient, omnipresent factor is finally God. Due to our customs, traditions, languages we only address Him by various names. Yet, it is also true that in spite of this awareness, we spend a lot of time in arguing about God and try to impose attributes.

Kabir noticed this centuries old phenomenon in his times also.  And this great Master, in the above verse highlights the underlying principle that God is everywhere.

Kabir reveals in this verse the various search patterns adopted by mankind. And each one seems to be justifying his chosen method. Some say God will be realized through pilgrimages while some justify the idol worship. Some say He is up in the mountains while some believe that He is in places of worship. Some proclaim prayers and meditation the path, others believe realization through fasting. Many talk about yogic exercises (activity) and renunciation.

In this verse Kabir seems to be saying that God is NOT in any of these.   However, this cannot be true. To my understanding, Kabir is saying that God is everywhere and therefore in all these too.  However, his saying "No" simply means that we should apply our faith to One and follow it up sincerely. This will lead to instant realization of the divinity within us.  However, if we "switch" our approach from one path to another, then we are simply conducting a sort of gymnastic. In his typical mystical ways, Kabir shows us the omniscience of God.


Rajender Krishan
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Comments on this Mystic Song

Comment There is no need for faith in the moment, what is. In that moment is the presence of the beloved. This is my understanding of Kabir his poetry.

09-Jan-2023 19:04 PM

Comment @kamal sahu, the answer to your question:
God is present in Kann Kann when you believe (or have faith). So it is the faith that makes us believe that God is present in kann Kann. So Kabir is highlighting importance of faith. At the same time I agree with Rajender Krishan translation and understanding and would like to add that even when saying no, Kabir is giving a leverage that God is present (in above things) when you have faith. Going to pilgrimage, jup, tap, or worshiping idol without faith is not useful to experience God. Having faith and then performing a task or ritual or exercise will help you experience Him.
In other verses of Kabir (not this one), he has already said, God is not something of which you can call by some attributes. It is something to be experienced. In the same way as until a person has tasted an apple or guvava, they can not tell anything about the difference in the tastes. In other words when a person who has tasted apple and try to describe to a person who never tasted apple, it is going to be a challenge to describe the unique sweetness/sourness. But once the questioner taste it himself they will realise the taste of apple. So experiences of God are difficult to describe by tongue or words but are characterised by pleasantness of the experience. This might be reason, in many scriptures it is written words find it difficult to define or state ...blah blah...
I hope I have not complicated the discussion.
Stay blessed.

Vijay Sharma
30-Jan-2022 18:52 PM

Comment Sir-Most beautifully explained this Nirguna Bhakti geet Bhajan -Many thanks- we spend our life searching for Peace -as God and a simple approach finally tells us- all we need . Dhanyavaad and Namaskar and regards

20-Jun-2021 06:19 AM

Comment Only a good human being is symbolic of God, believe in humanity and serve the duty for essence of the our duty.

Jitendra Kumar Jha
05-Oct-2019 11:25 AM

Comment This is an M R I of our modern life. It is for us to give it a fitting direction, to reach our destination,in the shortest time.

k r k satri
30-Jul-2016 07:54 AM

Comment Kabir was an observer. He expressed all the sentiments I feel except in the last line of the translation which I would put this way:
"Says Kabir, Listen with care, Where the Observer in your mind and what is being Observed become one, I am there."

Mal Mohanlal
25-Oct-2014 20:56 PM

Comment sache vishvas ki shakti ke aage sabhi andh vishvash fajul hai

Mamta rani
03-Jul-2014 02:21 AM

Comment i really love this bhajan and tries to share wd others

mihika singh
01-May-2014 02:06 AM

Comment beautiful bhajan.... yes... God is with in us.. not necessary to search Him outside...I love this Bhajan... thank u very much sir...

13-Feb-2014 09:03 AM

Comment very nice

12-Feb-2014 04:09 AM

Comment kya peramsaty galat hai jo kan kan me vidman hai reply pls.

kamal sahu
11-Nov-2013 09:02 AM

Comment I dnt agree that it means god is everywhere. It means god is within us. He lives in us. Rather than looking outside look inside as we are his reflection and part.All rest is fake and a lie. We have god inside us not smewhr outside.

04-Sep-2013 03:28 AM

Comment This bhajan has been sung by Vani Jairam in her melodious voice in Arpan - Kabeer Bhajans album. You can find lyrics? of that bhajan in Hindi by Googling for "merefavoritebhajans Moko Kahan Tu Dhunde Bande"

Ram Bhatt
18-Aug-2013 12:28 PM

Comment Bahut Khubh, Rajendra ji. No matter what colour of relion we wear, the path to Him is the same

Julia Dutta
12-Mar-2013 07:25 AM

Comment It is wonderful to find Nirgun Bhajans and Dohas of Sant Kabir to be graced in such a beautiful manner.
Kudos to your sincere efforts.

Omkar Apte
12-Feb-2013 14:24 PM

Comment Rajendra Krishan jee, i am sorry but saw your name a little late... so wrote "whosoever has posted the bhajan lyrics"...
sorry again
god bless you :)

03-Jan-2013 07:31 AM

Comment thanks a lot to whoso ever has updated this bhajan...
i had heard this on vivid bharti when i was too young and was looking for this since long........

thanks a million from bottom of my heart... :)
god bless...

03-Jan-2013 06:43 AM

Comment Sir, i have book of kabir dohas but i culd not undrerstand it,but sir u explain it wonderfuly n it touches to the heart, thax n god bless u.

Ravi Thakur
11-Dec-2012 03:59 AM

Comment LOVING SAIRAM, Respected Sir, this service is incomparable.I salute you.Please keep going and we pray to God to bless you.Loving Sairam & warm regards from M.Seshadri Reddy

05-Oct-2012 22:08 PM

Comment i never go to the temples and seldom offer prayers or worship God at home, but i make it a point to visit temples and offer prayers whenever my family asks me or my friends want me to do it and this is just for their happiness. i believe that we need to do only good deeds, help the needy, treat everyone equal, care the sick. i follow this and i believe that this is right way to worship.

26-Sep-2012 12:11 PM

Comment It is not so easy to realise the divinity within, our true purpose for life on earth. This divinity does not conform to our will or expectations. Even after we have received the four techniques for going within from the Satguru, it is only by Grace and I must admit, our own sincere quest to know that we can experience

Alexius Quashie
01-Jul-2012 17:55 PM

Comment sundar vishvas

06-Jun-2012 04:30 AM

Comment I am very much like this site. i am searching for the kabir dohe and songs.Now i got it EXECELENT......

23-Mar-2012 01:49 AM

Comment nothing can be diluted in mere words what kabir has said.

bhupal kaushik
17-Jan-2012 21:54 PM

Comment only soul

30-Dec-2011 18:32 PM

Comment VERY NICE......

02-Dec-2011 10:18 AM

Comment it's real things of life

09-Sep-2011 08:43 AM

Comment i've shared this on facebook

30-Aug-2011 02:57 AM

Comment kabir dohas r simplified version of geeta..... n im really happy goin thru dis site........

madhu katte
13-Aug-2011 11:19 AM


23-Dec-2010 04:07 AM

Comment I believe in this completely. :) I am inspired by Kabir and all the great saints and Rishis . :)

10-Nov-2010 07:21 AM

Comment If God is everywhere then there is nowhere God is not and God resides in my heart also. May be that is what Kabir is hinting in this Bhajan! Don't look outside, I am with you all the time: Mein To Tere Paas Mein!

Om Johari
03-Oct-2010 12:06 PM

Comment Kabirdasji has given the message to general masses in such a simple language which could not be understood by so called inteligencia even after passing of centuries.

There lies solution of all of the problems whether of family, business -profession or political. In today's environment when people are fighting in the name of religion or of methodology of worship the saying of Kabirji are more relevant then ever before.

Kamal Agrawal
01-Oct-2010 12:21 PM

Comment thats right faith

suresh rathi
29-Jul-2010 09:29 AM

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