Mystic Songs

Bin Sat-Guru Nar Rahat Bhulana
Kehar Sutale Aayo Gadariya, Paal Posa Unha Keenha Sayaana
Karat Kallol Rahat Ajayan Sangh Apna Marma Unahun Nahin Janaa
Kehar Ik Jangal Se Aayaa Tahu Dekhi Bahuta Risiyaana
Pakada Ke Bheda Turanta Samajhaaya Apni Dasa Dekha Muskyanaa
Jasa Kurang Beech Basat baasna  Khojata murakh Phirata chaugaana
Karau Sawaas Mana Mein Dekhe Iha Sugandhi Dhau, Aap Samaana
Ardha Urdha Beecha Lagana Lagi Re  Chhakyo Roopa Nahin Jaat Bakhaana
Kahata Kabir Suno Bhai Sadho Ulati Aap Mein, Aap Samaana 


Without a satguru* Man remains ignorant and lost
A lion cub became lost and wandered into a shepherd's flock
He was adopted and raised by the shepherd
He played and moved with the sheep
Never realizing his true nature
A lion came from the forest
Seeing this fully grown sheep-lion,
He was amazed and angered
He caught him firmly and at once explained the truth
When the sheep-lion saw what he had become, he smiled
The fragrance of the musk is embedded within the deer
But the foolish animal runs hither and thither
Searching for the source of the fragrance
If only he could look within, He will find the fragrance within himself.
Says Kabir -
My being is centered in between 'above' and 'below',
the splendorous experience is indescribable
Listen, oh Aspirant!  turn within and find your Self.

* One who reveals the Ultimate Truth. The word has no English equivalent.


Here Kabir uses an old mythical tale to explain the significance of the Guru. Most of us are caught in the 'ways of the outside world' and forget our true nature much like the sheep-lion in this Kabir's song.  Kabir compares our foolishness to that of a deer who searches for the source of the fragrance outside, while it is always within him. The Lion-Guru, who knows the truth, is able to shake us out of our stupor and show us the true reality.
Kabir then tells us to find our joyous Self within that is neither above nor below but at the center. 

April 14, 2007

Illustration by Vaish 
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Comments on this Mystic Song

Comment Thank you, Yogita. With this translation you have helped me enjoy the song so much more. Your effort is bearing fruit. May there be more wind beneath your wings.

04-Jun-2021 20:53 PM

Comment “khojat phirat raah nahi jana" this line is missing

Aman singh
04-Jun-2021 06:06 AM

Comment “Khojat phirat raah nahi jana" line is missing!

Aman singh
04-Jun-2021 06:05 AM

Comment I loved the way you translated and explained Kabira's song.

Can you please explain this one also ?

Naiya moree nikee nikkee.
This available on YouTube.

Thanks in advance,

29-Jan-2019 23:11 PM

Comment Thank you so much for your efforts, it means a lot; kumar ji's rendition of these beautiful signposts for truth are medicine for one's soul. Thank you again.

04-Oct-2016 04:28 AM

Comment Superb Translation! You have put a lot of efforts!!

C M Kulkarni
13-Sep-2014 04:49 AM

Comment This is a lovely collection. Good to catch up with u.

11-Jun-2014 01:54 AM

Comment i like of kabir dohas and i am already kabir panth so send some knowledge to me

prem chand
21-Oct-2013 11:20 AM

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