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Nature is Beginning and End and Shows Way to Freedom!

Nature is beginning and end ever for all living beings om the world;
World is paradise of Nature with beauty, truth, freedom, joy, bliss and peace;
Peace is what even then all are striving for from the beginning to end;
End only all seem to rest in peace after living a full life long or short!

Short life on itself if one does all, achieves all and enjoys all, ends all;
All living long has to do a lot and all cannot be finished and long for life;
Life gives an opportunity to do all things and beautifully, fully and perfectly;
Perfection is beauty whether one achieves success or not in time!

Time never sees back but always goes forward and winning it is great feat;
Feat if one achieves in all means one is great and complete to be free;
Free in thoughts, talks and deeds one can be only if clear in vision;
Vision is possible to have only with complete knowledge to achieve all!

All have to do all, though life is short or long, only when one is clear in mind
Mind is calm only if one lives in harmony with Nature as that shows way to freedom!

Belief or No Belief, It's Creator Making One Do All!

Nature, music and love are of the same kind as they make all like instantly;
Just by seeing, listening and feeling them one is attracted, absorbed and touched;
No thinking of right or wrong, good or bad, usefulness or waste happens,
When one meets them and immediately one approves them sans fail!

In the mystical level absorbed by them, one's ideas, feeling and thoughts
Make one a Poet to compose a natural poem like heaven sent message;
No idea, thoughts and imagination one may have but they all come as poem;
Belief or not, it is the Creator conveying message of a poem through Poet!

It is incredible and unbelievable that one sudden starts writing poems fast,
Not just one or two poems or one or two books, but many books soon,
If one puts down matters in poems under the spell of Almightyas in a miracle;
It happens till the divine spell lasts and after that one forgets all too soon!

If one or two done, one can remember, but if one does too many, it's impossible
To remember all things as one has become a clean slate after the spell disappears!

To Enjoy Complete Benefit of Evolution and Bliss...!

Development of a person gets fulfilled by heart, mind and soul as a whole;
Evolution also takes place so, after the evolution of human body,
Mind and spirit are evolving by Nature to its complete status in course
First body by maturity of heart, as superman by mind and divinity by spirit!

This happens only by living in harmony with Nature being trained by culture;
Dharma also advocates all to live according to one's nature by doing duty;
But civilization swayed by the comforts of technology all go out of natural course
And have even gone to the extent of destroying Nature itself to our destruction!

Realizing this great blunder of humanity, all have to follow the natural course;
That's the way man can become superman first and then a divine later;
That is the whole process of evolution that can be followed to full maturity
And is the best means to achieve total liberation of spirit and eternal peace!

Man's progress by technology and his civilization must go hand in hand
With the evolutionary process of Nature to enjoy full benefit and bliss in life!

Death Also has become a Matter of Fact thing!

Deaths have become a very common matter in the world nowadays so much
That no one is feeling sad or a loss but feel much seeing grave yard
As it has become houseful with dead bodies lying in line for cremation;
Honour and respect for the dead too has become a matter of fact thing!

Death is the greatest relief and redemption for all sufferings and hardships
One undergoes from the beginning to the end of life in the world sure;
But sudden death by accident or pandemic is unbearable for dear ones;
Their sufferings will increase due to loss of responsible persons!

The greatest tragedy is for the small children losing parents by pandemic;
Their food, education, care, growth and job in life need to be looked after by govt.
That is the saddest part of the Corona pandemic caused deaths to many;
Otherwise, population diminishing will have good or bad effect unknown.....!

Life without death is impossible for anyone having body born of earthly matter;
Only the real Self or spirit will have relief good or bad only the creator knows!

To Be Happy and Peaceful Ever!

No property, wealth, money, awards and medals one can take with after death;
All things all can enjoy as long as all are living in the world only ever;
We cannot also take with us our dear ones too when we go away from here;
Our attachment to things and humans will put us in great pain ever due to that!

That's why non-attached love is best to follow to live and leave happily sure;
More than all things, love only gives reliable joy and hope till the end and also,
Makes our soul to leave the world for the spiritual world with joy and peace;
Things and body are illusion, but soul or self or spirit is reality all should know!

More than love of body and things, love of spirit of loved ones help forever one;
That gives sure hope, peace and shows light on the dark path of our life forever;
This is the greatest lesson one has to realize and learn before end comes sure;
Death is only the gate way for our spirit to leave the body prison for peace ever!

Love in the world and spiritual love for the other world are the real support for all
And knowing this, if one lives life in the world, one will be happy and peaceful ever!

Live as a Family in Harmony with Nature for the Safety of All!

Many live in their own worlds not realizing the world itself in danger of destruction;
They have their own likes and dislikes and insist them on others to follow;
Everything goes on as if in a competition so nonstop that it's cutthroat competition;
Even term cutthroat competition is now replaced by pandemic competition everywhere!

Earth itself is not permanent and we are also not going to live permanently here;
When this is so, why all fight for some matter or other and live in peace as a family?
Finding faults in others one should shed and see main point to live in harmony;
Only when unity is built so, we can do something to save the world to live better!

Human culture thrives on general knowledge, common sense and presence of mind;
It is more important than expertise only on anything to live in cooperation and coexistence;
Our world and ourselves are part and parcel of Nature all should realize first
And all should live in harmony with Nature to overcome all blunders for the better!

All should live in cooperation forgetting minor drawbacks to save world and humans;
That is wise way to live rest of life safe and do best things for the good of future humans!

World is A Drama!

Love or friendship starts in the flower garden of places sure;
Then meeting in hotels and libraries bond strengthens ever;
Nature and human world foster love and friendship anywhere;
Literature and history are full of such matters Poets write high!

Inspired by great poetry, novelists develop wonderful stories;
Characters of love and friendship become models for many;
Likewise history later depicts in wonderful words about them;
Such historical characters inspire many leaders to rule world!

Later on, movies have taken their places to brainwash many;
Cine stars and fans form a big crowd anywhere to attract all;
Meetings and speeches of such persons become big news;
They are the future heroes and rulers of nations and world!

People believe in such great characters in life drama of world;
World is great stage for such characters to play their parts ever!

Never Should We Forget Parallel Course between Nature and Human World!

Fluctuation of hot and cold climate is for seasonal change in Nature;
Hot and cold climate reflects also anger and peace of humans in the world;
It also represents like hot food and cool drink people take when needed;
There are likewise so many coincidences between Nature and life!

Nature and human world are intricately entwined to each other sure;
Nature and human nature are similar to each other though we forget;
Human life is the process of natural world from birth to death in the world;
Nothing between Nature and humans can be separated forever sure!

Hot and cold, fair and cool and all are disturbed by man's unholy deeds
In the name of developments and economic progress called civilization
And modern world activities done at the cost of culture, art and Nature;
If that course of greediness is changed for the better we can regain paradise!

Parallel course of Nature and human world is living in harmony with it;
Never should we forget this and proceed with our progressive acts for good!

Stability of Nature and World Only Can Save Humanity!

Extreme heat, cold and too much rain are the reactions of Nature
Against pollution, deforestation, felling of trees for expansion of industries
To boost trade by multinational companies and monopolists everywhere;
Due to that agro-industries and fishing industries are trailing far behind!

Due to modern world progress at the cost of Nature, world stability is
In doldrums resulting in climate change causing natural havoc around world;
That accompanied by volcanic eruptions and Earthquakes endanger world
Forever at the verge of extinction triggering major disasters unimaginable!

Disturbance of natural course of activity should be stopped more than
Exploitation of natural resources and shrinking of green vegetation;
Unless such a step is taken by the joint action of world nations,
The only paradise of Earth in the whole Universe will vanish with humans!

Only by saving the Earth's natural resources, Nature and world can be saved
For the peaceful living of human race along with others in safety sure ever!

Joy of Love Nature Offers by Rain in Hot Time!

As announced by news, the five days' south-west monsoon rain has started;
Heat absorbed by the building is still taking time to subside needing more rain;
The cool breeze gives great pleasure to enjoy natural AC like ambiance at night;
This is the relief Nature has condescended to offer even we do harms to it!

The forgiving and forgetting nature of Nature is a great lesson we have to learn
To develop friendship among ourselves sans enmity over good for nothing things;
Then only we can feel the cool breeze we are enjoying now in life also for long in world;
All things wise and waxing Moon like things Nature only can offer ever to all!

Moon has hidden among rain clouds long now, but some Stars have twinkled
Before rain has come in all its glory to cool the hearts of all with joy to smile in awe;
Smile and joy all believe love only can give, but Nature is mother of love to all;
By this gentle rain, Nature is proving pretty well that notion very clearly now!

Love and joy Nature is offering to humankind should not be taken for granted,
But has to be shown by our sincere gratitude of supporting Nature in all its state!

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