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Love is Ever Winning Symbol in Life!

Love is desire of heart based on intellectual intuition and natural instinct;
Love is commitment to live together despite comfort and torture of life;
Love at first sight itself undergoes all process instantly to make decision;
Love ever stands tall not only in literature but also in history as in life sure!
As Nature, Poetry and music, love ever inspires and leads to success sure;
That's why love is powerful as God in the life of human world for ever and ever;
Nothing stands before love to defeat its course of action both in war and life;
Fostered by love, no one fails in life's adventure in this world of uncertainty!
Like eternity of spirit, love only sustains against all odds to shine as star ever;
The light of love is like the lighthouse that guides the stranded ship at night in sea;
That surely shows right direct to shore and reach the harbour of success soon;
Comedy or tragedy, love ever makes its mark in human life as indomitable inspiration!

At any cost gaining love of all is more than victory in world wars forever sure;
Such a love if one gets in one's favour, no army in the world can defeat one ever!

Save the Paradise from Hard-Liners!

Smiling beauty of loving soul catches all hearts to love sans fail in life;
Life is a great wonder on the Earth among many planets and Stars of Universe;
Universe is full of Stars and planets but nothing as wonderful as lovely Earth;
Earth is the paradise of Nature nowhere can be seen in any other planet!

Planet Earth is abode of Nature with love, beauty, joy and fun like anywhere;
Anywhere it is like that but greed of some hardliners have made it hell;
Hell is place of fire always burning due to wars and violence between rivals;
Rivals only when become friends can bring back the Nature of paradise sure!

Sure it is difficult to make hard-nuts to understand pleasure and interest;
Interest is other form of natural love in persons and things for all to know;
Knowing the interest of a person is possible by expressions in Poetry sure;
Sure it is possible only if it is shared among interested pals all over the world!

World is suffocated with hard liners' blockages of geniuses' words good,
Good thoughts and ideas for the dreams and benefits of all are destroyed!

No Time to Practise Love in Modern World!

The beautiful Crescent Moon peeping through the left over clouds of rain
Remind me of thousand and one stories of love and romance in literature;
Is such romantic love possible to enact in real life of the world today at all?
For everything the only answer will be no time for that only whoever one is!

This is fast modern world civilization has created all to function as machines
With machines and vehicles all over the places of world competing with time;
Even if time is available, it is utilized for taking full rest recoup body condition sure;
Then, is love only a matter of dreams and stories of world literature forever in life?

Standard of life has been replaced from culture to civilization for animal life;
Love has been taken over by lust as business in the form of pleasure after business;
Only if good family is formed by some good chance, love is possible to practise;
Otherwise, many have no thought and idea of practising love in the world life at all!

History and literature are given no importance for life and love after technology
And economy occupy everyone's attention from educational time on everywhere!

Regaining Lost Paradise A Must!

Regaining lost Paradise is the dream of many love and peace loving men;
But what we have done with technological developments and urban expansion
Onside farm fields, villages and towns besides destroying forests and trees
In the name of economic development has led to competition and wars only!

Blind frenzy in competition has created new and new diseases in the world;
Latest being Corona pandemic that has conquered whole world killing in thousands
And realization lately is returning humanity to think of art Nature and culture
Fostering discipline, cleanliness, love and friendship for living good life in world!

If the new hope to recover the lost paradise by saving Nature, all can live as divines;
This is the truth all have to remember ever and go ahead in achieving paradise;
From Nature only all living beings have learnt love cherishing beauty of flowers
And all plants, rivers, green lands, oceans and hills that make world a great paradise!

without preservation of paradise of Nature, beauty, love and life can't last long
Making all live in joy, fun, bliss and peace to develop spirit to have happy ending!

Real Joy Lies in Doing Duty with Natural Interest!

In Nature, Sum, Moon Stars, plants, trees and all living beings do works
For stability, ecological balance and sustenance of all sans jeopardy;
But man does anything only for some benefit or profit or money
And rejoices or suffers by success or failure, profit or loss bothering for none!

If all do all for the wellbeing of all like Sun and Moon, all enjoy to live life;
At young age, they do all kinds of thing to amass wealth and enjoy old age;
But if all do things for benefit and money only, they don't get satisfaction;
For, that lies in doing things with interest and for fulfilment and satisfaction!

Art work, poetry and social activity are done for real fulfilment and satisfaction;
No one does them for money or profit ever, if one wants the appreciation of all;
Person of talent or genius, composes poems with natural interest ever
To get joy, pleasure, satisfaction and pride, if one achieves great feat and awards!

Recognition comes, if anything is done beautifully, perfectly and completely
In the long run as said by Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita as and when He decides!

Let World Peace Reflect Tranquility of Nature!

The Crescent Moon is hidden in the blanket of clouds in the night sky;
But one Star looks all through a hole in the blanket to great surprise;
Cool and calm night is certainly suitable for mediation with clear mind;
It is the best time to have meditation over Lord Shiva calm with unique beauty!

But if a bear enters in the calm and serene meditation over that nice Lord,
It will be like the religious terrorist indulging in violence to spoil world peace;
Or it will be like the money entered into a beautiful garden of all flowers
And will be like the rightist communists activities on the borders ever!

The only threat to world peace is by those bear and monkeys forever and ever;
It is cent percent clear they are the trouble creators in the world level
Needing joint action by all democratic countries of the world to put an end
To the control less atrocities keeping the world ever in tension and suspense!

Peace and tranquility of Nature is the symbol of peace world needs forever
For love, joy and peace to survive, sustain and succeed in prosperity and progress!

Develop Ever for world Peace at any cost!

Industrial and trade developments at the cost of agriculture and fishing industries
Along with agro-industries have made only lopsided economic development only;
With this kind of power, it is a matter of madness only if some super power fight
With each other going on the race of arms built up spending a lot on defence!

World is on hot bed due to rivalry so, terrorism and competition ever
Not bothered about pollution of air, water and environment provoking disasters
Manmade and natural all over the world and suffers due to Corona pandemic
Now that sooner or later, world will meet with the shortage of food products!

Let us stop foolish spending on arms built and use soldiers for constructive works
Rather than engaging them always in destructive and wasteful duties only
By pushing peace talks at the centre by all nations to bring peace to world;
Otherwise, mad competition in all fields will lead world only to Nuclear disaster!

People love to meet with good end not by war or disease but by peace only;
Let all work together to pave the way for world peace at any cost sure...!

Art is for Life!

Art for art's sake many believe and follow in painting, music and Poetry;
Art is a great discovery of man for expressing his creative mind sure;
But what for art one has to practise - for enjoying only or for living life?
That's a nice question to answer as there lies the value of art in life sure!

No doubt art is for enjoying in life so as to forget worries and to get relief;
But at the same time art is for guiding how life can be lived better than before;
Art is surely for entertainment but also for inspiring how life has to be lived;
Yes, many have got inspiration to turn tragedy of life into comedy and success!

Not only for individual's life but also for getting freedom for country too;
Literature is best example of art form that inspires and instructs for life;
That too especially Poetry inspires, enlightens and guides as to live best in life
As it philosophically explores ultimate in all and articulates for clarity and success!

Poetry says art is not only for art's sake but also for life to live successful life
And is why Poetry is the only means that expresses unknown in all subjects!

See All Things as They Really Are for Freedom!

Philosopher J Krishnamurthi says all to come out of all circles and see from above;
That's the way to come out of the clutches to bindings and attachments;
From above only all things can seen as they really are everywhere sure;
Coming far away from madding crowds so, one can enjoy beauty of Nature!

Sky, clouds, mist, snow hills, gorges, valley with water falls, forests, plains,
River going along fertile fields, farming fields, desert, sea and ocean are beautiful
Nature that attracts one and all and turns into artists, poets and philosophers
To express their hearts, minds and spiritual longings to get freedom forever!

All things in the world are not permanent as all are expiry date fixed ones
Except human spirit that gets total liberation, once the body breathes the last;
Till then all have to undergo pain and pleasure sans stability longing for freedom;
Only by realization one can at last seek the bosom of Nature to get peace and bliss!

Such a Nature if we destroy sans any sense what we have is hell of torture only;
Understanding this only, all can commune with Nature to enjoy bliss ever!

Total Liberation Only in Harmony with Nature!

Life is a product of Nature formed out of water, soil and energy of Sun;
Sans energy, spirit that activates all organs of body will leave it dead sure;
But spirit only binds together energy and body to function and live in the world;
It's a prison life for spirit within body, if body is not maintained well with health!

Human is the last stage of evolution of body making mind to evolve higher;
Once mind is developed by knowledge and mediation, spiritual evolution
Sure begins evolving to higher level and that is development to divinity;
Developed mind makes man a superman the spring board to divine-hood!

For that, total freedom for spirit is necessary from rebirths after deaths;
Only by high thoughts, talks and acts of mind and body, one can be perfect,
Pure and free for the spirit ready to attain deathless state of eternal freedom
After communing with the Universal Spiritual Energy once and for all sure...!

Total liberation of spirit is possible by development of body, mind and soul
And that is possible only by living in harmony with Nature say spiritual gurus!

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